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Page added on May 10, 2020

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Massive Face Off Erupts Between Indian and Chinese Troops, Several Injured

Massive Face Off Erupts Between Indian and Chinese Troops, Several Injured thumbnail

The two countries, India and China, share a 2,400-mile long demarcated border. As per official data by the Indian Defence Ministry, Chinese troops have transgressed into Indian territory as many as 752 times in the last two years. The two nations have been blaming each other for entering each other’s territories.

Several soldiers were injured after a tense face off between Indian and Chinese troops erupted along the border in Sikkim, officials in the Indian Defence Ministry confirmed on Sunday.

According to a senior defence official, the confrontation between the two sides took place near the Naku La sector (ahead of Muguthang), a pass at an altitude of more than 5,000 metres in the Sikkim sector.

“Four Indian and seven Chinese soldiers were injured during the face off. More than 150 soldiers were involved in the confrontation. The confrontation has been resolved at a local level”, the defence official said.

This is not the first time the two asian giants have been involved in a face off in the Sikkim sector. In 2017, a two-and-a-half-month standoff between Indian and Chinese troops occurred in the Doklam region – a tri-junction at the border separating India, Bhutan, and China – after Indian troops objected to Chinese road construction.

The standoff created a military stalemate between the two countries. The situation normalised after both sides agreed to disengage in August 2018.


16 Comments on "Massive Face Off Erupts Between Indian and Chinese Troops, Several Injured"

  1. makati1 on Sun, 10th May 2020 9:37 pm 

    For the resident Sinophobe:

    “China forges ahead through chaos and threats”

    “Amid the deepest economic contraction in nearly a century, President Xi Jinping had already made it very clear, last month, that China should be ready for unprecedented, relentless foreign challenges.

    He was not referring only to the possible decoupling of global supply chains and the non-stop demonization of every project related to the New Silk Roads, or Belt and Road Initiative.”

    “The key takeaway from all this is that the CCP’s complex macro-strategy will be undisturbed. That implies that China will remain the top engine of the global economy, with or without decoupling, and with Belt and Road at the very core of China’s macro-foreign policy strategy, coupled with a solid drive towards multilateralism.”

    “And then there’s the relentlessly evolving game-changer responsible for the US establishment’s sleepless nights: the Russia-China strategic partnership.”

    Nuff said…

    BTW: The article above is irrelevant to the future ties between India and China.

  2. Abraham van Helsing on Mon, 11th May 2020 2:52 am 


    US ranking in medal tables world military games:





    On top are always China, Russia and other Europeans. The US is supposedly the mightiest army around.

  3. Abraham van Helsing on Mon, 11th May 2020 3:05 am 

    “The two countries, India and China, share a 2,400-mile long demarcated border.”

    BS. The two countries are separated by the Himalayas. There are no mayor roads between the two, only goat paths.

    For these two countries it is physically impossible to wage large scale war with each other with tanks and trucks and hundreds of thousands of troops. Only border guards shooting at each other at 5000 m altitude (bring oxygen flasks with you).

    Sorry Sputnik-Russia, nice try.

    A Chinese occupation of Siberia is very well possible, unless…


  4. Abraham van Helsing on Mon, 11th May 2020 3:30 am 

    Chinese government interested in deescalation:

    “Quick resolution to China-India border faceoff shows communication mechanism effective: Chinese analysts”

    Chinese and Indian troops reportedly had a faceoff along the two countries’ border which was quickly resolved by local dialogue, Indian media reported.

    This showed the effectiveness of the bilateral communication mechanism established after the Doklam Standoff, Chinese analysts said on Sunday.

    But it also reminded both countries to find an ultimate solution to the border issues as soon as possible, they added.

    The border area is economically worthless. Not a chance in hell this is going to be another Kashmir.

  5. Davy on Mon, 11th May 2020 6:57 am 

    But but the cloggo sais Iran would take over the ME:

    “19 Killed & 40 Missing Or Wounded After Iranian Destroyer Mistakenly Fires On Own Warship”

    “Since President Trump pulled the US out of the JCPOA (better known as “the Iran nuclear deal”), Iran has suffered one embarrassing mishap after the next. Earlier this year, the IRGC accidentally shot down a Ukrainian passenger airliner filled with young Iranian students. The fact that the regime ineptly lied about the shoot-down, before finally coming clean in the face of overwhelming evidence, only compounded the embarrassment. At around the same time the coronavirus was just beginning its spread across Western Europe, Ieaked reports out of Iran revealed that the mysterious new virus was already spreading like wildfire, dropping hundreds of bodies as public health officials scrambled to jerry-rig a credible response plan, while American sanctions limited the country’s ability to import critical supplies like medicine (a problem that Iran’s sympathizers in the EU helped it solve). And now, in the early hours of Monday morning, Iran’s military has stumbled into another epic f*ckup: The NYT reports that 19 Iranian sailors have died, 15 were injured and nearly 2 dozen more are missing after a missile test at sea went horribly awry. An Iranian ship sustained “friendly fire” as a target-seeking missile slammed into its stern instead of striking the dummy “target” thw ship had just towed out to sea.”

