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Page added on October 9, 2020

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Oil’s demise will be more gradual than many imagine: Daniel Yergin on his new book — podcast

Public Policy

The rise of fracking technology changed America’s position in the world because it went from a country that imported most of its oil to a country that produces energy.

In his latest book, “The New Map: Energy, Climate and the Clash of Nations,” Daniel Yergin, a pulitzer prize-winning analyst tracks the ramifications of this shift.

This week on Down to Business, Yergin, a vice chairman at the research firm IHS Markit, spoke about the changes taking place in the world energy market. These changes relate not only to fracking, but also to the Paris Agreement, where countries from around the world set a framework to limit their carbon emissions and the impacts of climate change over the coming decades.

Less than a decade ago, people used to argue about when the world would hit ‘peak oil,’ or in layman’s terms, when world production of oil would peak, and we would start running out of the stuff.

Today, people are more interested in peak demand, or when world demand for oil will hit its highest point. Yergin predicts it will happen in the 2030s, and sees a modest decline afterwards as alternative energy forms gain share.

We spoke about what this means for Canada and its oilsands, how pipelines have become the new political battleground, how geopolitics are changing and what impacts the pandemic could have on this equation.

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13 Comments on "Oil’s demise will be more gradual than many imagine: Daniel Yergin on his new book — podcast"

  1. Nik on Fri, 9th Oct 2020 11:51 pm 

    Earth lasers’ plasma shield CAN prevent a devastating global blackout/all nuclear plants’ blasting by asteroid explosion or solar storm hit! 6 times near-miss extinction so far: 1972, 1989, 2003, 2012, 2017, 2020

  2. Nik on Fri, 9th Oct 2020 11:52 pm 

    Harnessing the energy in the radiation belts, N. Brice 1971

  3. Theedrich on Sat, 10th Oct 2020 12:52 am 

    Christianity’s core psychodynamic is guilt. At bottom, it’s guilt over extramarital sex of any kind, including masturbation.  That is what has enabled it to control the masses for centuries.  It is the reason why, in America, tiny ceramic figurines of mermaids have to wear brassieres.  Allegedly to “protect the children,” but ultimately to maintain ecclesiastical control.  A big selling point for pornography is the branding of sex as “dirty.”  Women who enjoy sex are called “sluts” and far worse.

    Christianity’s fundamental lie is a myth called “original sin.”  It is supposedly a form of guilt no one can escape except by being “baptized” (a mythical death followed by rebirth) and obeying the church forever after.  Some years ago a Christianity-inspired cult called “Heaven’s Gate” castrated all of its males before leading its whole congregation into group suicide.  Guilt is also a lie made to order for politicians.  Christianity was the driver behind the American Civil War (1861-65) and the massacre of 800,000 Whites.  Today’s Marxists (the core of the Democrat Party) alter the charter myth slightly by using the original-sin idea to mean some variant of “White racism” to kill yet more Whites.  (Marxism itself is a more extreme form of popular Christian dogma.)  They also use the genosuicidism implicit in Christian propaganda to convert the masses, employing quasi-religious terms to entice the lemmings to plunge into “paradise” and extinction.

    Likewise according to the Christian fantasy, all Whites are supposed to “tithe” — that is, give a tenth of all of their income to the preachery.  And also send contributions to the “poor.”  The result:  The “poverty” industry is now a civilization-wide scam.  And the “faithful” are happy to feed it.

    In sum, whatever Christianity’s former services in the creation of our civilization, that religion is now the West’s siren call to a death march.  And that same “Christian” West will not survive much longer if its populations continue their adherence to it.  It does not represent God, but self-annihilation.  It is no wonder that a traitor politician, Joe Biden, is a Catholic who is leading the charge into hell.  Or that he is assisted by another Catholic, hate-filled Nancy Pelosi, who is Speaker of the House and controls vast amounts of campaign funds from Georg Sörös — himself a cynical atheist who knows the score.

