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Page added on January 9, 2021

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The Deification of Emperor Trump: Following Caligula’s Path

The Deification of Emperor Trump: Following Caligula’s Path thumbnail


Jake Angeli, high priest of the growing cult of Emperor Donald Trump, dressed as the horned God Cernunnos. The deification of Emperor Trump in Washington, yesterday, didn’t go so well, but we are moving along a path that the Romans already followed during the decline of their empire, including the deification of emperors, starting with Caligula. So, comparing Roman history to our current conditions may tell us something about the future.


I already speculated on what kind of Roman Emperor Donald Trump could have been and I concluded that he might have been the equivalent of Hadrian. The comparison turned out to be not very appropriate. Clearly, Trump was no Hadrian (a successful emperor, by all means). But, after four years, and after the recent events in Washington, I think Trump may be seen as a reasonably good equivalent of Caligula, or Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, who also reigned for 4 years, from 37 to 41 AD.


Caligula was the prototypical mad emperor — you probably heard that he nominated his horse consul. And he was not just mad, he was said to be a cruel, homicidal psychopath, and a sexual pervert to boot. In addition, he tried to present himself as a living god and pretended to be worshipped. He even claimed to have waged a war against the Sea God Poseidon, and having won it!

But, really, we know little about Caligula’s reign, and most of it from people who had plenty of reasons to slander his memory, including our old friend Lucius Annaeus Seneca (he of the “Seneca Effect“) who was a contemporary of Caligula and who seriously risked being killed by him. The Romans knew and practiced the same rules of propaganda we use today. And one typical way to slander an emperor was to accuse him to be a sexual pervert.

But it really doesn’t matter so much if Caligula really was so bad as we are told he was. The point is that there is a certain logic in his actions. In Rome, just as in almost every ancient empire in history, Emperors were far from being warmongers. And that was for perfectly good reasons: imagine you are the emperor: you are the richest person in the world, you can have everything you want, you may order people to do whatever you want to do, and if they refuse you can have them killed. You can even force people to worship you like a God and many will do that without any need of forcing them. Then, why should you risk all that for the mere pleasure of slaughtering a bunch of bad-smelling barbarians?  

That put emperors in a quandary: their power was based on military might, but the soldiers needed to be paid. And in order to pay them, military adventures needed to be undertaken. But military adventures, then as now, are risky and you never know who will win a war unless you fight it. This problem was the reason why many Roman emperors didn’t end their careers in their death bed. Either they were reckless and then defeated, or too prudent, and they were killed by their own troops. The latter was the destiny of Caligula, who refused to engage in the invasion of Britannia. No invasion meant no booty and no bonus for the troops. And the troops were not happy. In the end, Caligula was killed by officers of the Praetorian Guard, a military corps that was supposed to protect him.


At this point, I think you can see how Trump’s rule can be seen as similar to that of Caligula. Of course, Trump never made senator a horse, but he surely had stormy relations with the US congress — as you saw in the recent events in Washington. As for considering himself a God, well, Trump may not have gone as far as Caligula, but surely he tended to aggrandize himself more than a little! The apparition of Trump’s follower, Jake Angeli, dressed as the horned God Cernunnos,  even gave a certain theological meaning to the occupation of the Capitol building in 2021.



The main point in the similarity, then, is that both Caligula and Trump did their best to avoid major wars and succeeded, at least in part. Trump had to compromise with the military, providing huge financing for the military apparatus. We don’t know if Caligula did the same, but his fake campaign against Britannia may have been an attempt to appease the military without risking a real invasion. Whatever the case, Caligula was eliminated and replaced with an older and more pliant Emperor, Claudius. 

Something similar occurred with Donald Trump, replaced by an older and more pliant emperor because he clearly showed that he did not plan any major military campaigns. Unlike Caligula, and luckily for him, Trump was not physically eliminated (so far). But the trend is clear: The Washingtonian Emperors are desperately trying to acquire more and more powers in order to try to control an increasingly divided society. “Deification” – turning the leader into a God – may be a good strategy in this sense and it is likely that we’ll see more and more US presidents using it in the future 




This being how things stand, can we use the Trump-Caligula analogy to conceive future scenarios? The future is always difficult to predict, but it is also a lot of fun to try. So, let’s tell first the story of the Roman Empire after the death of Caligula, then we’ll see to create a narrative for what the modern Global Empire after the removal of Donald Trump. 


