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Page added on October 23, 2017

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One billion ‘invisible people’ miss out on basics

One billion ‘invisible people’ miss out on basics thumbnail
(FILES) This file photo taken on September 24, 2016 shows children from the Suri tribe posing in Ethiopia’s southern Omo Valley region near Kibbish. More than 1.1 billion people worldwide officially don’t exist — going about their daily lives without proof of identity. The issue leaves a significant fraction of the global population deprived of health and education services, international organizations lament. Among these “invisible people” — many of whom live primarily in Africa and Asia — more than one-third are children susceptible to violence whose births have not been registered, the World Bank’s “Identification for Development” (ID4D) program recently warned. / AFP PHOTO / CARL DE SOUZA

More than 1.1 billion people worldwide officially do not exist – going about their daily lives without proof of identity.

The issue leaves a significant fraction of the global population deprived of health and education services.

Among these “invisible people” – many of whom live primarily in Africa and Asia – more than one third are children whose births have not been registered, the World Bank’s “Identification for Development” (ID4D) programme recently warned.

The problem is particularly acute in geographical areas whose residents face poverty, discrimination, epidemics or armed conflicts.

Vyjayanti Desai, who manages the ID4D programme, says the issue arises from a number of factors, but cites the distance between people and government services in developing areas as major.

Many families are also simply not informed about the importance of birth registration – and the consequences of non-registration, which can include the denial of basic rights and benefits, or an increased likelihood of marrying or entering the labour force underage.

And even if parents are aware of the need to declare a birth, costs can be crippling, says Anne-Sophie Lois, a representative at the United Nations in Geneva and director of the children’s aid organisation Plan International.

As a result, millions of children in Africa and Asia first encounter the administration only once they reach school age.

But “birth certificates are often needed to enroll in school” or take national exams, Ms Lois says.

The political climate also discourages many families from allowing themselves to be officially identified.

“People fear to be identified from one ethnic group or from one nationality,” says Carolina Trivelli, Peru’s former development minister. “The government has sometimes – sadly – preferences for some groups rather than another.”



And in many countries, births of children born out of wedlock or as a result of rape are sometimes deliberately concealed for fear of discrimination.

In China, avoiding birth registration was also deliberate for years for fear of repercussions due to the one-child policy.

Beyond being barred from attending school, these children can fall prey to violence ranging from forced labour for boys to early marriage for girls, denounced by Unicef in a 2013 report.

These children can also fall victim to human trafficking.

“The legal invisibility of unregistered children makes it more likely that their disappearance and exploitation will go unnoticed by authorities,” Ms Lois says.

To combat this immense problem, organisations are patiently working on the ground to identify these “invisible” people.

Digital technologies have provided a tremendous boost, Ms Lois says, as a way to “increase registration, provide legal documentation of vital events and produce statistics that are complete and accurate”.

Ms Trivelli says it also helps that “technology is getting lighter – you can go to the people with very small devices” to gather biometric data on the ground.

Plan International, which launched the campaign Every Child Counts in 2005, has contributed to the registration of more than 40 million children in 32 countries.

The organisation developed a digital strategy: village leaders can download a mobile app capable of notifying the government of births and deaths in their villages.

“Digital birth registration systems not only provide children with a legal identity but also provides governments with a continuous source of information through the collection of data,” Ms Lois says.

“This allows them to plan effectively for all services that a child needs, including vaccination programmes and education.”

43 Comments on "One billion ‘invisible people’ miss out on basics"

  1. makati1 on Mon, 23rd Oct 2017 5:46 pm 

    These are some of the billions who will not notice the collapse of globalization. Who will adapt to climate change by migrating south to cooler areas. Or north, if in Asia.

    BTW: Vaccinations are NOT safe. Our caretaker has a son who was normal at birth and a few years later got an immunization that caused him to become autistic. He is now nearly blind and deaf. Better he died of the disease he was inoculated to prevent. His older sister and brother are now in college, and are quite normal.

    “Like the first vaccine for smallpox, every vaccine recommended today by government health officials and medical trade associations carries a risk for complications, such as brain inflammation, which can lead to chronic brain and immune system damage or death.”–Know-the-risks-and-failures-.aspx

  2. Davy on Mon, 23rd Oct 2017 6:15 pm 

    More BS, from the BS queen, mad katter. Mad Kat, billions will die especially in Asia and Africa when Globalism winds down. How fast that wind down occurs should be what we focus on. It does not have to be so extreme if we make some targeted efforts now.

