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Page added on January 31, 2021

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South China Sea: War fears EXPLODE as Chinese jets simulate missile attack on US carrier

South China Sea: War fears EXPLODE as Chinese jets simulate missile attack on US carrier thumbnail

FEARS of open war between the United States and China surged after Chinese fighter jets carried out mock missile strikes on a US aircraft carrier.

Taiwan is ‘ready for any aggression’ says Tsai Ing-Wen


The incident took place amid reported incursions into the airspace of neighbouring Taiwan.

A source from US and allied intelligence told the FT the Chinese aircraft remained more than 250 nautical miles from the US carrier and accompanying warships.


Beijing regards Taiwan, formed by the losing anti-communist side of the 1927-49 Chinese civil war, as an integral part of its territory.



However the island is an American ally and has been strengthening its ties with the US over the past few years.






China claims sovereignty over the island of Taiwan (Image: GETTY)


Chinese combat jets made two recent incursions into Taiwanese territory on January 23 and 24.



Analysts suggest the moves, which took place just days after Joe Biden’s inauguration, were designed to test the new US president.



The first incursion consisted of 11 warplanes whilst 15 took part in the second.



An American carrier battle group, formed around USS Theodore Roosevelt, is also in the area.




The USS Theodore Roosevelt is on patrol near Taiwan (Image: GETTY)


“Taiwan independence means war” (Image: GETTY)


According to The Times during one incursion conversations between Chinese pilots were intercepted in which they simulated the firing of anti-ship missiles at the carrier.



Following the incursion the US state department commented: “We urge Beijing to cease its military, diplomatic and economic pressure against Taiwan.”



Anthony Blinken, the new US secretary of state, has accused Beijing of conducting a “genocide” against its Muslim Uygur minority in the west of China. Beijing denies this.



On Thursday Wu Qian, a spokesman for the Chinese defence ministry, warned a formal declaration of Taiwanese independence would lead to war.


China: Defence expert warns of ‘crisis’ along Taiwan Strait


He described recent Chinese actions as “a solemn response to external interference and provocations by ‘Taiwan independence’ forces.



“We warn those ‘Taiwan independence’ elements – those who play with fire will burn themselves, and Taiwan independence means war.”



Beijing is also locked in a dispute with a number of its neighbours over control of the South China Sea.





Taiwan is a close US ally (Image: GETTY)


Chinese forces have been building bases on islands, both natural and artificial, in the world’s busiest shipping lane.



In response the US and other western powers have been sending warships on “freedom of navigation” patrols through the area.



Beijing is also locked in a fierce border dispute with India as part of which 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a brutal clash last June


11 Comments on "South China Sea: War fears EXPLODE as Chinese jets simulate missile attack on US carrier"

  1. Biden’s hairplug on Sun, 31st Jan 2021 3:18 pm 

    Of all British gutter tabloids, the disgusting Express is the worst, fluid hatred:

    No confirmation yet from more credible sources.

    And more important, nothing at twitter.

    Having said that, Washington can expect an incident like this ANY MOMENT.

  2. Theedrich on Sun, 31st Jan 2021 8:55 pm 

    Joe “The Big Guy” Biden should kiss and make up with the Beijing Commies.

  3. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 1st Feb 2021 2:57 am 

    I wouldn’t call the post-Mao Chinese “communist”. A communist is somebody who wants to see the entire world united ruled from one command center. A global slave state.

    That applied to the USSR and that still applies to the US, that has invented a racial form of communism, that wants to erase national borders (“Open Society”), wants to mix races and sees the Third World as the new proletariat, that needs to be mobilized against the “white oppressor”. Whiteness needs to be physically eradicated. And like with communism of the Soviet variety, it is the Int. J. who is behind all this, with his media and academia and pamphlets.

    China has no motivation like that. China has much more in common with Nazi-Germany than with the (((USSR))) or (((USA))). It is capitalist, authoritarian and it is “racist” and takes no orders from Jews. There aren’t any in China.

    For a pan-European neo-Gaullist and mild-white nationalist like me, the existence of China is a big plus, because it can and will serve as a batter-ram to bring down ZOG and its twin capitals NYC and London.

    The grand strategy towards white survival lies in a Greater Europe (Paris-Berlin-Moscow) + a few scattered white hinterlands in a Balkanized North-America.

    For that to happen we need:

    – Brexit and EU-UK hostility (check)
    – completed Nord Stream 2 (almost there)
    – strong enough China (almost there)
    – CW2 in North-America

    If somebody has a better grand strategy for white survival, than speak up.

  4. Biden’s hairplug on Mon, 1st Feb 2021 2:18 pm 

    “The first POWs of the 2nd American Revolution”

  5. makati1 on Mon, 1st Feb 2021 3:54 pm 

    The “Reset” is to turn the whole world communist with only a few running the show. All others subjects/slaves. If this succeeds, your future generations will be Eloi. (The Time Machine) Food for the Morlocks/Elite. I suggest you read the book by H.G.Wells, if you haven’t.

