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Page added on July 5, 2021

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Kunstler: The Ice-Cream Flavor Next Time

Public Policy

A nation mesmerized by its own weakness wanly celebrated the long-ago and faraway memory of standing up for itself, while it passively endures the current orgy of tyrannical cancellation and suppression of anyone talking back to the present folks-in-charge. Over just a few years, this tyranny has grown like a toxic slime mold from such an unlikely place, the Internet social app ecology of Facebook, Twitter, and Google, as they took over the public arena — where the battle of ideas is supposed to live — and did the government’s dirty work, complete with adorable emojis. You’re fired!

Who will stand up to Zuck, Jack, and Sundar Pichai? Who elected these megalomaniacs boss of the USA? What will it take to end their reign of terror? Some sort of… revolution? (Shhhh! That must be a dirty word, even considering we just celebrated the high point of the American Revolution: The Declaration of Independence, signed July 4, 1776.)

Don’t look to “Joe Biden,” the nation’s putatively elected leader — about whose election back in November, 2020, you are liable to hear more about as the summer stickily unspools. Zuck, Jack, and Sundar managed to protect “Joe Biden” from the stupendous depredations of his offspring, Hunter Biden, recorded in explosive detail on a laptop the public was not allowed to hear about. Don’t look to the Department of Justice, supposedly “investigating” that horde of memos and emails detailing the Bidens ’influence-peddling to the CCP and others — they’re busy surveilling “white supremacists” on the apps run by Zuck, Jack, and Sundar. And for sure don’t look to the news media, that coalition of sell-outs and quislings, busy decoding the foreign policy moves signified in “Joe Biden’s” ice-cream flavor choices. (Rocky Road means: Oh, let China have that….)

Wondering who is actually running the “Joe Biden” government? Some of us out here are. (Do you think we’re allowed to say that?) For instance, have you tried googling the name Susan Rice lately? Remember her? Maybe not. “Joe Biden” appointed her Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council. From the looks of things across the country, you’d think her plate would be heaped mighty high, what with “insurrection” and other white mischief threatening to take down the republic.  Anyway, I googled “news” for her. Hardly a goshdarn thing came up that wasn’t from months ago, and most of that was sheer puffery about how accomplished she is, and what a fabulous person. Don’t you wonder what her phone log looks like? All those calls to the Obama residence, day after day, hour after hour?

All of which raises the question: is the USA just floating merrily merrily down the stream of events under the beneficent reign of “Joe Biden” (Susan Rice, Barack Obama & Co…)? Or are we, rather, freefalling? I suspect it is the latter. And toward what? It being mid-year, I will venture a few guesses. Enjoy the summer while you can because Corona Virus is coming back in the fall and watch out for people who are vaccinated getting sicker than the un-vaxed. That will be a mind-bender, as if Americans are not already utterly perplexed and bewildered by one political swindle after another. The whining will drown out even the news of more “white supremacy.” But they told us….

An autumn wave of Covid-19 (one “variant” or another) would take out whatever remains of the service economy, the restaurants struggling just now to return to normality (ha!), the hair salons, the gyms, the florists, booksellers, sports, theaters, live music venues, what-have-you. Since we no longer have much of a manufacturing economy, the only thing left would be Wall Street — which was originally designed to raise money for the manufacturing and service sector but now only raises money for itself via the seemingly magical mingling of “leverage” with “liquidity” to conjure profit from black holes where the ghosts of productivity howl.

It’s some trick but, let’s face it, it’s still just a trick. Also in that picture is the weird three-legged race of deflation tied to inflation running both uphill and downhill at the same time like a nightmare out of M.C. Escher by way of Stephanie Kelton. The USA will be toting up a $3-trillion-plus deficit just for the current fiscal year at the same time that debt becomes ever more obviously unpayable. How does debt even mean anything if there is no prospect of paying it back? Especially in the form of financial instruments, namely: bonds. And how does a financial system based on debt behave when all that is the case? I guess we’re going to find out.

