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Page added on August 24, 2015

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Kunstler: Worse Than Hitler

Public Policy

Even the formerly august New York Times grants that Donald J. Trump has ignited a voter firestorm of grievance against a dumb show election process that rewards a craven avoidance of real issues. Immigration is actually a stand-in for the paralysis, incompetence, overreach, and bloatedness of government generally in our time — but it is a good doorway into the larger problem.

Immigration is a practical problem, with visible effects on-the-ground, easy to understand. I’m enjoying the Trump-provoked debate mostly because it is a pushback against the disgusting dishonesty of political correctness that has bogged down the educated classes in a swamp of sentimentality. For instance, Times Sunday Magazine staffer Emily Bazelon wrote a polemic last week inveighing against the use of the word “illegal” applied to people who cross the border without permission on the grounds that it “justifies their mistreatment.” One infers she means that sending them back where they came from equals mistreatment.

It’s refreshing that Trump is able to cut through this kind of tendentious crap. If that were his only role, it would be a good one, because political correctness is an intellectual disease that is making it impossible for even educated people to think — especially people who affect to be political leaders. Trump’s fellow Republicans are entertainingly trapped in their own cowardliness and it’s fun to watch them squirm.

But for me, everything else about Trump is frankly sickening, from his sneering manner of speech, to the worldview he reveals day by day, to the incoherence of his rhetoric, to the wolverine that lives on top of his head. The thought of Trump actually getting elected makes me wonder where Arthur Bremer is when we really need him.

Did any of you actually catch Trump’s performance last week at the so-called “town meeting” event in New Hampshire (really just a trumped-up pep rally)? I don’t think I miscounted that Trump told the audience he was “very smart” 23 times in the course of his remarks. If he really was smart, he would know that such tedious assertions only suggest he is deeply insecure about his own intelligence. After all, this is a man whose lifework has been putting up giant buildings that resemble bowling trophies, some of them in the service of one of the worst activities of our time, legalized gambling, which is based on the socially pernicious idea that it’s possible to get something for nothing.

I daresay that legalized gambling has had a possibly worse effect on American life the past three decades than illegal immigration. Gambling is a marginal activity for marginal people that belongs on the margins — the back rooms and back alleys. It was consigned there for decades because it was understood that it’s not healthy for the public to believe that it’s possible to get something for nothing, that it undermines perhaps the most fundamental principle of human life.

Trump’s verbal incoherence is really something to behold. He’s incapable of expressing a complete thought without venturing down a dendritic maze of digressions, often leading to an assertion of how much he is loved (another sign of insecurity). For example, when he attacked Jeb’s (no last name necessary) statement that we have to show Iraqi leaders that “we have skin in the game,” Trump invoked the “wounded warriors,” saying “I love them. They’re everywhere. They love me.” In the immortal words of Tina Turner, “what’s love got to do with it?”

Trump’s notion that he can push around world leaders such as Vladimir Putin by treating them as though they were president of the Cement Workers’ Union ought to give thoughtful people the vapors. It doesn’t seem to occur to Trump that other countries could easily get pugnacious towards us. He would have us in a world war before the inaugural parade was over.

The trouble is that it’s not inconceivable Trump could get elected. Farfetched, perhaps, but not out of the question. The USA is heading for a very rough patch of history — as those of you with your eyes on the stock indexes lately may suspect. The country stands an excellent chance of waking up some morning soon to discover it is broke and broken. When that happens, all the anxiety and animus will be focused on looking for scapegoats, and they are likely to be the wrong ones. World leaders considered Hitler a clown in the early going, too, you know. But the Germans were wild about him. He pushed a lot of the right buttons under the circumstances. Trump is worse than Hitler. And the American people, alas, are now surely a worse lot of ignorant, raging, tattooed slobs than the German people were in 1933. Be very afraid.


56 Comments on "Kunstler: Worse Than Hitler"

  1. apneaman on Wed, 26th Aug 2015 3:06 am 

    boat the way you and billions of others have and are living has already sealed our fate – it started long before you were born. First it will be civilization that will go then the whole species. You keep concentrating on you’re little efficiency stories and completely ignoring anything that makes you uncomfortable. Got grand kids boat? BTW it’s pretty obvious that you are only here to argue against your own fears. Fuck the middle class and fuck you too. A bunch of mindless self important unnecessary entitled cunts. Nothing but a bunch of wannabe 1%ers. Cancer monkeys. Obese yeast. Dopamine slaves who’s entire lives revolve around their next consumer purchase high that last about 2hrs – then the cravings kick in again. Want to save the species? Kill the middle class and 1% and you have just freed up 80% or more of the resources and all the pollution they produce. Long live the apes.

  2. Boat on Wed, 26th Aug 2015 3:23 am 

    LOL apeman,
    You are POL Pot reincarnated. That was his idea. Kill off anybody with any brains and only sustenance farmers left to rule over. Somehow I don’t see his picture when it comes to great environmentalists and planet savers.
    So is your idea to end trade to save pollution? No food exchange so billions die to save the planet?

    So in your world who survives? Only those who scavenge and steal and have no income? Is that the standard for survivors in your perfect world?

    You should run for office. You could make Trump look moderate.

  3. Davy on Wed, 26th Aug 2015 3:51 am 

    Boat, you can do better than that. Ape Man is a board asset with environmental issues. He successfully exposes defective psychologies and collective neurosis. Ape Man and I have come to the conclusion there is little we can do but be honest about and begin adapting to a collapsing world.

    You on the other hand try to defend the status quo that is decaying. You corns have the weight of the world on your shoulder because everywhere we look decays is setting in. We have 24/7/365 internet and news. This global reporting network is naturally exposing this unpleasant fact that society is in decline and now the decline is gaining momentum.

    Boat you would not be here unless you are secretly fascinated by doom. I have been here for 2 years daily and I see the corns come and go. They don’t last long because their positions are difficult to defend. You have not been here long and I am curious how long you will last.

    I am a doomer and prepper. This site is providing me with a radar for what is ahead. It covers economic, social, and energy decline very well. We have good board experts. I feel we have a short time of pseudo normality before serious dysfunction and economic abandonment begin. Deflation and decay work that way.

    Boat you would be better to try to discount and balance the doom which I admit gets excessive. For this reason I appreciate the corns that come on here. Balance and fairness is what we need to get closer to the truth. Yet, the unrealistic positions of the corns must be exposed because this is the cultural narrative that is leading us off the cliff. So Boat, expect constant attacks to your glass house of plenty.

  4. bug on Wed, 26th Aug 2015 12:27 pm 


    It’s the Apes,

    that was the best post I have ever read on any site, thank you

  5. apneaman on Wed, 26th Aug 2015 1:01 pm 

    Thanks bug.

  6. apneaman on Wed, 26th Aug 2015 1:13 pm 

    Thanks boat. I have a Pol Pot poster on my wall and all the Pol Pot trading cards and action figures – he my hero.

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