  3. makati1 on Mon, 23rd Oct 2017 7:59 pm 

    “The Industrial Food Chain uses at least 75 percent of the world’s agricultural resources and is a major source of GHG emissions, but provides food to less than 30 percent of the world’s people.”

    Go back to family farms and the amount of food produced will increase, and the amount lost in transport will drop.

    “There is now 17 percent more food available per person than there was 30 years ago. If all the world’s food were evenly distributed, there would be enough for everyone to get 2,700 calories per day—even more than the minimum 2,100 requirement for proper health.”

    “Peasants are the main or sole food providers to more than 70 percent of the world’s people,and peasants produce this food with less (often much less) than 25 percent of the resources—including land, water, fossil fuels—used to get all of the world’s food to the table.”

    As I said, Billions will not notice the end of globalization. 70% is about 5 billion people. Those who rely on factory farms will be the most hurt.

  4. Davy on Mon, 23rd Oct 2017 8:13 pm 

    Mad katter, you forget the billions that will spill out of the urban areas to consume what is left in your noble rural peasant utopia. You are such a fraud. Get real about overshoot. You are right smack in the middle of it and
    Ignore it.

  5. makati1 on Mon, 23rd Oct 2017 8:23 pm 

    No, I didn’t. You ignore the percentages in the ref. It did not say 70% fed were all countryside inhabitants, it said 70% of the population.

    Food grown in the country goes to the cities also. When the SHTF, those in the city will just move back to the farms and help grow the food they need. No shipping needed.

    You have the narrow vision of how it is in the US, not in the rest of the world. The US city dwellers have no farms to go back to. They have all been turned into suburbs with no usable soil. Asphalt is not good for farming. lol

  6. Davy on Mon, 23rd Oct 2017 8:35 pm 

    LMFAO, that sounds so sweet and easy mad katter and you believe that? You don’t just move millions like that mad katter the social net tears and pandemonium sets in. Dream on Mr delusional .

  7. DerHundistlos on Mon, 23rd Oct 2017 9:00 pm 

    “Billions will not notice the end of globalization.”

    Industrial civilization is what enables billions to exist!!! Without ind. civ. billions will die from disease and famine.

  8. makati1 on Mon, 23rd Oct 2017 9:21 pm 

    Der, how do you know? Which billions? Yes, most of the West will die. They are the most reliant on oil to keep their food supply coming, their houses warm or cool, their long drives from the burbs to anywhere. I agree there will be a lot of deaths, but are you so sure it will be in ‘other places’?. I’m not.

    I have read studies that show that up to 90% of Americans will be dead in the first year. Their dependency on being supplied with everything necessary for life, by others, is among the highest in the world. Prove me wrong.

  9. Boat on Mon, 23rd Oct 2017 9:48 pm 


    Before China turned to capitalism they experienced famine after famine. As late as the 1950’s China lost over 50 billion to famine. Capitalism has its perks. That makes me hungry.

  10. makati1 on Mon, 23rd Oct 2017 10:39 pm 

    Boat, Capitalism did not feed China, the new government changed things and made the new China possible. They have a more socialist government now.

    You cannot go back 60 years and claim it will be the future. Go back 60 years in the US to it’s peak freedom and economy (my youth) and claim that it will all return someday. It never will. The conditions are totally different. The US is in a collapse stage that it will never recover from. Never. It will only continue to get worse until it reaches 3rd world levels or even lower. I hope you are preparing for that day.

  11. Go Speed Racer on Tue, 24th Oct 2017 12:25 am 

    We need to reach out to the 1 billion s
    unknown people’s.
    We will help them by gifting 1 billion
    chainsaws to them.

    They can become part of the global economy,
    and learn how to chop down their trees,
    like the more civilized nations.

  12. Davy on Tue, 24th Oct 2017 4:44 am 

    “I have read studies that show that up to 90% of Americans will be dead in the first year.”

    You got references? What kind of collapse will lead to 90% death rate? What a friggen villain to wish this on a nation. I guess that means 90% of your big family will die. What a piece of shit wishing an event such as this without consideration of his family. If what you said was solidly true then that is a different story but your proselytizing of death is all over the place but not based in reality. The vast amount of collapse scenarios in relation to degree and duration make your proselytizing of the extreme version more an expression of emotional hatred. You are a vile person, mad katter.

