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Page added on January 30, 2011

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Protests Spread To Saudi Arabia

While the biggest threat to the Middle East region is the possibility that the population of Saudi Arabia may try to imitate what has been happening in the area, thereby bringing total chaos to the established regional geopolitical and more importantly, energy, structure, the first protests in the Saudi Arabia city of Jeddah are already in the books. The clip below shows the peaceful demonstrations that have taken place recently, which as Fedupmontrealer explains are “taking place in front of the Municipality in protest of the severe lack of infrastructure, and corruption, that led the city to be inundated this week causing billions of dollars of damages for the second time in two years.” That this is even occurring in a state where the average wealth is orders of magnitude greater than in Egypt is remarkable. On the other hand, we expect more news such as those from yeserday that Kuwait is paying its citizens $3,500 plus free food for a year to keep calm. Oddly, visions of money dropping helicopters, infinitely extendable unemployment insurance and tax breaks keep dancing in our head. Those who wish to follows the latest developments out of Jedda which appears could be the lightning rod for Saudi riots can do so by tracking #JeddahProtests on Twitter.


One Comment on "Protests Spread To Saudi Arabia"

  1. Kenz300 on Mon, 31st Jan 2011 12:33 am 

    Every country that is currently importing oil needs to think about their energy policy.

    It is time to become more self sufficient in energy by transitioning to clean, safe alternative energy.

    Wind, solar, geothermal, wave energy and second generation biofuels all need to ramp up production and reduce our dependence on foreign oil sources.

    We need a more sustainable energy policy and a more sustainable economy.

    Bring on the electric, flex-fuel and hybrid vehicles. It is time to become more energy self sufficient.

    The time to transition is BEFORE a crisis. Individuals, business leaders and politicians need to support the transition to local alternative energy supplies.

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