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Page added on September 28, 2015

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The collapse of Saudi Arabia is inevitable

The collapse of Saudi Arabia is inevitable thumbnail

On Tuesday 22 September, Middle East Eye broke the story of a senior member of the Saudi royal family calling for a “change” in leadership to fend off the kingdom’s collapse.

In a letter circulated among Saudi princes, its author, a grandson of the late King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud, blamed incumbent King Salman for creating unprecedented problems that endangered the monarchy’s continued survival.

“We will not be able to stop the draining of money, the political adolescence, and the military risks unless we change the methods of decision making, even if that implied changing the king himself,” warned the letter.

Whether or not an internal royal coup is round the corner – and informed observers think such a prospect “fanciful” – the letter’s analysis of Saudi Arabia’s dire predicament is startlingly accurate.

Like many countries in the region before it, Saudi Arabia is on the brink of a perfect storm of interconnected challenges that, if history is anything to judge by, will be the monarchy’s undoing well within the next decade.

Black gold hemorrhage

The biggest elephant in the room is oil. Saudi Arabia’s primary source of revenues, of course, is oil exports. For the last few years, the kingdom has pumped at record levels to sustain production, keeping oil prices low, undermining competing oil producers around the world who cannot afford to stay in business at such tiny profit margins, and paving the way for Saudi petro-dominance.

But Saudi Arabia’s spare capacity to pump like crazy can only last so long. A new peer-reviewed study in the Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering anticipates that Saudi Arabia will experience a peak in its oil production, followed by inexorable decline, in 2028 – that’s just 13 years away.

This could well underestimate the extent of the problem. According to the Export Land Model (ELM) created by Texas petroleum geologist Jeffrey J Brown and Dr Sam Foucher, the key issue is not oil production alone, but the capacity to translate production into exports against rising rates of domestic consumption.

Brown and Foucher showed that the inflection point to watch out for is when an oil producer can no longer increase the quantity of oil sales abroad because of the need to meet rising domestic energy demand.

In 2008, they found that Saudi net oil exports had already begun declining as of 2006. They forecast that this trend would continue.

They were right. From 2005 to 2015, Saudi net exports have experienced an annual decline rate of 1.4 percent, within the range predicted by Brown and Foucher. A report by Citigroup recently predicted that net exports would plummet to zero in the next 15 years.

From riches to rags

This means that Saudi state revenues, 80 percent of which come from oil sales, are heading downwards, terminally.

Saudi Arabia is the region’s biggest energy consumer, domestic demand having increased by 7.5 percent over the last five years – driven largely by population growth.

The total Saudi population is estimated to grow from 29 million people today to 37 million by 2030. As demographic expansion absorbs Saudi Arabia’s energy production, the next decade is therefore likely to see the country’s oil exporting capacity ever more constrained.

Renewable energy is one avenue which Saudi Arabia has tried to invest in to wean domestic demand off oil dependence, hoping to free up capacity for oil sales abroad, thus maintaining revenues.

But earlier this year, the strain on the kingdom’s finances began to show when it announced an eight-year delay to its $109 billion solar programme, which was supposed to produce a third of the nation’s electricity by 2032.

State revenues also have been hit through blowback from the kingdom’s own short-sighted strategy to undermine competing oil producers. As I previously reported, Saudi Arabia has maintained high production levels precisely to keep global oil prices low, making new ventures unprofitable for rivals such as the US shale gas industry and other OPEC producers.

The Saudi treasury has not escaped the fall-out from the resulting oil profit squeeze – but the idea was that the kingdom’s significant financial reserves would allow it to weather the storm until its rivals are forced out of the market, unable to cope with the chronic lack of profitability.

That hasn’t quite happened yet. In the meantime, Saudi Arabia’s considerable reserves are being depleted at unprecedented levels, dropping from their August 2014 peak of $737 billion to $672bn in May – falling by about $12bn a month.

At this rate, by late 2018, the kingdom’s reserves could deplete as low as $200bn, an eventuality that would likely be anticipated by markets much earlier, triggering capital flight.

To make up for this prospect, King Salman’s approach has been to accelerate borrowing. What happens when over the next few years reserves deplete, debt increases, while oil revenues remain strained?