    Maybe Soylent Green would be abetter comparison? ^_^

  6. Cloggie Buttplug. on Mon, 1st Feb 2021 7:19 pm 

    Communism bad!!! They keep beaming their mind control rays into my head from their satelities up in space, but I wear my freedom cap and it keeps me safe.

    I wouldnt call myself educated, or intelligent in the normal sense of the word. I just spew random nonsense kind of like the projectile diahera I have suffered from for the last 20 years or so, except instead of coating the walls of my bathroom with my liquid feces, I spray my virtual feces all over this website.

    Why do I do it?

    Because I can Schlemiels!

  7. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 2nd Feb 2021 12:50 am 

    “Because I can Schlemiels!”

    One can already observe that, despite the victory of the Biden-Dominion regime, our heeb friend apneaman/famousdr doesn’t really has the confidence to reclaim his territory in the open and prefers the anonymous sniper position. Because he is absolutely not sure that this is new situation is going to work out for him. And he would be correct.

    On both ends of Eurasia anti-Anglo forces are brewing and beginning to realize that the yapper can be had.

    Meanwhile in Britain, the anti-European self-congratulations with the incompetence of the British firm AstraZenica to deliver to the EU, are falling silent:

    “‘I’m scared this will mess everything up’: Some of the 350,000 residents in British postcodes hit by new ‘dangerous’ South African strain of Covid tell of their fears”

    With a little luck we can terminate the mass flying practice once and for all and clean the skies from smoke, noise and infected tourists.

  8. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 3rd Feb 2021 12:57 pm 

    “Nuclear war with China or Russia is ‘a real possibility’ because rivals are ‘aggressively challenging global peace in ways not seen since the height of the Cold War,’ US Navy admiral warns”

    China, like Russia, ‘harasses’ US and allied aircraft and forces operating in international airspace and waters like the South China Sea

    You can’t make this stuff up.

  9. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 5th Feb 2021 2:07 am 

    “White House says Joe Biden is ending U.S. support for Saudi Arabia’s controversial war in Yemen which was begun by Obama and ramped up by Trump – in first major foreign policy reversal of his presidency”

    Translation: they are going to concentrate on Iran, Russia and China.

    Yet another lost imperial war, but I repeat myself.

    I mean, if they can’t beat the Houthis in Yemen, why not try your luck on lesser adversaries?


  10. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 5th Feb 2021 4:14 am 

    Biden: “America is back!”

    Sounds like a threat… because it is. ZOG is back… for a last gasp, just like the communists were back for a brief period, shortly after Gorbachev. Remember that smoking White House in Moscow? They have on in the US too.

    “‘America is back!’ Biden talks ‘tough’ on Russia and China, vows to reclaim ‘moral leadership & defend democracy’”

    The days of the United States rolling over in the face of Russia’s aggressive actions – interfering with our elections, cyberattacks, poisoning its citizens – are over… We will not hesitate to raise the cost on Russia and defend our vital interests and our people.

    Aggressive Russian actions? You mean the advance of NATO deep into Eastern Europe and the Ukraine, with that neocon-sponsored Euro-Maidan regime change, that threatened NATO to take over the only warm-water port Russia has (Sevastopol)?

    “Our people?” You mean BLM and millions of undocumented Hispanics, your anti-white electoral herd.

    Again, they are singling out Putin-Russia, because they (correctly) see it as the weakest link in the Eurasian defense against US hegemony.

    Nevertheless, the cards of ZOG are MUCH worse than in 2016:

    – China is much stronger and is outpacing the rest, post-Covid and become a direct challenge to the US in East-Asia
    – Russia is stumbling (Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia), but not falling
    – Brexit is a white nationalist Godsend, that won’t go away and has great potential for a terrible split EU-UK (and by implication EU-US)
    – Thanks to Trump, white America knows that is has no political representation. The US is split in the middle, a situation that could easily lead to massive social unrest or even CW2, a major Eurasian asset
    – Nord Stream 2 is another desirable divisive fungus EU-US; add to that the vaccine Sputnik-V that is defeating UK-AstraZenica
    – Putin has another Trump card: if the EU would really become an (unlikely) adversary, Russia could simply halt all fossil fuel deliveries, leaving Europe in the dark. Let’s see how much the EU-population really cares about NATO-asset Navalny. ALL the stuff Putin is selling to the EU, he can sell to China (if he can transport it) and resort to barter.

    In the worst case (for Biden) this could end up in an armed conflict between EU + Russia + China + US white nationalist (Trump voters [*]) vs. US libtards + coloreds + Brexit English.

    Now who do you think would win THAT confrontation?

    [*] –

    P.S. her channel has been demonitized last week, expect her to be “cancelled” soon, like all the other opposition channels, which is good because the battle lines are clear.

  11. CloggieClown Reports on Fri, 5th Feb 2021 4:48 pm 

    Calm down, CloggieTurd aka Biden’s

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