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Page added on January 18, 2021

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Pair Of Iranian Oil Tankers Intercepted In Red Sea: Syrian PM

Public Policy

On Sunday Syria’s Prime Minister Hussein Arnous announced that in total seven Iranian oil tankers have been intercepted en route to the country while they were in the Red Sea to date. This includes two which he said were the latest to be detained.

This comes amid severe shortages hitting the sanctions-choked as the US continues its economic war. According to Reuters:

The shortages worsened after seven oil tankers on their way to Syria were intercepted in “terrorist attacks” with two of the vessels delayed for over a month in the Red Sea before loading, Arnous was quoted as saying in state media without elaborating.

No details were given as to the timeline of the tanker intercepts or who was exactly behind it, but the strong suggestion was that the ‘targeting’ was due to US sanctions enforcement.

“Prime Minister Hussein Arnous did not specify how Syria would secure extra supplies but said they had already imported 1.2 million tons of Iranian crude oil that cost along with petroleum products in the last six months around $820 million,” Reuters continued.

Prior to American forces and Syrian Kurdish proxy militias occupying Syria oil and gas fields in Deir Ezzor, Syria was largely energy independent – having just enough to cover its domestic needs. But over the last couple years miles-long lines have become the “norm” outside gas stations due to the extreme shortages.

“We have become dependent on imported oil and we have used up foreign currency in large amounts to pay for petroleum products,” PM Arnous said in a speech to Parliament addressing the crisis.

With the US presidential transition, nothing significant is expected to change in terms of Syria policy, considering especially there’s a number of Syria hawks being tapped for Biden foreign policy positions. However, the restoration of the Iranian nuclear deal as promised by Biden should eventually free up Iran to export its oil around the globe.


15 Comments on "Pair Of Iranian Oil Tankers Intercepted In Red Sea: Syrian PM"

  1. Duncan Idaho on Mon, 18th Jan 2021 12:28 pm 

    The end of an error:

  2. Duncan Idaho on Mon, 18th Jan 2021 5:02 pm 

    “Barr one said, “History is written by the winners.” He won’t be one of them. He will be remembered as one of American history’s greatest losers: a Trump collaborator.”

    Where did the Fat Boy find these despicable losers?

  3. makati1 on Mon, 18th Jan 2021 7:48 pm 

    This is why you should always “Do the Math” when you read an article or hear a number on TV.

    “… the deaths of more than 300,000 Americans from COVID-19 (which is 1.82% of the country’s population,…”

    1.82% of the US’ ~330 million people would be about SIX MILLION, not 300,000. Fear mongering is everywhere. Especially in the West.

    The fact that this is an anti-Trump article does not excuse the bad math. Perhaps the author is math challenged? She claims to be a Political “expert”. LOL

  4. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 19th Jan 2021 10:05 am 

    “If the Senate trial was a right-wing judicial confirmation, Trump would have been convicted already.”

    The Fat Boy is lucky to have the corrupt repugs still in control of the Senate.

  5. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 19th Jan 2021 10:22 am 

    “Trump America will go down in history as a greater failure than Trump steaks, Trump University, Trump casinos, or James Buchanan, often ranked the worst president in U.S. Time will tell, but it won’t take long.”

  6. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 19th Jan 2021 12:54 pm 

    ‘Major Win for the Planet’: Federal Court Strikes Down The Fat Boy’s Coal Power Plant Rule

  7. Duncan Idaho on Wed, 20th Jan 2021 10:15 am 

    The Turd Reich Falls!

  8. RepugnantBitchHarrisSmellLikeDogPoo on Wed, 20th Jan 2021 10:52 am 

    The earth is a mad house. 90% of people living on earth are mental midget with no intelligence. You cannot build anything with these people. Just sit back and watch the US empire die under the leadership of Joe Bidet and repugnant bitch Harris. We are living in something similar to the end of roman empire. People are just no idea what is about to happen. The extinction of the human. On top of that we have the demographic decline of the Whites of the race. No other modern civilization will never be build because there is not enough Whites people to make it happen.

  9. Duncan Idaho on Wed, 20th Jan 2021 4:46 pm 

    Farewell to the Fat Boy’s Baby Sociopaths, His Crooked Children

  10. RepugnantHarrisBitchIsUnfuckable on Wed, 20th Jan 2021 5:46 pm 

    US is finished has an empire. Just sit back an watch it collapse. The whole US government e is populate of emotional low IQ people. Thew US is done and a big joke internationally. Trump will have never approved such a emotional BS pub because he was a real man with testosterone. Expect drivel, shallow emotional BS without any real logical thought behind it. The whole world is laughing at you USA.

  11. Duncan Idaho on Wed, 20th Jan 2021 6:39 pm 

    ‘We all got played’


    Clueless idiots

  12. I vow to thee my hairplugs on Thu, 21st Jan 2021 8:15 am 

    Yeah right, and the free world feels safe and green now. Now they are politically ‘competent’ with ol’ hairplugs and the human mattress!

  13. Dubya Dubya Bush of the mass destruction on Thu, 21st Jan 2021 8:17 am 

    Hairplugs and the human mattress steering the good ship America!
    I don’t think there are enough lifeboats!

  14. Bernie Sanders on Thu, 21st Jan 2021 8:21 am 

    Hairplugs has already forgotten where he is !

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