As with autocratic regimes like Egypt, Syria and Yemen – all of which are facing various degrees of domestic unrest – one of the first expenditures to slash in hard times will be lavish domestic subsidies. In the former countries, successive subsidy reductions responding to the impacts of rocketing food and oil prices fed directly into the grievances that generated the “Arab Spring” uprisings.

Saudi Arabia’s oil wealth, and its unique ability to maintain generous subsidies for oil, housing, food and other consumer items, plays a major role in fending off that risk of civil unrest. Energy subsidies alone make up about a fifth of Saudi’s gross domestic product.

Pressure points

As revenues are increasingly strained, the kingdom’s capacity to keep a lid on rising domestic dissent will falter, as has already happened in countries across the region.

About a quarter of the Saudi population lives in poverty. Unemployment is at about 12 percent, and affects mostly young people – 30 percent of whom are unemployed.

Climate change is pitched to heighten the country’s economic problems, especially in relation to food and water.

Like many countries in the region, Saudi Arabia is already experiencing the effects of climate change in the form of stronger warming temperatures in the interior, and vast areas of rainfall deficits in the north. By 2040, average temperatures are expected to be higher than the global average, and could increase by as much as 4 degrees Celsius, while rain reductions could worsen.

This would be accompanied by more extreme weather events, like the 2010 Jeddah flooding caused by a year’s worth of rain occurring within the course of just four hours. The combination could dramatically impact agricultural productivity, which is already facing challenges from overgrazing and unsustainable industrial agricultural practices leading to accelerated desertification.

In any case, 80 percent of Saudi Arabia’s food requirements are purchased through heavily subsidised imports, meaning that without the protection of those subsidies, the country would be heavily impacted by fluctuations in global food prices.

“Saudi Arabia is particularly vulnerable to climate change as most of its ecosystems are sensitive, its renewable water resources are limited and its economy remains highly dependent on fossil fuel exports, while significant demographic pressures continue to affect the government’s ability to provide for the needs of its population,” concluded a UN Food & Agricultural Organisation (FAO) report in 2010.

The kingdom is one of the most water scarce in the world, at 98 cubic metres per inhabitant per year. Most water withdrawal is from groundwater, 57 percent of which is non-renewable, and 88 percent of which goes to agriculture. In addition, desalination plants meet about 70 percent of the kingdom’s domestic water supplies.

But desalination is very energy intensive, accounting for more than half of domestic oil consumption. As oil exports run down, along with state revenues, while domestic consumption increases, the kingdom’s ability to use desalination to meet its water needs will decrease.

End of the road

In Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Egypt, civil unrest and all-out war can be traced back to the devastating impact of declining state power in the context of climate-induced droughts, agricultural decline, and rapid oil depletion.

Yet the Saudi government has decided that rather than learning lessons from the hubris of its neighbours, it won’t wait for war to come home – but will readily export war in the region in a madcap bid to extend its geopolitical hegemony and prolong its petro-dominance.

Unfortunately, these actions are symptomatic of the fundamental delusion that has prevented all these regimes from responding rationally to the Crisis of Civilization that is unravelling the ground from beneath their feet. That delusion consists of an unwavering, fundamentalist faith: that more business-as-usual will solve the problems created by business-as-usual.

Like many of its neighbours, such deep-rooted structural realities mean that Saudi Arabia is indeed on the brink of protracted state failure, a process likely to take-off in the next few years, becoming truly obvious well within a decade.

Sadly, those few members of the royal family who think they can save their kingdom from its inevitable demise by a bit of experimental regime-rotation are no less deluded than those they seek to remove.

Middle East Eye

54 Comments on "The collapse of Saudi Arabia is inevitable"

  1. yoananda on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 8:30 am 

    Good article.
    But 2028 is for OPEC not saudi alone (in the study).
    Does-it mean that OPEC have reach peak export ????
    this matter !

    Another point to add : Saudi population is not really 29 millions, since 2/3 (I don’t remember the exact number) are –slaves– so called “migrants”, and not native.
    This is an important thing to consider to anticipate the future of this country.

