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Page added on January 28, 2018

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Rex Tillerson says ‘stability’ threatened by Russian pipeline

Rex Tillerson says ‘stability’ threatened by Russian pipeline thumbnail

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is lashing out against Russia’s plans to open a natural gas pipeline to supply energy to Germany, saying Saturday that it threatens stability in the region.

“Like Poland, the United States opposes the Nord Stream 2 pipeline,” Tillerson said while at a joint press conference in Warsaw with Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski.

“We see it as undermining Europe’s overall energy security and stability,” Tillerson continued. “Our opposition is driven by our mutual strategic interests.”

Russia is a top supplier of natural gas to Europe, which the Trump administration is seeking to change by encouraging the export of U.S. natural gas exports into the European market now that the U.S. is a top producer of the fuel.

Russia’s Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline that is still being constructed would supply Germany and other parts of Europe with the fuel, which is most commonly used for heating.

Poland, which has been a top U.S. supporter, recently penned a five-year contract to receive imports of natural gas from the U.S. However, Germany and the Czech Republic support the Russian pipeline as necessary to central Europe’s economy benefits of the pipeline, even as the U.S. and Poland oppose it.

The Trump administration said increased reliance on Russian gas makes the region more dependent on a country known for using energy as a weapon and turning off the spigot to pressure Europe to get its way.

Meanwhile, the U.S. put in place new sanctions on Friday against Russia.

The sanctions came as a French-owned liquefied natural gas tanker carrying some amount of Russian natural gas was preparing to dock in Boston harbor Saturday. The tanker has been reported as demonstrating the hurdles in attempting to ban Russia energy products in a global commodity market where products, like oil and natural gas, often mix.

Massachusetts and the Northeast U.S. is one of the most energy-constrained areas of the country, especially when it comes to natural gas. It is quite literally at the very end of the nation’s energy supply chain, and therefore subject to both market and physical constraints in getting supply there.

Even with the energy boom in the U.S. making natural gas both cheap and plentiful, the Northeast still suffers from price spikes and constraints when demand spikes, such as during the cold snap and bomb cyclone earlier this month.

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20 Comments on "Rex Tillerson says ‘stability’ threatened by Russian pipeline"

  1. Cloggie on Sun, 28th Jan 2018 7:37 am 

    The only one who threatens stability in the region is war monger Tillerson.

    But if the US needs gas they will gladly buy it from Russia:


  2. Roger on Sun, 28th Jan 2018 8:21 am 

    “Even with the energy boom in the U.S. making natural gas both cheap and plentiful, the Northeast still suffers from price spikes and constraints when demand spikes, such as during the cold snap and bomb cyclone earlier this month.”

    Hypocrites…if they refuse to allow pipelines to be built, let them freeze, or pay the price via the price spikes.

  3. Tony on Sun, 28th Jan 2018 8:43 am 

    His pussy tingles when he hears Russian Pipeline…

    Stability… He means US control is threatened lol.

  4. rockman on Sun, 28th Jan 2018 1:04 pm 

    “…increased reliance on Russian gas makes the region more dependent on a country known for using energy as a weapon…”. I’m pretty sure the Iranians might add the US to that list after the US led embargo on the sale of their oil.

    Roger – Even more laughable when you consider the recent surge in US NG production has come from the Marcellus Shale right door to Massachusits and NY.

  5. Boat on Sun, 28th Jan 2018 2:37 pm 

    If yall would just read a bit you would know there are several pipelines in the works. Nat gas infrastructure takes a long time to build out. Nat gas replacement will take even longer but rest assured when folks die off in larger numbers due to climate climate change the much cheaper renewables will take over much faster.

  6. dissident on Sun, 28th Jan 2018 4:49 pm 

    So Russia moving the pipeline from the mainland to the bottom of the Baltic Sea is “threatening stability”? Of what? Methane hydrates? Same Russian gas, shipped to the same customers in the same volumes.

    American politicians and their neo cold war are a joke. It is true that history occurs as a tragedy that repeats as a farce.

  7. Mad Kat on Sun, 28th Jan 2018 5:43 pm 

    To paraphrase an old quote: “He who has the oil makes the rules.”

    The US made the rules when it was an exporter of oil pre-70s. Since hen it has to import and depend on others to keep its economy going. Rather than trade as other, law abiding countries do, it takes at the point of a gun what it wants. Or tries to. That no longer works as the rest of the world is slowly blocking its aggressive actions.

    The empire is fast dying. It is at the point of choice. Become isolated and shrink to a lower level or start what could be the last war on the planet, nuclear. We shall see.

  8. Mad Kat on Sun, 28th Jan 2018 6:03 pm 

    “Truth is the enemy of the state, and the state is eliminating the truth.

    Peoples in the United States, Europe, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the various vassal states, such as Japan, all live day in, day out, an orchestrated lie that serves interests directly opposed to the interests of the peoples.

    Governments that do not rest on truth rest on tyranny.”

    ‘Unmasking Propornot- Exposing Deep State Crimes”

    Brainwashed Westerners…24/7/365(6)

  9. JuanP on Sun, 28th Jan 2018 8:02 pm 

    Mind your own business, Tillerson! This fucker is a complete loser, just like the government he represents. The biggest obstacle to global peace, stability, prosperity, and equality is the US government. Russia has one of the most decent, fair, and peaceful governments in the world. The US is envious of Russia’s resources and pissed off because they haven’t been able to destroy or control it.

  10. Mad Kat on Sun, 28th Jan 2018 8:09 pm 

    Juan, I totally agree. The sooner the US goes down the better for the peace of the world. And the ones who say the rest will go down harder are deluding themselves. So be i.