My guess would be a price collapse in financial instruments — abstract things represented by money — and then a collapse of money itself. You may be thinking: not a pretty picture. I know. And we thought the last days of the Soviet Union were bad in 1990. Hoo boy, are we in for a rough ride.  One can hardly imagine the social side-effects of all that, but it would seem to imply people having a rather hard time finding something to eat, or getting anything else they need. Remember good ol’ Ross Perot talking about “a giant sucking sound?” Think of that against a background of things on fire. What flavor ice-cream will “Joe Biden” be ordering on Halloween.


137 Comments on "Kunstler: The Ice-Cream Flavor Next Time"

  1. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 12th Jul 2021 4:21 am 

    Euros-2020 and the end of the Brexit dream.

    England lost the final yesterday, much to the joy of the Scots (and not only them)…

    …who loved to see the “Auld Enemy” to get a beating from an EU-country, the very EU the Scots want to join again at the earliest opportunity.

    England doesn’t want to be a European country, so there is poetic justice they never won the Euro cup and probably never will. All they ever want to do is perpetuating the post WW2-status quo and act like America’s watchdog, in order to keep continental Europe into the Anglo-Zionist empire. It’s going to prove to be an empty ambition.

    The wine must have been tasting excellent, last night in Brussels. Not so much because of this rather meaningless ballgame diversion from daily life, but mostly because of this… the DailyMail already warned that the English celebrations before the match were premature and already before the Italians scored the equalizing goal, the DM posted this article:

    “Britain isn’t working: ‘Perfect storm’ of the pandemic, furlough and Brexit has left hundreds of thousands of vacancies unfilled – and could spark food shortages, inflation and a stalled recovery”

    Britain has cut through its essential supply chains, and soon that fact will be no longer masked by Covid. Hundreds of thousands of essential Eastern European workers, mostly in building, trucking and agriculture, will be dearly missed. Even Brexit newspaper the DailyMail now acknowledges this. The UK industry is begging BoJo to at least temporarily let in these Eastern Europeans (would they come at all?), but the non-white minister of the interior, Priti Patel doesn’t contemplate for one minute to encourage white immigration again.

    For Europe, this is going to be a beer-and-popcorn moment. Of course, we won’t let starve our British brothers. Expect the EU to send large columns of trucks, with huge blue trailers and yellow stars and captions: “Generous EU food aid to Brexit Britain”.


    “‘It’s two steps forward, 10 steps back:’ Brexit, shifting demographics and familiar tensions stoke divisions in Northern Ireland”

    In Ulster, demographics are shifting to the advantage of catholic Irish republicans. And since America is generally more sympathetic towards the Irish than the English, they register without regret what is happening in Ireland, namely that everything is pointing towards reunification, greatly enabled by that colossal blunder called Brexit, the ultimate failure of Westminster statecraft, that let an incredible complicated issue, with enormous geopolitical implications, be decided by the fish & chips shack frequenters. Note that the GDP/capita in Ireland is FOUR times that of Ulster. The UK is falling apart.

    Nevertheless, the continental Europeans shouldn’t laugh too hard, because what is going to happen to the UK, might very well happen to them as well:

    “The United Statelets of Europe”

    Freddy Heineken proposes (predicts) that the national states could fall apart and in the process get rid of old school Napoleonic nationalism, that brought so much destruction over Europe. I wouldn’t mind to get rid of the pro-Anglo part of the Netherlands (the “Hollanders”, that is everything West of Utrecht) and become part of “IJsselland”, more oriented towards Germany and with capital Arnhem.

  2. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 12th Jul 2021 5:42 am 

    Here is one for makati to contemplate on:

    “US warns China it stands behind South China Sea ruling and is committed to Philippine defense”

    Why don’t you put the kettle on the boil, so you can welcome your beloved Chinese for a cup of tea, when they show up at your front door?

    Everybody with a chicken brain, after a brief glance at the map…

    …realizes that the Philippines will be the first territory implicated militarily, if China finally makes its move and invades Taiwan, their own Crimea.

