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Page added on July 26, 2015

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Orlov: It’s really very simple

Orlov: It’s really very simple thumbnail

There are times when a loud cry of “The emperor has no clothes!” can be most copacetic. And so, let me point out something quite simple, yet very important.

The old world order, to which we became accustomed over the course of the 1990s and the 2000s, its crises and its problems detailed in numerous authoritative publications on both sides of the Atlantic—it is no more. It is not out sick and it is not on vacation. It is deceased. It has passed on, gone to meet its maker, bought the farm, kicked the bucket and joined the crowd invisible. It is an ex-world order.

If we rewind back to the early 1980s, we can easily remember how the USSR was still running half of Europe and exerting major influence on a sizable chunk of the world. World socialist revolution was still sputtering along, with pro-Soviet regimes coming in to power here and there in different parts of the globe, the chorus of their leaders’ official pronouncements sounding more or less in unison. The leaders made their pilgrimages to Moscow as if it were Mecca, and they sent their promising young people there to learn how to do things the Soviet way. Soviet technology continued to make impressive advances: in the mid-1980s the Soviets launched into orbit a miracle of technology—the space station Mir, while Vega space probes were being dispatched to study Venus.

But alongside all of this business-as-usual the rules and principles according which the “red” half of the globe operated were already in an advanced state of decay, and a completely different system was starting to emerge both at the center and along the periphery. Seven years later the USSR collapsed and the world order was transformed, but many people simply couldn’t believe in the reality of this change. In the early 1990s many political scientists were self-assuredly claiming that what is happening is the realization of a clever Kremlin plan to modernize the Soviet system and that, after a quick rebranding, it will again start taking over the world. People like to talk about what they think they can understand, never mind whether it still exists.

And what do we see today? The realm that self-identifies itself as “The West” is still claiming to be leading economically, technologically, and to be dominant militarily, but it has suffered a moral defeat, and, strictly as a consequence of this moral defeat, a profound ideological defeat as well.

It’s simple.

How can they talk of the inviolability of private property while confiscating the savings of depositors in Cypriot banks?

How can they talk of safeguarding the territorial integrity of countries while destroying, in turn, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine?

How can they talk of free enterprise and then sign contracts to build ships but then refuse to deliver them because of pressure from Washington, as happened with Mistral ships which Russia ordered from France?

How can they talk of democracy and then use naked threats against the premier of Greece—the birthplace of European democracy—forcing him to ignore the unprofitable results of the Greek national referendum?

How can they talk about fighting racism while in the US they are constantly shooting mass quantities of unarmed Negros, all the while forbidding people to call them Negros.

How can they accuse Serbs of genocide while refusing to acknowledge what they did to supposedly “independent” Kosovo, which has been turned into a European criminal enclave specializing in the production and distribution of narcotics?

How can they talk about justice while the US maintains the largest prison population in the history of the world and has executed many people subsequently discovered to have been innocent?

How can they accuse others of corruption after the colossal financial embarrassment of 2008, in the run-up to which obvious financial bubbles that were ready to bust were assigned the highest ratings?

What has happened is the worst thing that could have possibly happened: in full view of the entire world, “Western values” have been demonstrated to be null and void.

Are there any “Western values” left intact? Just one: the rights of sexual minorities. But it is not possible to maintain Western civilization on the strength of gay marriage alone.

Is it any wonder then that the rest of the world is trying to put as much distance between itself and the morally bankrupt “West” as it possibly can, as quickly as it can? China is working on developing its own model, Russia is striving for self-sufficiency and independence from Western imports and finance, and even Latin America, once considered the backyard of the US, is increasingly going its own separate way.

The ranks of the fools who are still buying the West’s story are shrinking, while the ranks of the rebels are growing. There is the truth-teller Edward Snowden, who was forced to flee to Moscow to avoid persecution back home. There are European parliamentarians who recently broke ranks and visited Crimea. There are French and German military men who are volunteering to defend Eastern Ukraine against Western attack. There are the many European businessmen who came to the Economics Forum in St. Petersburg to sign trade deals with Russia, never mind what their politicians think of that.

On the other side, the rapidly emerging new world order was recently on display in Ufa, capital of the majority-Moslem Republic of Bashkortostan in Southern Urals, Russian Federation. Leaders of more than half the world’s population came there to sign deals, integrate their economies, and coordinate security arrangements. India and Pakistan set their differences aside and walked in through the door at the same time; Iran is next. “The West” was not represented there.