  2. Kenz300 on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 8:54 am 

    KSA has subsidized the price of oil internally for too long…. that has led to wasteful use of resources and an internal demand that is not sustainable.

    All countries need to end their subsidies of fossil fuels.

  3. Hello on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 9:12 am 

    Population problem?

    SA is a short walk from Europe. I’m sure politically correct Europe has no problem helping out the surplus SA population.

    Welcome to Europe.

  4. paulo1 on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 9:28 am 

    Good riddance to the Royal family. I hope they go down, hard.

    re: “This means that Saudi state revenues, 80 percent of which come from oil sales, are heading downwards, terminally.”

    I always wondered what the remaining 20% revenues could possibly be based on?

  5. BobInget on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 9:29 am 

    That ‘exported’ war on Yemen is not going as planned .

    I agree there are a dozen other factors at hand but the invasion of Yemen will be the one serious catalyst bringing down the House.

  6. ronpatterson on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 9:40 am 

    @ yoananda, Saudi’s immigrant population is about 9 million, slightly less than one third. They are not slaves, all the low paying jobs go to people that do the dirty work that Saudi’s refuse to do. But much of the labor force is high paying technical jobs.

  7. KARLQ on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 9:44 am 

    THE ARAB countries political structure is unsustainable ,if they do not unite they will fall into chaos one by one.

  8. Buraydah on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 9:47 am 

    I have been talking about this inevitable collapse for a while now. But what’s almost certain to me is that a collapse in Saudi Arabia will result in the country being divided into at least three entities and bulk of it will be taken by neighbors, specially Yemen, Jordan, and UAE.

  9. bb on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 9:59 am 

    Merkel will take care of them.

  10. zoidberg on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 10:03 am 

    Never miss an opportunity to plug climate change propaganda into a conversation. No wonder so many are brain washed.

  11. Madan Kundu on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 10:10 am 

    We(non muslims) like Saudi and middle east should dry out and back to old business to grow camels, sheeps.

  12. Amarjit on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 10:14 am 


    Islam is an evil and curse for mankind, it is certainly not a religion. Regular or Radical Muslims, all are the same as they have to abide by its binding documents, namely, Quran, Sharia and Hadiths to govern their countries and their lives, otherwise they are not Muslims.

    I can help Trump or Carson or Sanders to their victory if they work to Ban Islam in the United States.

    America shall put for public voting in 2016 Presidential Election for banning Islam in United States. This should be the prime issue for our future Freedom of Speech, protecting our daily freedoms like keeping airports, work and social places safe, keeping our schools free from Mohammed’s preaching, and above all keeping our geographic integrity. We shall only vote for those candidates who commit to protect America from this barbarian cult (It is not a religion). We do not want United States to become future ill-fated Indian subcontinent because of Islam. For social, political and geographic integrity of the United States, It will be a patriotic act to ban Islam.

    Watch for the news, in near future, I will file a Presidential Petition to put for referendum in 2016 Presidential election to Ban Islam in United States. Please sign the petition and spread the word around. Talk to your congressman and senator about this.

    Islam and its guiding scriptures are inconsistent with United States Constitution and basic human tenets of Good Karma. Muslims are already demanding Islamic Sharia Laws in United States, We shall have only “American Courts, American Laws (ACAL)” in this country.

    Islam is not a religion. Islam is a Socio-political-Lawmaking cult institution. Many Islamic countries, including Saudi Arabia, the custodian of Islam, use its binding documents, namely, Quran, Sharia and Hadiths to govern their countries.

    Islam is not a religion; it is an evil promoting cult and shall not be recognized under “Freedom of Religion” in US constitution.

    The United States Constitution First Amendment, comprises of four parts “Congress shall make no law (1)respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; (2) or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; (3) or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and (4) to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”.

    But First amendment does not define the definition of “religion”. Does it mean that if someone’s religion promotes religious containment by killing, it is accepted under the “free exercise”? I challenge the liberal interpretation of this clause of the First Amendment! No civilized nation will permit a proven murderous socio-political cult institution a “free exercise” and hence Islam is not covered under or accepted in the First Amendment. Islam bans all four attributes of First Amendment.