    It is interesting that the foreign policy jew Blinken does NOT say they will defend Taiwan, but will defend the Philippines, and I believe him on those two counts.

    Despite previous rhetoric, Japan will NOT allow the US to use Japanese territories for attacks against mainland China or any other military action, hence the US focus on the Philippines, a territory the US can do with what it pleases.

    It is even unlikely that it will come to open attacks against Chinese targets, not even from Philippine territory.

    “WW3” will be totally different from what we have seen in WW1 and WW2. WW1 was an old school frontline war. The early stages of WW2 were already focussed on resources, with the Allied assault against Norway and attempting to halt its iron ore throughput from Sweden.

    WW3 will see relatively few large scale battles, if any at all, but will be almost entirely be focused on cutting supply lines, depriving the opponent of resources. And about currencies. Nukes will not fly, as that would only benefit those who are not involved in the conflict (like Europe). WW3 will be a like a chess game, using planes and ships, FAR AWAY from the “front”, which is the First Island Chain (see map above).

    China has seen this long coming and hence their New Silk Road overland strategy, reducing the possibilities for the Anglos to hurt China. “WW3” could last rather long. It could be 10% a hot and 90% a cold war. Old school US-centric globalism will be over. The US can’t afford its old strategy of free trade and a cold war is in its interest anyway, since it already lost the trade war with China, with the US getting ever more in debt with China, by buying unlimited cheap Chinese produce.

    The result will be a world divided in major blocks, with the US and China being the most hostile to each other.

    And the Philippines will be the premier frontline state. Poor makati, he chose the worst possible location to enjoy a worry free old age.

  3. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 12th Jul 2021 6:23 am 

    China claims it has chased away a US vessel, the USS Benfold ner the Xisha islands:

    “CHINA / MILITARY – PLA forces expel US destroyer trespassing Chinese territorial waters in South China Sea on 5th anniversary of invalid arbitral ruling”

    The incident happened earlier today. Not sure how this “expelling” was carried out, probably name-calling over the radio and waiting until the trespassing had concluded itself.

  4. Hello on Mon, 12th Jul 2021 7:52 am 

    >>>> and could spark food shortages, inflation and a stalled recovery

    Good for them. Stalling economy and food shortages is the best way to prevent being conquered by sludge. Maybe the last chance they have to save themselves while EU’s economy is humming and importing ever more negros and other shit.

  5. Biden’s hairplug on Mon, 12th Jul 2021 12:18 pm 

    Afghanistan, the new reality after the US has left. Welcome to the multi-polar world of Samuel Huntington:

    “Gay men will be crushed to death by pushing a WALL onto them as part of nationwide return to Sharia law in Afghanistan under the Taliban, one of the Islamist group’s judges reveals“

    Apneaman and the rest of the NWO ilk insist we should “embrace diversity” and “integrate” with these stone agers.


  6. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 12th Jul 2021 12:56 pm 

    The patriarchs that failed, leaving European America orphan, ready for the slaughter, until today:

    “Joseph P. Kennedy, the Cursed Peacemaker”

    All killed by the same source,
    apneaman’s tribe:

  7. FamousDrScanlon on Mon, 12th Jul 2021 2:03 pm 

    This will be the fate of all clinically depressed malcontents like clog.

    New Jersey man arrested after video allegedly shows him shouting racial slurs at neighbors

    I figure it’s just a matter of time before they start arresting those who bark their racial slurs online – fools who think they’re anonymous.

    clog I don’t understand why you don’t go see your doctor & ask for help? Just tell him the truth of how unhappy you are & have always been. Also, let him know how angry you are & that you hate at least 90% of all humans. Best to leave out that ‘genocide’ part if you ever want to go home again.

  8. FamousDrScanlon on Mon, 12th Jul 2021 2:35 pm 

    Off-duty cop knocked out at Tennessee wedding after racist comments, reports say

    “An off-duty police officer was knocked unconscious with one punch at a wedding reception in Tennessee last month after witnesses said he made racist comments, according to police records.

