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Page added on August 27, 2012

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Ron Paul Just Made The Last Speech Of His Political Career — Here’s What He Said

Speaking on the eve of the Republican National Convention, Ron Paulreassured hundreds of ecstatic supporters at a rally here Sunday that the revolution he began is far from over.

“Let me tell you, I was a little afraid to come down here,” Paul told the crowd at his Sun Dome rally. “I wasn’t afraid of Hurricane Isaac. But there have been a lot of news headlines that say the Revolution is over….They’re saying the Revolution isn’t happening — they wish!” 

It was likely to be one of the last speeches of Paul’s political career — the Texas Congressman’s presidential campaign will officially end when the Republican Party nominates Mitt Romney this week, and Paul is retiring from Congress at the end of this year. But he promised his legions of fans on Sunday that the movement will move forward, even in his absence.

“Ultimately, numbers do count. Numbers count even when they don’t count all the votes. And we have the numbers!” Paul added. “A bunch of other people are joining us, and they’re saying ‘The Ron Paul people are right!’

For the most part, the speech was a gussied version of Paul’s standard stump speech, hitting libertarian high notes, including ending the Federal Reserve, getting out of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and legalization of hemp, marijuana, and raw milk.

Still, Paul’s message was eagerly anticipated by his legions of followers, many of whom have become unsettled by the relative silence of the Paul campaign this summer.

Sunday’s rally, at the University of Southern Florida’s Sun Dome stadium, was an opportunity for Paul to rally his supporters and draw attention to his message before the GOP convention officially begins on Tuesday. Paul, who has declined to endorse Mitt Romney, will not speak at the convention.

But Paul didn’t seem to sad about being left out.

“I just got a call from the RNC,” he joked during his speech. “They said they changed their mind. They are going to give me a speech. I can have an hour to say whatever I want — tomorrow night. Just kidding!” 

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7 Comments on "Ron Paul Just Made The Last Speech Of His Political Career — Here’s What He Said"

  1. Arthur on Mon, 27th Aug 2012 11:00 pm 

    Ron Paul is the most fascinating figure in the US political landscape and has been for years, a rightwinger, nevertheless a fierce opponent against the neocon (read zionist) warmongers that have the GOP in a iron grip ever since the presidency of Ronald Reagan, who had opened the doors for them, enabling the zionists not just to dominate the left but the right as well (full spectrum dominance, so to speak). Ron Paul was obviously systematically ignored by the zionist controlled media and his career seems to be over. Although I could imagine a scenario that he could operate as an interim president, after a coup by the US military and/or veterans, after 9/11 truth comes out.

  2. Diana Hacker on Tue, 28th Aug 2012 12:59 am 

    revulution my fat asss

  3. Kenz300 on Tue, 28th Aug 2012 1:38 pm 

    The Republican party is too extreme.

    Their message of hate speech, racism, intolerance, bullying and incivility has gone too far.

  4. Rick on Tue, 28th Aug 2012 2:09 pm 

    Let’s not forget some facts about Ron, who’s a doctor btw. First, he doesn’t believe in evolution. Next, he’s anti-abortion. Sorry, he “might” have some good ideas, but overall, I don’t care for the man or his off spring.

  5. Arthur on Tue, 28th Aug 2012 3:42 pm 

    Diana, are you sure?

    The 9/11 story can burst any moment now as the internet is not going away. That will mean that the entire US political system, built around AIPAC, will come down like a house of cards. Who else than Ron Paul can fill the resulting vacuum?

    Only one of the 60 or so hastily confiscated Pentagon security videos needs to be posted on youtube, showing an explosion from within the Pentagon and no plane, and regime change in the US will be inevitable and than it will be the rest of the world which with chips and beer will enjoy the show unfolding in Washington, with Ron Paul standing on a tank, just like Jelzin in Moscow in 1991.

  6. SOS on Tue, 28th Aug 2012 7:15 pm 

    Kenz, you are a liar. What you say are republican messages are in fact your personal messages from your own personal reserve of hate. Your lies can mean nothing else.

    Our president started a huge war in Afaghanistan and has failed to bring peace to any part of the world, especially America. We dont have daily death counts from Obamas war, like we did a few year back in Iraq, but we do have the death counts coming from the chicago streets each morning.

    Ron Paul is to the right, that means he is in favor of less government. As you move left you move to bigger and bigger governement until you arrive at totalitarianism or fascism.

    I support Ron Paul and a working america. Dependency on big government is extreme left politics. Ron Paul stands strongly against that.

  7. Arthur on Tue, 28th Aug 2012 11:05 pm 

    For the first time I fully agree with SOS (on Ron Paul that is).

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