    In US Supreme Court Building, Sculpted in a frieze, the Muhammad statue carries a sword and the Quran and stands in the company of more than a dozen other “lawgivers of history.” They range from Moses to Confucius to Napoleon to John Marshall, some of whom appear in an accompanying frieze along the south side of the room. Promoting law with sword is not a religion; it is a cult, like that of beginning cult of Branch Dravidians and its Leader David Koresh in Waco, Texas.

    For how many more Islamic terrorist acts, like nine-eleven World Trade Center Towers, beheading and other barbarian activities, the world is willing to see? Let us not wait for more time to eradicate this evil on the earth! No amount of cartoons, debates and protest processions will solve the issue alone, world needs to take a political action to eradicate this evil. Real Islam is a Radical Islam and Islam imposes its views on others.

    US congress and its Supreme Court, Canada, Australia and European Union shall declare that Islam is not a religion; it is a barbarian human containment scheme, only works one-way. If world and United Nations did not ban Islam, then in future the countries cited here will face the same fate what Indian Subcontinent is facing now.

    Banning Islam in the United States will be beginning of unraveling this evil institution. This act will start changing the MINDSET of the people in world and that is strongest weapon to bring a change in the society.

    We do not have to follow a cult/religion for peaceful living. Discard cults/religions and follow Humanity or Karma philosophy. Consider Good Karma as religion if someone has to have practice a faith.

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    Islam is a cult of containment by fear and barbarian practices, which keeps its people ignorant. If anyone changes his/her religion or speaks against it or speaks about Mohammad’s life style or draws pictures of Mohammad, the punishment is death in Islamic countries. Freedom of Speech to express vicious enslavement of human mind by Islamic laws and of the life style of its Prophet Mohammad is considered a blasphemy and Fatwas are issued with death sentence. How the people will reform or be well-informed if information/knowledge to them is forbidden to change their MINDSET?

    Muslims cannot live with other non-Muslims and they cannot live among themselves in harmony. They cannot figure out which sect of Islam cult is true and Mohammad and Allah are not helping them in this matter. They are all waiting for the judgment day for true justice. They are destroying each other’s mosques and butchering innocent people mercilessly. They kill the animals mercilessly.

    Islam has destroyed major temples and arts of other religions under Hadith as carrying out Islamic Religious Iconoclasm. Lately, the Buddhas of Bamiyan in Afghanistan, the two 6th century monumental statues of standing Buddha carved into the side of a cliff in the Bamiyan valley in the Hazarajat region of central Afghanistan were dynamited and destroyed in March 2001 by the Taliban, on orders from leader Mullah Mohammed Omar, after the Taliban government declared that they were idols. Islam promotes destroying the World Heritage. Only barbarians can do such acts.

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    People entrapped in Islam are like an army, who is drilled five times a day, in homes or mosques, in a very rigid orchestrated way that Quran was revealed to Mohammad and he is the Prophet and everyone has to obey it and defend it.

    President Barak Obama and Other majority European leaders are ignorant as for the social behaviors of different religion based communities are concerned. Muslim will never assimilate in FREE SPEECH progressive communities because of false ignorant teaching of Muhammad, Quran, Sharia and Hadiths. Can Saudi Arabia allow communities of other religions to build their house of worship there?

    Do you ever realize, what is the difference between Saudi Arabia regime, approved by West, and ISIS?

    Saudi Arabia, with Quran their constitution, is an evil empire preserving and spreading the disease of Islam. It must be abolished by all means. Unfortunately, United States for its short-sighted foreign policy and vision supports this evil empire of Islam, a barbarian cult. What is happening in Saudi Arabia is shaping the destiny of 1.2 billion ignorant entrapped humans in falsehood. We, the rest of the world must take stand to ban Islam by education through FREEDOM OF SPEECH and by taking political actions.

    Saudi Arabia, the custodian of Islam, has to sell oil no matter what. They do not recognize other religions. The world does not have to recognize Islam as religion. The civilized world still can do business with these Islamic countries as we do now while trying to free their Mindset from evil containment.

    This barbarian punishment of 10 years in jail and 1,000 lashes to Raif Badawi for speaking his mind “FREEDOM OF SPEECH” by Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court is an insult to all civilized world.

