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Page added on August 29, 2016

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Kunstler: Trending

Public Policy

Would fate permit it, the election of Hillary Clinton will be the supreme and perhaps terminal act in an Anything-Goes-And-Nothing-Matters society. Yet, even with the fabulous luck of running against a consummate political oaf, she struggles to get the upper hand, and she may land in the White House with the lowest voter turnout in modern history. And then her reward in office may be to dodge indictment for four years while the nation crumbles around her. This is the way the world ends: not with a bang or a whimper but with a cackle.

Imagine the scene following Hillary’s election. In order to salvage the last shred of its credibility, the Federal Reserve raises its overnight funds rate another quarter percent and crashes the last Potemkin semblance of a “recovering” economy, that is, the levitated stock markets. Tens of millions of retired individuals previously driven into them by zero interest rate policy are wiped out. Even more gravely, pension funds and insurance companies are destroyed, but not before their troubles trigger derivative contracts with big banks which then explode and expose the inability of counterparties to make good on their ends of the bet.

In a blind panic, the Federal Reserve reverses its policy in December, drops the Fed Funds interest rate back to 25 basis points and announces the grandest new round of “quantitative easing” (money printing) ever, while congress is coerced into voting for the greatest bailout of institutions the world has ever seen, along with a “one time” helicopter drop of a cool trillion dollars in the form of combined tax cuts and “shovel-ready infrastructure projects.” The media rejoices. The US Dollar tanks. Absolutely nobody wants US treasury bonds, bills, and notes. The pathetic remnant of the American middle class stares into the abyss. (If it looks hard enough, it sees the US government down there.)

We’re now living in the setup for this, treating the election shenanigans so far as just another sordid television entertainment. It’s more than that. It’s an engraved invitation to the worst crisis since the Civil War. The crisis may even feature events like a civil war with identity groups skirmishing around our already-ruined “flyover” cities just like the factions in Aleppo and Fallujah. Thank the “Progressive” Left for that. Believe me, history will blame them for chucking the idea of a unifying common culture onto the garbage barge.

And yes, for all our tribulations here in America, the rest of the world will be struggling with its own epic disorders. It remains to be seen whether they will lead to war as, say, the Chinese ruling party attempts to evade the crash of its own rickety banking system, and the inflamed millions of ruined “investors,” by starting a brawl with Japan over a few meaningless islands in the Pacific. Could happen. And, oh, is North Korea for real with its right out front nuclear bomb-and-missile program? What does the rest of the world plan to do about that?

You don’t even want to look at the Middle East. The grisly conflicts there of recent decades are just a prelude to what happens when the House of Saud loses its grip on the government. That will happen, and then the big question is whether Aramco can continue to function, or whether the critical parts of it end up damaged beyond repair as competing tribes fight over it. In any case, the world will begin to notice the salient fact of life in that part of the world: namely, that the Arabian desert, and much of the great band of arid territory on either side of it, cannot support the populations that mushroomed in the nutrient bath of the 20th century oil economy. And they won’t all be able to self-export to Europe either.

Speaking of that interesting region, around the same time Hillary sets up for intensive care in the third floor of the White House, the old order will be swept away across Europe. Farewell Merkel and Monsieur Hollandaise. Farewell to the squishy Left all over the place. Enter the hard-asses. You’d think if anything might unite that continent it might be the wish to defend secular freedom under the rule of law, but even that remains to be seen.

Yes, the world following 3Q 2016 is looking like one hot mess. If you remember anything, let it be this: the primary mission of your cohort of the human race is managing contraction. The world is getting wider and poorer again and the outcome everywhere will be determined by the success of people to manage their lives locally. The big things of this world — governments, corporations, institutions — are losing their traction and whatever we manage to rebuild will get done locally. In victory, Hillary may utterly cease to matter.


10 Comments on "Kunstler: Trending"

  1. .5 on Mon, 29th Aug 2016 4:21 pm 

    D00D musta lost his momma early.

  2. Cloggie on Mon, 29th Aug 2016 5:17 pm 

    “the old order will be swept away across Europe. Farewell Merkel and Monsieur Hollandaise. Farewell to the squishy Left all over the place. Enter the hard-asses.”

    Kunstler right on the money, as usual:

    The “hard-asses” are already in office in entire Eastern Europe.



    And as always the tenacious people of Dresden showed up yet again for the weekly anti-government protest in the city center:

    The speakers are smart and their speeches are checked in advance to avoid inflaming illegal content. The message is: Merkel should abdicate, no conflict with Russia, Fortress Europe, no violence, repatriating fake refugees.