    Knoxville Police responded to a report of a simple assault involving 22-year-old Tanner Holt, an off-duty officer in the department, around 8:55 p.m. on June 26, police said in an incident report. Holt had reportedly said he “didn’t know they let Black people in the reception hall” before he was punched.

    Holt is white. The man he was speaking to is Black.”

    He should have stayed hidden behind his keyboard like hero clog.

  9. makati1 on Mon, 12th Jul 2021 6:04 pm 

    Biden’s, I have no problem with living with Chinese. There were many in my condo in Manila.
    They are a refreshing change from the arrogant, selfish, Amerikans.

    Duterte knows that the Philippines is the choice location for thee US to fight on foreign, land instead of the 50 states, and he is staying friendly with China over the US.

    BTW: 9 out of 20 Philippine billionaires are Chinese.
    Over 1,000,000 Chinese visit the Philippines every year.
    The Manila Chinatown is the oldest (1594) in the world.
    About 1/2 of the Pinoy population is under 30 years old.

  10. FamousDrScanlon on Mon, 12th Jul 2021 6:49 pm 

    Skulking away with their taila between their legs…again

    US left Afghan airfield at night, didn’t tell new commander

    “BAGRAM, Afghanistan (AP) — The U.S. left Afghanistan’s Bagram Airfield after nearly 20 years by shutting off the electricity and slipping away in the night without notifying the base’s new Afghan commander, who discovered the Americans’ departure more than two hours after they left, Afghan military officials said.”

    Incompetence breeds failure

    U.S. paratroopers accidentally storm Bulgarian olive oil factory in exercise

    A Record of Unparalleled Failure

    Don’t Walk Away from War
    It’s Not the American Way (June 10, 2014)

    So here are five straightforward lessons — none acceptable in what passes for discussion and debate in this country — that could be drawn from that last half century of every kind of American warfare:

    1. No matter how you define American-style war or its goals, it doesn’t work. Ever.

    2. No matter how you pose the problems of our world, it doesn’t solve them. Never.

    3. No matter how often you cite the use of military force to “stabilize” or “protect” or “liberate” countries or regions, it is a destabilizing force.

    4. No matter how regularly you praise the American way of war and its “warriors,” the U.S. military is incapable of winning its wars.

    5. No matter how often American presidents claim that the U.S. military is “the finest fighting force in history,” the evidence is in: it isn’t.

    And here’s a bonus lesson: if as a polity we were to take these five no-brainers to heart and stop fighting endless wars, which drain us of national treasure, we would also have a long-term solution to the Veterans Administration health-care crisis.

  11. FamousDrScanlon on Mon, 12th Jul 2021 7:05 pm 

    ” The reason a repulsive, vulgar oaf such as Trump, or a corrupt, addled nonentity like Biden can be elected President is that all ethical standards that might prevent it have been eroded by two hundred years of dishonesty and calculated betrayal by the privileged financial elite that owned our nation and plunged it into the dysfunction, disaster, and doom that is now inevitable.

    The American people have been victimized, violated, and ruined by psychotic criminals who deceived and enslaved them and trained them to worship their abusers, to embrace their serfdom. When, for decades, centuries, a people is subjected to endless indoctrination in cruelty and dishonesty, awakening from that propagandized state must be traumatic, if it is even possible.”

  12. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 13th Jul 2021 2:26 am 

    Biden’s, I have no problem with living with Chinese. There were many in my condo in Manila.
    They are a refreshing change from the arrogant, selfish, Amerikans.

    I have no problems with real-life Chinese either, although there are not many here in Holland (70k). But I’m not interested in their system.

    Duterte knows that the Philippines is the choice location for thee US to fight on foreign, land instead of the 50 states, and he is staying friendly with China over the US.

