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Page added on April 21, 2019

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Kuntler: An Empire of Bullshit

Public Policy

After two years of gaslighting the public while it blew smoke up America’s ass, the Jacobin news media enjoyed its final feeding frenzy with the release of the 400-page Mueller report. They expected 1000 pounds of raw filet mignon, but it turned out to be tofu fried in olestra. The ensuing fugue of hyperventilating hysteria was also duly expected and William Barr stoically endured their hebephrenic peevings at the release ceremony — a press conference which itself offended the media.

The threats and raving continued all the livelong day and far into the peeper-filled night with CNN’s Chris Cuomo blustering “It’s time to rumble,” and the lugubrious hack David Gergen muttering soulfully, “This was not fake news,” and The Times’ Maggie Haberman fuming that the White House had played the “Nazi anthem” Edelweiss — very fake news, it turned out, since the tune was written for Rodgers’ and Hammerstein’s 1959 Broadway show, The Sound of Music (and sung by the anti-Nazi hero Baron von Trapp). Meanwhile Rachel Maddow had the balls to confab in prime time with disgraced former FBI mandarin Andy McCabe, officially identified as a liar by his own colleagues at the agency. What a circus of perfidious freakery!

Understand that the Mueller Report itself was the mendacious conclusion to a deceitful investigation, the purpose of which was to conceal the criminal conduct of US government officials meddling in the 2016 election, in collusion with the Hillary Clinton campaign, to derail Mr. Trump’s campaign, and then disable him when he managed to win the election. Mr. Mueller was theoretically trying to save the FBI’s reputation, but he may have only succeeded in injuring it more gravely.

The whole wicked business began as a (failed) entrapment scheme using shadowy US Intel “assests” Stefan Halper and Joseph Mifsud to con small fish Papadopoulos and Carter Page into incriminating themselves (they declined to be conned) and moved on to ploys like the much-touted Trump Tower meeting to ensnare Trump Junior and then to several efforts (also failed) to flip Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen — the final product of which was an epic failure to find one instance of real chargeable criminal collusion between anyone connected to Mr. Trump and Russia.

By the way, the Mueller Report failed to mention that the two Russians present in that August 2016 Trump Tower meeting, lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya and lobbyist Rinat Akhmetshin, were on the payroll of Hillary Clinton’s oppo research contractor Fusion GPS, and met with that company’s principal, Glenn Simpson, both before and after the meeting — just one example among many of the Mueller Team’s shifty tactics, but a move that speaks volumes about Mr. Mueller’s actual intent, which was to keep his prosecutorial circus going as long as possible to interfere with Mr. Trump carrying out his own duties.

The Special Prosecutor’s main bit of mischief, of course, was his refusal to reach a conclusion on the obstruction of justice charge. What the media refuses to accept and make clear is that a prosecutor’s failure to reach a conclusion is exactly the same thing as an inability to make a case, and it was a breach of Mr. Mueller’s duty to dishonestly present that failure as anything but that in his report — and possibly an act of criminal prosecutorial misconduct.

Like any tantrum, the media’s frenzy will run out of steam (and credibility) and now they will be whipped like dogs for betraying their public trust. There is a counter-narrative to the “Resistance” narrative, and it is a true crime story. That suppressed story is finally going to roll out in the implacable workings of actual (not fake) justice and it is going to crush a lot of people who concocted this epic political hoax, including some members of the press who knowingly and dishonestly abetted it.

Many criminal referrals have already been made on the likes of James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, and Bruce Ohr, and a big net has been cast to pull in the figures who have been hiding in the thickets lo these two-and-a-half-years of smoke and gaslight: Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, William Brennan, James Clapper, Nellie Ohr, Samantha Power, Bill Priestap, Jim Rybicki, James Baker, Mike Kortan, John Carlin, Mary McCord, Josh Campbell and more. Some of these are going to jail and some have already flipped. The fetchings should reach the Obama White House. Mr. Mueller himself, even in his majestic granitic silence, will be liable for failing to inform his boss, the Attorney General, that the predicate document for his witch hunt was known to be a fraud back in 2016, and was used anyway to spy on a presidential candidate.

Let congress put on a carnival of its own now. It will be greeted like a TV commercial for a hemorrhoid remedy while the real national psychodrama plays out in grand juries and courtrooms, demonstrating what a grievous injury was done to this republic by its own vested authorities.