Caligula’s successor, Claudius, was a relatively weak emperor who couldn’t oppose the military adventure in Britannia that nearly brought the Roman Empire to its doom. Initially, the invasion was successful but, later on, the Romans seriously risked losing everything when Queen Boudicca led a revolt against them in 60 AD, nearly succeeding in throwing back the invaders into the sea. Eventually, the Romans managed to quell the revolt, but it was a close call.

The problem was not so much Britannia, but the fact that the Empire had seriously overstretched itself. While Boudicca’s army scoured Britain, torturing and killing Roman citizens, on the opposite side of the Empire, in Palestine, a revolt was brewing. It exploded with tremendous fury in 66 AD and, this time, the Romans failed to quell it immediately. It took nearly eight years of hard fighting to reestablish the Roman domain in the region. During this period, the survival of the Empire itself was at serious risk. 

We may imagine that if the Romans hadn’t needed to garrison Britain, they could have had more resources to defeat the Jewish insurrection. As it was, instead, the effort of having to control two unruly regions at the same time and at the two opposite extremes of the Roman dominion led to financial problems and to turmoil all over the Empire. Emperor Nero lost control of his generals and was forced to kill himself. For a year, four different generals fought each other for the imperial throne. Eventually, Vespasian, a general who had fought both in Britain and in Palestine, restored order in 69 AD. But the situation remained difficult. One indication of the financial problems of the time is that in modern Romance languages, urinals are named after Vespasian, probably because for the first time he placed a tax on their use. 

In time, the Roman state managed to recover a certain balance and the deep state scored a major victory when they placed a career soldier at the top, Trajan (53-117). Trajan may have seen himself as the successor of Alexander the Great and he maintained his promise to expand the Empire. In 101 AD, he engaged in a successful military campaign against Dacia (more or less modern Romania). Then, in 113 AD he embarked in an ambitious campaign destined to get rid once for all of the competitor Parthian Empire, in the East. It was nothing less than an attempt of world domination. 

At the beginning, Trajan obtained some major victories, but he was not Alexander the Great. The Romans conquered the region that we call Iraq today, but further advances were simply unthinkable and the Romans had overstretched their domains to an extremely dangerous level. In order to finance his campaigns, Trajan had devaluated the Roman currency and a new civil war could have shattered the Empire. Fortunately for the Romans, Trajan died before he could truly wreck the Empire’s finances. His successor, Hadrian, stopped the wars of conquest and reorganized the Empire within militarily sustainable borders. Of course, the Roman empire was doomed anyway, but at least Hadrian avoided that it would collapse already during the 2nd century AD: 



Now, let’s start from these ancient events to create a scenario for our times. Joe Biden is clearly no Trajan, but he has something in common with the weak and old Claudius. As such, Biden may well fail to stop the military from engaging the US Empire in one or more risky military adventures, for instance attacking Iran, or maybe Syria. 

The military strength of the US is so large that it is hard to think that this kind of relatively minor campaigns could be unsuccessful, but they would seriously weaken the Empire and generate internal frictions. The attack on the Capitol building already gave us a taste of what the results could look like. After Biden will be gone, it may be possible to see the Global Empire in the hands an aggressive military leader. Such a leader might decide to do what Trajan did. She might engage in an all-out effort to destroy the rival empire, the Parthians for the Romans, the Chinese for the current Global Empire. (why did I say “she”? You know that!)

Could a warlike Empress succeed in bringing the US Empire to global dominance? Unlikely. Just like Trajan nearly wrecked the Roman finances in his attempt, our Empress may well wreck the Western economy — or the whole world’s economy —  forever, with the additional result of wrecking the whole ecosystem as well. But history seems to reason in its own terms that was unavoidable from the beginning. For one thing, in our times things seem to happen much faster than in Roman times and the fall of Washington to a Barbarian army doesn’t seem to be so unthinkable as it was just a few days ago. 


