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Page added on April 2, 2021

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The Great American Reset is underway, will change everything

The Great American Reset is underway, will change everything thumbnail

It is underway. It has huge momentum, and it will change everything we do — work, leisure, health care, education, use of resources — and, as a bonus, how the world sees us.

It is the Great American Reset, where things will be irreversibly changed. It is a seminal reset that will shape the decades to come, just as the New Deal and World War II shoved the clock forward.

The reset is being driven in part by COVID-19, but in larger part by technology and the digitization of America. Technology is at the gates, no, through the gates, and it is beginning to upend the old in the way that the steam engine in its day began innovations that would change life completely.

Driving this overhaul of human endeavor will be the digitization of everything from the kitchen broom to the electric utilities and the delivery of their vital product. Knitting them together will be communications from 5G to exclusive private networks.

President Joe Biden’s infrastructure proposals could speed and smooth the innovation revolution, facilitate the digital revolution and make it fairer and more balanced. Biden’s plan will fix the legacy world of infrastructure: roads, bridges, canals, ports, airports and railroads. It will beef up the movement of goods and services, supply chains and their security, even as those goods and services are changing profoundly.

But if Biden’s plan fails, the Great American Reset will still happen. It will just be less fair and more uneven — as in not providing broadband quickly to all.

Technology has an imperative, and there is so much technology coming to market that the market will embrace it, nonetheless.

Think driverless cars, but also think telemedicine, carbon capture and utilization, aerial taxis, drone deliveries and 3D-printed body parts. Add new materials like graphene and nanomanufacturing, and an awesome future awaits.

We have seen just the tip of digitization and have been reminded of how pervasive it is by the current chip shortage, which is slowing automobile production lines and thousands of manufactures. The future belongs to chips and sensors: small soldiers in mighty armies.

Accompanying digitization is electrification. Our cars, trucks, trains and even aircraft and ships are headed that way.

Central to the future — to the smart city, the smart railroad, the smart highway and the smart airport — is the electric supply.

The whole reset future of digitization and sensor-facilitated mobility depends on electricity — and not just the availability of electricity going forward, but also the resilience of supply. It also needs to be carbon-free and have low environmental impact.

An overhaul of the electric industry’s infrastructure, increasing its resilience, is an imperative underpinning the reset.

The Texas blackouts were a brutal wake-up call. Job one is to look into hardening the entire electric supply system from informational technology to operational technology, from storm resistance to solar flare resistance, from catastrophic physical failure to failure induced by hostile players.

The electric grid needs survivability, but so do the data flows that will dominate the virtual utility of the future. It also needs a failsafe ability to isolate trouble in nanoseconds and, essentially, break itself into less vulnerable, defensive mini-grids.

Securing the grid is akin to national security. Indeed, it is national security.

Electricity is the one indispensable in the future: the future of the great reset.

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10 Comments on "The Great American Reset is underway, will change everything"

  1. Gary L. Gilmore on Fri, 2nd Apr 2021 8:14 pm 

    oh brother… and they all lived happily ever after.

  2. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 3rd Apr 2021 2:51 am 

    The original tweet has been deleted (probably too white nationalist to Twitter’s taste), but it’s still here:

    “European-America is Over”

    This infographic will tell you that the old “can-do” America no longer exists and that all the dreams listed in the terribly naive article are just that: dreams.

    The reality is: the grid is unreliable, the roads, tracks and bridges urgently need an overhaul, public transport is way behind Eurasia, airports are third world, the country is full of decaying manufacturing architecture, the US population is too much attached to fossil fuel and renewable energy skeptic, the trade imbalance is the largest in the world, its huge fleet is an anachronism in the modern hyper-sonic missile world, the F22 and F35 projects are failures, US public debt is over 100% GDP and rapidly rising and is projected to be 137% in 4 years time…

    …or 150% if Biden gets his program through Congress (a big if). Italy is currently at 135% but at least has a trade surplus. And most important: the country is hopelessly divided over race.

    America since a century (“The American Century” indeed) is to the core designed to “integrate” the entire world into one superstructure (in US pocket of course) but no longer can achieve that, but still acts as if it can.

    A real US reset would be to officially abandon the aim of global supremacy and withdraw from the world, slash “defense” spending and start to repair America. But “global leadership”, as Biden has reaffirmed, is too tempting, too grandiose to let go, even if Trump tried to impose an “America First” strategy, but was sabotaged by the Deep State to do that.

    So America needs to be confronted with facts the hard way, probably in East-Asia, to begin with, followed by a continental European emancipation from empire, greatly enabled by Brexit.

  3. Anonymouse on Sat, 3rd Apr 2021 4:17 am 

    ‘Bidens’ plan. RoFLMaO.

    Yea, sure it is. What a stupid article. Even by the rather low standards of amerikan propaganda, I mean ‘jounrnalism’.