    We must act now to Ban in the United States of America. That will set the stage for other countries to do so. That will open the mind of Muslims to think outside the Quran and to listen to others than Mullahs.

  13. Tony Pham on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 11:19 am 

    No chance of “Arab spring” as long as the US continue to stand behind them

  14. Shah on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 11:47 am 

    Article has got some points to be pondered upon. Its not the words written in stone. Regime change may or may not help dependent upon how visionary a leader would be.

    Regarding amarjit stupidity and crazyness and hatred toward religion are comments of a non sense who has not gone beyond worshipping stone and not long ago they use to burn alive the widows and even in today’s india women are not safe.
    We cant even ask this guy for soul searching as they lack one.
    Animals are better than creatures like amarjit.

  15. Mark P on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 12:22 pm 

    Finally an article supporting what we have been saying since this senile clown has taken over the Saudi’s house of ruling.
    The article points out, “Whether or not an internal royal coup is round the corner – and informed observers think such a prospect “fanciful” – ”
    In 1979 both the CIA and the British Secret Service advised their government that the unrest in Iran is not bad enough that the Shah Pahlavi could not keep under control. Yet, several months later (in less than a year) the Shah was toppled. So, I am not impressed with these so called analysts.
    The issue is not who is running Saudi Arabia. The real issue is that the monarchy system is outdated and dysfunctional. For that, monarchs one after the other are bound to fall.

  16. Mark P on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 12:26 pm 

    A word of advice to this goon Amarjit: Hey stupid dumbass, the point of these feedbacks are to get a census on the feel of the public relating to issue. You have come here to declare war on Islam because you don’t have testies to do it openly. I am surprised they have allowed your nonsense to be posted.

  17. MSN Fanboy on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 12:32 pm 

    Shah, a lot of amarjit criticism’s are truthful.

    Its just the solutions.

    I guess i’m a crazy racist too lol

    Nope, used to be, now i possibly couldn’t care less.

    Black White …It doesn’t matter, Muslim christian … It doesn’t matter.

    Stupidity and ignorance however, now that crosses all boundaries.

    amarjit, our collapse and subsequent population re balancing will give you the world you want.

    The grass is always greener on the otherside…. be careful what you wish for lol

  18. S. A. Hood on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 1:03 pm 

    Well it is bound to happen. Saudi Arabia did not diversify when they had the opportunity.

    Plus, has the house of Saud been rude to other people? The very people that could help them?

  19. Reda on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 1:51 pm 

    The man talking about ISLAM not being a Religion, what is his definition of a Religion? . Is religion instituted by man or God ( the Entity that is worth of worship ?) The ONE who created and Who will make you die. I believe, he thinks the Judaism is a religion which was given by God to Moses. I believe that too. However, Christianity, which he follows obviously, in its current status, is NOT a religion established by God through His messenger, ISA (Jesus), according to your books and churches. It was established by a man, Shaul (Paul). So it has no bases of being considered a religion. It is a fabrication, invented by a jew to insure that every follower of this belief will go to HELL ( because he was against Jesus and his followers while Jesus walked on this earth ). With the elevation of Jesus, by inventing dreams, he created this belief which is the WORSHIP of JESUS as God. Now he does not have to worry about crucifying followers of Jesus, for any body worshipping any Diety other than God, or associating others with God will definately ferment in HELL fire.

    As a result of this, God Almighty, who sent Abraham, and all other prophets including Moses and Jessus, finally sent HIS LAST MESSANGER : Prophet Mohammad with the final revelation to Mankind. This is ISLAM as foretold by Jesus. Jesus said : I have many things to say unto you, but you are not ready for them now. But when the spirit of truth comes, he will guide you in to all truths. This spirit of Truth is MOHAMMAD. ISLAM is a confirmation of Religion of Abraham and the Prophets after him including Moses and the glad tidings of Jesus. Foloow the last Messenger of the Creator, Mohammad, or go to Hell. Its your choice and destiny.

