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Page added on May 15, 2021

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Mexican Power Plants Boost Dirty Fuel Oil Use, Shun Natural Gas

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Fuel that is so dirty that the global shipping industry banned its use last year is being burned at the highest level in three years in Mexican power plants.

With the global shipping industry shunning sulfurous fuel oil to curb emissions, storage tanks in Mexico are overflowing with the stuff. The solution for Mexico is to push more of it for electricity generation, replacing cheaper natural gas, that is often imported from the U.S. As a result, demand for the fuel jumped by almost 50% in the past year to more than a 100,000 barrels a day in March, according to government data.

“Mexico is creating a market to absorb the excess fuel oil from its refineries,” said Ixchel Castro, an analyst with Wood Mackenzie Ltd.

The move is certain to raise Mexico’s emissions. Switching a power plant that uses natural gas to fire a turbine to fuel oil generates 16% more carbon dioxide, according to BloombergNEF calculations. It also comes just three months after the deep freeze that hit Texas in February left millions of people in Mexico without power when the U.S. stopped sending natural gas across the border. President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador turned the crisis into a rallying cry for more energy independence.

State oil company Petroleos Mexicanos produces copious amounts of fuel oil unintentionally as side product of gasoline and diesel production. The more gasoline the country’s refineries produce, the more extra fuel oil they have to find a home for.

“Natural gas is cheaper compared with fuel oil but in Mexico it’s a political decision more than an economic one,” Castro said.


4 Comments on "Mexican Power Plants Boost Dirty Fuel Oil Use, Shun Natural Gas"

  1. WelcomeYourOwnDeathReptilians on Sat, 15th May 2021 5:20 pm 

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    Since this will never happen, I will settle for the destruction of this civilization by destroying the supply chain.

  2. Theedrich on Sat, 15th May 2021 11:30 pm 

    Gov & teacher unions are criminal syndicates ~ legalized.  Their bribes to politicians are nothing but payola to benefit parasitic creatures under the guise of legitimate agencies.  The teachers themselves have enjoyed a workless year at full pay and refuse to return to work until everything is perfect again.  Or maybe more than perfect.  The politicians who accept the union bribes are likewise felons parading as demigods helping “the people.”

    Similarly, at the same time that crime lord Biden is emitting gas about producing more graduates expert in cyber security — which of course requires high IQs —, he is importing millions of low-IQ unassimilable aliens under the guise of “humaneness.”  In reality, of course, the China-bought “Big Guy” could not care less about American security.  It is all about his Marxist takeover of the nation.

    But “the people” believed the jewbox and, with the help of hackable computer tallying-machines and the “anti-racist” relaxation of voting requirements in Democrat jurisdictions, they voted for a traitor as president.  And by using oddly inscrutable Dominion voting machines whose passwords the Maricopa County (AZ) Democrat authorities just accidentally seem not to have any longer.  They’re also refusing to hand over routers.  (“Security concerns,” you know.)  And anyway, why should anyone doubt Marxist mouthpieces?

    An obscure cyber hacking group (the FBI suspects it may be located in Russia or Eastern Europe, etc. — but not, of course in the CIA as a false flag op) that agrees with Biden on criminality recently extorted $4 to $5 million from Colonial Pipeline in order to allow it to resume supplying the East Coast with gas and oil.  (This is in addition to an estimated $530 million similarly extorted around the country in 2020.)  The successful Bidenesque op shows just how vulnerable the nation has become to crime.  “Efficiency” of operations means eliminating all redundancies which can prevent system collapse.  Just another example of Tainter’s prediction that continuous complexification ends in the death of societies.

    We will now get to see just how comfortable America will be as a workers’ paradise.

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  4. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 16th May 2021 5:28 am 

    As if you can expect anything from Mexico.

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