  4. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 3rd Apr 2021 4:24 am 

    “Issue of the day: President Meghan Markle?”

    Before anybody in the global press or even the blogosphere began to talk about it, I identified this strong possibility here first, at least half a year ago, more likely a year ago:

    (the board btw, the unmoderated one, is the first non-pc address to learn first hand about history, energy and geopolitics)

    The youknowwho began to promote the couple more than a year ago:

    It’s not possible for the US deep state to come up with a more attractive candidate: young, female, attractive, a little of color (but not too much), woke, royal glamour, with dimwit Harry as a white prey.

    Hole in one!
    Game, set and match!

    Markle already achieved that the House of Windsor was forced to pay lip service to “more diversity” in the castle:

    The best that could happen to the forces of wokeness would be that the royals came to a downfall in woke-Britain. Too white.

    “Can the royal family survive after the Queen? Harry and Meghan’s interview reignites the debate”

    Cosher News Network can’t wait to bury the royal family. It would be one more victory of the Marxist black hole USA over Europe.

  5. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 3rd Apr 2021 6:17 am 

    Most “Scottish” newspapers are unionist and oppose Scottish independence. But even they have to operate in a majority secessionist environment, greatly boosted by the disaster aka Brexit:

    “Renewables can power economy of an independent Scotland”

    Scotland has the potential to provide 25 per cent of Europe’s renewable energy

    The English love to talk with dedain about the economic prospects of an independent Scotland, but the reality is that within the EU, Scotland can be expected to thrive, even more than Ireland has done, and they are one of the richest per capita countries in Europe. Not bad for a country, once known for too much whiskey and too few potatoes. Why is Ireland so rich and attractive?

    1. it is an EU member
    2. the population speaks English (sort of)

    That makes it attractive to foreign investors from all around the world, not just from the US.

    The same conditions apply to an independent Scotland and member again of the EU (these conditions also apply to the Netherlands, but I digress).

    Renewable energy production for EU-markets offer a grandiose opportunity for Scotland to catapult itself to the top of the wealth per capita pecking order in Europe, once it gets rid of black hole London, it fell into in 1704.

  6. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 4th Apr 2021 4:42 am 


    “YouTube Deleted 2.5 Million ‘Dislikes’ From Biden White House Videos, Data Indicates”

    “Russia Warns NATO Against Sending Any Troops To Ukraine As “Frightening” Escalation Looms”

    NATO could “come to the aid of Ukraine” and “liberate” Donbass and force Russia into war.

    This could be the moment to spark WW3. China knows it can’t afford to see Russia go under and help Russia by opening a 2nd front in the SCS and Taiwan. And Iran could help too by blocking the Strait of Hormuz, depriving Europe completely of fuel (minus Norway).

    It’s unlikely that Europe will willingly participate, because Russia would cut off fuel supplies and divert those to China.

    And Macron will be right with his diagnosis “braindead NATO”. NATO should have been abolished in 1991, but wasn’t. Now this NATO cancer seeks justification for its own rotten existence and is mostly a tool to perpetuate Anglo dominance over Europe.

  7. Biden’s hairplug on Sun, 4th Apr 2021 10:52 am 

    Scottish independence as good as in the bag, considerably strengthening the prestige of the EU:

    “Pro-independence parties set for ‘super-majority’ in Scottish elections with the SNP and Greens gaining seats and Alex Salmond’s new Alba Party forecast to land six places“

    Sure you can leave the EU, expect your country to break up though.

    Heard that, Italy? Germany?

  8. Biden’s hairplug on Mon, 5th Apr 2021 1:13 pm 

    Putin until 2036

    “Vladimir Putin passes law that may keep him in office until 2036“

    When Putin will step down, Russia will be integrated into Europe, multicult and diversity will be abolished and Europe will be the center of the world again, with bases on other planets and have a predominantly renewable energy base.

  9. makati1 on Mon, 5th Apr 2021 4:14 pm 

    Putin and Xi are in it until the end. That is a very good thing for the rest of the world. Especially Eurasia, the World Island of Mackinder.

    Meanwhile, the US has a half dead, senile, dementia patient fronting for the deep state,(Here Joe, Sign this…and this….and this…then take a nap.) and a crazy whore waiting in the wings to finish Amerika’s slide into the shitter. Not to mention a corporate, bought and paid for, whorehouse called ‘Congress’. Amerika is a freak show with nukes. Sigh!

  10. J.R. on Thu, 8th Apr 2021 10:55 pm 

    Stupid article. Doesn’t actually say a damned thing.

    Nothing is going to change. It’s going to be business-as-usual.

    I see the usual foaming morons are still posting comments on this site. More asinine political slanting from complete fools who think the readers give a damn about their stupid politics. We don’t.

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