  20. Asif on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 1:57 pm 

    Amarjit what are talking about religion, you pray cows, moneys, elephants, guys with 4 hands, Godess with 54 hands, snakes….LMFAO

  21. NoOinkers on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 2:00 pm 

    Oil rich Arabs had their chance to bring peace to the region with wealth and influence, but instead squandered they chances on materialistic temporary opulence that tarnished and rusted, and while Arabs killed each other and their neighbors in a culture of death. It still goes on in Syria and other parts of the ME. They will not be given another chance. This is why Islamic nations could never have the leading role, and never will have the leading role in world affairs. They are too embroiled in dark age nonsense to advance civilization.

  22. Anna on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 2:12 pm 

    Hey Ammarjit go back home. here in America we believe in equality for all. We have enough hate mongers to deal with, we don’t need any more. Today you are after Islam tomorrow you will be after Christianity. You want to bring your stone worshipping to this country:-no thank you. Not only you burn widows in India you burn churches and rape and burn nuns. In your sick religion you worship rats, snakes, monkeys and drink urine. In your backward filthy religion women are born to serve men. Rape is an epidemic because all women are a fair game. There should be referendum to throw your ass behind bars for spreading hate and violence in this wonderful country or ours which you have come here to corrupt and destroy.

  23. BaqBaqaa-aa-aaa on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 2:16 pm 

    Well written article, except I disagree with the time frame the author gave for hubris to unfold. 10 years? Way less. Fluctuations in the price of oil combined with extreme wasteful state spending schemes will lead to solid economic problems that will burn the only card left.

  24. Irfan Haque on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 2:23 pm 

    They pray also River, Mountain, Moon, Sun for that matter any powerful things.They bow down for what, I am still wondering.Horrible. I have seen in a museum in Bhambhore,Sind,in a glass casket, private part of mail person, carved on Stone, worshiped by Hindu women, thinking that it is god of reproduction.Shame.

  25. Mohammed the jihadist on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 2:29 pm 

    Those supporting ISLAM really baffle me. One of the great wonders of Earth to me is really University Professors and the Highly learned who are MUSLIMS!

    What did they see logically prudent to believe in the KORAN at all?

    It is true that obeying God and believing in God may not be the preserve of the learned BUT how can a religion (ISLAM) full of outright lies and naked wickedness appeal to anyone, more so a learned person.

    For instance the Festival just celebrated leading to killing of 769 plus pilgrims is said by the KORAN to be in reverence or recognition of ABRAHAM NEAR SACRIFICING OF ISHMAEL…….What a huge lie!

    A lie because this remembrance had been held by Judaism…millenniums or centuries before Mohammed dreamt-up his Koranic Crusade. Why did he have to CREAT a parallel story to Abraham’s near sacrifice of ISAAC?

    Why this huge lie?

    The transparencies in Islam’s lies baffles any observer and as such makes it a miracle to see learned Professors believing in ISLAM.

    The other consolation is that …CHILDREN OF SATAN CAN NEVER FAIL TO FOLLOW SATAN…No matter how learned.

  26. Abdallah on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 2:34 pm 

    Funny how this article is based on gossip and a supposed letter from an imaginary prince! Everyone knows that it is not an authentic letter but is something that was concocted by an infamous Saudi ruling family hater on twitter. It has no reference, no author, and no place of publication.
    And oil is not a major issue for Saudi Arabia either. The country has been ruled by Al Saud for 200 years before oil was discovered. And between 1985 and 2005 oil went down to $7 from $45, and life continued, business as usual under the same ruling family. The same ruling family, by the way, have existed since before the US existed. And 70 years and before, people died like flies of disease and hunger; they hunted stray dogs and cats in order to survive; under the same ruling family!
    This article reflects the wishful thinking of its author, which is basically to see Saudi Arabia fall apart and end it being a leader for the Arab and Islamic world. How else would you explain resorting to gossip as news? Show us the supposed letter and who wrote it! Saudis are used to this nonsense, and know that in the end, look for Israel.

  27. Mohammed the jihadist on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 2:37 pm 

    ISLAM is predestined by its very nature to destroy itself.

    SAUDI Arabia
    And all the ISLAMIC nations shall definitely crush….for their coveting JERUSALEM, putting the Abomination of the Al Aqsa and Dome of the Rock in place of David / Solomon’s Temple.

