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Page added on April 22, 2021

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Syrian missile lands near Dimona nuclear reactor

Syrian missile lands near Dimona nuclear reactor thumbnail
Israel and Syria exchanged missile attacks early on Thursday morning, after Damascus launched an advanced surface-to-air missile that landed in the Negev Desert.

Alarms sounded in Abu Qrenat near Dimona in the South.

Syria fired the missile in response to what it claims was an Israeli Air Force bombing near Damascus. Israel frequently strikes Syria to prevent Iranian entrenchment in the country as well as weapons shipments to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Reports from across the country, including central Israel and Jerusalem, spoke of “loud explosions” that “shook the houses.”


The IDF activated its air defense systems in an attempt to intercept the missile, but that attempt failed. The military is investigating why its air defenses failed to intercept the SA-5.

Early reports indicated that the explosion was the result of a Patriot missile defense system battery responding to the firing of the missile into Israel. Missile parts were located on Thursday morning in the swimming pool of the Negev community of Ashalim.

Israel awaits details of explosions, sirens after possible missile attack
“Due to a surface to air missile entering Israeli territory, air defense systems were activated,” a statement by the IDF read, noting that the military was still investigating the incident.

The SA-5 reportedly landed close to Dimona, not far from the location of Israel’s reportedly secret nuclear reactor.

The IDF said that in response to the launch, it attacked several missile batteries in Syria, including the one that fired the projectile that struck Israel territory.

Syria’s state news agency said Syrian air defenses intercepted the Israeli attack that had targeted areas in the Damascus suburbs.
“Air defenses intercepted the rockets and downed most of them,” the agency said, adding that four soldiers were injured in the attack and some material damage took place.

A Syrian military defector said the Israeli strikes targeted locations near the town of Dumair, some 40 km. northeast of Damascus, where Iranian-backed militias have a presence. It is an area that Israel has hit repeatedly in past attacks.

It was unclear at first from where the missile was launched. Several signs indicated it having been launched from Iraq, while according to other reports, it came from the city of Daraa in southern Syria following an Israeli airstrike.

IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Hidai Zilberman told reporters that the explosion was due to the firing of an SA-5 surface-to-air missile toward Israel from Syria that exploded in the southern Negev.

The firing of the missile came during Israeli airstrikes in southern Syria,” Zilberman said, and that it was an errant missile and not directed toward the Dimona nuclear reactor.

According to the spokesman, Israel responded to the firing of the SA-5 toward IAF jets by striking several anti-aircraft batteries in Syria, including the one that fired the missile that exploded in southern Israel.

2 Comments on "Syrian missile lands near Dimona nuclear reactor"

  1. makati1 on Thu, 22nd Apr 2021 6:50 pm 

    Too bad it didn’t hit the target! Iran doesn’t need a nuclear missile if it can just blow up the Israeli nuke plants. Go Iran!

  2. Theedrich on Sat, 24th Apr 2021 4:23 am 

    The omens are closing in. A couple to mention: the threat of nuclear war due to Biden’s neurotic nuclear brinkmanship vis-à-vis Russia and China;  the growing possibility of a biowar which would eliminate 70% of the U.S. population;  severe economic depression caused by the Democrat-prompted Leftist revolution and by the mismanagement now in the offing under BIDΞN & Co.;  and various “black swan” scenarios occurring as a result of tinderbox situations (e.g., India-Pakistan, Israel-Iran, the usual dog-wagging of the U.S. by agents unknown to the public as happened with Libya under Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, or the megalomaniac creation of “color revolutions” like Ukraine by Hillary Clinton, Victoria Nuland, etc.).  Never mind the takeover of the American political scene by hyperbillionaire oligarchal bribers such as Georg Sörös and associates.

    The origin of the COVID-19 disruption will never be known.  It may be a pilot project of some sort by gnomes working in Asian bat caves.  The exponentially exploding narcotics plague is emanating from Latino crime organizations combined with fentanyl created by Chinese who remember the Opium Wars.  The current inundation of unassimilable aliens invited by the Biden syndicate, adding to the 100 million illegals imported since 1980, facilitates the descent into disease, crime and madness.  Add to this is the ongoing, general sterilization of males (and their conversion into homosexuals and transgenders) due to plastics in the environment.

    The power-mad Democrat Party is blaming this civilizational disintegration on the White race.  The only question left is whether the country is going to collapse on its own or be destroyed by outside factors.  The distinction will not be easy to make, given that Whitey now prefers genosuicidism.

    But one thing is certain:  the Empire is headed for death.

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