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Page added on May 10, 2021

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Kunstler: The Raptures of Hyper-Complexity

Public Policy

Looks like The New York Times will have to recalibrate its president-o-meter. For five months they’ve been styling Joe Biden as the reincarnation of FDR, but he’s looking more and more like the second coming of Millard Fillmore — who came to leadership of the dominant Whig Party at exactly the moment it flew up the wazoo of history and vanished, ushering in a civil war.

FDR, you remember, was faced with a momentous systems failure, a crisis we came to call the Great Depression. I’m not sure we actually learned the lesson of that, despite thousands of books and PhD dissertations on the subject. The lesson: financial systems tend to expand and complexify at a more rapid rate than the larger economic systems of which they are a component. Their abstract operations seek to hide risk in hyper-complexity until hazard comes a’callin’ and then you discover that the actual money is not there.

The difference then (1929 – 1941) was that the greater US economy was fully outfitted for industrial production when its finance sector blew up. There was something solid underneath all that financial abstraction. We were all set up to manufacture products of value, many of them based on inventions developed here: cars, movies, airplanes, radios, you-name-it, new and exciting things that people wanted to buy. Our factories were all pretty much up-to-date and state-of-the-art then, too. Our oil supply, including the industry that pumped it out of the ground and moved it from points A to B, was the envy of the world. We had raw materials up the ying-yang. The whole kit was humming magnificently when Wall Street blew up, and next thing you know unemployment goes to twenty-five percent and nobody has any money and the luckless are building cardboard shanties in Central Park.

Of course, that was then and this is now. If you’re saying “boo-hoo,” I think you get the picture. That whole kit of industrial production is long gone, and we’re left in an economic slum of Chinese product “welfare” (stuff for treasury bonds) juiced on computer-driven hyper-complexity, decorated with junk enterprise like social media, streaming pornography, crypto-currency mining, and chicken nuggets — with a lot of deceptive and useless motion in the form of mass motoring to provide the illusion that this country is actually going somewhere… all with a poison Chinese Covid-19 cherry-on-top. This is the outfit that Joe Biden is ostensibly the president of.

Now along comes the curious case of the Colonial Pipeline shutdown. It’s especially interesting because the pipeline itself, while big (5,500 miles long, from refineries in Texas clear up to gas stations in New York), is itself not that complicated. It’s a tube that a few volatile liquids move through: gasoline, aviation fuel, diesel oil. It has a bunch of valves to regulate the flows of these liquids. Plus, some storage tank-farms. The valves are computerized. That seems to be the problem. There was no physical damage to the pipeline and its components. The software that runs it got hacked, reportedly a “ransom-ware” sting, where unknown actors get control of the software and won’t relinquish it unless a whole lot of cash gets forked over by some non-traceable electronic means of transfer. I imagine it’s this last point that Colonial and its hackers are haggling over now, which explains the failure to restart the otherwise undamaged pipeline. I also imagine, meanwhile, all kinds of private and government computer savants are trying like hell to hack the hack behind the scenes.

The Colonial Pipeline is easy-peasy compared to the financial system and the electric grid. If the first one gets hacked, the nation’s nominal wealth might disappear (yours included), and, anyway, the financial system itself is not just enormous and hyper-complex, but much of its complexity conceals the massive misrepresentation of vaporous entities for “money” and any stoppage of the flows of that “money,” and things purporting to derive from it, will reveal the black hole at the center of all that activity. Hear that giant sucking sound? That was your livelihood, your pension, and your legacy rushing by en route to zero.

The electric grid is sometimes referred to as “the biggest machine in the world.” Unlike the financial system, it’s not largely stoked on hyper-complex dishonesty, it’s just really old, and jerry-rigged, and held together with duct-tape and baling wire. Probably a few kids in a basement somewhere — not even enemies of the republic, necessarily — could initiate a software attack that causes a whole lot of damage to transformers and other vital components and starts a process that wrecks the whole darn thing. Taking down the grid would be, effectively, the end of civilization, at least for a while, maybe a long while, maybe for good.

The various voting systems that states such as Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan employ are child’s play compared to those monsters. And the funny part is: there was no good reason to over-complexify them except to queer elections. Dominion machines and Smartmatic software were hardly needed to tally votes and only invited opportunity to cheat. Paper ballots, pen-and-ink voter registration ledgers (like the ones still used in New York state precincts), and some dedicated board-of-election workers will get’er done in a straightforward manner that can be regulated easily. But, no-o-o-o, we had to heap unnecessary complexity on that, too, and look where it’s left us. We may find out soon.