Now that all Western values (other than the rights of sexual minorities) have been shown to be cynical exercises in hypocrisy, there is no path back. You see, it is a matter of reputation, and a reputation is something that one can lose exactly once. There is no path back. There is a path forward, but it is very frightening. There is the loss of control: Western institutions can no longer control the situation throughout much of the world, including, in due course, on their own territory. There is the abandonment of the Western narrative: Western pontificators, pundits and “thought leaders” will find that their talking points have been snatched away and will be reduced to either babbling apologetically or lapsing into embarrassed silence. Finally, there is the loss of identity: it is not possible, for the non-delusional, to identify with something (“The West”) that no longer exists.

But the most frightening thing of all is this: behind a morally bankrupt civilization there are morally bankrupt people—lots and lots of them. Their own children, who will be forced to make their way in the world—whatever it turns out to be—will be as disrespectful of them as they were of their own vaunted civilizational values.

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44 Comments on "Orlov: It’s really very simple"

  1. Makati1 on Sun, 26th Jul 2015 7:27 pm 

    I suspect this bit of truth thrown in the face of the dumbed down, brainwashed Americans, will draw nuclear fire from the deniers. Being forced to look into the mirror of reality is not pleasant for many in the Land of Denial. Too bad.

    Orlov covers the field very well in a few words and tells it like it is, as seen by the 95.4% of the world that lives outside the Empire of Choas.

  2. idontknowmyself on Sun, 26th Jul 2015 8:20 pm 

    Russian is a shit hole with a weak military. Orlov is also becoming irrelevant as he write for money. This constant USA bashing making him sound like an old man with dementia.

    Russian is a shit hole with a military falling apart like the rest of the world and depleted oil and natural gas resource.

    Why do you think they cancelled the pipeline between China and Russian, because the gas is not thereé.

  3. idontknowmyself on Sun, 26th Jul 2015 8:26 pm 

    Russian Inflation Is Getting Worse

    Maybe Orlov could address the Russian inflation and their central
    bank policies to get it under control.

  4. Davy on Sun, 26th Jul 2015 8:46 pm 

    Idont, the Makster is as bad as Orlov with an distorted agenda. It is all fine to bash the U.S. Like Ape Man says “it goes with the territory”. What I like about the Ape Man is he is balanced and fair with his doom. He is not an idiot like the Makster. Ape Man will bash whoever deserves it. Ape man is pro earth.

    Master on the otherhand bashes the U.S. because he made a mistake leaving the U.S. So he is try to hide his remorse. Makster left because of a deep resentment for 70 years of failure in the US. His sole miserable mission in life is bashing America. He does this despite the fact that Asia is also in decline if not slow collapse. He acts like Asia will dominate the world in new Asian world order. He is just in a fantasy world of his own deception.

  5. BobInget on Sun, 26th Jul 2015 9:31 pm 

    There’s no joy in Mudville tonight.

    Turkey is calling for aNATO meeting to fight ISIS.

    As everyone knows ya can’t have decent World War without Germany;

    Germany will support Ankara in its fight against extremists, Chancellor Angela Merkel told Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu in a phone call on Sunday, but she also urged the Nato partner to keep measures appropriate.

    Davutoglu informed Merkel by phone about the actions of the Turkish government in the “fight against terrorism” following the attacks in Suruç and other attacks against Turkish security forces, a German government spokesman said.

    Merkel assured Davutoğlu of Germany’s solidarity and support, the spokesman said, but he also added: “In this context she recalled the principle of proportionality in the implementation of necessary measures..
    much more:

    I’m unsure how the press is overlooking this disaster in the making, but it certainly is.

    I guess if we can deny climate changes, even spread ‘ice age’ rumors to counter obvious facts,
    we can certainly overlook 41 nations allied to fight a single militaristic, fanatical, band of bandit murderers..

    By ANY definition this is a world war currently being fought on two continents and a dozen nations. This week-end, add Turkey, Somalia, Germany, Mali , Chad, Cameroon.

  6. Apneaman on Sun, 26th Jul 2015 10:57 pm 

    I don’t blame the BRIC’s and friends for wanting to decouple – the West is corrupt and a bad deal for them. As for being morally bankrupt, yup, a majority of our citizens are cheering our leaders on or don’t know or just don’t give a shit, but they are not bankrupt as there was never anything there to begin with for the last couple of generations. I don’t exactly see the BRIC’s as morally upright, since they only want to do exactly what we have been doing with their new found economic freedom – ensure that the suicidal industrial project continues and their kids and grand kids get to pick up the tab. I’m sure today’s Russian and Chinese toddlers will feel a whole lot better in 20 years time when killing, raping and cannibalism are a normal part of life, knowing at least they got there under daddy’s management instead of the West’s. Sure. All hail the morally superior BRIC’s masters! If anyone is looking for a people practicing a lifestyle with some semblance of morality, sanity and responsible governance….try Cuba.