  13. fmr-paultard on Tue, 24th Oct 2017 5:01 am

    “The Philippines is quite popular for worms. Why? Because the Philippines has the most number of (schistosomiasis) globally, believe it or not. But why are we not talking about it?” Belizario asked.

    In the Philippines, among the reservoirs of infection and environmental contamination are humans, cows, dogs, pigs, carabaos, field rats and monkeys because of open defecation especially in the rural areas.

    ok so on top of abu sayaf we have this. this happens on the farm. luckily it’s a virtual farm in perpetuality

  14. fmr-paultard on Tue, 24th Oct 2017 5:08 am 

    so the article is very good but their proposal is to treat it with drugs. wow, how is that unlike big pharma in america? in this case stupidity and greed yield the same result. in addition to stupidity there are other factors such as too many people, lack of plumbing or public heath.

    like i said i don’t like suicide shower and i like indoors plumbing. i can’t live w/o these things like in the phils.

    if shtf in america i will be fine because public health is tantamount. but in the phils public health is nonexistence. so even if i have a “virtual farm” i don’t want the lack of public health.

    i think the farm is virtual because doors and windows are shuttered for fear of abu sayaf. with the belief in aswang, the cure of white meat or as aprodisiac is not out of the imagination.

  15. makati1 on Tue, 24th Oct 2017 5:30 am 

    fmr, maybe you need to look at US diseases and causes of death? You might be shocked at what you are all dying of. Wait until the collapse and see disease and death skyrocket in the ‘exceptional’ America. lol

  16. makati1 on Tue, 24th Oct 2017 5:40 am 

    Davy, take away the electrical grid, the drugs millions of Americans need to survive, the food system breaking down, the sewage systems gone, potable water disappearing, freezing weather, extreme heat, obesity, guns, gasoline, etc. 90% may be high but 50% is quite possible. The US is no longer a very healthy country in so many ways.

    I have considered my family, but it is not going to prevent it from happening. They can come here, but that is their choice. What is going to happen in the US is a result of the way the US government has put war and profits above its people for the last 20+ years. And the people don’t care.

    Vile are the Americans that pay their taxes and support the terrorist murder and plunder of their country to keep the bennies flowing and BAU. Blow-back is gonna be a wild bitch.

  17. Davy on Tue, 24th Oct 2017 6:04 am 

    Mad katter, and you are saying this is not happening in Asia and especially your P’s. I am not denying these things you are. You live in denial I don’t. You and cloggie are so much fun because it is so easy to shatter your agendas. Anytime someone talks up themselves and down others they open a can of worms especially in a globalized world we live in today. You both are two worn out old men sitting around doing little but proselytizing how good your worlds are going to be and how bad others re going to have it. What a joke.

  18. makati1 on Tue, 24th Oct 2017 6:28 am 

    “If North Korea Can Kill 90% Of Americans In A Year, Why Did DoD Just Defund The Congressional EMP Commission?”

    “The result could be to shut down the U.S. electric power grid for an indefinite period, leading to the death within a year of up to 90 percent of all Americans—as the EMP Commission testified over eight years ago.”

    An EMP from any source is very possible. N/Korea, China, Russia, any nuclear country has the power to do so. So does the sun.

  19. jwarner on Tue, 24th Oct 2017 6:34 am 

    Nice… Mak, how you get to fly away from it all and divorce yourself from responsibility. You lived, worked and payed taxes in the states for most of your life. You paid for the wars and burned gas/oil for most of your life. You are as guilty as any American that you now chastise because you are an American and you hate that about yourself.

  20. makati1 on Tue, 24th Oct 2017 6:39 am 

    Davy, still trying to put words in my mouth? I said what I said. Not what you want to think I said. Maybe you need to reread it and think about the comparison? Nah! It says that your comparisons are not valid.

    Then you resort to putdowns instead of facts to prove your point as usual. You cannot defend the indefensible US. There are no ‘positives’. I am cheer leading the collapse so that the rest of the world can be free of the terrorist organization called the US, finally. I have a few billion fellow cheerleaders beside me. The ‘indispensable’ country IS dispensable.