85 Comments on "The Deification of Emperor Trump: Following Caligula’s Path"

  1. Duncan Idaho on Sat, 9th Jan 2021 9:58 am 

    Looks like this traitor, sexual assaulter, criminal mob boss wannabe is going down

  2. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 9th Jan 2021 10:04 am 

    Yes donkey I., and so does the empire!

  3. Duncan Idaho on Sat, 9th Jan 2021 10:22 am 

    “This is how it works in ‘Murika.
    As John Steinbeck noted, Americans will never embrace any form of socialism, because none of them is willing to admit to being poor, powerless proles. They all insist (to themselves) that they are actually millionaires who are “temporarily down on their luck.”
    And so . . . here we are.”

  4. DT on Sat, 9th Jan 2021 11:18 am 

    Now that the smoke has cleared, the dog and pony show of taking over the capital has been revealed for what it is. A set up for the next time that the people show up en-mass. The PTB will now have precedent to bring in the troops, crushing any peoples movement in their tracks. Good luck America. Endless foreign wars and BAU will be the order of the new administration. The lesser of two evils indeed.

  5. realist on Sat, 9th Jan 2021 2:42 pm 

    The author has a known anti-fa protestor who infiltrated the MAGA crowd as the intro? Something stinks here.

  6. Theedrich on Sat, 9th Jan 2021 5:39 pm 

    Yes. Expect more glorious wars from “heroic” America under Biden & family.

    Sic transit gloria mundi.

  7. ministry of truth on Sat, 9th Jan 2021 11:36 pm 

    The unrest is going to increase in the U.S. under the senile fool and the human mattress vice president.

  8. makati1 on Sun, 10th Jan 2021 12:14 am 

    “The Boot Is Coming Down Hard And Fast” on Amerikan’s necks. The new Alzheimer President will add to the Fascism of Amerika.

    “Mr. Biden has said he plans to make a priority of passing a law against domestic terrorism, and he has been urged to create a White House post overseeing the fight against ideologically inspired violent extremists and increasing funding to combat them,”

    Who is a “domestic terrorist”? YOU!

  9. FamousDrScanlon on Sun, 10th Jan 2021 12:21 am 

    Fuck the US. It’s not a real country. More like a thieving corporation.

    Even the US flag is a ripoff.

    From who? From a corporation of course.

    Flag of the East India Company

  10. FamousDrScanlon on Sun, 10th Jan 2021 12:51 am 

    If I was a US libtard with the ear of the left side PTB, I’d advise to strike while the iron is hot. I’d destroy as much of the competition as I could – short speedy trials, with a few executions for treason & a shit load of prison time, destroy their careers & asset strip.

    Don’t worry, most progs are more interested in getting deplorables to repent & convert.

    Such is the way with fanatics.

  11. Go Speed Racer on Sun, 10th Jan 2021 1:20 am 

    Trump is taking the nuclear football with him, back to Trump Tower.

    Glorious Lord God Donald Trump will use
    the nuclear football to blow up all of
    the wicked evil Libtards.

    He will have the last word, raining down
    nuclear fire onto the treasonous Libtards.

  12. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 10th Jan 2021 2:34 am 

    Richard Haass, chairman of the CFR, announces the end of the American Empire:

    “We are seeing images that I never imagined we would see in this country-in some other capital yes, but not here. No one in the world is likely to see, respect, fear, or depend on us in the same way again. If the post-American era has a start date, it is almost certainly today.”

    (((Richard Haass))) is real deep state.

  13. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 10th Jan 2021 2:56 am 

    The God-Emperor has taken refuge at

    Expect alternative social media to rise like a meteor:


    The polarization of the US is becoming digital too, helping to prepare for the inevitable split.