So, the Colonial Pipeline breakdown should send a kind of grim message. The creatures who run the Federal Reserve, the banks, and the markets are standing by along with the poor souls who run the electric grid, chewing their fingernails down to the nubbins. It’s too late to simplify any of it. We’ve just got to roll with it, until it stops rolling.


19 Comments on "Kunstler: The Raptures of Hyper-Complexity"

  1. The_Forbin_Project on Tue, 11th May 2021 2:29 am 

    go back to a previous snapshot , maybe a few weeks ago ….

    oh I get it , they didn’t follow their disaster recovery plan …… probably because they did want to pay for it.


  2. Biden’s hairplug on Tue, 11th May 2021 12:25 pm 

    “Michel Barnier says France should suspend immigration from outside the EU for FIVE YEARS and warns of migration’s links to ‘terrorist networks’”


    Barnier is cashing in on the exceptional warning by retired French generals for civil war. Barnier is my favorite candidate for president in 2022. He is a Gaullist. If Laschet wins in Germany in September, we’ll have a European dreamteam in place that can throw the US empire in the dustbin and take over from the Anglos, enabled by Brexit.

  3. They call me Kunty on Tue, 11th May 2021 7:06 pm 

    Poor Kunty, each and every looney prediction of his is the polar opposite of reality. The Kunt is a perfect negative barometer of future events. If the troll had any sense of self-respect, he would shut up already, but that’s no easy task when your bread is buttered by the lunatic fringe-lol.

  4. They call me Kunty on Tue, 11th May 2021 7:22 pm 

    Poor Kunty, each and every looney prediction of his is the polar opposite of reality. The Kunt is a perfect negative barometer of future events. If the troll had any sense of self-respect, he would shut up already, but that’s no easy task when your bread is buttered by the lunatic fringe-lol.

  5. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 12th May 2021 5:17 am 

    Trump may have lost his grip on America, he hasn’t on the GOP:

    “Cheney shames colleagues who will purge her for disloyalty to Trump”

    The GOP is rapidly evolving into a dissident party and vehicle to escape from ZOG.

    Cartoon of the day:

  6. supremacist muzzies jerk on Wed, 12th May 2021 9:56 am 

    supertards, today is end of ramadan muzzies will kill moare fierce.
    it’s also mating season, please beware of ur surrounding and keep luke ready. watch supertard theedrich makes long prosts.

    please love supremacisr muzzies more

    i still hope (((supertard))) alice won’t take the killshot and neither is supertard rok. the number of (((supertards))) taking killshot is off the roof. one would think Furher culling taught them something but NOPE, no lesson learned.

    please feel at ease among friends we’re all supremacist muzzies lovers here.

  7. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 12th May 2021 11:55 am 

    “Trump Celebrates Political Demise Of ‘Horrible’ Liz Cheney”

    The grapes are sour for CNN:

    “Cheney shames colleagues who purged her for disloyalty to Trump”

    Mind the step on the way out, Liz!

  8. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 13th May 2021 2:21 am 

    When American historians begin to doubt the official WW2 narrative (“We good, Jerries evil”), you know it’s all downhill for western Nuremberg propaganda:

    “Barbarossa: Suvorov’s Revisionism Goes Mainstream
    A review of Sean McMeekin, Stalin’s War: A New History of World War II”

    Note that McMeekin is a mainstream historian, who got a lot of praise for earlier work from the likes of the leftist Guardian. Let’s see how the Guardian judges his latest work on Barbarossa. Core message (echoing Suvorov): “Barbarossa was the work of the Soviets, not the Germans”.

    “Stalin’s War: A New History of World War II”

    New narrative:

    – WW2 was the war where the US, USSR and UK war party around Churchill, intentionally set up Europe for war, where the Americans and Soviets cooperated in advance to set up the US and Soviet empires.
    – All the Nuremberg tales (“German war guilt”, holohoax) are despicable lies.
    – The Chinese Red Army could function as the white liberation army in that it breaks the back of the ZOG empire in East Asia. Even US white nationalists should hope for that to happen, so they can topple Washington and start all over again in a new, smaller republic, strongly tied to white civilization in continental Europe.