    Are you trying to scare me with bogey men? The small group you are talking about are in the south of the Ps, that is islands and many miles of ocean from the farm. I would be far more afraid of gunmen in the US like the one in Vegas. Or the drugged up drivers flying down the interstate at 60 mph and texting their girlfriend. You live i a far more dangerous place than I do. I am not afraid of dying. You are.

    BTW: St.Louis is much closer to you than they are to me. Much closer.

  21. Davy on Tue, 24th Oct 2017 6:41 am 

    “An EMP from any source is very possible. N/Korea, China, Russia, any nuclear country has the power to do so. So does the sun.”

    An EMP can happen over Northeast Asia too mad katter. You think for some reason it can only happen in the US.

  22. Davy on Tue, 24th Oct 2017 6:43 am 

    What’s da madder mad katter, did I peg you yet again in the indefensible. LOL.

  23. makati1 on Tue, 24th Oct 2017 6:48 am 

    jwarner, Yep! I left the sinking ship just like thousands of other smart Americans are doing every year. Millions of Americans live abroad and the number is growing every day. Even Davy has said he will leave the US for Italy if it gets worse. It is called freedom of choice. I made mine while it was still possible, 10 years ago. Someday the gates there will slam shut and an exit will not be possible.

    I served in the military for 11 years. Paid my taxes and obeyed the law. No. I AM an American. An American of the American that existed years ago before the neocons took power. Pre Reagan. What happens after is because EVERY America allows it and pays for it. EVERY American. I no longer support it. I pay no taxes. I own nothing in the US or here.

    People have always migrated from a country that was bad to a better place. My family migrated to the Americas in 1734. I am just following a family tradition 14 generations later. lol

  24. wildbourgman on Tue, 24th Oct 2017 6:49 am 

    It’s funny how basics went from food, water and shelter to whatever some elitist thinks you should have. To me these folks are free from our sins and some want them to join in on our collapse.

  25. makati1 on Tue, 24th Oct 2017 6:49 am 

    No delusional Davy, you only proved that you are emotional, not rational.

  26. makati1 on Tue, 24th Oct 2017 6:54 am 

    Only the US would do it, Davy. And it would end the US also as it would start a nuclear exchange that would glaze over the US and make it a radioactive country. Not going to happen. However, did you know that NK has TWO satellites that are big enough to be carrying an EMP bomb and they pass over the central US every few hours? Small countries can carry big sticks these days.

  27. Hello on Tue, 24th Oct 2017 7:07 am 

    >>> an EMP bomb

    I’m wondering if that really works. Does it?
    I have no clue. If it’s such an effective weapon I would think it being actually used, at least by the US and/or russia. I mean, it’s even better than nuclear. It’s non- lethal, so morally defendable, and also it doen’t contaminate. Drop an EMP, enemy is practicaly disabled and mop him up.

    It almost seems too easy. Maybe it’s fantasy?

  28. Davy on Tue, 24th Oct 2017 7:50 am 

    Mad katter, liar, I will stay here and protect my family not run like a coward to a faraway land. I have the option does not mean I will. I have respect unlike you who has deserted his family in disguised shame.

    Jwarner is right you are the most responsible one on this board for your American sins. Your generation committed most of the sins. You run like a coward and thief to another land then blame others for what are your sins. You are a fraud and a lazy thief receiving support from a land you seek to destroy.

  29. Davy on Tue, 24th Oct 2017 7:54 am 

    Hello, emp’s have been shown to work but not to the extent all the conspiracy junkies like mad katter claim. It was documented by the USSR and US in the early days of NUK test they happen. The effects are real but the ability to take down a whole nation is not proven as achievable.

  30. DerHundistlos on Tue, 24th Oct 2017 8:52 pm 


    How do I know? How is it possible to cram 13 million human beings into the Manila metropolitan area without industrial civilization to feed, shelter, treat the waste and sewage? The Green revolution is only possible due to synthetic fertilizers, tractors, produce pesticides, etc.

    To deny the obvious is foolhardy. What was the population of the earth before the industrial revolution? This may give you a clue.

  31. makati1 on Tue, 24th Oct 2017 9:19 pm 

    I never said that there as not commercial water, sewer and electric. There will be a mass exit from the city when TSHTF. Over Two million of those who work in Manila already commute everyday from the burbs by car, bus and train. Barring nukes falling, there will be time to leave before the city becomes uninhabitable.

