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Page added on July 27, 2020

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Kunstler: The Insane Leading the Blind

Kunstler: The Insane Leading the Blind thumbnail

The NFAC warriors on the march, led by Grand Master Jay.

On our way to becoming a nation of hobos, the Democratic Party’s Antifa shock troops brought out the lethal weapons this weekend, hoping to provoke a Kent State 2.0 type bloodbath that would clinch the election for the mummified remains of Joe Biden, currently reposing in his basement sepulcher. How’d that work out?

In Louisville, Saturday, just after lunchtime, the self-styled Not Fucking Around Coalition (NFAC) was mustering for action and “inspecting firearms” (according to NFAC comandante Grand Master Jay) when one of said weapons accidently discharged and mowed down three NFAC warriors — nicely demonstrating the hazards of fucking around with loaded weapons.

In Austin Saturday night, one feckless BLM mob marcher name of Garrett Foster brought his AK-47 to the street party. When he pointed it at a motorist trapped by the crowd, he got blown away to that great struggle session in the sky, the surprise of his life, I’m sure.

In Portland, OR, police found a bag of loaded rifle magazines and Molotov cocktails in the nearby park that serves as the rioters’ marshaling yard. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler did not attend the evening’s frolics at the sore beset federal courthouse, having successfully subjected himself to ritual humiliation himself a few nights earlier. After midnight Sunday, police declared the Antifa actions “a riot” and made a few arrests.

Up Seattle way, a federal judge struck down the city council’s order against police using tear gas and pepper spray on rioters just in time for another weekend of rioting. SPD Chief Carmen Best declared, “In the spirit of offering trust and full transparency, I want to advise you that SPD officers will be carrying pepper spray and blast balls today, as would be typical for events that carry potential to include violence.” Hours later, after Antifas smashed the windows of ground-floor businesses, set fire to a construction site, and trashed the SPD’s East Precinct building, pepper spray and blast balls were deployed and forty-five of the mob were arrested (on rioting, assault, and other charges), while twenty-one SPD officers were injured.

Down in LA, Antifas broke into the federal Bureau of Prisons Detention Center. In Richmond, VA, rioters set fire to a city dump truck used as a barrier to protect a police station.

So it goes in the insurrection summer of 2020. The nation’s attention is averted from the real action taking place as the economy continues to implode and the US dollar slides on the Forex market — meaning that not only is business failing everywhere, and livelihoods extinguished, but the medium-of-exchange that represents all transactions by any remaining business is accelerating its decline toward the target value: zero. This is unfortunately what comes of the fiscal profligacy prompted by the corona virus crisis, with the Senate poised to introduce another $1 trillion in an emergency assistance spending bill that would reimburse 70 percent of unemployed workers’ lost wages. Over on the House side, Speaker Nancy Pelosi upped the ante to $3 trillion in emergency spending, designed to crater the dollar even faster and, theoretically, assure a Democratic Party victory on November 3 (to govern the smoldering cinder that will be left of the USA).

The counterforce to that lethal inflation is the choking off of capital flows from the tens of millions of mortgages, car loans, and myriad other obligations that can’t possibly be paid in August, September, and October. These tributaries flow into the larger rivers of capital, and when they dry up the entire global banking order may keel over, with those fabled financial weapons of mass destruction, the derivatives, triggering an orgy of counterparty insolvency. When capital stops flowing, you see, money doesn’t just sit there, it vanishes. The question is: can it disappear faster than fiscal policy-gone-wild can summon fresh money into existence? I guess we’ll find out.

The world has gone broke before — the Dark Ages, the Plague Years, the Thirty Years’ War, the Great Depression — but never broke like this, or this badly, or had so many people in it who were going to suffer from being broke. The Antifas on the streets of Portland, Seattle, and elsewhere probably don’t have collateralized loan obligations and other financial esoterica on their minds, but these things lurk somewhere in the collective subconscious behind the nihilism they’ve fallen into these brutal dog days of summer as the insane lead the blind.


117 Comments on "Kunstler: The Insane Leading the Blind"

  1. Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 30th Jul 2020 10:01 am 

    Dedollarization Eurasia taking place at great speed:

    “Bye Bye Benjamin! Russia & China speed up de-dollarization process: most trade no longer conducted in greenbacks”
    Russia-China, from 2016-2020 from 90% to below 50%
    Russia-EU, currently 46% in Euro.

    Expect further slides in the coming years.

  2. Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 30th Jul 2020 11:12 am 

    Best dive ever

    2020-Q2 GDP

    US -33%
    UK -14%
    Germany -11%
    China +3%

  3. Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 30th Jul 2020 12:47 pm 

    The courage to let go and jump into the deep:

    Pan-Europeanism = alt-right


  4. Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 30th Jul 2020 1:11 pm 

    Correction, that US contraction figure refers to entire 2020.