    What Cuba Can Teach Us About Food and Climate Change

    After the Cold War, Cuba faced many of the agricultural challenges that the rest of the world is now anticipating.

  7. Davy on Sun, 26th Jul 2015 11:55 pm 

    Well said on the bric shithouse Ape Man. I am in agreement on Cuba too.

    Cuba is a model for a descending world. Let us hope the filth in Miami does not drift south and ruin a still marginally sustainable culture with a non-sustainable non-resilient culture “OURS”. I am not sure where this “opening up” is going for Cuba. Personally I don’t think there will be enough time for capitalism to damage Cuba. I feel we are near a serious contraction and tourism will be the first “unnecessary” to go.

  8. Makati1 on Sun, 26th Jul 2015 11:59 pm 

    Apneaman, Cuba just surrendered to the West and will be destroyed in the next few years, wait and see. They had it all but decided to sell out.

    As for the BRICS et all, I hope they are successful in taking down the dollar before the West starts a shooting WW3.

  9. Apneaman on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 12:23 am 

    Decoupling from the American dominated financial system does not mean anyone wants to stop trading. No, that would be economic suicide for everyone. It’s all about the size of one’s slice and control. Remember when there was no Sunday shopping except for the corner store and 7/11? One day of that and the whole fucking thing would implode. Interdependent Interconnected Till Death Do Us Part.

  10. SugarSeam on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 12:50 am 

    so, Davy… You kinda agree that the BRICS should decouple, and that the West is corrupt, and Cuba is a model for marginal sustainability … Just that Makati takes it too far by singling out the U.S. instead of “The West” when citing blame?

    What “filth” is it that might drift south from Miami?

  11. Boat on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 1:12 am 

    Cuba the paradise. You have to carry toilet paper every where, the toilets don’t have lids and buckets of water to rinse your hands. My expectations for living are a little higher. I expect clean fingernails.

  12. Apneaman on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 1:42 am 

    So you have been there boat?

  13. Apneaman on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 1:44 am 

    Hey Boat, America has plenty of things no other country has.

    America Goes Nuts

    Hate to say I told ya so, especially when it’s this grim, but as the “American Dream” is morphing into the American Nightmare, the country is entering a profound state of sheer and utter psychosis. I’ve often said that mass shootings will eventually be so common in America that they will merit no more attention than the average traffic accident or burglary. It seems that day might have already arrived: There have been 204 mass shootings — and 204 days — in 2015 so far (Washington Post)

  14. Boat on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 1:53 am 

    Apneaman on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 1:42 am

    So you have been there boat?

    Google it

  15. Apneaman on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 2:02 am 

    Boat what does it say about you to be so well adjusted to such a sick society? I’m not signalling you Americans out Boaty, here in Canada we have our own particular national brand of sickness. Like yours and all western countries it’s terminal – cancerous. One thing we all share though is an ever increasing effort to cover it up with an mood-mind altering substances or activities. Look up the stats for any western country on, anti depressants/anxiety/psychotic medication, street drug addictions, alcoholism, porn, food/obesity, electronic intoxication, all going up every year, yet failing to work for many as is evident by the increase in suicides. Yabut at least we have asswipe eh? What more does a nation of assholes need?

  16. Boat on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 2:03 am 


    America has problems for sure. I blame immigration on most of them. Unemployment through immigration is another. But yes we love out guns. Time for another story. A couple of years ago I went skeet shooting. Had not held a shotgun for over 20 years. Picked off 35 out of 40 blue rock. Still got it from hunting quail pheasant and duck in may early years. Still got guns, love that heritage.

  17. Apneaman on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 2:07 am 

    I blame immigration too. Starting from 1492.

  18. Boat on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 2:10 am 

    Just relax, Almost every day I come here I am reminded how this will all end very soon with a big crash. I got BC on the 6 month calendar. Well 5 months 3 weeks. As far as all those drugs and drinking goes,been there done that back in the 70’s and 80’s. I will play classic rock to the end. When you get depressed play Frankenstein by Edgar Winter.