  14. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 10th Jan 2021 3:10 am 

    The empire media in Germany are trembling with fear:

    »Wir kommen in eine sehr gefährliche Phase«
    (we are now in a very dangerous phase)

    “Mehr Gewalt, mehr Streit: Die amerikanische Historikerin Ruth Ben-Ghiat rechnet nach dem Abgang von Donald Trump als Präsident mit wachsender politischer Instabilität in den USA.”
    (“More violence, more controversy: American historian (((Ruth Ben-Ghiat))) expects growing political instability in the United States after Donald Trump’s departure as president.”)


  15. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 10th Jan 2021 5:01 am 

    Libertarian Central now openly calls for secession:

    “The Truth About January 6—and Where We Should Go From Here”

    In the coming months the news will be more fascinating than you would hope for.

    The Chinese “interesting times” have arrived.

  16. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 10th Jan 2021 8:18 am 

    Gab reports 750% increase traffic

    “Free Speech Platform Gab Reports 750% Increase in Traffic”

    Follow the leader!

    (You can make coffee in between because gab is slow)

  17. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 10th Jan 2021 9:29 am 

    Trump regrets concession video, won’t resign

    It ain’t over until it’s over.

  18. Duncan Idaho on Sun, 10th Jan 2021 10:36 am 

    Comparing Caligula and the Fat Boy is not kind to Caligula.

  19. FamousDrScanlon on Sun, 10th Jan 2021 12:08 pm 

    Banana Republic Follies….

    The right-wing conspiracy theories that fueled the Capitol siege are going to instigate more violence

    “Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on December 29 tweeted that she and President-elect Joe Biden “will get to work in the first 100 days to ensure Americans mask up, distribute 100M shots, and get students safely back to school.”

    Ashli Babbitt, a 35-year-old San Diego-area resident who spent 14 years in the Air Force, tweeted in response to this completely uncontroversial message: “No the f— you will not! No masks, no you, no Biden the kid raper, no vaccines…sit your fraudulent ass down…we the ppl b—-!”

    Babbitt on Wednesday was killed by a Capitol Police officer’s bullet, as she tried to climb through a broken door pane in the Capitol. She was one of five people who died after Trump incited his supporters to storm the seat of America’s government.

    Her vulgar, raging tweet at the Vice President-elect makes reference to no fewer than four conspiracy theories, including QAnon – which has been promoted by President Donald Trump and Republican members of Congress. A scroll through Babbit’s Twitter feed finds an inexhaustible supply of right-wing internet conspiracy theory content.

    If not for internet conspiracy theories, Wednesday’s attempted coup at the Capitol wouldn’t have happened. They were the fuel. Trump was the match.”


  20. MAGA NONSENSE on Sun, 10th Jan 2021 2:08 pm 

    Trump Drags America’s Global Reputation to Historic Low

    Oh How the Mighty Have Fallen

    “When Trump assumed office, the United States was admired and respected by +85% of the world community. Today, on a composite basis, America’s standing has dropped to a historic nadir of 16%.”

  21. apneaman on Sun, 10th Jan 2021 2:13 pm 

    Cloggie => Abraham von Whatever => Biden’s Hairplug

    Cloggie has been so thoroughly repudiated that he dares not show himself.

    I really can’t blame the Loser.

  22. Anonymouse on Sun, 10th Jan 2021 2:49 pm 

    The uS is well on the path to collapse. The PTB had actually kind of hoped it would have happened on ‘president’ Dumpsters watch. He would have been the prefect fall guy after all, but no such luck. It would be ironic if the definitive collapse of the jewnited states comes under the puppet biden instead, being the preferred choice of the deep snakes and all.

    Could happen, stay tuned.

  23. makati1 on Sun, 10th Jan 2021 3:53 pm 

    Anon, before the Covid bullshit, I guessed it would take a decade or so to complete the fall of the US, but now I give it a few years, tops.

    Yes, it would be appropriate if the final collapse happens on Biden’s watch. The speed of collapse is increasing almost exponentially. The Police State is almost complete. Papers please!

  24. Duncan Idaho on Sun, 10th Jan 2021 5:48 pm 

    “Intriguingly, Arendt thought big lies work only in lonely minds; their coherence substitutes for experience and companionship.”

  25. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 11th Jan 2021 1:27 am 

    “Cloggie has been so thoroughly repudiated that he dares not show himself.”