    The contraction in Q2, compared to Q1, is 9.5%

  5. Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 30th Jul 2020 3:04 pm 

    The latest signs are that the Three Gorges Dam will survive the monsoon in one piece:

    “Three Gorges Dam weathers the flood challenge“

  6. Duncan Idaho on Thu, 30th Jul 2020 3:39 pm 

    Rush Limbaugh Hates White Women So Much Right Now, He Just Called Them Black Men
    (Rush Limbaugh is very mad at the Millennial white women, but not for the pervy reasons you would automatically assume about a pathetic and sexually revolting piece of garbage like him. No, he just thinks they are all #thuglife and “hoods” and should PULL THEIR PANTS UP.)

  7. Davy on Thu, 30th Jul 2020 6:09 pm 

    Dumbcan’s people:

    “Not The Onion: Michigan Inn Forced To Remove Norwegian Flag Because It ‘Resembles’ Confederate Banner”

    “Just when we thought the woke PC madness of 2020 couldn’t get anymore absurd, a local incident out of Michigan is so astoundingly stupid that even the AP reported on it with a tone that aptly captures the inanity: Owners of a Michigan bed and breakfast have removed a Norwegian flag outside of their business after being accused of promoting racism from people who think that it is a Confederate flag. Kjersten and Greg Offenecker, owners of The Nordic Pineapple, hung the flag opposite of the American flag after they moved into the Civil War-era mansion in 2018, the Lansing State Journal reported. They took both flags down last week.”

  8. Davy on Thu, 30th Jul 2020 7:21 pm 

    People saying no to dumbcan’s mob.

    “Trader Joe’s Reverses Course, Refuses To Kowtow To Outrage Mob”

    “Have we reached Peak Corporate Cave-In? It kind of looks like it – Trader Joe’s has decided to reverse course and not change all the brand labels of its products to satisfy the wokeness demands of a tiny, largely white, racism-parsing left-wing mob.”

  9. Duncan Idaho on Thu, 30th Jul 2020 7:34 pm 

    Herman Cain, dead from the “hoax” virus

    It was obviously just the flu

  10. REAL Green on Thu, 30th Jul 2020 7:48 pm 

    Dumbcans a hundred times more smarter then we are Davy. And everyone here no’s that.

  11. makati1 on Thu, 30th Jul 2020 8:01 pm 

    Herman Cain:

    74 years old.
    Had cancer 2006…30% chance of 5yr survival.

    Do your homework, people. He was a prime target for death anyway. The flu just made it faster. No proof I could find but he probably was a smoker and drinker in earlier life. Maybe a drug user also. Think Atlanta, 60s, 70s, etc. Obviously not healthy from the pictures.

  12. Poetic justice warrior on Thu, 30th Jul 2020 8:11 pm 

    JuanP has a Hurricane coming his way. I hope he enjoys it fully.

  13. REAL Green on Thu, 30th Jul 2020 8:28 pm 

    Lots a people like hurracanes Davy. They travel all over just to get to see them. Beats the heck out of minus 20 fer 6 months of the year. And pesky nats fer the rest.

  14. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 31st Jul 2020 1:13 am 

    The latest pictures, focus Portland, Seattle, NYC:

    BLM in Cologne/Germany, note that the placards are in English only, the globalist language. The bolsheviks of color are probably all recent imports:

  15. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 31st Jul 2020 5:29 am 

    What comes after empire?

  16. Abraham van helsing on Fri, 31st Jul 2020 3:23 pm 

    Latest Kunstler:

    “I’ll tell you how it goes: Donald Trump will stand aside and yield to the military, to some general or committee of generals, and the country will be under martial law until the election is sorted out or re-run. And by then, the election may be the least of our problems, with tens of millions out-of-work, out-of-business, penniless, homeless, and hungry. That’s when they’ll truly be selling postcards of the hanging, as the old song goes. Then comes America’s Bonaparte moment. Yes, things can get that weird.“

  17. Abraham van Helsing on Sun, 2nd Aug 2020 5:49 am 

    You could wait for it, armed black militias now in Brixton-Britain too:

    “Who are the ‘paramilitary-style force marching in the streets’? Anti-racism protesters wearing stab-vests are branded ‘terrifying’ by Nigel Farage as they demonstrate in Brixton – with one yelling ‘F*** the police’ as she confronts officers”

    They want “reparations”. For what? For tolerating these idiots in our lands, feed them, house them, school them?


    Hopefully this leads to the formation of English counter militias and finally get serious about Enoch Powell’s dark prophecy.

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