  19. Apneaman on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 2:34 am 

    Boat it’s possible that the system could end by a series of ever more frequent economic and environmental hits too, but the writings on the wall nonetheless. It’s too complex to know exactly how much resiliency is left.

  20. yoananda on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 2:47 am 

    Orlov is a great mind. Once again, he manage to summurize in a few words what is going on.

    Yes West is in moral bankruptcy; We are no longer leader of the free world. We are collapsing.

  21. q on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 3:46 am 

    BobInget “Turkey is calling for a NATO meeting to fight ISIS.” It is in fact about fighting Kurds.

  22. Apneaman on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 4:14 am 

    I agree, Orlov does have a great mind, and yet, he has proven to be just as susceptible to tribalism as any one tooth, inbred, Billy Bob six pack. Obviously high IQ and education are no defense against inherent ape biases. Orlov spent years doing some of the most perceptive writing and speaking about the coming global collapse, but 5 minutes after the Americans pulled off a successful regime change in Ukraine (Fuck the EU) he switches from global collapse to collapse coming for US and her allies only and a golden age of prosperity for Mother Russia. Since his heart obviously belongs to Mother Russia, I can understand his anger and disgust towards the US led western propaganda machine wrongly attempting to portray Modern Russia as the big bad USSR, but that don’t change the fundamentals of globalization, peak oil, global warming, 6th mass extinction and every other problem every country and person faces. It’s like he decided to exempt them.

  23. Davy on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 7:13 am 

    Sugar said “Davy… You kinda agree that the BRICS should decouple”
    Sugar I didn’t say that but I do see a partial decouple where self-interest are present in especially bilateral trade and group trade. The developed “West” has their club. Brics have unique idiosyncrasies they should support and exploit.

    What I do not agree with is idiots like Makster crowing that the brics will steamroll the west by a complete decouple. Most of us who have a brain know the global interconnected system is irreversible. It cannot be micro managed because it is a self-organizing with billions of decisions a second. The best the brics can do is take the system in a new direction around the edges.

    I think this is healthy for the whole system. It offers some diversity and resilience to a non-sustainable and non-resilient system in disequilibrium from macro limits and marginal returns to problem solving. I am not interested in Mak’s petty competition on the subject. I am interested in the systematic implications to the global networks of finace and trade.

    Sugar said “West is corrupt” (per Davy) “YES” that is obvious and a non brainer. Just look at any important global network and it has been corrupted by money, power, and influence. We have a complex sophisticated system being running by hairless apes who think they are exceptional but in reality are governed by social evolution that has not really evolved at the deepest levels. We are still tribal at heart with complex and energy intensity. This is why we are so dangerous. Sure we have some serious enlightenment but that is nothing to compare with are raw primitive tribal instincts that are the biggest motivator and influence.

    Sugar said “What “filth” is it that might drift south from Miami?” Sugar have you been to Miami? Do you understand that Miami is like the brothel of the old west with much of the world’s decadent rich setting up shop there. Serious organized crime is organized there. Just look at south Florida from the air and you see a once beautiful ecosystem that has been transformed into a overgrown cancerous sewer of civilization. Every inch of habitable land between the ocean and the everglades is strip malls and suburban sprawl. It is horrible. This is typical the world over. Cuba has not been corrupted by this entropic wealth blowout. It is as simple as that.

  24. Davy on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 7:20 am 

    Ape Man said “I agree, Orlov does have a great mind, and yet, he has proven to be just as susceptible to tribalism as any one tooth, inbred, Billy Bob six pack.”

    Well said Ape. Orlov has degenerated into a Makster style agendist. He crossed the line for reasons Ape Man described above. It is a pity because he could have so much positive influence on the doomer and prepper movement instead he panders to the rabid anti-Americans. Again I am not against anti-Americanism but not in the agendist form.

    I am more interested in calling out the worst of what is American. In reality for the most part these “American worsts” have become global. I see many of the worst of the global world’s behaviors migrating to America for various reasons and setting up shop and becoming magnified by wealth and power not America inventing all the “worsts”. Human nature is human nature the world over.

  25. Beery on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 7:56 am 

    Why do people use multisyllabic words like “copacetic” when a more common word like “fine” will work just as well, and I won’t have to go find a fricken dictionary?