134 Comments on "Kuntler: An Empire of Bullshit"

  1. Gaia on Wed, 24th Apr 2019 12:37 pm 

    Instead of bombing other countries, NATO-US military should stay out of Africa, Asia, Oceania and Latin America/Caribbean. The world doesn’t belong to NATO/US. Our world is changing all the time and there is absolutely nothing the West can do about it.

  2. Theedrich on Thu, 25th Apr 2019 3:12 am 

    As pro-war politicians design ever more ways to change foreign regimes, they seem to be unaware that the great mass of the populace is becoming less and less “patriotic,” and therefore less interested in serving as grunts and cannon fodder for the rich hypocrites reigning over them.

    The Democrats in particular have long been spewing contempt for the White race.  As a result, Whites have no reason to support a system that hates them.  Making money is fine;  dying for moneyed stringpullers is not.  This applies above all to those who have specialized skill sets, as in IT or in critical trades, be they medicine or mechanics.  White programmers in Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc., have little interest in helping the U.S. war machine.

    What the DeepState manipulators view as the “problem” of declining subservience is exacerbated by the entire education system, especially at the college/university level.  This system denigrates the U.S. and its history as an empire of oppression by White males set up to crush the rest of mankind.  They are taught to hate their nation and even their own fathers.  Thus fewer and fewer educated young men want to serve in an organization that hates them.  Better to play video games in one’s mother’s basement than to risk one’s life supporting a corrupt machine in order to “be part of something bigger than oneself,” as the propagandists advertize.

    On Wednesday, 2019 Apr 24, the National Commission on Military, National, and Public Service (NCMNPS) held a hearing at Gallaudet University in Washington, DC, “on potential policies to encourage or require military, national, and public service from all Americans.  In the morning session, panelists discussed the potential need for a voluntary or compulsory mobilization.  Acting Defense Under Secretary for Personnel and Readiness James Stewart and Joint Chiefs of Staff Vice Director of Logistics Rear Admiral John Polowczyk were among those providing testimony to the commission.
    “In the afternoon session, panelists discussed potential Selective Service draft registration expansion, military personnel skill sets, and National Guard and ROTC recruitment efforts.  U.S. Selective Service System Director Donald Benton and Maryland National Guard Adjutant General Maj. Gen. Linda Singh were among those providing testimony to the commission.”  These hearings are viewable at and

    The aim of the hearings was to find ways to implement a new military draft through the Selective Service ministry set up by Congress, and thereby to enable the government to mobilize the entire country for war against major opponents, should the need arise.  While these sessions covered many aspects of that goal, the major outcome was the finding that it was increasingly difficult to find voluntary support among the population.  Of course, the panelists did not and could not reveal the true reasons for such popular reluctance, because that would have been politically incorrect.

    Thus, even though Yankeeland is building more nukes and threatening more global devastation than ever, the White will to submit to corrupt overlords who despise them is plummeting fast.  How surprising, in the world’s “indispensable nation.”

  3. Cloggie on Thu, 25th Apr 2019 3:41 am 


    Brexit drama latest:

    “Conservatives kick out Ann Widdecombe after she hits the streets with Nigel Farage to woo voters to his Brexit Party ahead of next month’s Euro elections”

    “Lord Adonis’ Brexit climbdown: Arch-Remainer announced as Labour MEP candidate now backs Corbyn’s ‘sensible’ plan and insists he ‘respects’ 2016 result… after months of calling it a ‘disaster'”

    “Nicola Sturgeon calls for a second referendum on Scottish independence by 2021 to give residents ‘a choice between Brexit and a future for Scotland'”

    A few weeks ago, BBC Newsnight reported that many towns in Northern England (“Antius territory”) were “lost” to “white supremacists”.

    What we are seeing here is the entire British politics and even potentially the country itself fracturing over the geopolitical drama in Westminster, fighting over the identitarian question “who are we?”. Flavors on offer:

    – Europeans? Chuku, leftists, mild conservatives
    – Anglos? ERG, Farage
    – British isolationialists? (Corbyn)

    Remember that Britain is THE MAJOR LINK between the US and EU. Britain is the cat flap into Europe for the US. Without British membership of the EU, the West has little future (under its present US dominance). That’s why George Soros hates Brexit. And is why my nothingness loves it. A soft Brexit, mind you. A hard Brexit means we continental Europeans/Eurasians have to fight both British and Americans, rather than liberate white Americans only in the upcoming WW3-CW2.