    Duterte is in an impossible position, as he tries to play out the two bullies against each other in order to stay independent. But you are deluding yourself about how the Ps will react if push comes to shove: they will chose the US:

    “Philippines Tells China to Get Its Ships ‘The F*** Out’ of Disputed South China Sea Waters”

    “Philippines revives defence pact with US as China threat grows”

    I have said it for years now, but you choose the worst possible location on the planet to get old in peace and safety.

    Although the US has adopted an official stance of “strategic ambiguity” regarding Taiwan, they did commit themselves this week to the Ps. This almost implies that China can expect to retake Taiwan without direct military confrontation, but it also implies military occupation of the Ps by the US, no questions asked and the Ps will not oppose. Knowing this, China could be tempted to occupy the Ps as well (and Brunei), in a surprise move, when they make their inevitable move against Taiwan, in order to at least remove the First Island Chain:

  13. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 13th Jul 2021 2:34 am 

    Spoiler: they did.

    “Did Israel Kill the Kennedys?”

  14. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 13th Jul 2021 2:40 am 

    Biden goes on his old shaky knees for his real master, Reuven Rivlin, the president of Israel:

    “Joe Biden Bows to Force Majeure”

    ZOG in action for ya, brutal reality since 1933. He won’t do that for Angela Merkel, his most loyal vassal, or any other gentile.

    apneaman will love it, but it should also worry him, as it is a real life confirmation of an age-old “conspiracy theory”. Rivlin is probably pretty embarrassed by it.

  15. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 13th Jul 2021 3:00 am 

    Armin Laschet is the most likely next chancellor of Germany. It is almost certain that he will be (much) more Russia-friendly than Merkel:

    “Why the next chancellor should turn to Russia and China”.

    Hear, hear.

    Paris-Berlin-Moscow, it’s coming, enabled by Brexit.

  16. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 13th Jul 2021 9:35 am 

    Massive numbers of plunderers at work in South-Africa:

    apneaman’s shock troops in action, soon in a city near you, when order will break down completely and society will have to be created from the bottom up.

    Don’t worry, the liberation will come with destruction first, of both property and illusions.

    As always, recognize and preempt commie tactics: decapitating the competing demographic first. First the king/leaders. Think Russia and Ukraine 1917-1938.


  17. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 13th Jul 2021 9:50 am 

    “Imagine a nation so unhealthy as to have an obesity rate of 42% along with numerous other terrible health outcomes that make it the world’s unhealthiest rich nation while its profit-based health care system is the most expensive in the world.”

    Well, the US does excel at some things

  18. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 13th Jul 2021 12:32 pm 

    MSM anxious to spin the picture of a kneeling Biden in the right direction:

    “Fact Check-Photo does not show Biden kneeling before Israeli President ‘pledging support’”

    Reuters explanation: Biden was kneeling for mrs. Ravitz and the fact she had 12 children. She is the chief of staff of the president of Israel.

    Difficult to verify, but from the laughing faces of both the Israeli, this could be interpreted indeed as a joke. But still, this is not something a president of the US should do, carrying the dignity of high office.

    One wonders for whom else this empty suit has ever done this over-the-top gesture. Biden is known to be a real Israel-groupy (because he knows on which side his political bread is buttered). He was just looking for an excuse to do the kneeling to the “right people”, like a dog does for his master.

    “Joe Biden Acknowledges ‘Immense’ Jewish
    Role in American Mass Media and Cultural Life”

    Joe’s judgment is very right here, unfortunately we can’t share his enthusiasm.

  19. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 13th Jul 2021 4:03 pm 

    clog, those plunderers are coming to Europe to join with the ones already there. Perhaps they’ll be nice to you since you’re old & effeminate.

    Do black men scare you clog? Is that what it is?

    You’ve been claiming shock troops & race war etc etc any day now for almost a decade.

    What’s another failed prediction at this point eh? You can’t make yourself look any dumber. Throw it on the pile with the rest of ‘clogs failed predictions’.

    So after the big race war is over & White World begins anew what happens with you? Will there be an award ceremony in your honour? Thanks for all your hard work & relentless hate?

    What I don’t understand is why you have suvh confidence in whites, especially Americans, being able to eliminate non whites.