  26. ghung on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 9:01 am 

    At some point Dmitry’s writings became more angry and blameful; not very constructive, that. Maybe his whole living on a boat thing isn’t working out (perhaps figured out that the pirates will still have speed boats and 50mm machine guns instead of sails and vodka), or that his whole bourgeois survivalism thingy reached critical mass; undermined by QE, ZIRP and the western sense of entitlement. Few wanted to renegotiate their lifestyles as so many writers of his ilk seemed to expect.

    Many of us were perturbed that the western financial behemoth didn’t go ahead and have its ‘softer’ meltdown and reset, but know the PTB have just packed the crumbling foundations with more dyn-o-mite. When they eventually lose control of the fuse, the current system will go out with an even bigger bang. No sense in getting angry about it. Blame is wasted energy that’s better spent making other arrangements.

    Back to the garden, at least for me.

  27. idontknowmyself on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 9:12 am 

    Few wanted to renegotiate their lifestyles as so many writers of his ilk seemed to expect.

    I have to add something to this. Personally I prefer death instead of moving into a new living arrangement that is made of more pain, deception, poverty. So I am happy with keeping business as usual even if I know this cannot last forever because of energy constraint.

    I suspect a lot of people will prefer death instead of a lower standard of living and I cannot blame them for that.

    Not everyone thinks that death is the worst thing in the world

  28. ghung on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 9:46 am 

    idontknowmyself – Until you’ve lived on the edge; not sure where you’re going to sleep tonight, or where your next meal is coming from, you, indeed, don’t know yourself. You have little context to by which judge your current lifestyle. Been there, done that, and look back to some of the happiest, most self-revealing times of my life; my “Walkabout Years”. Freedom is a concept few in our society fully appreciate, or even understand at all. We’ve become a society of cowards in their comfort zones. Non-negotiable.

  29. James Tipper on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 12:10 pm 

    I would even argue that gay marriage is one of the great lessons in futility. It is one of many political embarrassments of the last 50-60 years. There, I said it. There’s no reasons for gays to get married, ever. To even believe gays want to get married is to believe in progressive dogma that gays are “just like us”. Yea physically they’re human, they got me there, but that doesn’t mean we give them the right to marry.

    It is simply another show of the decline. Homosexuality is another bellweather of a declining empire, when moral loosen, homosexuality gradually gets accepted. It happened in many empires (think Rome and Greece further down) and now it’s happening to the United States. Is gay marriage a cause to celebrate? Only if you’re a total moron that ignores historical reality and doesn’t ask any questions.

  30. Apneaman on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 12:29 pm 

    James, me thinks you doth protest too much.

    Study: Homophobes May Be Hidden Homosexuals

    ” Homophobes should consider a little self-reflection, suggests a new study finding those individuals who are most hostile toward gays and hold strong anti-gay views may themselves have same-sex desires, albeit undercover ones.

    The prejudice of homophobia may also stem from authoritarian parents, particularly those with homophobic views as well, the researchers added.

    “This study shows that if you are feeling that kind of visceral reaction to an out-group, ask yourself, ‘Why?'” co-author Richard Ryan, a professor of psychology at the University of Rochester, said in a statement. “Those intense emotions should serve as a call to self-reflection.”

  31. Davy on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 12:39 pm 

    Ape man exactly! The homo haters are usually the ones that are torn apart with homosexual desires and hatred of those desires. We got bigger fish to fry in this world then sexual orientations and deviations. Move on.

  32. BC on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 1:33 pm 

    James, the institution of marriage in the English-speaking world peaked in the 1920s-60s.

    50% of US marriages end in divorce by year 20 of marriage. 66-75% of second, third, and subsequent marriages end in divorce. Therefore, ~70% of ALL MARRIAGES end in divorce.

    Then consider the situation in the 50% of marriages that last for 20 years or longer, with no doubt at least a significant minority being unhappy unions.

    The number one cause of divorce is . . . marriage. 🙂

    So, why should homosexuals, transexuals, and transgender Americans not have the same right to marital misery as everyone else? 😀

  33. ghung on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 1:35 pm 

    ames Tipper: “There’s no reasons for gays to get married, ever.”

    Actually, there are, especially legal reasons. Next-of-kin laws, surviving spouse laws, inheritance, end-of-life decisions, taxation, insurance…. I could go on.

    Just wondering why you consider it any skin off your back. Maybe you should mind your own business.

  34. BC on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 1:39 pm 

    idontknowmyself (IDKM): “Personally I prefer death instead of moving into a new living arrangement that is made of more pain, deception, poverty.”

    I’ll second that, brother.