  4. Davy on Thu, 25th Apr 2019 5:16 am 

    “Remember that Britain is THE MAJOR LINK between the US and EU.”

    Bullshit cloggo, you make shit up as you go.

  5. Cloggie on Thu, 25th Apr 2019 12:38 pm 

    Political meddling latest:

    “Onderzoek: ‘Amerikanen kopen invloed bij Europese politieke partijen'”

    According to Dutch independent news site “Follow the money”, is a whopping 49.1% of the total income of all European political parties coming from US donors. Russia hardly pays any money at all. The hypocrisy emanating from political Washington and deep state media is breathtaking.

  6. Cloggie on Thu, 25th Apr 2019 2:38 pm 

    Dems-Reps two-party system reaching end-of-life status, morphing into ethnicity-based conflict parties:


    Conflict, mayhem, civil war and genocide: the inevitable Grand Finale of every multi-ethnic society.


  7. Antius on Thu, 25th Apr 2019 2:58 pm 

    “Dems-Reps two-party system reaching end-of-life status, morphing into ethnicity-based conflict parties”

    This could all be settled quite quickly if the myth of racial equality was put to rest and Leroy and Tuco lost the right to vote. The Dems would disappear at the next election.

    White man was in the minority when Europeans conquered the world. Americas’ darkies could be a resource working on chain gangs digging hydraulic pipeline networks and working in agriculture. The same for all the darkies in Europe. A resource to be yoked.

  8. Cloggie on Thu, 25th Apr 2019 3:29 pm 

    @Antius, made UCG reader:

    Will summarize content links later on.

    UCG is absolutely not dead.

    Again, I’m against UCG, except as a temporary bridge towards the renewable energy nirvana, to prevent collapse of society in between.

    To get an idea of the scale of the reserves:

    Total cumulative global oil consumption throughout history: 0.135 trillion ton.

    Coal reserves UK: 3-23 trillion ton.
    Norway has similar reserves.

    Reason why they were discovered for UK and Norway: North Sea is the most drilled area in the world.

    Most likely these coal reserves are all over the planet.

    Anybody who worries about the world running out of combustible material at affordable prices, should get his head checked.

    UCG worked in the USSR for decades, until today, long before they got fracking to work.

    Evne the chairman of, Rembrandt Koppelaar, now working in London for the Imperial College, discovered UCG as early as 2011:

    No wonder he closed down, shortly after.

    I came here in january 2012, shortly after the “demise” of

    12 months later, Richard Heinberg no longer was my guru.

  9. Gaia on Thu, 25th Apr 2019 3:34 pm 

    Any country with large coal reserves could benefit from UCG (underground coal gasification). Technology needs to be used in a safe and responsible way.

  10. Antius on Thu, 25th Apr 2019 4:11 pm 

    “@Antius, made UCG reader”

    Thanks. I will read it tomorrow. 23 trillion tonnes is a truly colossal amount.

    If one looks at the phase diagram for CO2, at deep Atlantic temperature of about zero Celsius, it will liquefy at pressures of about 30bar and is denser than water. We could exploit this resource by burning it in pure oxygen and steam in a gas turbine and cooling and compressing the waste gases down to liquid using a compressor mounted on the same shaft.

    We need large plastic pipes that can carry the liquid CO2 off of the continental shelf into the deep ocean, where it will remain liquid until it slowly dissolves into the deep ocean water. A sort of sewage system for carbon dioxide.

    “Any country with large coal reserves could benefit from UCG (underground coal gasification). Technology needs to be used in a safe and responsible way.”

    Wouldn’t have thought of that one Kenz 🙂

  11. DerHundistLos on Thu, 25th Apr 2019 7:11 pm 


    “Surveilance is one thing, and the instant reaction is to think no big deal but, it is a big deal. Surveillance brings management with it, the temptation was not resisted. James Howard Kunstler had honed in on the collapse movement and was writing about depletion issues. I began to comment on his blog. Long story short I soon realized that some of the commenters at his blog had super powers. A few names needed no sleep. And following I.P. Addys from his site that a tracking service plugin provided I learned that most of the identities who were commenting on his blog were using ‘the Department of Defense Network’ to get to the website. Actual origins appeared to be from every small military base in the country. America had become a country silently being brainwashed by ideologies of the most ossified and conservative kind. The ability of America to adapt to change had been taken away and our doom was sealed.”

