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Page added on December 27, 2015

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Russia strikes ISIS oil tankers

Russia has released dramatic images of what officials claim to be a successful strikes targeting ISIS’s oil-smuggling tankers in northern Syria, without being more specific on their location.

“We’ve attacked many terrorist bases, hits were identified on targets and much damage was caused to the terrorist infrastructure,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement this week following the release of the footage.

Russian Armed Forces Lieutenant General Rudskoy speaks during a briefing in Moscow. (Reuters)

The images, taken as stills from the fresh footage, show Russian warplanes striking tankers allegedly transporting oil for sale on the black market.

Officials claimed to have destroyed “17 such truck columns in the past week alone – part of a Moscow-led onslaught against ISIS’s oil rackets that Russia says has wiped out nearly 2,000 oil tankers since Russia directly entered the war in Syria in September,” The Telegraph reported.

It is unclear whether the tankards were being operated by ISIS or by other rebel groups. (Reuters)

The footage, presented to the media by Lieutenant General Sergei Rudskoy, a senior figure in Russian Armed Forces command, showed the tankers being lit up with flames and plumes of thick black smoke followed.

It is unclear whether the tankards were being operated by ISIS or by other rebel groups, as Russian warplanes have previously targeted moderate rebel groups across northern Syria, while claiming to have only targeted ISIS positions.

The Kremlin said it had also hit “one of the main headquarters of the militants” in an airstrike on an undisclosed location.

Russia’s air force has made 5,240 sorties since it started the strikes in Syria on Sept. 30, including 189 sorties last Thursday alone, Russia’s defense ministry told reporters on Friday.


12 Comments on "Russia strikes ISIS oil tankers"

  1. Go Speed Racer on Sun, 27th Dec 2015 4:57 pm 

    The Russians have a practical spirit and roll up their sleeves and get things done. They conducted military operations and gave a speech about it. Meanwhile President Oblahblah cowers, does nothing, and wonders who might be offended if he says something.

    Appsrently Russia is a traditional patriarchal system, ruled by the guys, who are practical. But USA has deteriorated into matriarchal, ruled by emotional nag women like Hillary and Carly. To fix this, the men in the USA will have to start acting like men. Fat chance, they all scurry away in fear of their Carly Fiorina female boss, terrified of running afoul of affirmative action.

  2. Hello on Sun, 27th Dec 2015 5:17 pm 

    The action should not be some bombing runs of some tanker trucks. It should be the long term goal of having 0 worldwide muslim population.

    Yet, instead, Europe, Australia, Canada, USA are hell-bent on destroying themselves by means of forced muslimifaction with 3r world high performance breeders.

    But then again, I guess nations get what they deserve, and as such it’s best to laugh about it. Haha.

  3. Apneaman on Sun, 27th Dec 2015 5:43 pm 

    Go Speed Racer, the Roman empire, the British empire, the Spanish empire and pretty much every empire that ever existed were all patriarchal, did not have affirmative action or feminism, yet they all disappeared. Total corruption by the elites was one of the common elements. You can witness the same thing on a smaller scale with families. If the parents are assholes who don’t give a shit, more times than not the kids follow suit. The west was built on the rule of law. Even the ruling class mostly followed it, which wasn’t that hard since it was already written to their advantage. Corporations run the world now and they only exist for profit. These are society’s values now. Corporate values. If anyone wants to “man up” then they need to go after those in power, not side show sub groups. That’s who cowards attack and blame because they lack the courage of their ancestors who at least had the balls to go after their oppressors, The British, who were much more powerful than they were. They were men and did not blame there troubles on the indians or girls or some other weak assed easy scapegoat.

  4. green_achers on Sun, 27th Dec 2015 6:04 pm 

    Speed Racer, 6you a4re a perfect example of the utter cluelessness with which a large vocal but breathtakingly stupid segment of the population approaches this issue. If you paid the first bit of attention to that video, and had a lick of sense, it would be obvious to you that the problems involved in having an effective impact over a large populated area over which you have limited information, and over which the enemy has free reign, ar immense. It is pretty clear to me that the Russians, despite having the cooperation of the Syrians, and therefore probably better intelligence, is not being a whole lot more effective than the US air campaign has been.

  5. Apneaman on Sun, 27th Dec 2015 6:35 pm 

    If the Russians win we’ll be forced to listen to their music.

  6. JuanP on Sun, 27th Dec 2015 6:47 pm 

    Russia is right to fight the American empire in Syria. Russia picked this ground for many reasons, some political, some military, and some social. Russia is the only foreign country legally fighting in Syria. I think I agree with Russia’s choice. It is time to stop the USA and NATO, and Syria is the place to do it and the Russians are up to it.

    The American empire has been sowing terror and suffering world wide by sponsoring terrorism and illegal government changes all over the world. This must be stopped by any means necessary and all nations and institutions that sponsor terrorism must be defeated, destroyed, and dissolved ASAP.

    This is a waiting game. The Chinese and the Russians understand that the American economy and the global financial system are breaking down and they are buying time while waiting for them to collapse. Every day that passes and the USA is prevented from achieving total global hegemony is a good day for the people of the world.

    Most people in the world look forward to living in a post American world. We don’t want more terrorism. The weakening of England, France, Germany, Japan, and Israel would be very welcomed, too. These countries have caused, and are causing, too much pain and suffering all over the world and most people want them gone from their countries.

    Yankees go home!

  7. makati1 on Sun, 27th Dec 2015 7:08 pm 

    JuanP, I would buy you a beverage of your choice, if I could. You covered the ground very thoroughly in your comment. A few commenters above you have no clue and will likely argue that you are wrong, but they are an example of the wusses* that make up a majority of US males today.

    In 1944, 18 year old US males were storming the beaches of Normandy. Most of today’s US 18 year olds are afraid of a few words that are not politically correct.

    I think the Chinese, Russians and the rest of the world will not have much longer to wait for the US to collapse on it’s own. No wars required.

    *Wusse n. Slang
    A person regarded as weak, ineffectual, or overly fearful.

  8. Anonymous on Mon, 28th Dec 2015 12:07 am 

    It is unclear whether the tankards were being operated by ISIS or by other rebel groups, as Russian warplanes have previously targeted moderate rebel groups across northern Syria, while claiming to have only targeted ISIS positions.(Reuters)

    Ahhh, uS propaganda. Russia has made it clear they are attacking *terrorists*-period. They make no distinction between the US’s make-believe ‘good terrorists’ and the so-called ‘ISIS'(aka bad terrorists’. Russia has openly stated there is no such thing as ‘moderate rebel groups’ operating in Syria. The good-bad terrorist story is entirely a US media fiction and bears to relation to the reality on the ground. Regardless of what they call themselves,(or western media calls them), they all report to the same boss. And its not some faked up dood uS media creation named al-bageldadi.

  9. Apneaman on Mon, 28th Dec 2015 12:49 am 

    Anonymous, lol. Kill em all and let Obama sort them out.

  10. JuanP on Mon, 28th Dec 2015 8:08 am 

    2015 – The year Russia exposed Western barbarism

  11. JuanP on Mon, 28th Dec 2015 11:56 am 

    Meet Russia’s new point man in Ukraine, Boris Gryzlov,

  12. Go Speed Racer on Mon, 28th Dec 2015 11:44 pm 

    Hi Apneaman,
    wow, if we have to listen to Trololo forever? Or get head sawed off by terrorists? Pick one. I don’t know which is worse, have to go think about it.

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