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Page added on October 10, 2021

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Starvation Diet

Starvation Diet thumbnail

It’s important to recognize that net zero demands a transformation of the entire economy.” – Larry Fink (emphasis added)

We are on the cusp of a significant mass starvation event of our own making. Soon, tens of millions of the world’s most impoverished people will die from an inability to feed themselves, while many of those comfortably getting by now – especially in the Western World – are in for a shock.

The leaders who put us in this position are doubling down on their misguided energy policies and will continue to do so until they are overthrown. I doubt they will go peacefully. Between now and then, they will use all manner of surveillance tools to spread Orwellian propaganda, misdirect blame, and crush dissent. Leading technology companies will greedily facilitate this modern incarnation of the Great Leap Forward, imaginary utopian ends justifying all manner of grotesque means.

Other than that, things are great.

For the latest evidence that society is hurtling into an immovable wall at top speed, we turn once again to the fertilizer market and connect a few dots for our readers. Monumental news broke at the end of September, and yet almost no mainstream outlet is covering it. We expect that to change shortly. For now, we turn to Progressive Farmer for a summary:

The move by China earlier this week to ban phosphate exports until at least June of next year puts even more pressure on global phosphate trade. The U.S. doesn’t buy much phosphate from China, but the country represents about 30% of world trade. Now China’s traditional buyers will be looking elsewhere.

We’ve written extensively about how the market for energy in Europe broke and how the ripple effects will snap through our delicate supply chains like a whip. When the supply of critical goods goes short, countries implement protectionist policies in a futile attempt to minimize the impact at home. A cascading series of retaliatory moves usually follows, leading to economic vapor lock. We are seeing that pattern play out now in agriculture.

To keep the chemistry lesson as simple as possible, you need natural gas to produce ammonia and energy from fossil fuels to mine for phosphate. You need ammonia and phosphate to make fertilizer. You need fertilizer to grow food at scale. You need food to keep the peace.

As you might expect, the price of fertilizer – already under pressure from gyrations in the natural gas sector globally – skyrocketed higher on the news that China is halting all phosphate exports. Farmers will either raise prices dramatically or go broke. Inevitably, we’ll see an unhealthy mix of both.

Inflation in the food sector, already running hot, is set to go vertical. The combination of higher costs, lack of supply, labor shortages, and broken logistics has set in motion a crisis which can no longer be avoided. Prepare accordingly.

The opening quote of this piece comes from the 2021 edition of Larry Fink’s annual letter to CEOs. As CEO and Chair of BlackRock, Fink is one of the richest and most powerful people on earth (that’s him below, choking off the supply of fossil fuels). Through a perversion of financial engineering and scientific illiteracy, we’ve delegated the fate of humanity to a man whose claim on this power derives from his ability to vacuum up pension fund allocations. The caviar, Kobe beef, and white Alba truffles at Fink’s cocktail parties will undoubtedly continue to flow, but he would be wise to keep a keen eye on the wait staff. Somehow, I doubt he is a good tipper.


37 Comments on "Starvation Diet"

  1. Duncan Idaho on Sun, 10th Oct 2021 6:50 pm 

    Yep, this goes along:

  2. Dredd on Mon, 11th Oct 2021 12:40 pm 

    Starving at wisdom, science, education (Quantum Oceanography – 15) leads to every other type of starvation.

  3. Theedrich on Mon, 11th Oct 2021 2:48 pm 

    Bait & switch: don’t waste (manufactured) crises. Santa Klaus Schwab, in his COVID-19:  Der Große Umbruch dishes out the same anti-White Marxist drivel that his tribe has been renowned for for centuries.  This time with a greenish tint.  Again and again, he repeats in different words the same thing:  the world needs to be subjected to his “global governance” (Weltordnungspolitik), which will make his New World Order “nachhaltig” (“sustainable”).  He connects everything to the ChiCom virus pandemic:  Humanity (especially Whites) needs to be enslaved in order to be saved from global warming, ecosystem destruction, racial inequality (caused, of course, by Whites), microaggession against the Lesbian-Bisexual-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender+Queer hordes, ingrown toenails and, oh by the way, the ChiCom virus itself.