    Here, most who live in the cities have family on farms or land in the countryside. They do not live in clone houses with no shops or other facilities for miles, like in America. Cars are a luxury here, not a necessity. Electric is a luxury as is running water in the homes. Why do they need oil? As a nation, they only use less than TWO CUPS per day per person vs the US TWO GALLONS PLUS per person per day. Who is going to hurt most?

    BTW: The US population before the Industrial Revolution began (mid 1700s) was less than FOUR million or about 1% of today’s population.

    Even if you just go back to the discovery of oil in the 1850s, it was only 23 million or about 8% of today’s population.

    again, who has the fartherest to fall? lol

  32. MASTERMIND on Tue, 24th Oct 2017 11:56 pm 

    makati1 without the rule of law and a prosperous society in place. Goons will take whatever you have or eat you straight up for dinner! And if you are older you will be the lowing hang fruit they will go after first. Because you won’t be able to put up much of a fight. Society is only 9 meals away from Anarchy!

  33. makati1 on Wed, 25th Oct 2017 12:25 am 

    MM, YOU live in a country with no ‘rule of law’, and it is a declining economy, not growing. Its infrastructure is disintegrating. Starvation is growing. Drugs are skyrocketing. Insanity is spreading. And on and on. Do you need a few hundred refs to prove those assertions? I can give them to you by the hundreds.

    The ‘rule of law’ still exists in many countries including the Ps. YOU are the one likely to end up in a stew pot, not me. You live in the land of guns and drugs, not me. You live in an economy that has to lie to get a GDP above zero. Whereas, the Ps GDP is, and has been, growing at 6%+ for years. You live in a country where insanity is a plague and murder is becoming common. Auto accidents are increasing, and the life expectancy is falling.

    YOU are the one in the stew pot already and don’t feel the water heating up. Look in the mirror MM.

  34. makati1 on Wed, 25th Oct 2017 12:34 am 

    BTW MM: The US prosperous? Americans are in deep DEBT. Call in that debt and most Americans would be on the street with nothing. That day may not be far off.

    “Today, the average household with credit card debt has balances totaling $16,883, and the average household with any kind of debt owes $137,063, including mortgages.”

    Total personal debt for the country: $12,840,000,000,000.00 and increasing.

    Yep, the US is “prosperous”. NOT! LMAO

  35. Go Speed Racer on Wed, 25th Oct 2017 12:47 am 

    Well Makita,
    Suppose one American has got
    $200,000 in a retirement account.
    No other accounts.

    And another American has got
    a $600,000 Mortgage on his house.
    No other accounts.

    I would say the guy with the $600,000
    Mortgage is more ready for retirement
    because he has got a bigger account.

    Also in his retirement, he can buy Lotto
    tickets. Meanwhile, Trump is working on
    the biggest tax cuts ever, for the rich.

    And Hillary is still a shrill bitch that won’t
    stop nagging, and won’t go away,
    To this day.

    And that’s the American Way.

  36. makati1 on Wed, 25th Oct 2017 1:44 am 

    GSR, and what says the house is worth $600K? You? The house is worth on;y what someone is willing/able to pay for it. When the SHTF, who has $600K for a house when food may not even be available? And, BTW: The BANK owns that house until the last payment is made. After the government owns it when the taxes cannot be paid. And, odds are, that retirement account may be also worthless if it is invested in stocks and they become worthless. Maybe you need to watch a few vids of the 1929 crash and depression? Might I suggest:

    The Crash of 1929
    The Great Depression – E1: A Job At Ford’s
    The Century: America’s Time – 1920-1929: Boom To Bust

    We live in a time very similar to October 1929

  37. Go Speed Racer on Wed, 25th Oct 2017 2:13 am 

    On the upside, going into the
    next Great Depression,
    we have got bump stocks,
    meth-heads, legalized pot and N Korea.

    See in the 1930’s, they didn’t have all that.

  38. makati1 on Wed, 25th Oct 2017 2:33 am 

    “Americans Are Retiring Later, Dying Sooner and Sicker In-Between”

    “Americans have more debt than ever — and it’s creating an economic trap”

    “Illinois Eyes 30 Cent Gas Tax Hike, Chicago Eyes Property Tax Hike” Only the beginning as states and cities get cash strapped.

