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Page added on May 25, 2015

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Only Iran is confronting Islamic State

Only Iran is confronting Islamic State thumbnail

The general in charge of Iran’s paramilitary activities in the Middle East said the United States and other powers were failing to confront Islamic State, and only Iran was committed to the task, a news agency on Monday reported.

Major General Qassem Soleimani, commander of the elite Quds Force responsible for protecting the Islamic Republic’s interests abroad, has become a familiar face on the battlefields of Iraq, where he often outranks local commanders.

“Today, in the fight against this dangerous phenomenon, nobody is present except Iran,” the Tasnim news agency quoted Soleimani as saying on Sunday in reference to Islamic State.

Iran should help countries suffering at the hands of Islamic State, said Soleimani, whose force is part of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), Mehr news agency reported.

The Sunni militant group has taken key cities in Iraq and Syria in the past week, routing regular forces in both countries with apparent ease.

“Obama has not done a damn thing so far to confront Daesh: doesn’t that show that there is no will in America to confront it?” Mehr quoted Soleimani as saying, using a derogatory Arabic term for Islamic State.

“How is it that America claims to be protecting the Iraqi government, when a few kilometres away in Ramadi killings and war crimes are taking place and they are doing nothing?”

The Obama administration has led air strikes against the group and provided assistance to the Iraqi army. Some U.S. Republicans have called for ground troops to be deployed.

Islamic State, which emerged last year in the anarchic Sunni heartlands straddling Syria and Iraq, routinely executes prisoners, enslaves captives and destroys historic sites.

Iranian officials frequently cite such actions as a justification for their support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, whose forces have also carried out mass killings since the beginning of an initially peaceful popular uprising in 2011.

“We should immunise our borders against this great evil and we should help those countries that are suffering under Daesh,” Soleimani was quoted as saying by Mehr in a speech to former and serving members of the IRGC in Kerman city.



3 Comments on "Only Iran is confronting Islamic State"

  1. joe on Tue, 26th May 2015 3:50 pm 

    It’s fairly clear. IS is going to almost certainly survive in the long term. It implies that Europe will islamist ever faster, and terrorist attacks will increase as islamist see Europe as the soft underbelly of the west. The unspoken nightmare is that the rise of Islam in Europe may coincide with neo-nazism and a return to the horrors of the mid 1940s. People are starting to put neo-nazis into prison, on utoia island a neo-nazi killed 70 kids on his own because he believed that liberals were going to destroy the true heritage of European peoples. This is going to be the great debate for the next generation in Europe. With climate change likely to follow the precursor that is peak oil, then the resource poor future will temper the worst of this future struggle, but it will forge new (probably muslim) countries in Europe. Liberalism one way or the other, will be the victim of its own tolerance.

  2. Speculawyer on Tue, 26th May 2015 4:08 pm 

    BBC Newshour had a pretty damning report that Iran and the Shia militias were doing better than the US air campaign and their designated ground troops being supported.

  3. justeunperdant on Tue, 26th May 2015 4:16 pm 

    ISIS symbolized very well what life is all about and what we have forgotten in western countries. In western countries, we care about feminism, LGBT right and making sure that nobody feeling are offended.

    ISIS is a bunch of young men that want to live and fulfil their biological agenda of reproduction and they will stop at nothing including using violence and killing.

    ISIS burn woman alive for refusing to take part in ‘extreme sex act’, reveals UN official, as the Islamist fighters’ sadism becomes even more depraved

    ISIS represent what life is really all about. Only the strongest and most violent group is the one that will survive. This is why IRAN is afraid of them. ISIS represent the pure survival instinct of a group of young man

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