  12. Cloggie on Fri, 26th Apr 2019 1:47 am 

    Britain has founds its Macron:

    “Nigel Farage says Brexit Party WILL stand in next General Election: Leader says he will use the EU elections as a ‘springboard’ to take on Tories and Labour”

    Macron literally brushed away the entire conventional political landscape in France: socialists, conservatives (but not nationalists).

    Could happen to Britain too.

    What could happen too is Farage also falling from grace after a year or so, once the economic reality of a hard Brexit amputation will sink in with the public and mysteriously the 19th century level of geopolitical standing will NOT return (apart from income levels).

  13. Cloggie on Fri, 26th Apr 2019 1:57 am 

    In France in 2017 (presidential) it was and will be Macron vs le Pen again in 2019 (EU). Socialists and conservatives are simply wiped out.

    A similar pattern could emerge in Britain:

    “‘They’ll long for the days when it was just Nigel Farage’: Tommy Robinson announces he will stand as an MEP in the European elections to ‘represent the working class of England'”

    In Holland the “Boreal party” FvD won the elections out of the blue. Yesterday, one of the founders Henk Otten, who had severely criticized Baudet last weekend for his flirtations with the “extreme right” and statements about the “disappearing boreal world”, was ruthlessly deposed yesterday:

    There is not a single doubt that Baudet will be PM in a not too distant future. Europe is rapidly moving to the right and a 1989 of its own.

  14. Theedrich on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 3:18 am 

    There is no joy in Mudville.  The might Mueller has struck out.

  15. Theedrich on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 3:19 am 

    There is no joy in Mudville. The mighty Mueller has struck out.

  16. makati1 on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 3:30 am 

    Regime change is ongoing in the US. The “Save America for democracy” saga is not over…yet. Very entertaining from my vantage point.

    What is the saying? Oh yes! “What goes around, comes around.” LOL

  17. Cloggie on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 4:05 am 

    “What is the saying? Oh yes! “What goes around, comes around.” LOL”

    The world and white America are preparing for the Last (((Regime))) Change and the demise of the imperial city:

  18. Cloggie on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 4:45 am 

    Sweden is launching a national crypto-currency:

    Bloomberg isn’t very enthusiastic about it and I would be too… if I were the owner of the global dollar reserve currency free lunch and core pillar of US power, without which America would be in wealth per capita terms at the level of a Balkan country.LOL

    Is this the currency to end all reserve currencies?

    “Mining the future: Why Sweden is leading the cryptocurrency revolution”

  19. Cloggie on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 4:48 am

    “Cryptocurrency will survive as US dollar and euro collapse – BitCoin Cash ‘CEO’”

    RT understandably loves it.

  20. Davy on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 5:00 am 

    “if I were the owner of the global dollar reserve currency free lunch and core pillar of US power, without which America would be in wealth per capita terms at the level of a Balkan country.LOL”

    Yea, LOL, just wait until the EU breaks apart and then check out the exchange rate on the resulting currencies that puke out.

  21. Cloggie on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 6:50 am 

    “Wanna be a Russian?”

    Ethnic self-deportation in the overdrive:
    “Putin will allen Ukrainern Zugang zu russischen Pässen erleichtern”
    (Putin wants to dole out Russian passports to Ukrainians (and alleviate his own demographic problems while he is at it))

    “Ukrainians” (read: ethnic Russians with a Ukrainian passport) can now obtain a Russian passport in a blink of an eye.

    GDP per capita PPP:

    Russia: 29.2k
    Ukraine: 8.7k


    Demograhics Ukraine:

    Ukrainian: 78%
    Russia: 17%

    Exodus-2.0 coming up. Russians are persona non-grata anyway in the New Ukraine, that wants to belong to the European, not Russians sphere of influence (can’t blame them).

    As allways: multi-ethnic societies don’t work, not even with very similar people like Russians and Ukrainians.

  22. Cloggie on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 10:48 am 

    Yea, LOL, just wait until the EU breaks apart and then check out the exchange rate on the resulting currencies that puke out.

    That’s going to be a long wait. Just see how much trouble even the notoriously Europe-hating British have in leaving Europe. Brexit may have passed 52-48, in reality a Brexit-by-heart would score much, much higher than that.