    It’s called censoring, the only thing lefties are good at. Haven’t “repudiated” anything.

    Apparently there is in-advance-moderation in place, have yet to figure out what the board’s new party line is of what can and what can’t be said. Apparently also, the board hasn’t figured out how to moderate the tableau on the right-side of the board, so SMS-style messages always pop-up.

    Under all circumstances, apneamen, people like me remain your worst nightmare.

    Everything I have predicted since 2014 is coming to pass, the melting pot is going to boil over. The only interesting question is: who is going to win CW2. Probably PBM and China, who both will be supporting the opposite sides in that conflict. America is now what Europe was in 1939: divided to the core, all to the advantage of outside powers, who merely need to pick up the pieces afterwards. It is impossible for apneaman/famousdrscamlion types to act in any way, other than to the advantage of continental Europe.

    Message to the admin:

    – the guy with the wooden shoes will only talk political correct about energy and nothing else and hence doesn’t need in-advance-moderation. Under Biden, expect the US trying to catch up with Europe and China regarding the renewable energy transition, will support some sort of green deal. Biden will be good for something after all. We are still sharing the same planet.

    – Rumor has it that Abe v. H. is currently studying the JQ in Transylvania-Romania, where they don’t have internet. So he won’t be back any time soon.

    – Biden’s hairplug will soon have a different new nick, will be commenting “current affairs” and geopolitics only, but will be light on the JQ, not to embarrass our host too much under these new circumstances of reduced free speech, anticipating the underway Bolshevation attempts of the US. Most has been said about that sordid topic anyway during the Trump years.

  26. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 11th Jan 2021 1:51 am 

    Preventing DJT from running ever again. The real reason behind the impeachment 2.0 attempts.

    Will be interesting to see if the RINOs will go along.

  27. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 11th Jan 2021 8:14 am 

    The latest rumors from the belly of the beast:

  28. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 11th Jan 2021 11:04 am 

    Merkel attacks Twitter for suppression FOS!!!

  29. Biden’s hairplug on Mon, 11th Jan 2021 2:41 pm 

    PCR – “Is America’s Future a Civil War?“

  30. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 11th Jan 2021 3:12 pm 

    FBI report fears nation-wide uprising:

    “FBI bulletin claims threat of ‘armed protests’ and ‘huge uprising’ if Trump is removed – reports”

  31. Go Speed Racer on Mon, 11th Jan 2021 4:37 pm 

    Libtards Suck.
    Trump Rules. Trump Won.
    No more 1.1 gallon toilet flush regulations.
    Bring back 5 gallon flush.
    Fuck all the Libtards.

  32. Go Speed Racer on Mon, 11th Jan 2021 5:07 pm 

    Bring back pallet & tire fires.

    Bring back couch-burning beer parties,
    like Trump had on the white-house front lawn.

    Bring back 1977 Lincoln Continental Town Car,
    with 8-track player, power everything, and
    Freon-11 air conditioner
    that blows snowflakes and
    crushed-ice into your face.

    Bring back Trump, 4 more years !!
    Fuck libtards.
    Fuck senile biden.
    NO “installation” of Kommie Harris.

  33. FamousDrScanlon on Mon, 11th Jan 2021 10:04 pm 

    MAGA-tards getting nervous? Perhaps you should be. I was visiting & they had that fucking CNN on. OMG! they are out for blood.

    From one clown show, MAGA-tard mob, to another, CNN.

    According to CNN, the Cosplay Revolt was worse than 9/11, Pearl Harbour & Kristallnacht, all rolled into one.

    and on and on and on…

  34. FamousDrScanlon on Mon, 11th Jan 2021 11:18 pm 

    Consequences, consequences.

    Capitol Police Officer Who Responded to Pro-Trump Insurrection Dies by Suicide

    “Liebengood was the second Capitol Police officer to die this week: On Thursday, Brian Sicknick, 42, passed away from injuries he sustained during the attack. Sicknick is one of five people whose deaths have been linked to the assault on the Capitol following a Trump rally that put the events in motion.”

