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Page added on November 28, 2016

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Kunstler: The Rediscovery of Men

Public Policy

This must account, at least in part, for the post-election hysteria among the social justice folk and their mentors at the Prog end of politics, especially those bent on suppressing or eliminating men. Of course, it’s only been the last year or so that their long-running animus became explicit, their writ against white men in particular. Before, it was all sub rosa, really just a byproduct of the campaign to uplift women, people-of-color, and the many theoretical gender categories vying for supremacy of the moral high ground. Hillary was expected to drive the final wooden stake through masculinity’s demonic heart… but something went wrong… and she was disarmed… and now this cheeto-headed monster in a red necktie is the president-elect. There must have been a clerical error.

Donald Trump was about as far from my sense of the male ideal as anything short of the Golem. His accomplishments in life — developing hotels that look like bowling trophies and producing moronic TV shows — seem as flimsy as the plastic golden heraldry plastered on his casinos. His knowledge of the world appears to be on the level of a fifth grader. He can barely string together two coherent sentences off-teleprompter. I was as astonished as anyone by the disclosure of his “grab them by the pussy” courtship advice to little Billy Bush. In my experience, it seemed a very poor strategy for scoring some action, to say the least. In a better world — perhaps even the America he imagines to have been great once — Donald Trump would be a kind of freak among men, a joke, a parody of masculinity.

But then consider the freak show that American culture has become in our time and it shouldn’t be surprising that a cartoon nation has ended up with a cartoon of a man as head-of-state. In fact, I doubt that there even is any remaining collective idea of what it means to be a man here in terms of the ancient virtues. Honor? Dignity? Patience? Prudence? Fuhgeddabowdit. The cultural memory of all that has been erased. The apotheosis of Trump may remind a few people of all that has been lost, but we’re starting from nearly zero in the recovery of it.

Consider also the caliber of the male persons who stepped into the arena last spring when the election spectacle kicked off. Only Bernie Sanders came close to representing honorable manhood — in the form of your irascible old “socialist” uncle from Brooklyn — while the rest of them acted like Elmer Fudd, Mighty Mouse, and Woody Woodpecker. And then when the primary elections ended, Bernie drove a wooden stake into his own heart in a bizarre act of political hara-kiri.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign was engineered from the get-go to complete the demolition of American manhood in what turned out to be a reckless miscalculation. “I’m with her (and against him).” Too much in recent American history has been against “him” and a great many of the hims out there began to notice that they were being squeezed out of the nation’s life like watermelon seeds. Most particularly, men were no longer considered necessary in whatever remained of the family unit. This went against the truth of the matter, of course, because nothing has been more harmful to everyday life than the absence of fathers. And this was connected to the secondary calamity of men losing their roles in the workplace — and the loss of self-respect connected with that. So the election awakened some sleeping notion that life was wildly out of balance in America. And being so out of balance, it swung wildly in the other direction.

The corrective to all this awaits a fiery passage through the coming tribulation that is about to start in the realm of money. You can be sure that many of the current popular assumptions about how the world works are about to change. It will present opportunities for men to start acting like men again — for instance, being on the side of the truth instead of reflexive mendacity.  Some real men could emerge from the smoldering rubble and begin a from-the-ground-up reassembly of the male spirit. Trump may end up being little more than a broken monument amid the rubble, a sort of golden calf the people constructed in desperation as they sought a way out of the wilderness.

But the blow-up in banking and finance could represent a final detonation of manhood, since so much testosterone is sequestered in the dark corners of Wall Street and the money centers like it. And when that happens men might be in disrepute for a thousand years.


42 Comments on "Kunstler: The Rediscovery of Men"

  1. IPissOnBetaMales on Mon, 28th Nov 2016 12:14 pm 

    By definition feminism is a war against men. The main theme of feminism is that man are the causes of all western world problems and man masculinity must be controlled and destroyed. In fact, it did work successfully at destroying man masculinity.

    This has been going on since 1970 where feminism became popular. Women are now staring to rebel against it in small number.

    This election was really special because on one side your had a matriarch and a patriarch opposing each other. Trump has the body language of a patriarch and asshole.

    There is no masculinity left in young man. You can still find it withing car mechanics, plumber, welder but it is mostly gone. Today young man are metro sexual that care more about stye and image then tools.