    Normally, the British elite, as assembled in Westminster, would never have left the EU at this point, because they have the brains to understand the potentially disastrous consequences of leaving the EU that is still in place. But the British elite was caught wrong-footed by its own commoners (the Brexiteers-by-heart), as a result of a carelessly announced referendum, by a PM who was confident Brexit would be rejected, in an effort to appease tensions within his own conservative party. Note that Thatcher hated the EU as well, and black-mailed the EU into a rebate, making the UK to a meager 5th net payer in the EU, but NEVER thought of leaving the EU, because she understood the consequences.

    And now, the true neo-Gaullists, like myself, can’t believe our luck, that what French president de Gaulle fought for tooth-and-nail, namely keeping the British out of the EU (because he knew all too well the British intentions from WW2 [*]), all of a sudden we get thrown into our lap. Thank you very much!

    [*] – Allies at War
    (Book written by a Brit, sympathetic to de Gaulle. The title is intentionally ambiguous and not only refers to the war against Germany but also the war between de Gaulle and Roosevelt-Churchill. De Gaulle understood already in the war the game that was being played, namely the attempted colonisation of Europe by the US and USSR)

    The few left with a real first class geopolitical brain in Britain, Lord Heseltine comes to mind, who has no love lost for Germany or continental Europe, sums it up right:

    “Lord Heseltine suggests Brexit vote allows Germany to win World War Two”

    “Germany” meaning continental Europe. Well, mr Heseltine, let’s bring it on then.

    Brexit and Trump and European populism and Russian ambition to be European, as well as the rise of China and US white nationalism together are sufficient to guarantee European survival, even in parts of North-America.

    But empire dave has no feelers whatsoever for geopolitics or history, he thinks that the fate of the world is determined by exchange rates.

    He really thinks that.

    Money is the only category he knows, don’t be distracted by this fake green goat prepper hobby of his.

  23. Cloggie on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 11:14 am 

    New Silk Road Eurasian integration latest:

    64 billion worth of new contracts signed in Beijing today. Prominent guests: Russians and Italians, as well as Greeks and Egyptians.

    According to China, currently there are 115 countries participating in this Chinese-lead Eurasian integration scheme.

    Especially Italy is serious about a Eurasian reorientation, against the warnings of Brussels:

  24. Davy on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 11:42 am 

    “Money is the only category he knows, don’t be distracted by this fake green goat prepper hobby of his.”
    Cloggo, you have a union that is unraveling with an economy in the shitter. Your currency is not that great. I guess we can say money is one topic you don’t know.

    “New Silk Road Eurasian integration latest:”
    Show me the integration in numbers?

    “64 billion worth of new contracts signed in Beijing today. Prominent guests: Russians and Italians, as well as Greeks and Egyptians.”
    Nothing new just deals labeled BRI plus they are contracts signed with no results yet. Kind of like the Bric bank shit of a few years ago.

    “According to China, currently there are 115 countries participating in this Chinese-lead Eurasian integration scheme.”
    Multiple problems are arising as well as multiple cases of failing projects. I don’t see a miracle here just more show.

    “Especially Italy is serious about a Eurasian reorientation, against the warnings of Brussels:”
    Italy does not know wht it wants other than more money out of Brussles.

  25. Cloggie on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 12:06 pm 

    Cloggmeister, sir, you have a union that is unraveling with an economy in the shitter. Your currency is not that great.

    What’s your proof that the EU is “unravelling?””


    But the economy is going down like a madman, so much is certain:

    I guess we can say money is one topic you don’t know.

    But all the other topics I do know, huh, you flatterer.

    Show me the integration in numbers?

    Really too lazy to google it up yourself, eh? There are many numbers out there, like 900 billion:

    Italy does not know wht it wants other than more money out of Brussles.

    And apparently from China. Italy now effectively has a white nationalist government and at least knows that Russia and China won’t require Italy to commit racially suicide, much unlike Anglosphere and its subsidiaries in Brussels (until the populists take over). That’s why Italy made a u-turn, away from the west towards the east.

    The only union that is really unraveling is the West.

  26. Cloggie on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 12:10 pm 

    Yellow vests week #24:

    Interesting that the Russians are much more keen on broadcasting this live than western news agencies.

    Should give you a clue in whose interest this development is:

    European populists + Russia.
    Not American or Brussels.

