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Page added on October 4, 2020

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System Fail #3: The Ballot & The Bullet

In this episode we look at the continuing racial tensions in the United States, political violence in Kenosha and Portland, and the effect this is all having on the upcoming US election. We then shift our attention to the uprising in Belarus, and chat with Minsk-based anarchist, “Maria”.

15 Comments on "System Fail #3: The Ballot & The Bullet"

  1. Theedrich on Mon, 5th Oct 2020 12:29 am 

    “System Fail” is total drivel.

  2. Abraham van Helsing on Mon, 5th Oct 2020 2:20 am 

    “B-b-but I’m with you!”

    Protesters coming after the right target, for a change: Jeff Bezos. “Wrong Amazon burning”, I like that battle cry.

    “Protesters march outside Jeff Bezos’ $165million Beverly Hills mansion to demand the Amazon billionaire pay more taxes and take responsibility for the 20,000 workers who have tested positive for COVID“

    In 1917-Russia it were poor Jews leading the Bolshevik revolution of empoverished 100% white masses, empoverished by WW1, the czar had lost, the real trigger for the revolution.

    Today it are Jewish billionaires who are leading an army of color and white libtards with 42% having an BMI30 or higher, against a cornered white demographic with 42% having a BMI30 or higher. The danger for the Jewish billionaire revolutionaries is that the mob sees these Jews as “white” and as such a target, rather then

    This is going to be good, beer and popcorn!

  3. makati1 on Mon, 5th Oct 2020 2:57 am 

    Anyone who believes that the events in Police State Amerika are not planned and choreographed by the “One World” elite are just plain stupid. But then, a majority of Amerikans fit that description. What a shitshow! Pass the cheese flavored popcorn.

  4. Davy on Mon, 5th Oct 2020 4:35 am 

    “Furloughed Jobs Disguise The Eurozone Employment Crisis”

    “The United States jobs recovery slowed down slightly in September, but the employment recovery is still faster than in most comparable economies. The jobs report showed a healthy 661,000 gain in non-farm payrolls last month. Much of the difference with consensus came from shifts in government payrolls, which fell 216,000 in September. However, private payrolls rose by a healthy 877,000. This means that unemployment may have fallen below the 8.1% level in September. In Europe, according to Eurostat, the unemployment rate increased to 7.4% in August, while in the euro area it rose to 8.1%. However, more than 10 million workers remain in furloughed jobs, making the comparison with the United States, that does not have that scheme of subsidised unemployment, a challenge. In similar terms, the Eurozone unemployment would be close to 11% if we used the same calculation as the United States. The OECD estimates that unemployment will rise above 10% in the eurozone before year-end as furlough schemes end. Eurostat said it estimates that over 15.6 million people in the EU and around 13.2 million in the euro area were unemployed in August. Compared with July, the number of unemployed increased by 238,000 in the EU and 251,000 in the euro area… In Germany, the government has also implemented a “bailout of everything” policy to keep the zombie businesses alive. According to the FT, almost 500,000 businesses in Germany can be considered zombie (unable to pay their interest expenses with operating profits). If the crisis remains for more months, as it seems, the cost of furloughed jobs will be unbearable for governments and the employment drama will unravel just at the time in which the insolvency issues start to appear in banks and companies.”

  5. Abraham van Helsing on Mon, 5th Oct 2020 4:44 am 

    “Anyone who believes that the events in Police State Amerika are not planned and choreographed by the “One World” elite are just plain stupid. But then, a majority of Amerikans fit that description. What a shitshow! Pass the cheese flavored popcorn.”

    They are, but Donald Trump and his presidency was not planned by the NWO crowd, that’s a major stick in the globalist wheelwork. It is difficult to sick the army against white insurgents if the army is controlled by somebody like Trump. All of a sudden the NWO doesn’t look that invincible anymore.

    And then there is Brexit, decoupling Europe from Anglosphere.

    And then there is Putin-Russia kicking US-ass in Syria.

    And then there is China, that over decades got an immense industrial infrastructure thrown into its lap, nota bene by the globalists, in the expectation that the Chinese would do the hard labor and for the rest shut up.