  11. Mad Kat on Sun, 28th Jan 2018 8:09 pm 

    …it. lol

  12. I AM THE MOB on Sun, 28th Jan 2018 9:36 pm 

    T Rex Drillerson wants that Iranian oil! Remember before peak oil 1 came we got 911 surprise! Now peak oil 2 is coming so expect the unexpected!

  13. Boat on Sun, 28th Jan 2018 11:03 pm 

    In about 4 years there is a good chance the US won’t even need Canadian oil. This year N America will be net energy independant. With a Trump white house Asia and the EU might be in a would of no policeman if the oil runs into conflict.

  14. Mad Kat on Sun, 28th Jan 2018 11:24 pm 

    Boat, keep dreaming…

  15. I AM THE MOB on Mon, 29th Jan 2018 2:09 am 

    The world’s largest oil trader Vitol says US oil production will peak in 2018

  16. Davy on Mon, 29th Jan 2018 6:49 am 

    More cracking of the façade of European unity

    “Meet Europe’s Latest Threat: She Is A Blue-Eyed Blonde Who Wants “Finland First”

    “Now a new threat has emerged out of Finland, one which is petite, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Laura Huhtasaari, a 38-year-old former teacher, is trying to bring anti-immigration, populist ideas back to mainstream Finnish politics and her campaign for the country’s presidency has seen her reputation soar ahead of the first round of voting on Sunday. In brief: she hates the European Union, cheered Brexit and supports Donald Trump — and believes Finland is more than ready for her brand of populism. And, according to Politico, of the eight contenders to be Finland’s next president, “none stand out quite like Huhtasaari.”

    “Like her Euroskeptic, nationalist peers, she too claims the EU has turned “Finland into its province” and has railed against the country’s political elite, who she argues do not represent the working class. Huhtasaari has also demanded more immigration controls and has campaigned in favour of a burka ban – a far cry from Finland’s traditionally subdued politics. She told Politico: “I’m here to remind people that the Finns Party is truly an alternative to the mainstream. “I want to change the direction of Finland and take back our independence.”

    “I look at Nigel Farage’s example. It took 17 years, but Brexit came,” Huhtasaari said. “I don’t plan to wait that long.” Finland’s presidential elections are set to be held today, 28 January, with a second round on 11 February if necessary.”

  17. joe on Mon, 29th Jan 2018 9:33 am 

    When peak conventional oil arrived with the spike in the price and the overreaction of the fed (unfortunately timed at the top of a housing bubble curve) led to the collapses which heralded the Great Recession, now of course we would never imagine life relying on the Saudis to provide nearly all the oil but that was the situtation then. The only creditable thing Bush 2 may ever have done was to publically admit that there was a problem with oil supply and that ‘foreign’ (meaning Saudi) oil was the cause. Since peak oil we have witnessed wild swings in oil prices from hundreds of dollars to almost twenty bucks. Any serious person had to admit that tight oil is the dregs of oil supply. It’s not cheap at any price because it requires investment and enormous labour to get and less a ‘resource’ as a mining raw material. The cost of tight oil cannot be theoretically free like the way easy oil was therefore there is a cost and a diminishing marginal return on the investment. Eventually, as we turn away from easy due to increasing scarcity and higher costs we must turn to tight oil and easy gas which Europe must pay a premium for, Europe’s resources were more or less exhausted years ago, so the Russians and Americans and the Iranians are all needed to help keep European lights on and people warm. Tillerson can gripe all he wants about stability, but remember who he was with, he HAD to say that. Poland might be the most right wing government in Europe right now (hmm smells a bit 1940 to me) so he has to support the lap dog when it wants to shit on the neighbours garden, he could be seen to disagree with Poland, that will have to wait until Ukraine is a full NATO member and the US tanks roll up to Russias border once again.

  18. Cloggie on Mon, 29th Jan 2018 9:51 am 

    More cracking of the façade of European unity

    She has merely 6%, unfortunately. Keep on dreaming Davy, it is your “country” that will fall apart, for demographic reasons, not the EU.

    According to the latest polls not even the notorious EU haters Britain actually would like to leave the EU:

    “New poll predicts British people would vote to scrap Brexit in a second referendum”

    I hope and think it will happen anyway, but that Britain will opt for the Norwegian model: being a paying member of the common market but nothing else. Brexit-lite. For the simple reason that Britain doesn’t have a plan B and they need to sell 45% of their exports to somebody.

  19. Davy on Mon, 29th Jan 2018 10:29 am 

    The EU is a dead man walking. The golden decade a farce of a delusional Eurotard flag waiver. Fantasy futures based on dubious physics combined with whole scale history revisions is not reality. What it is is extremist vomit from a Nazi/Gaullist goofball. Talk about a stew of inconsistencies and distortions the nedernazi takes the prize.

  20. joe on Tue, 30th Jan 2018 8:09 am 

    Cloggie thinks that Brexit will somehow save Europe. Even if Britain stays, its not going to change the EU, it won’t stop Poland from giving Merkel the fingers because they simply don’t want millions of muslims to move in on their turf, like the west of Europe. Brexit – No Brexit it does not matter, the EU is flawed system its nothing but a cheap currency for Germany to leverage its industrial output into global markets, the rest of Europe is becoming Germanys social welfare dumping ground while the plutocrats in Davos get richer and give Trump the fingers. Brexit means that Britain won’t be part of a shit system and may opt for a shit system where it’s in control. Either way the EU is shit and Brexit is shit, there are only BAD choices for the UK cause it’s fast running out of oil. The UK could adopt the euro tomorrow and burn the union jack but the EU will still be a second rate empire run by second rate people.

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