    Schwab supports his diatribe with many dozens of footnotes to Leftist screeds, many of them published by his own Weltwirtschaftsforum (World Economic Forum, or WEF).  And, of course, “science” (the current substitute for God) just happens to be on his side.  Do not dare to doubt him.

    Given the immense amount of money at his his pal George Soros’ disposal, we can expect that all of the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) they control will continue to sluice ThirdWorld outhouselings into Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.  As if these regions were not already dominated by White genosuicidists.

    In the end, it does not matter that Schwab’s scribbling is itself worthless.  His and his WEF’s money now controls all of the Western bribe-ocracies (humorously called “democracies”).  Western civilization has decided to convert itself into a planetary criminal, selling its soul to WEF Mammon.

    We will never be able to say that Schwab’s Großer Umbruch didn’t warn us.  It is the manifesto of a madman about how he is going to return us to the jungle.

  4. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 11th Oct 2021 11:52 pm 

    Chinese practicing Normandy-1944 style landing operations:

    “Chinese army practices beach landing amid mounting tensions with Taiwan”

    German television:

    “Get used to petrol prices over 2 euro/liter (more than $10/gallon), dear car driver.”

  5. Cloggie on Tue, 12th Oct 2021 4:07 am 

    Dutch Rail and the serious possibility of getting rid of the privately-owned car in an age of skyrocketing fuel prices:

  6. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 12th Oct 2021 3:42 pm 

    German ensurer Allianz published its global wealth per capita report 2020

    1. USA
    2. Switzerland
    3. Denmark
    4. Netherlands

    The US and Switzerland swapped places.

    All four are white, capitalist and have dominant protestant heritage.

  7. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 12th Oct 2021 5:58 pm 

    Indigenous Peoples Day?

  8. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 12th Oct 2021 6:00 pm 

    clog, who gets to define wealth?
    Just money is incomplete & almost useless.

    The US has been greatly enriched building a higher education system that attracted a great deal of bright young talent from all over the world. Many stayed & became loyal American citizens who contributed to the betterment of the country. Plenty of the ones who went home did do with a favourable American bias.

    IMO their higher education system is a national treasure beyond measure. I’ve not seen any numbers lately, but if the country becomes unstable, all that entrenched brain drain will flee home or elsewhere.

    What about the Dutch? How much brain drain have you lost to the Americans?

  9. Hello on Tue, 12th Oct 2021 6:29 pm 

    We celebrate one of the greatest seafarer there ever was. He discovered the Americas for Europe. What an amazing achievement of science, knowledge, reason, adventurous spirit and braveness.

    From a time when Europe was KING OF THE WORLD, all the while negros in africa dug up insects for lunch.

    Nowadays the white population is reduced to suck nigger dick while apologizing and feeding this vermin. What a fall from the top. Can Europe be saved? Is it too late?
    Has Europe found its master in the form of low-level invading breeder vermin?

    Please support the NBA. Negros Back to Africa.

  10. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 13th Oct 2021 1:03 am 

    “Duncan Idaho on Tue, 12th Oct 2021 5:58 pm”

    “FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 12th Oct 2021 6:00 pm”

    2 minutes in between.

    For anyone who has still doubts…
    apneaman = famousdr = donkey idaho.

    Back to the more interesting post-covid, post-Brexit, pre-WW3 collapse news:

    “‘It’s a perfect storm’: ‘Scared’ shipping bosses say surge in imports and lack of HGV drivers means electricals and toys will be stranded at sea ‘until well in to 2022’ – as one warns: ‘I sound like the Grinch… there will be gaps on shelves at Christmas'”

    It is with England as it is with the US: take the Europeans out and the joint collapses. Not our problem (but the opportunities are rising sky-high for a thorough European = White Renaissance after the Godly Chinese finally make their move and maneuver the Anglo-Zionists in a well-deserved little Waterloo of their own).

    “Four more energy companies ‘could go bust this week’ – leaving hundreds of thousands of families facing higher energy bills”

    Gonna be a cold, dark, hungry winter, there on the British Isles, handing over all the pretext Nicola Sturgeon will ever need to bring her 98% white Scotland into European safety. Ulster same story, as in Northern Ireland, de facto still in the EU, everything still works fine.

