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Page added on April 29, 2014

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National Response Center shuts down website, transparency

Public Policy

Media outlets and other curious parties have been in the dark about pipeline leaks and other environmental disturbances since mid-February, and the lights could be kept off for another month.

The National Response Center’s website has been under maintenance since February 21st and could remain that way until the end of May.

In a prepared response to SkyTruth, an environmental blog, the US Coast Guard said the website has been down “to comply with new DOD/DHS cyber security requirements.” Those looking to report incidents have been provided with a hotline. But those looking to find information on reported incidents are directed to send a Freedom of Information Act request, which can 10 days to garner a response.

Several environmental and watch dog outlets have picked up the story, criticizing the NRC for being so lax about providing information while the website remains down.

“Although we understand the importance of installing security measures for online databases, we hope that the data is restored in full sooner than the current projection of three months. Also, we recommend the NRC inform the public about the process in a more transparent fashion with updates on the website,” the Center for Effective Government said in a March 20 article.

The Center also noted the irony “that the government website is down during Sunshine Week, the annual celebration of government openness and transparency, held from March 16-22.”

The NRC is the government agency through which all environmental incidents are reported. Platts regularly uses the website’s database to find information on spills and refinery flaring.


One Comment on "National Response Center shuts down website, transparency"

  1. Makati1 on Wed, 30th Apr 2014 10:13 am 

    “No news is good news!” Or so the saying goes. That is the future inside the IT curtain. No news, just lies and evasions.

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