    And then there is Turkey, with loose canon Erdogan, who is feeling strong and is agitating for the restauration of the Ottoman Empire and doesn’t take orders from Washington anymore and instead is dreaming of conquering Israel for Islam:

    Now how is the NWO doing these days, mr. Soros? ROFL

  6. Abraham van Helsing on Mon, 5th Oct 2020 5:15 am 

    The state of America explained by immigration lawyer Laurel (my favorite life-stream):

    “we’re in the boogaloo”

    “61% of the Americans fear civil war is coming.”

    The fight is over: the Reps want to keep America majority-white, where the Dems want to ram whitey into minority status and send him yuge bills and demonize everything white culture and history stands for and tyrannize him to the hilt, like was achieved in Sovjet-Russia. Oh, and whitey has guns.

    Any clear-minded observer knows that a tragic situation is developing from which there is no peaceful escape.

    And just like in 1939, Americans and Sovjets were the spectators, watching with a grin a developing Versailles situation in Europe, where a large country tried to escape from the British-lead effort to Make Germany Small Again (the topic of WW1), knowing that a new war would hand over Europe to the new American and Sovjet kids on the block, this time around it are 640 million continental Europeans and 1350 million Chinese watching with a grin the developing spectacle in the US, where merely 330 million Americans are about to go at each others throat, destroying their own short-lived empire while they are at it.

    In this decade you don’t want to be an Anglo nor a Jew nor an American of color.

  7. Abraham van Helsing on Mon, 5th Oct 2020 6:03 am 

    Meet the globalists and look them straight in their ugly faces:

    Former Twitter CEO Fantasizes About Violent Revolution, Assassinations

    Who does this freak want to assassinate?


    Here you can see the POS in an interview with Wired, conducted by a Steven Levy, straight from the Jewish Heritage Museum:

  8. bochen787 on Mon, 5th Oct 2020 6:21 am 

    Trump will gas all Chinese Americans before November 2020

  9. Hello on Mon, 5th Oct 2020 6:34 am 

    >>> Trump will gas all Chinese Americans

    Sweet. I hope you’re right.

  10. zero juan on Mon, 5th Oct 2020 6:45 am 

    Asshole troll JuanP:

    bochen787 said Trump will gas all Chinese Americans before Novemb…

  11. Abraham van Helsing on Mon, 5th Oct 2020 12:31 pm 

    Just completed the last hour of a 24 hour fast and to avoid watching to the ceiling, I watched this video by Douglas Murray:

    He is a Brit, “conservative”, gay, Brexiteer, multicult and Islam skeptic. He can be seen as a prominent British “influencer” and writes for high-brow periodicals like the Spectator, think Wedgwood, Chesterfield sofas, “Land of Hope and Glory” and the rest of it.

    Here his CV:

    He is not stupid to say the least. The first hour you get the usual (completely false) narrative of “lonely Britain, fighting the Nazis all on its own”, human rights, Brexit, immigration, BLM, BoJo, etc., etc.

    It gets interesting at 1:00:30 when they start talking about the US elections. First we get from Murray big thumbs up for America, expressing the typical British globalist creed. But a few minutes later he gets gloomy and finally confesses what he fears most: a civil war in the United States.

    Here you have it. Predictions, not from a Dutch *sshole, who rumors have it is a neo-nahtzi, but from a solid amerophile Brit, who is about to see his (Anglo-supremacist) world-view demolished, as if he was a 1991-Soviet.

  12. Abraham van Helsing on Mon, 5th Oct 2020 12:38 pm 

    Multicult latest in Zuid-Afrika:

    “Female farmer is sexually assaulted and strangled to death while another rural worker is tortured and murdered in latest horrific attacks on South Africa’s white farmers”

    Hundreds of these murders (local Dutch: “plaasmoorde”/farm-attacks) have taken place over the past years and hardly get any coverage from the western racial-communist media.

    One of the first tasks an EU army could be saddled with is the protection of whites in South-Africa, soon after the onset of CW2, when many places all over the planet will morph into ethnic cleansing arenas and practice a little on the locals, before we undertake the heavy-duty work in North-America.

  13. Abraham van Helsing on Mon, 5th Oct 2020 4:32 pm 

    Russian government mouth piece RT has picked up the message as well:

    “As our (un)civil war escalates towards the real thing, America is in throes of unrest unlike any in our 244-year history“

  14. Abraham van Helsing on Mon, 5th Oct 2020 4:34 pm 

    Belgium waking up at government level:

    “Belgium’s new justice minister has spoken of Jewish lobby“

    Back in the thirties.

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