    “Dominic Cummings says government never intended to stick to Brexit deal it signed and would ‘ditch bits we didn’t like’ after ‘whacking Corbyn'”


    Whatever, a complete termination of ALL relations between the EU and UK is now in our European favor, including halting all tourism. The revenge for Versailles and Nuremberg is underway. We need to lock them up on their own rainy island and prepare for a geopolitical defection towards Eurasia and keep our Eurasian supply lines intact, after China makes its move over Taiwan and AUKUS is making up its mind about how to respond next. Gonna be a difficult decision for our wannabee Anglo-Zionist world conquerors. But if you say A, you need to say B. So if you say AUKUS, you need to say BUKUS, just not to lose your geopolitical

    Ave Caesar, morituri te salutant of Ave Imperator, morituri te salutant.

    “but if the country becomes unstable”

    Wow! What an unexpected level of realism, apneaman!

  11. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 13th Oct 2021 1:28 am 

    “Boris Johnson channels his hero Churchill as he unwinds with his paintbrushes during Spanish getaway with Carrie and Wilfred at (((Zac Goldsmith’s))) £25,000-a-week pile in hills above Marbella while back home Brits face soaring gas prices and empty-shelf chaos”

    First time a tragedy, second time a farce.

    Winston Churchill never operated in anybody else but jewish interests:

    “Churchill and the Jews: A Lifelong Friendship”

    (says his jewish biographer Gilbert).

    No difference with Boris Johnson:

    “REVEALED: The exclusive £25,000-a-week estate where Boris and Carrie are staying on their Marbella holiday – Couple are seen at hideaway owned by PM’s wife’s close friend (((Zac Goldsmith)))”

    The bankrupt and eternally drunk Churchill, the prototype of the British hooligan, basically wasted the British Empire for his jewish paymasters, so he could keep living, way above his means, in the Chartwell Estate, complete with an army of servants, incompatible with his meager income as parliamentarian. Churchill, the best politician jewish money can buy. That’s how ZOG-UK works: Boris does Zac favors, ZAC does Boris favors, with ZAC doing the scheming and Boris doing the drinking and partying and shagging too young women.

  12. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 13th Oct 2021 5:32 am 

    Soon your president:

    “Kamala slams European explorers who ‘ushered in a wave of devastation for Tribal nations’ and vows the Biden administration will work to address the impact of America’s ‘shameful past’”

    Anti-white racism in the name of fighting racism. Congratulations with your dystopian future.

    Without these European explorers, Kamala from Sri Lanka would still be living in the Stone Age, sh*tting behind a tree, being the property of darkie men.

    Not difficult to predict how this is going to be played out. Hint: not like the end of the USSR.

  13. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 13th Oct 2021 10:25 am 

    It’s the US too!

    “White House Warns Massive Shortages Coming Before Christmas”

    Current shortages in Britain:

    Cars (new and used), milk, meat, fuel, toys, trees, timber, cement

  14. Duncan Idaho on Thu, 14th Oct 2021 5:25 pm 

    Merika– we are first!

    “Who else thinks it’s obscene that Americans are paying pharmaceutical companies more for the world’s top 20 selling drugs than the rest of the world…combined?”

  15. makati1 on Thu, 14th Oct 2021 6:21 pm 

    Merika has many “firsts”:

    1. First down the collapse shitter.
    2. First in corruption.
    3. First in lies.
    4. First in hypocrisy.
    5. First in pollution.
    6. First in general waste.
    7. First in losing even wars of choice.
    8. First in obesity and poor health.
    9. First in drop of life expectancy.(See #8)

    Reality is a bitch!

  16. makati1 on Thu, 14th Oct 2021 6:36 pm 

    “Without these European explorers, Kamala from Sri Lanka would still be living in the Stone Age, sh*tting behind a tree, being the property of darkie men.’

    Or, just maybe, those countries would be the “Americas” of today, if they had not been plundered by those same white “explorers” for centuries. We will never know, but if you have not experienced the rest of the world first hand don’t make assumptions based on propaganda and fantasy wishes. The people of Sri Lanka may soon be looking at what is left of the West and laughing their asses off.