    Not God, but Christianity, is dead.

  4. zero juan on Sat, 10th Oct 2020 3:00 am 

    new juanPPee sock:

    Nik said Harnessing the energy in the radiation belts, N. B…

    Nik said Earth lasers’ plasma shield CAN prevent a de…

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  5. Davy on Sat, 10th Oct 2020 3:41 am 

    “Christianity’s core psychodynamic is guilt.”

    The dark side can be found with any human construction. There is also the light. With Christianity it is community of the faithful. A small town Catholic church/school that is not overly affluent, one sees the power of community. Affluent ones tend to be muddled in many directions but the middle-class parishes have a real focus on community. As a doomer (lite) I believe small communities are the life boat of the future. I don’t care for the standard dogma of any religion that want to dangle immortality or paths to righteousness as a tool of control. If one digs deeper into the esoteric meaning there is more in Christianity. This journey takes meaning beyond Messianic to the center of our galaxy. I tend to be less concerned with religion than others. I see the good side of community that a community of the faithful produces. That is the real message of Jesus. There will always be the messy mixing of emotions with lack of education with religion. The same is true of other dogma. We see that with Wokism and how messy and disturbing that has become. It is now borders on religion. What is more dangerous to me is corrupted science and the fancy of intelligence. There the complexity of deceit is greater. it is here psychopaths can pursue dangerous personal motives disguised as movements based in science and reason. That is where the real danger is today with a lack of humility to a higher power becuase they are usurping the higher power in their own ego drive.

  6. Davy on Sat, 10th Oct 2020 3:57 am 

    “Mainstream EV Adoption: 5 Speedbumps To Overcome”

    “The Five Challenges to EV Adoption Challenge #1: Price The top challenge is price, with 63% of consumers believing that EVs are beyond their current budget. Though many cheaper EV models are being introduced, ICE vehicles still have the upper hand in terms of initial affordability. Note the emphasis on “initial”, because over the long term, EVs may actually be cheaper to maintain….Challenge #2: Charge Time Most ICE vehicles can be refueled in a matter of minutes, but there is much more uncertainty when it comes to charging an EV…If the industry can achieve an average 31 minute charge time, EVs could reach $224 billion in annual revenues across these eight markets alone. Challenge #3: Range Over 70% of consumers rank the total range of an EV as being important to them. However, today’s affordable EV models (below the average tipping price of $35,947) all have ranges that fall under 200 miles. Traditional gas-powered vehicles, on the other hand, typically have a range between 310-620 miles. While Tesla offers several models boasting a 300+ mile range, their purchase prices are well above the average tipping price…Challenge #4: Charging Infrastructure Charging infrastructure is the fourth most critical challenge, with 64% of consumers saying they would consider an EV if charging was convenient. Similar to charge times, there is much uncertainty surrounding infrastructure. For example, 65% of consumers living in urban areas have a charging point within 5 miles of their home, compared to just 26% for those in rural areas.”

  7. Abraham van Helsing on Sat, 10th Oct 2020 4:10 am 

    “Not God, but Christianity, is dead.”

    “A small town Catholic church/school that is not overly affluent, one sees the power of community.”

    Both Theedrich and Davy are right. Yes, Christianity is dead, certainly in Europe.

    On the other hand, there is indeed great value in religion, as it organizes the community and prevents people from becoming lonely atomized individuals, watching the telly 24/7.

    The problem with this Jewish-invented Christianity (“Marxism for tired old Romans”) is that it is designed to destroy us white people through guilt trips. Wtf have Aryans to do with the Old Testament, essentially the history of the Jewish people?!

    Christianity may be dead, but we definitely need a new religion, that is not a total affront against science and our history. And Jews should play no role in it.

    I have no ready-made religion on the shelf, but a new religion could contain elements of ancient Germanic myths, Rome, Greece, Christianity, Tao, Nietzsche-Uebermensch, Gurdjieff spiritual development, Science, Yoga, Indo-Aryan Hinduism, meditation, mysticism, great architecture, etc.