    “Rampant Wildfires Will Affect Our Drinking Water”

    “Prozac is polluting waterways, potentially impacting marine life”

    Instead of popping a pill, you can eat a few crabs, LOL

    And the beat goes on…

  39. Davy on Wed, 25th Oct 2017 2:34 am 

    You hilarious mad kat, yea we all have lots of debt. The world has lots of debt. You notice the average household debt is $137,000. If you own a house you will have significant mortgage debt. That is how things work. What you didn’t show is the asset side and you didn’t show different classes. You just show debt. Your opinion people should have zero debt but then what is an economy? Modern economies take debt and generate a return. We know in your case you have not ever been successful with debt. You never had assets that generated a return. You don’t know the meaning of making money from money. All you are doing is living off a social security check with a male friend in Makati Manila whining about the US. Your references is another financial site selling something. Debt is an issue the world over. It is what is causing systematic risk at all levels. Using debt in your anti-American agenda is just being intellectually lite as usual.

  40. Davy on Wed, 25th Oct 2017 2:38 am 

    Yea, mad kat, Duerte’s hell is the rule of law? Extrajudicial killings is the rule of law? The p’s is a 3rd world country that as a 100MIL living in the space of Arizona. There are no go areas in the P’s. You are on drugs are alcohol if you wants us to believe you do not have rule of law issues in the P’s.

  41. Davy on Wed, 25th Oct 2017 2:46 am 

    Sure mad kat a house is only worth what someone will pay for it. Like it are not we are in a market based economy. You mention if SHTF in regards to a home and food but what is your point. If SHTF has nothing to do with a house. That is another issue. A house is a house and value is value. Banks are there to facilitate mortgages that allow long term lending. Houses are purchased this way and this is the basis of the world economy. Join the normal world economy. How do you think your stupid condo in Makati, Manila was built? You mention taxes, well, last I look all economies have taxes. Taxes are vital last I looked for necessary government and the infrastructure of society. Not all government is bad. Maybe people’s retirement accounts will be worthless someday but until they are they have value. You are betting your anti-Americanism on the come. Yes we are in decline and there are likely bad things ahead but life is working at the moment. This same life is what is for the most part operating in many other parts of the world. You are the one off in la la land.

  42. Davy on Wed, 25th Oct 2017 3:16 am 

    What a deep state mess
    “Hillary Clinton Lied, Paid For “Trump Dossier”

    “What was previously widely suspected has now been confirmed. In its latest bombshell report that – for once – doesn’t include some nefarious allegations of wrongdoing or incompetence involving President Donald Trump or members of his administration, the Washington Post reported Tuesday that the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign jointly financed the creation of the infamous “Trump dossier,” which helped inspire the launch of the floundering investigations into whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians.”

    “It therefore strongly suggests that it was the FBI that was instrumental in spreading the dossier to the media, most of which was too embarrassed to publish it until Buzzfeed came along and did it… for the clicks. So to summarize: Hillary Clinton and the DNC paid to uncover and package dirt, whether factual or not, on Trump which eventually found its way in the Trump dossier. In doing so, the Clintons and the DNC were effectively collaborating with “deep” sources, both among the UK spy apparatus and inside Russia. Once Trump won, the FBI was instrumental in “leaking” the dossier to the mainstream media and select still unknown recipients (the same way Comey “leaked” his personal notebooks just a few months later, following his termination, to launch a probe of Trump). The former head of the FBI who was supposed to probe Clinton’s State Department – and the Clinton Foundation – for a bribery and kickback scheme involving Russia’s U.S. nuclear business, is now investigating Trump for Russia collusion instead.”

    “As the WSJ correctly notes, “for anyone who cares to look, the real problem here is that the FBI itself is so thoroughly implicated in the Russia meddling story.” Which then shifts the focus to the person who was, and again is, in charge of it all: former FBI director, and current special prosecutor Robert Mueller:”

    “The punchline: it’s not the Clintons that should be looked at, at least not at first – their time will come. It’s the FBI: By any normal evidentiary, probative or journalistic measure, the big story here is the FBI—its politicized handling of Russian matters, and not competently so. To put it bluntly, whatever its hip-pocket rationales along the way, the FBI would not have so much to cover up now if it had not helped give us Mrs. Clinton as Democratic nominee and then, in all likelihood, inadvertently helped Mr. Trump to the presidency.”

  43. Go Speed Racer on Wed, 25th Oct 2017 4:19 am 

    Hillary is a nagging bitch that won’t go away.

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