    So much for the pro police & law & order conservatives.

  35. poordogabone on Tue, 12th Jan 2021 1:01 am 

    Who’s to blame, largely the corporate media for instigating a climate of hate this last four years and the failure from our ruling masters to provide adequate support to its citizenry hit with a pandemic.
    How many would’ve showed at the capitol in an America with UHC, Free college, affordable housing and a UBI?

  36. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 12th Jan 2021 1:23 am 

    It’s called censoring, the only thing lefties are good at. Haven’t “repudiated” anything.

    Apparently there is in-advance-moderation in place

    Apparently there isn’t, and I have to correct myself.

    I just had to cancel (sic) my old habit of approaching articles via the comments. Not sure what happened to this board, but reading new posts is still possible after you find out first to which article they were posted, then go back to the front page and navigate to the article.


    Perhaps a new admin tried to impose moderation, but didn’t know how and gave up, leaving the board in a mess… but still a free speech Valhalla.

  37. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 12th Jan 2021 1:39 am 

    Prepping tip for patriots and the coming difficult times:

    Install Tox:

    It is like Whatsapp, comparable user interface, but it is PEER-TO-PEER, so Suckerberg isn’t listening in. It is open source and encrypted, your messages and pictures and files are NOT stored on any server, but are directly sent from your Windows computer to your buddy, without BigTech or NSA snooping and building up a File on you and your opinions.

    Apparently there seems to be an Android client but no iOS. But Linux and Mac are supported too. And since self-identifying European-Americans (“Patriots”) will be soon Europeans again (globalist concepts like “Soviet” or “American” or “Brit” will be mega-out), better switch to a safe, European OS like Linux now.

    Tox is extremely easy to install. Make it your new email. The old email concept is dead anyway, drowning in spam. Invitees only. It does audio and video, but not as good as skype (certainly not video).

  38. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 12th Jan 2021 1:57 am 

    Will Trump resign?

    If Trump has no plans for the coming days AND has ambitions for the future, he could consider resigning today and avoid an impeachment that would block any future presidential candidacy.

    Not that it is a very tempting prospect. From now on the US is effectively a one-party state and any election will be manipulated to the advantage of the communists (“Democrats”).

  39. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 12th Jan 2021 4:07 am 

    Germany’s #1 weekly magazine and online outlet, der Spiegel, knows what is coming, to its horror:

    “Warnungen vor dem nächsten Bürgerkrieg”

    (Warnings for the next civil war)

    That CW2 will mean the end of the US empire and hence of der Spiegel and all the other German media, all tools of US oligarchs.

    Our western European “1989” is rapidly approaching, perhaps 2021. In Europe the political right will win. Like the Chinese, we have a far stronger sense of identity than that “nation of immigrants” USA, natural-born globalists.

    We in Europe may have lost to the globalist US, USSR & UK in 1945, but this time we will get the upper hand, certainly if Russia is added to the European mix and Merkel will be gone this year.

    The victory of the European right will enable us to come to the aid of the US patriots, where China and UK will probably aid Biden. But not before China will have occupied Taiwan and Down Under and annexed these territories.

    In the end there will be a 1945-style “Churchillian %-agreement” between Eurosphere and Sinosphere about who gets what from the remnants of the Five Eyes.

    Down Under –> China
    North-America balkanized
    Heartland USA –> EU
    Anglo Canada + New England –> England
    Quebec –> France
    Alaska –> Russian protectorate
    Irish reunification
    Scottish independence
    Refugees Down Under redistributed over Eurosphere
    Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Scotland, Armenia, Georgia members of a reformed EU.

  40. apneaman on Tue, 12th Jan 2021 4:14 am 

    “That CW2 will mean the end of the US empire.”

    Cloggie, you’ve been crying wolf for years.

    News flash…. nobody listens to you anymore. You’re irrelevant.

    You and the Kunt have made one wrong prediciton after another to the point it’s pathetic.

  41. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 12th Jan 2021 5:57 am 

    “News flash…. nobody listens to you anymore.”

    You do.

    “You and the Kunt have made one wrong prediciton after another to the point it’s pathetic.”