  8. Theedrich on Sat, 10th Oct 2020 7:58 am 

    Davy, it’s not about harmless social grouplets. It’s about religious doctrine that drives vast numbers off a cliff.  In the run-up to the Civil War, the savagery was prepared mainly by small village church groups, far weaker than today’s small-town, Bible-pounding assemblies.  The so-called “Great Awakening” stirred the holier-than-thou lemmings to unparalleled fratricide.  For God and country, of course.

    If private prayer, mysticism, and the shamanic practices of the pre-Christian Germanics and Celts were the norm, there would be little problem.  Both you and Abraham van Helsing are right about community cohesiveness being helped by apolitical religiosity minus the hysteria (and the philo-Semitism).  But ideological drivel about “guilt” leads to mass horror, as in Europe’s religious wars several centuries ago.  In the killing derby, Christianity — yes — is behind Mohammedanism, which itself is behind Communism, the all-time winner in genocide (150-175 million dead).  But Christianity (currently updated to the diarrhea called “Judeo-Christianity”), because of its bimillennial role in shaping White consciousness, now threatens extinction.  Papa Frank, with his “anti-wall” rhetoric, is trying to interfere in our politics, all the while he plays footsie with Communist China.  F.D. Roosevelt also used Christianity in his propaganda to demonize Whites during his war on Europe in 1941-45.  The list goes on.

    It should be clear that I am not denying the existence of an infinite, cosmogonic Mind underlying the universe.  For this, see my post at

    Atheism (e.g., Communism, past or present) is denial of reality.

  9. Davy on Sat, 10th Oct 2020 8:31 am 

    Theed, you are nothing more than a jew-baiting idiot that doesn’t know what he is talking about. I get up at 12:00AM and work my 1000 acres by hand, the REAL GREEN way, The only way forward to the 29th century. I know this because Jesus himself came to be in a vision, and told me to go forth and neuter the fuckfaces and illegal immergrants that just lay around the beach all day, collecting welfare and food stamps so they can go on drunken binges and vote America hating liberals into office.

  10. only master reace chinese is capable of harvesting master cult muzz But for those who treat the Koran, the Sunna, the consensus of their ulema, and analogical on Sat, 10th Oct 2020 8:52 am 

    reasoning therefrom, as they are supposed to be treated—that is, as ultimate and divine sources of knowledge, intimately establishing their every perception of reality—such are and will continue to be the world’s “radical Muslims.”

  11. above not supertard obv Davy on Sat, 10th Oct 2020 8:31 am Theed, you are nothing more than a jew-baiting idiot that doesn’t know what he is talking about. I get up at 12:00AM and work my on Sat, 10th Oct 2020 8:53 am 

    some supremacist muzzie lover

  12. zero juan on Sat, 10th Oct 2020 8:56 am 

    From the mentally ill troll, JuanP

    above not supertard obv Davy on Sat, 10th Oct 2020 8:31 am Theed, you are nothing more than a jew-baiting idiot that doesn’t know what he is talking about. I get up at 12:00AM and work my said some supremacist muzzie lover

    only master reace chinese is capable of harvesting master cult muzz But for those who treat the Koran, the Sunna, the consensus of their ulema, and analogical said reasoning therefrom, as they are supposed to be tr…

    Davy said Theed, you are nothing more than a jew-baiting idi…

  13. only master race chinese can harvest master cult muzz Army troops and police arrested Rezky Fantasya Rullie with two Filipino women, who were suspected to be the wives of Abu Sayyaf militants, in a house in southern Jolo town in Sulu province wh on Sat, 10th Oct 2020 9:25 am 

    master race chinese are very smart
    only smart master race chinese understands 1400 years of history of inner struggle

    master race chinese sells hair harvested from supremacist muzz

    where they found an explosive vest and bomb components

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