    The total number of Islamic invaders and welfare tourists Eastern Europe is willing to admit is exactly zero, regardless how much the Merkel chancellorette is whining that everybody should carry its “fair share” of the third worlders she alone invited… no doubt on orders of Soros & co.

    It remains to be seen if she will run for chancellor again in 2017. Here approval ratings are plummeting. Next Sunday there are local elections in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The “populist” AfD is expected to do very well, perhaps even better than Merkel’s CDU.

  3. makati1 on Mon, 29th Aug 2016 5:39 pm 

    JHK sums it up pretty well. A shower of pins is coming to the bubble bath we are living in. I think that this next year is going to be very exciting. Pop the cap on a cool one and enjoy the ride. It is out of our hands now.

  4. shortonoil on Mon, 29th Aug 2016 8:21 pm 

    “Absolutely nobody wants US treasury bonds, bills, and notes. “

    That will most likely happen when the FED’s balance sheet reaches $8 trillion; about half of the US annual GDP. The point that says that “there is no way to get your money back”. We are half way there.

  5. makati1 on Tue, 30th Aug 2016 12:09 am 

    Two articles to consider:

    “According to a survey early last month, he has the support of nearly 91 percent of Filipinos. The independent poll was done during his first week in office, and no new surveys have come out since then.”

    “On the day he was sworn into office, President Rodrigo Duterte went to a Manila slum and exhorted residents who knew any drug addicts to “go ahead and kill them yourself as getting their parents to do it would be too painful. … According to a survey early last month, he has the support of nearly 91 percent of Filipinos. The independent poll was done during his first week in office, and no new surveys have come out since then.”

    Perhaps the US’ “War on Drugs” could take some pointers? lol

  6. makati1 on Tue, 30th Aug 2016 12:14 am 

    Two articles to consider:

    “For the past week, the the city of Cincinnati has been battling an unprecedented spike in heroin overdoses that has left police and emergency responders drained. Per the Cincinnati Enquirer, in a “normal” week, police and healthcare officials indicate that Cincinnati encounters roughly 25-30 heroin-related overdoses. That said, within the past 6 days that number has spiked by over 5.5x as 174 overdose cases have been reported by local emergency rooms.”

    With over 1,000,000 heroin addicts in the US today, drugs are big business.

    “On the day he was sworn into office, President Rodrigo Duterte went to a Manila slum and exhorted residents who knew any drug addicts to “go ahead and kill them yourself as getting their parents to do it would be too painful. … According to a survey early last month, he has the support of nearly 91 percent of Filipinos. The independent poll was done during his first week in office, and no new surveys have come out since then.”

    Perhaps the US’ “War on Drugs” could take some pointers? lol

  7. theedrich on Tue, 30th Aug 2016 1:54 am 

    Hillary’s soul has been sold.  The DeepState elites (Sörös, Gates, etc.) have bought and paid for it many times over.  As is typical in history, the high and mighty, slaves to dead economists and extinct ideologues, are blind to the future because they are so obsessed with immediate power.  Thus differences of race and culture, the impact of overpopulation, declining mass IQ or other “externalities” play no part in their strategies.  Indeed, they use their power to drown out (or do worse to) anyone who seriously challenges their Weltanschauungen.

    The vixen will get 99% of the Negroid vote, 95% of the other minorities.  This is all very funny, because she will “help” them out only by destroying and despoiling deracinated Whitey, who has been browbeaten into swallowing the White Guilt preached by his genosuicidal religion.  After this masochism has run its course and White culture has been destroyed by non-White hordes, the fortresses of the elites themselves will become werwolf-infested monuments to civilizational suicide.  And the minorities (along with the White women now ga-ga over Hotflash) will have only their decaying slums to enjoy.

    Amazingly, no one seems to care except for a few spurned academics and “racists.”  Otherwise, the herd is panting to leap into the chasm of annihilation.

  8. Cloggie on Tue, 30th Aug 2016 4:55 am 

    You are too pessimistic Theedrich. The level of resistance against dispossession is proportional with the visible changing reality in your own street.

    Take European focal point of the migration desaster Calais, a town of 73,000 people with a presence of 6,000 “high potentials” straight from Jungle Book…
    (pictures from southern Italy)

    …who for some reason all want to go to Britain. Result: the anti-immigrant Front Nationale of Marine le Pen scored a staggering 49% in Calais during the last election and 42% in the region. The so-called political “cordon sanitaire”, where all the other parties of Washington c*ck suckers conspire against the nationalists still is in place, but the balance gradually tilts and at some point the nationalists will prevail, 1989-style.