  6. Davy on Mon, 11th May 2020 7:02 am 


    “The ECB Cannot Disguise Risk Much Longer”

    “Despite the unprecedented increase in the ECB’s asset purchase program, the spread of Southern Europe sovereign bonds versus German ones is rising. The ECB balance sheet has soared to more than 42% of the eurozone’s GDP, compared to the Fed 27% vs U.S. GDP. However, at the same time, excess liquidity has ballooned to more than 2.1 trillion euros. The ECB has been implementing aggressive asset purchases as well as negative rates for years, and the reality is that the eurozone economy has remained weak and close to stagnation already in the fourth quarter of 2019. The main problem of the eurozone is that most governments have abandoned all structural reforms and bet all the recovery on monetary policy. The excessive government spending, high tax wedge, and burdens to growth remain, while an increasing percentage of growth came from travel and leisure (around 22% of gross added value in 2019)…With the crisis of Covid-19, the eurozone finds itself caught between a rock and a hard place. Its fiscal and monetary policy will perpetuate overcapacity in the wrong sectors and excessive government spending, while its tax policy will likely drive innovation, technology and productive investments further away. The Eurozone seems to want to use the Covid-19 crisis to advance its interventionist agenda and its so-called “new green deal” strategy. The problem is that higher government intervention in the economy will likely lead to more malinvestment, higher unemployment and lower growth.”

  7. Abraham van Helsing on Mon, 11th May 2020 7:04 am 

    “But but the cloggo sais Iran would take over the ME”

    Never said that. I have said that Iran and Turkey will divide the KSA-loot among each others after the end of empire.

    ME-Sunnis will never accept Shia rule.

    This incident btw is geopolitically a non-event.

  8. l on Mon, 11th May 2020 7:15 am 

    pls enjoy my master treaties

  9. Abraham van Helsing on Mon, 11th May 2020 7:15 am 


    Try to keep in mind where this Slovenia-thingy comes from. It comes from a US MSM (whose video you refused to see), that claimed that the US reserve currency is worth 35-40% US GDP purchasing power. A simple calculation learns that the loss of US reserve currency would lead to a GDP/capita of Slovenia level.

    The EU has not really a global reserve currency, so there is no way that the EU would lose 35-40% EU GDP. Not even Corona will achieve that (current estimate: -7%, mostly tourism, hospitality, sports, etc. and similar bounce back in 2021)

    Spanish Anglophile and globalist. He should worry about the fate of the dollar instead.

  10. Abraham van Helsing on Mon, 11th May 2020 7:45 am 

    Far more important is the US-Chinese relation. The Chinese gov publishes an interview with US foreign policy wonk Stephen Roach, who says:

    “China-US ties on the brink of a complete breakdown: Roach”

    “In his article “The end of the US-China relationship,” Stephen S. Roach, a faculty member at Yale University and former chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia, describes new shifts in the China-US relationship amid the COVID-19 pandemic. He wrote, “After 48 years of painstaking progress, a major rupture of the US-China relationship is at hand. This is a tragic outcome for both sides – and for the world.” How should both countries manage the economic and geopolitical risks of a full rupture? Is it still possible for the two great powers to regain the trust and cooperate in the fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic?”

    Here the article:

    “The End of the US-China Relationship”

  11. Abraham van Helsing on Mon, 11th May 2020 8:01 am 

    There have been 7 world military games so far, with this medaltable:

    Gold medals:

    1. China – 324
    2. Russia – 294
    3. Brasil – 102
    4. Italy – 88
    5. France – 51
    6. Poland – 49
    7. South-Korea – 47
    8. Germany – 40
    9. North-Korea – 39
    10. Ukraine – 34
    11. Kenya – 27
    12. USA – 20

    I would say that in combat situations (not missile technology and bombers) this list says a lot about the real comparative strength of armies in the battle field, although not mapping exactly according to this ranking.

    I do believe that both China and Russia are each stronger than the US (on the battle field).

    Furthermore that France has the strongest European army, Italy next and then Poland. Germany comes fourth.

    Brasil is overrated because of the gold medals of black athletes, who are indeed superior in many athletic fields, but not battle strength.

    The low gold medal scores of US marines is an expression of low morale and motivation.

    You can read the military future from this medal table: China #1 country militarily, but can easily be contained by a combined PBM (=EU+Russia)

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  14. l on Mon, 11th May 2020 9:12 am 

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  16. Hubbert on Tue, 12th May 2020 6:02 am 

    Chinese are turning into a Franenstein’s Monster. We need to pull the plug on their economy before it gets any worst.

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