  9. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 13th May 2021 11:55 am 

    After Liz Cheney, the neocons could be next to get the boot, or perhaps they won’t wait and keep the honor to themselves:

    “Neocons Threaten to Abandon the GOP and Form a Chickenhawk Coward Party”

  10. Biden’s hairplug on Thu, 13th May 2021 11:28 pm 

    UK deporting EU citizens:

    “EU citizens arriving in UK being locked up and expelled“

    Well, this screams for retalliation and throwing out every Brit we can lay our hands on from continental Europe and kick these trouble makers back to their rainy island.

    This British pro-European enterpreneur won’t visit Europe for holidays because he fears hostile reactions because of Brexit (which he hates, not in the least because it ruined his business and life work):

  11. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 14th May 2021 9:14 am 

    The pandemic IS NOT over:

    “Real Time with Bill Maher halts filming after fully vaccinated presenter tests positive for Covid-19”

    “Four Brits dead from Indian variant as experts (and Dominic Cummings) tell Boris to hit the brakes: PM and Chris Whitty will hold press conference at 5pm amid calls to keep England OUT of pubs and delay Monday’s unlocking as Covid strain surges”

    “Covid Surges In 4 Of 5 Most Vaccinated Countries—Here’s Why The U.S. Should Worry”

    Of the Seychelles, Israel, the UAE, Chile and Bahrain—respectively the world’s five most vaccinated countries—only Israel is not fighting to contain a dangerous surge in Covid-19 infections.

    There are still idiots here who think that it is all “just a flu”.

    “Covid-19: W.H.O. Warns That Variant Found in India May Be Highly Contagious”

  12. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 14th May 2021 11:24 am 

    OK, that’s it folks!

    “Arizona Investigation Confirms Systematic Fraud – Trump Clear Winner”

    “Senate Republicans sign lease to continue Arizona election audit”

    Republicans have hired Cyber Ninjas, a Florida-based cybersecurity firm to oversee an unprecedented, partisan review of the 2020 election in Arizona’s largest county. They are conducting a hand recount of all 2.1 million ballots and looking into baseless conspiracy theories suggesting there were problems with the election, which have grown popular with supporters of former President Donald Trump.


  13. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 14th May 2021 1:03 pm 

    How to bring this to makati?

    “‘Our friendship will end here’: Duterte defies Beijing, says he won’t withdraw vessels from disputed waters”

  14. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 15th May 2021 6:03 am 

    US and allies begin retreating from Afghanistan. It will take a couple of months to withdraw ca. 10,000 troops.

    Evaluation: this is yet another massive defeat for the NWO. The intention was to incorporate Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria as vassal states into the US empire. ALL FAILED.

    The big winner: ISLAM (both overlords Turkey and Iran, as well as Islamic fundamentalists)

    Expect the Taliban to takeover entire Afghanistan soon and serve from there as a hotbed for an Islamic revolution with global reach, aiming at uniting all Muslim territories:

    Next items on the Muslim todo list: Egypt, Palestine, KSA and other Gulf states, currently US vassals. Egypt already fell briefly to the Muslim Brotherhood, with the democratically elected Morsi, who the next day flew to Turkey. The US didn’t like that at all and toppled him via the Egyptian army. Whatever. Won’t be long until western colonialism in the ME, either European or US, will be thoroughly over, including Palestine.

    Together with the rise of China, the globalist project, that began in earnest in 1945, will be over for good as well.

    How did one of the 2 master globalists (Churchill & Roosevelt) Churchill put it again:

    If Britain must choose between Europe and the open sea, she must always choose the open sea. Every time I have to decide between you and Roosevelt, I will always choose Roosevelt (Churchill to de Gaulle in 1944)

    Churchill is still the hero of the Brexiteers and most of the British as well.

    “Global Britain”, is the battle cry of the Brexiteers.


    Anglo-Zionism is the proper name of the most grandiose conspiracy in world history, aimed at a planetary power grab and it almost succeeded in 1991, with US oligarchs getting Russia under control.

    But then Putin and Xi destroyed the great dream of Global Zion:

    Straight from the (((horse’s))) mouth.

    The American Dream is over, no not the juvenile one (from newspaper boy to millionaire), but the grandiose one: One World under the star-sprangled banner.

    White America will have to reinvent itself, on a much more modest footing. It will likely be a much bigger mess than the reinvention of Russia after communism. This time however, Europe, including Russia, will be standing by to intervene in that process, just like in “1776”. Oh, and so will Beijing.