    ISLAM has bitten a huge morsel that it cannot swallow. It is only TIME that can prove the Religious Terrorists false.

    It is very difficult for ISLAM to see truth…but TIME would prove Islam’s Falsehood soon.

  28. yacov on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 2:39 pm 

    Amarjit, your comment is on the money. Let’s organize petition to ban Islam from U.S.A. and let make it an issue for 2016 election year. You are right 100%. let find way to get in touch. I agree with you, I worry about U.S. from the Islamic multiplying like cockroaches thus engendering our democracy. Let’s do something about it.

  29. gary on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 2:43 pm 

    Amarjit—– Keep telling the truth about Islam and the totalitarianism it offers the world. Don’t listen to those on this thread that defend the indefensible and attack you for telling the truth.

  30. Randy Myers on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 2:47 pm 

    If your working in KSA on the defense industry start packing your crap and get ready to go, because the cuts are coming and they will be deep.

  31. ghung on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 2:54 pm 

    gary said: Amarjit—– Keep telling the truth about Islam and the totalitarianism it offers the world. Don’t listen to those on this thread that defend the indefensible and attack you for telling the truth.”

    Yeah, and don’t skip the part about Christianity’s stellar history of benevolence and moral concern for non-Christians.

  32. ghung on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 3:13 pm 

    ….. and did I fully explain the other day about my being a godless, non-religious asshole? Never could make the transition into mass delusion.

  33. Mohsen Samii on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 3:19 pm 

    An Iranian general today made a statement saying that the Saudi regime will collapse in about 20 years which in my opinion is rather stretching it as I give it a year or two.

  34. Dan from MV on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 3:20 pm 

    Can you imagine the fun the world will have when radical islamists (Wahabi) run out of money, and the very wealthy Saudi family repatriates?

    There is going to be a huge backlash against all Western nations who “stole” their oil.

  35. GregT on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 3:23 pm 

    I think I’ll stay home tonight. This full moon appears to be having a stronger than usual effect.

  36. ghung on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 3:24 pm 

    Dan said: “There is going to be a huge backlash against all Western nations who “stole” their oil funded a tenfold increase in their populations”.

    There. Fixed it.

  37. JMW on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 3:25 pm 

    Greater minds than mine have and can better highlight this salient point: KSA is equally guilty of human rights violations as any regime currently on the globe. The only reason the US has not forcefully abdicated the throne (similar to Saddam) is the sweet suckling of oil from the Saudi teat. Well, now that the curtain is drawing down on that play, how long until KSA is just another unwinnable political quagmire?

  38. foreverme on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 3:41 pm 

    A pity others would drink poison waiting for islam to die. Get a life, it could ease the pain. Because this religion had outlived many generations and it doesn’t seem it could go away anytime soon

  39. Davy on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 3:43 pm 

    G-man, I agree with your statement of being a non-religious asshole. When one reads some of these comments you see what damage religion has done religion becomes disgusting.

    I am very light on religion and it is strictly local in orientation per the education of my kids and the traditions of my family. If I had no family I would not leave the farm hence no religious affiliation.

    Nothing wrong with religion until it stats trying to be moral, political, and a business. I could give a rats ass about any of the major religions. They will all die when civilization dies which judging from these comments is soon.

  40. Chick on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 3:55 pm 

    The whole story is a fabrication. It will be used to push up the price of oil on the general market by speculators. Saudi pumps oil at about 6 dollars a bbl. They are still making plenty of money. You buy this story, the people behind it have some oil to sell you. Open your wallet wide.

  41. jon on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 4:28 pm 

    This article, based on the alleged communication from a Saudi prince, appears to contain both fact and fantasy woven together to appear credible. Will any of its views prove true in the future? Your guess or mine is as good as any.

    Regarding Ammarjit’s comments relating to Islam, certainly many of the facts provided appear accurate. It would be great to be able to ban it from the US. Unfortunately it’s unlikely to ever happen given the freedoms and rights afforded everyone. As long as we are able to weed out the most dangerous Muslims and put them in prison or execute them, we should be okay. However should we see our laws, judges and courts change to Islamist thinking, we had better watch out. This is what almost happened to Egypt in 2013 until Morsi was deposed by the military and the Muslim Brotherhood was banned. Under Islam it doesn’t matter whether you are an athiest or live on a farm and could care less. You either take an oath and start performing like a Muslim or you are a dead dog.

