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Page added on June 1, 2020

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PsyWar Unleashed On Americans

PsyWar Unleashed On Americans thumbnail

Rogue elements of the United States government have launched a psychological warfare operation using an artificial intelligence system first deployed overseas against ISIS.

From COVID-19 to the current race war crisis, Americans are facing an unprecedented onslaught of psychological operations and manipulation.

The following are just a few examples:

Military AI propaganda system deployed by rogue elements in the homeland

Director of “Defeat Disinfo”Curtis Hougland says the Democrat run group will:

“…protect the American people by coordinating emotional, topical, visual, and personal narratives in response to the president’s disinformation through election day.”

As reported, the anti-Trump Democrat organization is being led by retired general Stanley McChrystal.

The group is using a DARPA funded AI system to counter Trump’s coronavirus “disinformation”. It will:

“…spot comments from Trump that are about to go viral. It will then identify the most popular counter-narratives, and invite a network of more than 3.4 million influencers “to share these highly visual and emotional narratives from real people in unison and at scale.”

As reported, the project “plans to expand to other subjects in the future” beyond COVID-19.

Mainstream news forced to retract fake coronavirus reports

After Project Veritas exposed a CBS News story that showed lines of people waiting for Coronavirus tests, the story was quietly edited.

Gunshot victims listed as COVID-19 deaths.

As the Freedom Foundation uncovered, DOH officials in Washington State are knowingly listing gunshot victims as dying from Coronavirus:

In remarks made during a telephonic press briefing, DOH officials even acknowledged knowingly including multiple deaths caused by gunshot wounds in the state’s COVID-19 fatality count.”

Previous race war attempt linked to Soros backed group

Documents leaked in 2018 revealed a plan by the Friends of Democracy group to use protests over the death of Freddie Gray as a way to trigger martial law across the country.

What can we do?

All of this is happening as an anti-human agenda is rolling over all of humanity. Coronavirus is teaching all of us that we are non essential. We can be unified against artificial intelligence and robot systems replacing “non essential” humans. We can be unified in supporting space exploration and a pro human future with freedom for all.

If we are not successful in defeating the current globalist operation, we will all suffer. The color of your skin will not matter. If you do not comply with the new order, you will be eliminated.

Alex Jones brings out the documents he exposed two years ago detailing an organized effort to create racial division and civil unrest in America funded by George Soros.


2 Comments on "PsyWar Unleashed On Americans"

  1. Theedrich on Thu, 4th Jun 2020 12:08 am 

    The Democrat dream: full bore Communism. Complete with Gulags and show trials.  Cities like Minneapolis, Seattle and Portland would have police forces composed only of Lesbians and male queers.  No normal Whites allowed.  Free stuff for everyone, especially illegal aliens wih dark skins.

    The media would publish nothing but the evil of being White, 24/7 (not much change from the present).  Mulattoes must be glorified, portrayed as “heroes,” and prisons must hold only Whites.  Any cis-gendered White who expresses the least microaggression against trans-normals must be given devastating fines and incarcerated in re-education camps.

    Also, the economy must be “greenified” (except for imports from China).  No more gasoline-burning vehicles for non-Party members.  Yid-Christianity must eliminate the anti-semitic tract called the “New” Testament to avoid offending Jews.  And $100 trillion must be given to Negroes (and to faux non-Whites, like Elizabeth Warren) as reparations for slavery, police brutality, and disrespect.

    In the sphere of education, the idiots savants called college and university professors (who are in any case mere cattle following the dictates of the Left) are to give high grades to all non-Whites except Asians;  they will stress the sins of Aryan Capitalism in every class.  In the primary schools, mathematics must be eliminated or greatly reduced, given that it is a White trick to humiliate Negroes.

    All history books must be re-written to show how African civilizations have always led the world in every area, and how Europe is a cultural backwater devoid of any intellectual advancement to speak of, its only bright spots being Marx, Lenin and Stalin.  All non-conformist Whites (the vast majority) are to be reduced to the status of serfs working on the plantations of Sörös & Co.  Except that the better-looking White women are to be used for the harems of Progessive leaders.

    Yes:  the perfect world.

  2. The Nationalist on Thu, 4th Jun 2020 6:23 am 

    History revisionism under the social marxists will also mean eminem will be removed from the history books. The niggers wouldnt be happy the best rap “singer'”was white.

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