  2. penury on Mon, 28th Nov 2016 12:14 pm 

    I suppose that this scenario is as possibly true as a lot of other rantings. Somewhere the threads of civilization are unraveling and I do not know exactly how it will work out but i think Homo Sapiens will be going away.

  3. Hubert on Mon, 28th Nov 2016 1:13 pm 

    Hillary is suffering from Mad Cow Disease:

  4. Jerome Purtzer on Mon, 28th Nov 2016 2:04 pm 

    You can kind of see the perfect storm forming on the horizon. Complete collapse of Ocean fisheries, complete change of Climate, complete collapse of financial/casino banking system, complete resource depletion and completely moronic half assed magical thinking response to the whole mess. This is why the Mess-I-Yeah has his mandate to Make America Great Again. Sorry, must be the Turkey talking.

  5. Boat on Mon, 28th Nov 2016 3:37 pm 


    Make America great again assumes it is not great now. It also assumes it was great at one time. You have some time periods of these great times? And great for who. The poor? Women, minority’s, health, the government, the military? Just courious.

  6. GregT on Mon, 28th Nov 2016 3:48 pm 

    “Make America great again assumes it is not great now. It also assumes it was great at one time.”

    Correct Boat. If you’re having trouble figuring it all out, I suggest that you get out there and have some serious conversations with your fellow Americans.

    And also Boat, courious is not a word. At least not in the English language.

    What is “curious”

    Could not find any definition of word “curious”

  7. GregT on Mon, 28th Nov 2016 3:53 pm 

    What is “courious”
    Could not find any definition of word “courious”

    Sorry, my computer will not allow me to type words that do not exist.

  8. onlooker on Mon, 28th Nov 2016 3:58 pm 

    Absolutely Jerome. It is not just climate change or peak oil, it is all facets of Earth”s environment under assault from a ravenous 7 plus billion people who everyday are drawing down resources and further damaging it. It is also a species which has never learned to temper it’s aggression armed to the teeth and facing key resource shortages. The Doomsday clock should be now about a minute to Boom.

  9. Apneaman on Mon, 28th Nov 2016 4:25 pm 

    onlooker, your comment reminds me of one of the first guys whose writing compelled me to see us humans for what we really are.

    The case against us …
    Published on: July 19, 1999

    “If we were to assume the role of advocate for the biosphere, we should have to concede that what evolution most requires of us now is to ignore the warnings on the current environmental package and continue to behave as we always have. Should we falter in our rate of economic and technological progress we might jeopardise the nice swift end to the human plague that is now being signalled by the soaring extinction rate and the rapid carbonisation of the atmosphere.”

  10. joe on Mon, 28th Nov 2016 4:31 pm 

    The war on men has been mans creation, the destruction of the family is a central pillar of socialist/communist ideology. Any interested person may read this

    The woman is equal to the man but more than that she must rely on the community for protection not her husband, so the husband role is the enemy. Men must be free to work and fuck but they must not control the family because only through the destruction of tight families can socialists infect and control the minds of individuals. Women who rely on the state will raise kids who rely on the state and if the state controls the people then the socialists are happy because they believe thats the way it should be.
    Trump is an extreme socialist, he hires women he promotes them etc. The kunster article seems to portray Trump as a reactionary, he is but not to women, he is societies reaction to 30 years of globalisation. Why wont the socialists understand that? All kinds of people voted for Trump, white males simply could not have got him elected, whities days are done.

  11. onlooker on Mon, 28th Nov 2016 4:55 pm 

    yeah, AP, or in provincial vernacular the Earth and any potential future life will be better off the sooner the human species exits. Quite a testament to the pernicious aspects of our nature

  12. Boat on Mon, 28th Nov 2016 6:52 pm 

    I am very happy you do not get to decide the fate of humans. You may be a danger to yourself and others. You may need another another period of deep reflection.

  13. onlooker on Mon, 28th Nov 2016 7:52 pm 

    I don’t think so Boat. Just stating the facts including the one that some find a bit too personal to accept that we are responsible for the full gamut of terrible effects and consequences that have, are and will be playing out. I take ownership as a member of the aforementioned species. Don’t you think its time we all did.