  27. Cloggie on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 2:32 pm 

    The get an idea of the right-wing populist surge in Europe, Lega at 35% for the upcoming EU election:

  28. Cloggie on Sat, 27th Apr 2019 6:15 pm 

    Is mr Brexit Nigel Farage taking the curve towards white nationalism?

    “Entire streets of Oldham are split along racial lines with ‘no assimilation’, claims Nigel Farage in speech at US university”

    (He said this in Trump territory)

    That’s the same Farage who recently accused Tommy Robinson of being a “racist”.

    Farage said he was ‘appalled’ when the far-right activist was appointed as a special adviser to the party and added that it had ‘blown a hole’ in his efforts to make Ukip ‘a non-racist, non sectarian party’

    In 2014, Farage still labeled Marine le Pen as a “racist”:

    But in 2017 he endorsed her candidacy for president of France:

    Probably, because he wants to break up the EU.

    Unfortunately for Nigel, Marine no longer wants a Frexit, but instead a Europe of the “far-right”:

    And we are going to get it.

    Note “far-right” doesn’t mean concentration camps or deportations, but restoration of the family and zero immigration and friendly relations with Russia. In the leftist lunatic asylum called The West, this passes as “extremism”.

  29. Cloggie on Sun, 28th Apr 2019 5:57 am 

    Twitter account Tommy Robinson suspended:

    Interesting detail: only 3 reader comments passed the DailyFail censor, where normally you have between hundreds up to over 10,000 comments.

    Right to peaceful assembly exercised in Italy: whites-only marathon in Triest. Things are moving really fast now: Europe for the Europeans, Africa for the Africans and America for everybody. #timber
    (4 comments only.LOL)

    Donald Trump is clearly interested in taking over Britain from the EU, to be accomplished via a hard-Brexit, that’s why he boosts BoJo’s leadership chances enormously by dating him:

    “Boris Johnson ‘will dine with Donald Trump’ when US president makes state visit to UK in June”

    The spirit of Dunqerque-1940 all over again!

    Unfortunately for our Anglo friends, Germany ain’t alone anymore, but have 440 million fellow EU-civilians and potentially Russia and China. None of them is buying into the civilization-destroying Anglo-Zionist multicult schemes. And then there are US white nationalists.

    Karl Marx already knew that history repeats itself: first time a tragedy, second time a farce.

  30. Cloggie on Sun, 28th Apr 2019 6:16 am 

    Farce upcoming EU-elections in Britain, essentially turning out into a second Brexit referendum:

    “I’ll give Labour a very nasty surprise… especially dishonest Yvette Cooper, says Nigel Farage as he slams party for ‘abandoning their voters'”

    Britain leaderless:

    “DAN HODGES: Who’s in charge of Britain today? It isn’t Theresa May or the Cabinet… the terrifying answer is it’s nobody”

    Poor mrs May, she honestly tried to do the reasonable thing, a soft Brexit as a compromise between 52-48 Leave-Remain and defuse the dangerous situation, as created by the careless Ca-moron.

    But instead Britain polarizes, where the hard-Brexit and its biblical consequences, at least in the short term, have yet to materialize.


  31. Cloggie on Sun, 28th Apr 2019 1:06 pm 

    Spain exit poll:

    Socialists win – 28%
    Populists 2% more than expected: 12% (out of the blue)

    Difficult to form a new government.

  32. Duncan Idaho on Sun, 28th Apr 2019 2:01 pm 

    Socialists win – 28%

    Yep, Spain is still digesting the death and delusion of Franco, and the right wing bloodbath that ensued.
    It will take a while to get the toxic blood finally gone.
    Nightmares are lasting.

  33. Cloggie on Sun, 28th Apr 2019 2:40 pm 

    Yep, Spain is still digesting the death and delusion of Franco, and the right wing bloodbath that ensued.

    You can’t defeat murderous communists without being tough yourself.

    Now Spain needs to be tough again in order to prevent yet another 800 years Islamic subjugation in El-Andaluz-2.0.

  34. Duncan Idaho on Sun, 28th Apr 2019 7:54 pm 

    You can’t defeat murderous communists without being tough yourself.
    Spain has never had that problem. It is the right wing psychopaths that have been the issue.
    Communism, while overly optimistic on human nature, has never existed as a political reality.
    Can you say “dictator of the proletariat”?
    No one has said that also.

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