  42. salaamallah on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 4:37 pm 

    Salaam Allah West Coast Transitphotography KING ! 4 days ago
    I guess Malcolm X did not find the REAL ISLAM in mecca !! he should have stayed with MESSENGER ELIJAH MUHAMMAD (pbuh) and his follish self would have still been alive today !!!

  43. simr dimr on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 5:00 pm 

    Amerjit lives in fools haven when he said lets ban Islam in 2016. He is really a person who can be lowest of human beings or human waste. Islam is religion of truth and close to human nature. I don’t know how old is amerjit, what I know Islamist had good history of Glory, Peace and Prosperity for Human beings in most of its period of Muhammad brand of Islam. Out of 1400 Years Majority of time until today Islam contributed rich legacy to mankind and stayed on high end only current period of generally Muslim countries at poor end.
    It is only most recently people claiming to be Muslims has not acted in real spirit of Islam. And some the scholars of many and all religion and some people like amerjit piece of shit has tried to eclipse Islam.
    What I view is Glory of Islam is around the corner and World will be more peaceful with Islamic prevalence. It is not what i want that matter all that matter is what God wants for its beings, I think it is coming sooner than expected.

  44. claman on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 5:33 pm 

    simr dimr
    The majority in this world, see you as a bunch of sheep who is in the power of your own rich people and their priests .

  45. Dubya on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 5:47 pm 

    “The collapse of Saudi Arabia is inevitable”.

    However, all those other countries living within their ecological means will do just fine.

    I’m thinking underpopulated farming regions – New Zealand, parts of Russia, Canada, USA, maybe Ukraine or Khasakstan, Chile – maybe, potentially with many disclaimers.

    But the places that import food, or rely on the mining of oil and water are going to be in a world of hurt

  46. apneaman on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 5:48 pm 

    simr dimr, you are hilarious. I do not think you understand the western mind though. We are still pretending to be democratic and into human rights and all that shit and therefore have not yet taken the gloves off. If you need an example of what we are capable of when that happens see – Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Dresden in WWII. We will most likely divide up what’s left between a new alliance of colonial superpowers and kill/jail/starve the resisters at home and abroad. It’s a biological thing.

  47. Bob Tegir on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 6:03 pm 

    A good chunk of the Saudi budget goes to fund the ‘royal lifestyle’ of 10,000 princes and princesses who each get hundreds of thousands a year free. Take out the royal family and eliminate them, and the Saudi budget will easily balance. Those princes and princesses likely cost them a million each between all the freebies they get, including their basic ‘living allowance’ of tens of thousands a month. we got one prince in California now with his mega million mansion and claims against him. In London, entire blocks are owned by Saudi royal family members at millions of dollars a house. You bet the royal family is worried. If the country goes down, there goes their stable of Lamborghinis and Ferraris, their horse farms and prize winners, their private jet planes.

  48. ghung on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 7:37 pm 

    Regarding Amerjit, who said crap like this: “I can help Trump or Carson or Sanders to their victory if they work to Ban Islam in the United States.”

    Well sieg heil!, motherfucker. Kind of like Hitler banned the Jews, eh? One could argue that Jews are better behaved but so are the majority of Muslims. Maybe we can round them all up while we’re rounding up 11 million illegals, put’em on cattle cars and shove them across the southern border. Shouldn’t cost too much; efficiencies of scale and all that.

    I’m a bit surprised this got any support at all in this thread, but I’ve always felt that psychopathic suggestions (demands?) for tribal elimination would begin to increase in frequency as peak everything sneaks up in surreal ways. Humans, especially really stupid/insecure ones, are so predictable. Eliminate the competition, en mass? That’ll fix it.

    …. and I hate it when the dog jumps on the keyboard.

  49. JuanP on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 7:55 pm 

    I skipped this article and thread because something went way wrong here! It must have been that Blood moon as someone mentioned above. 😉

  50. munawar paul on Mon, 28th Sep 2015 8:02 pm 

    i would say, thanks to allah

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