  14. Apneaman on Mon, 28th Nov 2016 7:55 pm 

    Boat, the fate of humans has already been decided. Hasn’t sunk in yet huh? No worries, you’re still young enough that the human’s fate will become crystal clear before you depart the earth when the angel, Milton Friedman takes you to his capitalist mansion in the sky.

  15. Boat on Mon, 28th Nov 2016 8:18 pm 


    I do not take responsibility for climate change. My footprint is small enough. It seems blaming those with multiple children is more correct. I did my part, I didn’t have any. Reflect on that. Lol

  16. GregT on Mon, 28th Nov 2016 8:21 pm 

    “I am very happy you do not get to decide the fate of humans.”

    It isn’t onlooker who is deciding the fate of Humans Boat. It’s idiots like yourself who are the problem.

  17. GregT on Mon, 28th Nov 2016 8:25 pm 

    “I do not take responsibility for climate change.”

    Of course you don’t Boat. You haven’t contributed to climate change at all. It’s the third worlders with 5 children, that use less energy combined than yourself, who are responsible.

  18. makati1 on Mon, 28th Nov 2016 8:25 pm 

    Boat, if you are an American, your “footprint” is the largest on the earth. You consume 25+% of the worlds resources with 4% of the world’s population. If you use roads, bridges, any man made products like sewer pipe, electric wire, etc., YOU have a HUGE foot print. Denial does not count.

  19. Boat on Mon, 28th Nov 2016 8:26 pm 


    Well spoken from the sister smoking chimney from the north.

  20. Apneaman on Mon, 28th Nov 2016 8:42 pm 

    Look what you dun did boat


  21. GregT on Mon, 28th Nov 2016 9:03 pm 

    “Well spoken from the sister smoking chimney from the north.”

    You need to get your meds adjusted Kevin.

  22. Boat on Mon, 28th Nov 2016 9:34 pm 


    Canadiand use more energy per capita than most and drink more than most. You need to lay off the liquid med. Lol

  23. GregT on Mon, 28th Nov 2016 10:01 pm 


    “Canadiand use more energy per capita than most and drink more than most.”

    Correct Boat. Canada uses more energy per capita than the US, and no doubt that most Canadians could drink most Americans under the table, and still make far more sense than you do when you’re sober. LOL.

  24. Theedrich on Tue, 29th Nov 2016 4:01 am 

    The West wants White genosuicide.  A large part of this nihilism comes from Christianity, especially the idea that all men (i.e., all White men) are hopelessly sinful, which was baked into the Puritanical mindset at America’s foundation.  Allegedly a dying-and-rising vegetation god called Jesus was supposed to save them from eternal perdition.  But after Nietzsche made it clear that God is dead (i.e., that the Christian version of cosmology is utterly false), the intelligentsia was left with no “savior” of the White man, and found it useful simply to substitute earthly Marxism for Jesus, while keeping the “sinful” part for propaganda.

    The core of the anti-White (and anti-White-male) thrust is hatred of evolution itself.  Survival of the fittest means that most do NOT survive, a concept utterly opposed to the demand of the lower strata that they inherit the earth.  Given the residual Christian antagonism to evolution (What?  Man coming from apes???  Kill the messenger!), Whitey has disarmed himself and surrendered to materialism.  Opiates, “fun” and, in the end, extinction are now his destiny.  That notwithstanding, a few men, cast off as rejects from a globalizing society, have come to realize this fact and voted for Trump.

    The Jew, of course, cannot abide such a delay in the White march to mass death.  Hence his media is pulling out all the stops to derail the Trump train.  But since failure to stop the current downslide will only force more White men into desperation, that train may be only the beginning of a change that even Christian suicidism will be unable to halt.

  25. Cloggie on Tue, 29th Nov 2016 11:45 am 

    Kunstler and his article above: the Left’s war on Trump continues.

    The West wants White genosuicide.

    – The Roman empire was destroyed by the Christian movement.
    – Czarist Russia was destroyed by old school communism.
    – America will be destroyed by cultural Marxism of the Frankfurter Schule variety.

    All these destructive movements originate from the same source. The civilization destroyers approach a society and contemplate how to overthrow the old order, comparable to how hooligans approach a bus stop shelter made of glass and demolish it, just for the heck of it.