    You can easily read the difference between Europeans with a much stronger sense of identity and Americans and their immigrant mentality and corresponding weaker sense of identity, papered over by an artificial “proposition identity”. In France the Front Nationale emerged as early as in the seventees, when France was still white, where Americans deferred an out of the blue panic reaction to as late as 2016.

    Europeans are lucky that the decay of the US proceeds far faster than in Europe, which will lead to a weaking of the grip Washington still has over Europe, as third world countries don’t have much clout and grip.

    Eastern Europe is still 100% white and was lucky (in hindsight) to have been colonized by the Soviets and not the Americans and as a consequence are not brainwashed with the insane idea that self-replacement is wonderful. In the age bracket [0-5] the US is 50/50. In the worst European country France it is 66/33. Europe as a whole is still whiter than the US has ever been in its entire history.

    This is precisely the reason why eventually the roles between the US and Europe are going to be reversed.

    An extra advantage for Europe over the US is that we Europeans are mainly assaulted by Muslims, who, unike blacks, have an imperial attitude, which these IQ85 retards have great trouble in hiding:

    They simply can’t wait until they have sufficient numbers and in the mean time shut up. They are so abhorred by Western liberalism and freedom that they openly express their disgust. In big cities in Britain and Holland it is no longer possible to teach the holocaust at school because the jihadists, who for some reason consider Jews as pigs, refuse to be “indoctrinated with Jewish propaganda”.

    So sad.

    If civil war will break out in France, expect many Eastern European freelancer warriors from the Ukraine and Poland and Hungary to fight in France, comparable, but politically reversed, to all these thousands of Anglos who fought in Spain on the side of the Stalinists against the Catholic nationalists.

    As I said before: financial and social collapse, leading to war, will precede geological or climate collapse.

  9. Cloggie on Tue, 30th Aug 2016 8:30 am 

    Orban is the real deal in Europe:

    Speech with English subs.

    Orban has large support in Europe, including giant Helmut Kohl and Bavarian CSU leader Seehofer.

    Both Kohl and Seehofer invited Orban, which was intended as a slap in the face of Soros drone Merkel. And Orban has good relations with Putin.




    Orban is pro-Europe, not extreme nationalist. He is the perfect representation of the Gaullist/Putinist Europe of the Fatherlands.

    Hungarians are hands down the bravest people in Europe. They were in 1941, in 1956 and in 2016.

    Orban is the future of Europe.

    Orban, Putin, le Pen, Seehofer, AfD, the civilized face of a rightwing/conservative anti-immigration anti-NWO revolution in Europe.

    The only annotation: more Roman, less Christian.

  10. Cloggie on Wed, 31st Aug 2016 4:13 am 

    Talking about trending… giant mosque in Algiers nears completion:

    35,000 kneeled worshippers at a time.

    Islam is currently experiencing a global revival and like the neocohns, seek global domination. It will be ever more difficult for the globalists to maintain that these people can be integrated in our western societies in great numbers, without running the risk that the Muslims at some point will challenge the rule of the multicultists and their human rights mantras and holocaust religion and will replace the ruling political correctness (aka the Jewish Sharia) with the Muslim Sharia.

    Here cuckservative Bill Lind discussing the origins of the current western ruling ideology: political correctness:

    It is hilarious that Bill Lind himself conforms to the rules of political correctness by cowardly calling in the video the founders of the Frankfurter Schule “Germans”, where in reality they where all from a group that can’t be

    We Europeans worldwide need to come up with a counter strategy if we want to survive (many on this board don’t and are closet nihilists, ready to give up on their own civilization and engage in worshipping of the Holy Other and present their own historic territory on a silver platter to those who won’t even bother to say thank you). Something vital, something militant, something agressive if necessary. A revival of our own historic religion is a non-starter. That religion is the source and embodyment of our cultural cowardice. We must think both post-Christian (Nietzsche) as well as pre-Christian (read: Greek-Roman) and overcome nihilism by readopting vitalist values.

    Side note: the mosque is German designed and Chinese built. What else is new. The Allah muppets, the one apneaman claims invented algebra, can’t even build a mosque themselves but need the infidels to do it for them for $1B. Too busy reading the Quran to see what Muhamed has said about women and swimming.

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