    Live free AND die. Better to go out at or near the top (or at least not descending inexorably into the blood, steaming guts, cracked crania, and chaos of the zombie apocalypse’s cannibalistic feeding frenzy).

  35. Davy on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 1:48 pm 

    BC, what about the innocents. Kids don’t know what is going on. They don’t have the choice we do. I say we practice relative sacrifice. I say we learn to do less with less. This of course will not happen until a crisis but we should be talking about it just as we should be talking about excess deaths over births coming.

  36. Apneaman on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 2:22 pm 

    ” Homosexuality is another bellweather of a declining empire, when moral loosen, homosexuality gradually gets accepted. It happened in many empires (think Rome and Greece further down) and now it’s happening to the United States.”

    So you are arguing that they would still be around if not for a bit of fudge packing? Although it was an accepted part of their culture the whole time, somehow at the last minute it caused a complex society to unravel overnight? Sure James. If we correctly measure the length of Roman empire to the fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans, then it is a 1400 year empire. The US has only been an empire since the end of WWII – 70 years – Not even worth comparing. Then we also need to explain how western civilizations most revered warriors, The Spartans, could manage to be such world class ass kickers and ass fuckers at the same time. Yes king Leonidas and the 300 still esteemed today as making the ultimate sacrifice for their country and by extension our future civilization (still naming your sports teams after them too). The battle of Thermopylae credited with saving western civilization and is still studied today in every military college in the world and the Spartans are held up as model warriors and citizens of the highest order. Not bad for a bunch of cock suckers eh? James, how does it feel to know that all you hold dear was only made possible by a bunch of knob gobbling poo miners?

  37. Apneaman on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 2:34 pm 

    American Exceptionalism: Not the Rule Any More

  38. ghung on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 4:51 pm 

    Ap, thanks for that rant! Been working in the rain and needed a bit of comic relief.

  39. Apneaman on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 5:17 pm 

    ghung, I live to mock and rant;) Lucky for me there is no shortage of material/people to work with. We had that rain for couple of days too – that was a nice reprieve from weeks of forest fire haze.

  40. Apneaman on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 5:36 pm 

    Here’s some propaganda from RT, but it’s the quote I picked that tells the tale of global interdependency and it is but one example of many.

    Collapse that never happened: China bounces back, discrediting Western analysts

    “According to the Financial Times, 55 percent of the US public is directly invested in the stock market. The majority of these people have no choice in the matter. They are seniors whose pensions were invested by their employers, or they are employees whose salaries are tied to “stock options” or other mechanisms linking them to the New York Stock Exchange.”

  41. Makati1 on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 9:44 pm 

    BC, there are perhaps billions that will not miss BAU as they never experienced it in a positive way. My farm neighbors here in the Ps have neither running water in their house, nor electric or tele. They have a path to the hard road. We are negotiating a 1,000 foot long right-of-way to connect our farm with the hard road, which will make things easier for all of our neighbors who will connect to it and help maintain it. We will also run an electric line in and allow them to tap it for their minor use, for as long as commercial electric lasts.

    The nearest town has zero fast food joints, zero chain food markets, zero theaters, zero malls, a small branch college and a small medical clinic for emergencies. It is about five miles, by highway, from our farm and a half mile from the Pacific. A beautiful area to live in.

    It does have, a fishing fleet, local farms, a ‘wet’ market where fresh foods are sold daily and all of the craftsmen needed to survive. Sure it has electric and a small area of city water and sewer, but not much else. maybe a few traffic lights for the jeepneys and a few vehicles like trucks and maybe an ambulance, although I have never seen it.

    The people are happy, the kids are educated and healthy, and many have never been to a real city. I doubt they will barely notice the crash that is coming to the ‘developed’ world.

  42. Makati1 on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 9:47 pm 

    “I doubt they will barely notice the crash that is coming to the ‘developed’ world.” Should have read: “I suspect that they will barely notice the crash that is coming to the ‘developed’ world.”

  43. Davy on Mon, 27th Jul 2015 10:10 pm 

    Mak said “BC, there are perhaps billions that will not miss BAU as they never experienced it in a positive way.”

    Mak, you are so naïve. There is not a person on this earth that is not going to miss BAU when they are hungry. You are located in the heart of overshoot Mak. Your idyllic and pastoral picture of the P’s is only partially true because BAU is supporting those other 100MIL P’s people. When BAU contracts so will the food supply “WOOPs” now your pretty post card setting is not so idyllic is it.

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