    Standard recipe of the society destroyers: divide a society in a lower and upper part and begin to set up the lower strata of society against the higher ones, tell them they have a bad deal and that they are being exploited and that a revolution is required.

    How to escape from this spiral downwards?

    Nietzschean “Umwertung aller Werte”… “revaluation of all values”. Recognize that the highest incarnation of our DNA so far was classical antiquity, Greece and Rome. How to rediscover “your inner Roman” and dump your “inner Christian”? Read Nietzsche or the popularized version “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance”.

    The European + Christianity, that’s like trying to run a Porsche on lemonade. If we remain Christian or its secular offshoot (cultural) Marxist, we are toast and will be overrun. And correctly so, as Mother Nature doesn’t like weaklings and cowards. The Christian, a dopey equipped with two giant Other Cheeks and inscription “Hit Here”, needs to be phased out from history.
    Nietzsche, Antichrist.

    The essence of Christianity and its sirens calls, captured perfectly in this video:

  26. Cloggie on Tue, 29th Nov 2016 11:56 am 

    The best novel ever read about the reality of life in classic antiquity was:

    Memoirs of Hadrian
    by Marguerite Yourcenar

  27. Apneaman on Tue, 29th Nov 2016 12:02 pm 

    Any time someone mentions cultural Marxism you know you are dealing with a poor little victimized fantasists conspiracy tard. OLd dutch wouldn’t know reality if it kicked him in the teeth.

    Here’s reality retard. Better get use to it.

    ‘Worst possible conditions’: Residents, visitors flee Gatlinburg, Tenn., as flames engulf popular resort town

    ““This is a fire for the history books,” Miller said during a Tuesday morning news conference.”

  28. Apneaman on Tue, 29th Nov 2016 12:04 pm 


    Thirsty Somalis Trek 60 KM for Water as Drought and Conflict Bite

  29. Cloggie on Tue, 29th Nov 2016 12:19 pm 

    “Two-hundred-year drought doomed Indus Valley Civilization”

    We’re f* by climate change.

    Oh wait, that was 4200 years ago.ROFL

  30. Cloggie on Tue, 29th Nov 2016 12:33 pm 

    During last ice age Canada was under 3 km of ice. Now that’s climate change.

    Interestingly, Siberia was not covered with ice.


  31. Apneaman on Tue, 29th Nov 2016 1:07 pm 

    Thanks clogged for once again proving that you don’t know a fucking thing about physics – liar. Is your little comment supposed to be an argument of some kind? It’s not. Implied circular reasoning at best. At the same intellectual level as the average 3 toothed, merican, semi literate, redneck denier.

    I told you before that I can tell who knows their science fundamentals and who doesn’t. You don’t. Those who once made at least halfway decent skeptical arguments obviously had the background and knew the fundamentals. You don’t. That is as obvious as anything. rockman has some knowledge of geology and at least makes a half assed effort to incorporate it in his denial arguments – not working either and he ends up in the same place as you with the think tank special – climut alewees canges duh. Something no knowledgeable amature or scientists ever said was not true. A strawman. Climate always changes alright and civilization was only made possible by one of the most stable periods ever until the humans dug up and burned billions of tons of carbon every year and cut down the forests and paved millions of square miles and extinct species and transported invasive species all over the globe and turned the ocean into their sewer and radically altered every natural cycle on the planet. The atmosphere is just one big sewer now. The humans have altered the chemistry of the atmosphere 1000 times faster than the Siberian traps did during the permian extinction period. So climate does indeed change, but the speed of changes the humans have wrought are unprecedented in the history of life on this planet and speed kills. Neither meteorites or volcanic traps have caused changes at anything near the rate the humans have. We’re talking tens of thousands of years VS 250 years.
    Speed is killing off other species everyday and the humans turn will come since they NEED many other species to survive. For now most of the wealthier humans are feeling all warm N fuzzy and invincible in their technological bubbles, but that won’t last. Simply look at the effect of AGW and mass extinction on the people in the poor countries – there is your future.

  32. Cloggie on Tue, 29th Nov 2016 1:26 pm 

    I told you before that I can tell who knows their science fundamentals and who doesn’t. You don’t.