    Give me one prediction I am wrong about?

    You can’t.

    I have been saying that US CW2 is coming since 2014. Put your ear on the rail track and hear the CW-locomotive coming (don’t put it there too

    Now even German lefties are fearing it and openly say so, totally against their own interest. Because CW2 means their political decapitation.

  42. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 12th Jan 2021 6:03 am 

    Even good ol’ harmless Ron Paul is blocked by Suckerbook.

    The insanity of the neo-bolsheviks knows no bounds:

    Merkel and the French government have protested against the banning of Trump by Twitter. And Merkel is no friend of Trump.

    Expect the US to slide into anarchy.

  43. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 12th Jan 2021 6:13 am 

    “Civil War 2.0?”

    Fortunately not, says the author, a rev. Larry Beane. We are going to have (mostly?) peaceful secession. Besides, there was never a Civil War 1.0 to begin with [follows some typical libertarian-ideological drivel one can ignore]

  44. apneaman on Tue, 12th Jan 2021 6:37 am 

    One prediction?

    You’re such the arrogant clown living in a make-believe world that you actually believe you have a flawless predictive record.

    Let’s start with the most obvious. For months you crowed about how Trump would win.


    Not only did Trump lose reelection, but the bad guys lost the senate and remained the minority party in the house.

  45. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 12th Jan 2021 6:43 am 

    “Not only did Trump lose reelection, but the bad guys lost the senate and remained the minority party in the house.”

    He didn’t lose the election.

    But even I underestimated the depravity of the deep state and its willingness to fraudulently manipulate the elections.

    Btw, Trump is STILL president and the Dems are sharting in their pants about what Trump could do next and hence started an impeachment procedure, with merely 10 days to go. That’s pretty desperate.

    Trump is holding a rally TODAY in Texas:

    Let’s see what gets stormed

  46. apneaman on Tue, 12th Jan 2021 7:06 am 

    Just shut-up already with the fake election stories. Trump had more than 60 opportunities to present evidence before judges that had been nominated by Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Obama, and even TRUMP appointed judges and he failed in each and every case.

    I’m now finished with you. Insanity trying to communicate with a senile old man who believes everything he hears of Fox.\

    What a total waste of time.

  47. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 12th Jan 2021 7:55 am 

    “Just shut-up already with the fake election stories. Trump had more than 60 opportunities to present evidence before judges that had been nominated by Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Obama, and even TRUMP appointed judges and he failed in each and every case.”

    He failed because the courts were unwilling to look into it.

    “I’m now finished with you.”

    I’m not finished with you.

    “Insanity trying to communicate with a man who believes everything he hears of Fox.”

    I have no access to Fox. I do have access to this:

    But it doesn’t matter. Patriots shouldn’t want to win the election, just sabotage the country. They should firmly have the idea planted in their heads that democracy in America is fake and that you can’t trust the election process and hence that it doesn’t make sense to be politically engaged in a fraudulent system and that the only way out is blowing up the country and start all over again.

    And we in Eurasia are more than willing to support this endeavor.

    [insert sound of rubbing natzi hands here]

  48. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 12th Jan 2021 1:17 pm 

    COP KILLERS…my my how quickly they drop their precious ideals & values in the midst of their temper tantrum.

    Trump and Other Conservatives Embrace ‘Blue Lives Matter’ Movement


    How ‘Blue Lives Matter’ trend has emerged as the identity politics of the right
    This election season, pro-police movement draws sharp line in the sand

    Face it, y’all MAGA-tards, like libtards, have no values to speak of. Hollow, shallow, vapid vicious chimps who will use any individual, group or tragedy to further your cause which has been reduced to wounding & destroying the opposing tribe & the lot of you flip-flop when doing so is perceived to be beneficial in the moment.

    Overshoot – we’re all in it & fighting over the shrinking pie, while continuing to expand the population.

    The reason folks make up whatever tribal bullshit they like to justify their hate & violence is because it’s evolutionary. It’s a survival mechanism & now that the pie has undeniably shrunk, that mechanism has kicked in & tribalism, stupid style, is here…..and whatever team you are on & whatever your beliefs are & however you’re behaving, you could not do otherwise. That ‘feeling’ that you’re in control & making choices, is an illusion.