    You can be happy and have a good life without indoor plumbing. I’m sure Chris Columbus had to shit without indoor plumbing. I did also when I was a kid (1950s). Outhouses were everywhere and the Sears catalog was the paper of choice for butt wiping. LOL

  17. YouArePureEvil on Thu, 14th Oct 2021 10:31 pm 

    Totally AI generated and send directly to your brain if you are human. This is why is he pink.

  18. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 15th Oct 2021 1:47 am 

    Australians making fun of Kamala Harris and her bizarre stunt with child actors, who are carefully selected diverse:

    She and her globalist scammers are mendacious to the core. But their time is over anyway, and they are sitting out their last months/years at the mercy of the Chinese… until the latter terminate the American Era for good.

    Australians waking up to the truth:

    “‘We’ve got absolutely nothing’ to defend Australia amid growing conflict in China”

    Greg Sheridan deplores already the decision to cancel the French subs, resulting in yet more many years of delay (ironically, the French initially offered to make their subs nuclear too, but the Australians refused). He rightfully deplores that Australia is now for 100% a US client state and that the fate of Australia is now in the hands of the US, exactly the scenario their most senior politician, Malcolm Fraser warned against. The Americans can always run (and do and will), but Australia will be stuck with the status of an indefensible nation that was brought into unnecessary armed conflict with China over a country it hasn’t even recognized.

  19. Cloggie on Fri, 15th Oct 2021 2:06 am 

    “Sustainable and Repairable 5G Phone”

    A $500 5G phone that can be repaired by yourself (screen, battery replacement) and it has been designed in the most sustainable way possible. Your three times more expensive iPhone needs to be thrown away after the battery has stopped working (is a bit like dumping your car after the ashtrays are full). This phone is designed to last.

  20. Cloggie on Fri, 15th Oct 2021 2:08 am 

    The British (English) Queen throws her considerable moral weight behind rigorous sustainable measures:

    “Queen ‘irritated’ by world leaders talking not doing on climate crisis”

  21. SurrenderingIsNotAcceptable on Fri, 15th Oct 2021 4:14 am 

    You are pure evil, who ever control this realm. You have to be destroyed completely. You blood is required for that.

    Surrendering yourself with a white flag is not acceptable to me. Only you total destruction is acceptable and the ones of all the )ews also.

  22. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 15th Oct 2021 4:48 am 

    “High-ranking US military software expert quits over lack of US technological readiness”

  23. OnlyBloodCanSolveThis on Fri, 15th Oct 2021 5:09 am 

    GOD (the real one, not the one of the bible) and I have enough of this torture chamber called earth. It it time for both of us to unite together against evil. You blood is required.

    A narcissistic society and a society managed by women (they are naturally narcissistic and a society controlled by the )ews 120 genetic defects is plain evil) leads to a evil consciousness. Only you blood will solve. Or maybe GOD will kill us all and put a new creation there.

  24. YouLikeWorshippingWomenThereYouHaveIt on Fri, 15th Oct 2021 5:27 am 

    Women are naturally evil and lack moral compass. This will inevitably lead to a evil consciousness. Maybe it is time for me to help GOD destroy this creation. So he can put a new one there without the evil women. This consciousness or reality is pure evil without hope.

  25. YouLikeWorshippingWomenThereYouHaveIt on Fri, 15th Oct 2021 5:42 am 

    This is not fixable. The bloods of the controller of this reality and the bloods of all evil people will be done by GOD. Maybe after that, a rebuild will be possible. Only GOD and blood can fix this. Only after that a new consciousness can be build that is not evil. Wait to long. to fix this problem.

  26. ThisIsNotFixable on Fri, 15th Oct 2021 5:45 am 

    By the way this COVID bullshit is also evil. It just add more evil to an already evil consciousness. )ews are also a big problems

  27. ThisIsNotFixable on Fri, 15th Oct 2021 5:51 am 

    Who ever control this realm/VR reality/simulation has lost control of everything including the control of the consciousness of GOD. The end is unavoidable.