    Got any other references than mom and yourself?

    What “scientific fundamental” are you referring to?

    Of course climate changes all the time. Everything changes all the time.

    Panta Rhei.

    In my two posts above I gave two examples of gigantic natural climate changes, that dwarfs anything you can come up with.

    I am not a denier of the possibility of (even catastrophic) climate change. What I do deny is that you possess any solid knowledge that an excessive run-away climate change is indeed going to occur.

    And than there are these unexpected side effects like a giant “greening of the planet” as a result of increased CO2 levels in the atmosphere. This is positive, so it is not all gloom and doom with increased CO2 levels.

    25-50% increase vegetated areas!

    Some people prefer to play solitaire, but Friday prefers to scan the internet with google to find some forest fire somewhere and frames it to fit it in his grand vision of climate change.

    Ah well, anything that keeps you from the street.

    P.S. here in Holland we’ll have -8 Celsius tonight, which is very cold for November.

  33. onlooker on Tue, 29th Nov 2016 1:41 pm 

    Here cloggie just this googled page filled with references to UNPRECEDENTED changes occurring to the environment including the climate. Notice how often unprecedented is used. Its already occurring “excessive run-away climate change is indeed going to occur.” So pea brain what have you to say

  34. Cloggie on Tue, 29th Nov 2016 2:23 pm 

    squintlooker, everybody can produce these silly google searches:

    See? CC is a

    You have thousands of nuclear fusion folks who will all say that fusion will be working in two decades, please continue to send money.

    Likewise the world is full of CC experts with a mortgage, preferably to be paid by you.

    Look, climate change doesn’t interest me. The only thing that you can do about it (if it exists at all in any meaningful way) is gradually stop using fossil fuel and work with renewables. There isn’t much more you can do about it. And I am already in favor of that.

    And apart from the question if it exists at all, there is another question: what is so bad about 1-2 degree Celsius global warming? It would mean a considerable less demand for fossil for space heating. It has already been proven that a vast increase of vegetation has occurred over the last 30 years and that’s a plus. I don’t like the Northern Territories as they are. What we want is lush vegetation. Perhaps it would cheer up Friday’s dark depressed moods.

  35. Apneaman on Tue, 29th Nov 2016 2:55 pm 

    old fuck, I already addressed your greening is good for the planet “personal interpretation” the first 3 times you tried to sell it.

    How is it your read a study and come up with a different interpretation than what it suggests?

    Cause you a dirty fucking denier liar conspiracist and game player.

    Apparently you are unaware of the albedo effect?

    Albedo is a measure of the reflectivity of a surface. The albedo effect when applied to the Earth is a measure of how much of the Sun’s energy is reflected back into space. Overall, the Earth’s albedo has a cooling effect. (The term ‘albedo’ is derived from the Latin for ‘whiteness’).

    The basic principle is analogous to strategies employed by people who live in hot places. Building are finished with white exteriors to keep them cool, because white surfaces reflect the sun’s energy. Black surfaces reflect much less. People wear light colours in summer rather than dark ones for the same reason.

    More greening, especially in the Arctic equals more albedo loss and thus more energy absorption and thus more warming – yet another positive feedback.

    Why the do think most plants are green and not white? Because they absorb more energy being a dark colour. See this is what I mean by fundamentals. Stuff they teach in Jr high school science class.

    Rising carbon dioxide is greening the Earth – but it’s not all good news

    “Our research shows this change has been driven by human activities, particularly the rising concentration of carbon dioxide (CO₂) in the atmosphere. This is perhaps the strongest evidence yet of how people have become a major force in the Earth’s functioning.

    We are indeed in a new age, the Anthropocene.”

    Humans are greening the planet, but the implications are complicated
    New study shows humans are influence the growth patterns of plants, but it’s not as simple as ‘greener is better’

    It’s funny how many deniers have used the uptick in greening to imply that AGW is good are the same retards who scoff at the notion that the humans could ever have any big effect on the planet.

  36. Apneaman on Tue, 29th Nov 2016 2:59 pm 

    “You have thousands of nuclear fusion folks who will all say that fusion will be working in two decades, please continue to send money.
    Likewise the world is full of CC experts with a mortgage, preferably to be paid by you.”