    The US confirms the OVERSHOOT LOOP. Which step are you on?

    Evolution Under The Maximum Power Principle

    “The single most-important lesson for me was that we cannot re-wire (literally, because thought is physical[1]) our basic political agendas through reading or discussion alone. Moreover, since our thoughts are subject to physical law, we do not have the free-will to either think or behave autonomously. We are “political” animals from birth until death. Everything we do or say can be seen as part of lifelong political agendas. Despite decades of scientific warnings, we continue to destroy our life-support system because that behavior is part of our inherited (DNA, RNA, etc.) hard wiring. We use scientific warnings, like all inter-animal communications, for cementing group identity and for elevating one’s own status (politics). Only physical hardship can force us to rewire our collective-political agendas. I am certainly not the first to make the observation, but now, after 25 years of study and debate, I am totally certain. The “net energy principle” guarantees that our global supply lines will collapse. The rush to social collapse cannot be stopped no matter what is written or said. Humans have never been able to intentionally-avoid collapse because fundamental system-wide change is only possible after the collapse begins.”

    “Today, when one observes the many severe environmental and social problems, it appears that we are rushing towards extinction and are powerless to stop it. Why can’t we save ourselves? To answer that question we only need to integrate three of the key influences on our behavior: 1) biological evolution, 2) overshoot, and 3) a proposed fourth law of thermodynamics called the “Maximum Power Principle”(MPP). The MPP states that biological systems will organize to increase power[2] generation, by degrading more energy, whenever systemic constraints allow it[3].”

    Here is a synopsis of the behavioral loop described above:

    Step 1. Individuals and groups evolved a bias to maximize fitness by maximizing power, which requires over-reproduction and/or over-consumption of natural resources (overshoot), whenever systemic constraints allow it. Differential power generation and accumulation result in a hierarchical group structure.

    Step 2. Energy is always limited, and overshoot eventually leads to decreasing power available to some members of the group, with lower-ranking members suffering first.

    Step 3. Diminishing power availability creates divisive subgroups within the original group. Low-rank members will form subgroups and coalitions to demand a greater share of power from higher-ranking individuals, who will resist by forming their own coalitions to maintain power.

    Step 4. Violent social strife eventually occurs among subgroups who demand a greater share of the remaining power.

    Step 5. The weakest subgroups (high or low rank) are either forced to disperse to a new territory, are killed, enslaved, or imprisoned.

    Step 6. Go back to step 1.

    The above loop was repeated countless thousands of times during the millions of years that we were evolving[9]. This behavior is inherent in the architecture of our minds — is entrained in our biological material — and will be repeated until we go extinct.

    The Cosplay Revolt is clearly steps 3,4 & some of step 5. The ‘imprisoned’ option from step 5 is happening to some of them with trials & serious jail time looming. They broke the law & so did a bunch of politicians, so as per my ‘wounding & destroying the opposing tribe’ comment, look for team left to continue to milk the absurd Cosplay event for all it’s worth & wound & destroy as many of those involved, rioters & inciters.

    To those retards sitting in jail I ask, how was your experience shitting with the big Dogs? Was it all you dreamed it would be?

  49. makati1 on Tue, 12th Jan 2021 4:07 pm 

    One week to go before the dementia patient sleeps in the White House and reads the teleprompter. That is, until he is put aside and the bitch takes over.

    In Ancient Egypt, that post was called ‘the Regency’, when a new pharaoh was not old enough, or was physically unable to rule, another took/assumed the power and authority until the pharaoh was old enough, or died. Sometimes the regent became the next pharaoh…er…president. Harris vs Trump in ’24? That is, IF there is an election in ’24. We shall see.

    Your history lesson for the day. Pass the popcorn.

  50. MadKat on Tue, 12th Jan 2021 6:27 pm 

    MadKat, we know you’re a bitter old man trying to rationalize to yourself why you moved to a third world shit-hole other than to play with little boys.

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