    The Old America was born out of a conflict between France and Britain.

    The New America will be born out of a conflict between Greater Europe and China over the remains of Anglosphere.

  15. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 15th May 2021 7:23 am 

    The average American clueless, Bible-thumping conservatard:

    But someday, scenes like this will initiate CW2:

    For us continental Europeans, no need to hurry. Time is working on our side, for Russia and for the Chinese. And indirectly for US white nationalists. Just don’t let yourself being sicked into a conflict with Russia on orders of Washington and use Brexit to quietly distance yourself from the old dying West. A little bit of conflict EU-UK is good, short of bombing each other’s cities. Just quietly sabotage trade, bicker about fishing, expel expats, give English tourists the cold shoulder in France and Spain, restrict travel, things like that, short of open warfare. And of course, encourage Scotland and Ulster to become European again, but don’t do that too openly. Just promise them in shady backrooms packages worth of, say, 50 billion freshly printed euro’s as a welcome gesture, after independence/Irish reunification.

    But far more important for Europe than Scotland and Ulster is Russia. Completing North Stream 2 is essential. And getting rid of sanctions and increase talk, started by Macron, about finally integrating Russia in the European security system (against China and Islam, but no need to stress that too much).

    And quietly tell the Chinese we’ll go along with their New Silk Road, but with amendments, namely equal trade in both directions. And use the Islamic threat to team up on this issue. Agree with the Chinese that Europe and Chinese will be both partners and competitors in the multi-polar world after America. And most sensitive of all: agree on an Anglo-Soviet style percentage agreement about spheres of influence about the territory formerly known as Anglosphere:

    – England remains sovereign and separate from Europe but part of the Common Market again
    – Scotland and Ulster go Europe-direct
    – China gets Down Under and Vancouver
    – Europa gets the white parts of the US
    – England gets Anglo Canada
    – France gets Quebec

    “getting” means: “overlord”, “closest ally”, not old-school colony, no taxation. But in the case of Australia it will very well mean Chinese settlement, perhaps limited to the North Coast. Perhaps not limited to that.

  16. makati1 on Sat, 15th May 2021 4:13 pm 

    “The average American clueless, Bible-thumping conservatard:”

    I agree Biden’s. I might add: dumbed down, brainwashed, and ignorant of real world events and their causes. I have several in my extended family that would fit the description 100%.

    But, I prefer them to techie dreamers like Cloggie. So narrow minded,he is a lost cause.

  17. makati1 on Sat, 15th May 2021 4:26 pm 

    BTW: Better to quote the articles in the Manila Bulletin than other sources. Duterte is like Trump. Says a lot but is often misquoted. This is coming up on an election year (2022) in the Philippines and a lot will be said but not done, just like in the US. Politics. “Senate President Vicente Sotto III has expressed to Beijing’s Ambassador to Manila Huang Xilian his willingness to convince the Philippine government to partner with China to jointly explore the West Philippine Sea (WPS).”

    DU30 knows that arguing over the SCS is a waste of time so he negotiates for resources, not rocks. Australia has not been so intelligent. The Aussies are committing suicide by kissing the US ass.

  18. Cloggie on Sun, 16th May 2021 9:04 am 

    How to combine agriculture and photovoltaics and increase financial yields from the same piece of land:

    “The Case for Agrivoltaics”

  19. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 16th May 2021 9:14 am 

    “DU30 knows that arguing over the SCS is a waste of time so he negotiates for resources, not rocks.”

    All rosy, eh?

    Well, here is the Chinese view:

    “Philippines won’t move an inch on South China Sea, Duterte tells Beijing”

    – Philippine president has rebuffed a call from China to withdraw vessels from a contested maritime area near a Chinese military installation
    – With pressure building on Manila’s relationship with Beijing he warns this could be where ‘our friendship ends

    There is a universal sympathy for the underdog, that is the Ps. But cynics, like yours faithfully, know who is going to win in the end. Militarily, the Ps are a walk-over (just like Taiwan, on its own).

    The fate of both the Ps and Taiwan are fully dependent on US attitudes and resolve. I’m pretty certain the US will not wage an all-out war against China over these islands. A war of defense, perhaps, but not an all-out war.

    But it is clear that IF China would invade, and it would succeed, which is likely, the old relatively peaceful globalist world would be over, and we’ll have a return of a Cold War. China does factor that in, no doubt.

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