    Another meaningless and baseless accusation from the king of conspiracy. Conspiracies are all you have with no evidence or bad evidence at best and an endless stream of cherry picking and lying.

    You got nothing loser.

  37. makati1 on Tue, 29th Nov 2016 6:16 pm 

    In the winter, the thermostat in your home works and keeps the temperature within a few degrees all the time. Some variation, yes, but nothing drastic.

    Now turn that stat up 1 degree every hour until it is maxed out and locks in the ‘on’ position.

    Getting warmer? No, don’t open the windows, they are nailed shut. Doors too. Getting hotter? Of course. If you have unlimited heat energy (sun) It will soon get too hot to breathe easily. Your body will heat up until it just quits, called death.

    THAT is what humans have been doing to their home (planet earth) for at least 200 years. The heat is now noticeable and will continue to get hotter until….

  38. makati1 on Tue, 29th Nov 2016 6:25 pm 

    Ap, deniers can deny all they want but reality doesn’t give a damn. The reality 4X4 is still going to hit them in the face at full speed.

    True, knowing and understanding what is happening is not going to change anything at this point as it is too late, but at least we can ease the pain as it happens.

    Some cannot face their own death or that their family has no future. Certainly not one that resembles anything we know from the past. And even more certainly, nothing like the techie dreams they believe will save them from the pain and suffering to come.

    Frankly, I’m glad I am 72. At best, I have 20 or so years left to watch the last act of the play unfold. Maybe even hear the fat lady sing. We shall see.

  39. onlooker on Tue, 29th Nov 2016 6:34 pm 

    Yes Mak, not you or I, and certainly reality does not care how much denial still abounds. This is the Titanic we have already struck the Iceberg and we are just now in the process of sinking. You can hide from reality but not its consequences.

  40. Apneaman on Tue, 29th Nov 2016 8:28 pm 

    mak, denial is not some bug, it’s a regular feature for humans. It is the norm. I just like to poke and prod certain people – gets me hard. I am under no illusion that anymore than a few will ever wake up. Truth is the only reason to wake up at this point is to get things right in your head. Especially for us white boys who have had more privilege and opportunity than 99% of all humans whoever lived and we are among the most responsible or benefited the most as far as regular folks are concerned. It could never have been much different in the end. A decade or two – maybe another century at the most. The humans are not in control although they think they are. Reward seeking apes with big abstract brains. Why hasn’t Warren Buffett, or Soros, or Hamm or Gates or any of the other old rich fucks stopped? Cause they can’t. They are driven by their limbic system to constantly seek rewards. This is evolutionary and no amount of wishful thinking can change it. It drives the bus and the neocortex is by it’s very name a much more recent evolutionary development. It’s good at making the tools and planning and most importantly, conjuring up an infinite number of rationalizations and excuses and denials. I look for this and have recently spotted a new one in regards to AGW wildfires. Government spin doctors, all over the world, have come out with a, blame it on arsonists campaign, and harsher fines for accidental ignitions. There may very well have been a fire or two started by arsonists since arson has been around since man first learned to control fire, but they seem to forget to mention how bone dry the forests and all the biomass is due to AGW drought – no don’t look there. That’s a form of soft denial and it’s not the only one and there will be more and more scapegoats too. The humans will rationalize until extinction and given that most of the planet lives under a growth obsessed, Black Friday everyday, neoliberal system it is going to come all that much faster. 40 billion tons of CO2 every year and 80 million new consumer humans. Humans are absurd.

  41. makati1 on Tue, 29th Nov 2016 8:56 pm 

    As I have mentioned before, my grandfather used to love to sit in the monkey house in the DC Zoo and watch the moneys for hours. He would laugh and thoroughly enjoy their antics. When asked why he like them so much, he replied: “They remind me of some people I know”.

    I too am enjoying watching the antics of my fellow American ‘monkeys’ as they go about their lives, oblivious to the reality outside their self built mental cages. They are like a genius who has an IQ of 200 and then only using maybe 10% of it. Enough to survive, but not grow and learn. Or face the future. Most Americans are the perfect example of “Ignorance is Bliss!”

  42. makati1 on Tue, 29th Nov 2016 9:42 pm 

    Anyoine who is in denial mode, I suggest you read this:

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