  28. IStillWantYouDead on Fri, 15th Oct 2021 6:31 am 

    The controller of this realm/VT reality build a whole reality based on lies only:fake nasa, fake space, fake financial system… The basically build a evil consciousness remove away from GOD creation. They are basically evil and only know evil in their heart. They thought they could do whatever they wanted with GOD consciousness. They thought they could put human soul and mind in a fake VR controlled reality just for the personal gain.

  29. ItCannotBeFixed on Fri, 15th Oct 2021 7:29 am 

    You are never going to be able to crash the stock market. Vanguard and Blackrock own the financial system. They are going to keep the market up by selling shares to each other at inflated price keeping the stock market up this way.

  30. PrepareToDieThisIsWhatIandGODWant on Fri, 15th Oct 2021 1:12 pm 

    Their Covid scam is not working anymore. Nobody gives a shit. They know that the controller of this fake holographic reality are losers and liars. Everything they touch they destroy. The idea of putting human consciousness is a cage using fake and lying holographic reality is back firing on them big time. This reality is pure evil everywhere you look. GOD con is based on beauty truthy enlightenment. It is over and you deserve to suffer for it. Evil people have to die to repair the conflict between this realm and GOD consciousness . The )ews have a lot to answer for the current situation.

    Your COVID bullshit is failing and adding more evil to a already evil consciousness.

  31. PrepareToDieThisIsWhatIandGODWant on Fri, 15th Oct 2021 1:22 pm 

    The amount of violence contain in Hollywood movie is a good indication that we are running on pure evil consciousness.

  32. PrepareToDieThisIsWhatIandGODWant on Fri, 15th Oct 2021 1:34 pm 

    Look at this list and tell me how many movie you see containing violence in one form or another.

    The )ews have a lot to answer for the current situation.

  33. PrepareToDieThisIsWhatIandGODWant on Fri, 15th Oct 2021 1:45 pm 

    Think of the constant hatred the is directly toward white people as one example. The conflict has to be repair. This is how this system work. The biggest hatred crime of all is putting human consciousness in a vr cage to stop them to connect with GOD.

  34. PrepareToDieThisIsWhatIandGODWant on Fri, 15th Oct 2021 2:01 pm 

    Eventually you will come to the conclusion that you have to exterminate all the )ews as part of the process to remove evil from GOD consciousness. Yes all of them even the good ones.

    Same for the specie of the controller of this VR reality. The know nothing but evil.

  35. PrepareToDieThisIsWhatIandGODWant on Fri, 15th Oct 2021 2:04 pm 

    The controller of this VR reality went as far as to create an 100 year VR reality history, including fake holocaust, fake world trade center collapse, fake religion, fake space and so on. They had an 100 year plan to install fear and evil in this realm. They know nothing else.

  36. ExterminationIsTheWayToGo on Fri, 15th Oct 2021 2:16 pm 

    The controller of the VR reality see everything. One day I was sitting alone in my house and was trying to mediate and connect with GOD. I was making funny gesture and sound. They saw this and using Jonathan Kleck channel they made fun of me. They made fun of me so many timer trough his channel. Pure evil. As soon as they see you trying to do something good and speak to GOD the mock you.

    They see everything you see trough your humans eyes, see all your emotions, see all your thought. Pure evil. The control us, human, in a way that few humans can imagine.

    You cannot work with such people. Rebuilding will only be possible once they are all exterminated.

    They don’t want you to communicate with GOD consciousness in any way.

  37. IDontWantToBePartOf_It on Fri, 15th Oct 2021 8:46 pm 

    I was watching porn especially mixed wrestling. Saw a pretty young women with big hands, long neck and big trapézoïdale muscle. She was actually cute.

    I am not interested into participating in your earth ascension if this is the case. I don’t care how pretty your news beings are. I am not interested to move from one holographic projection like earth to another holographic projection with différentes species. It is still just a holographic projection and I am still your prisoner, just like I am now.

    I want to die and become nothing where I can be internally at peace with myself and stop suffering from chronic pain.

    No I don’t want to your king, if this is what you have in mind.

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