    Did you not notice whitey is leaving Afghanistan after almost 20 years? Trillions of dollars were blown, lives wasted & fuck all was accomplished. Taliban as strong as ever.

    You know all those natives that lived in the Americas for 15 thousand years before whitey(my ancestors) came here? Well we killed a bunch & corralled a bunch more on reservations, but 90% died of diseases Europeans unknowingly introduced that natives had no immunity to (I bet the dumber natives called it a plandemic).
    It took a long time to kill or round up the remaining 10% & it wasn’t easy (ask Custer). If not for the diseases the last 500 years of the history of the Americas would be different.

    My point is that it’s not easy killing people & especially if they are killing you back. Shit takes a long time. Way longer than you have left & it has yet to get started if it ever does.

    Your predictions are not very realistic & they are not actually predictions. They’re really just your demented & vengeful hopes & wishes. What you want to happen.

    Funny how so many of you want vengeance for things that never happened to you because y’all weren’t even born yet. There’s also a desire to unleash your fury on the weak for BS reasons. The real reason is your own personal failings in life. Millions of non whites are countless rungs above you on life’s ladder & as long as they exist it’s a daily reminder that you are average at best. Millions of non whites are better than you at everything except hate & envy. It all comes down to buying into the premise that you’re superior by the birth right of white skin. So what you are saying is you are superior than all the non white physicians, engineers, tech wizards & scientists who make above average contributions to society because you are Caucasian? No actual effort or personal sacrifice is required – white skin trumps all.
    How many white physicians, engineers, tech wizards & scientists were in the mob of rioters on Jan 6th? How about white lawyers, corporate middle management? How many of those malcontents have full time jobs or run their own business?
    It wasn’t the very worst place to attack to make a statement, but if they really wanted to attack their oppressors Wall St & Silicone Valley & a bunch of Mansions (400-500) across the land is where they’ll find them.

    Y’all are so fucking dumb that only other dummies will join you.

    Your real enemies are white & super wealthy. They are the shot callers. Class war. Everything else is a waste of time & energy & much of it benefits the overlords who own you & never give back what they have taken. The only way your economic lives have any chance of improving is taking it back which is extremely risky.
    I think on some level many of you ‘white knights’ know this, but are unwilling to take the big risk, so you’ve designated non whites & powerless libtard plebs as less risky proxy punching bags.

    If history is any guide, slaughtering minorities is useless. It won’t lead to the economic opportunities y’all want, which is really what’s behind the hate & anger (justified, but misdirected).

    Stanford historian uncovers a grim correlation between violence and inequality over the millennia

    Professor Walter Scheidel examines the history of peace and economic inequality over the past 10,000 years.

    The Only Thing, Historically, That’s Curbed Inequality: Catastrophe

    Plagues, revolutions, massive wars, collapsed states—these are what reliably reduce economic disparities.

    “Calls to make America great again hark back to a time when income inequality receded even as the economy boomed and the middle class expanded. Yet it is all too easy to forget just how deeply this newfound equality was rooted in the cataclysm of the world wars.

    The pressures of total war became a uniquely powerful catalyst of equalizing reform, spurring unionization, extensions of voting rights, and the creation of the welfare state. During and after wartime, aggressive government intervention in the private sector and disruptions to capital holdings wiped out upper-class wealth and funneled resources to workers; even in countries that escaped physical devastation and crippling inflation, marginal tax rates surged upward. Concentrated for the most part between 1914 and 1945, this “Great Compression” (as economists call it) of inequality took several more decades to fully run its course across the developed world until the 1970s and 1980s, when it stalled and began to go into reverse.

    This equalizing was a rare outcome in modern times but by no means unique over the long run of history. Inequality has been written into the DNA of civilization ever since humans first settled down to farm the land. Throughout history, only massive, violent shocks that upended the established order proved powerful enough to flatten disparities in income and wealth. They appeared in four different guises: mass-mobilization warfare, violent and transformative revolutions, state collapse, and catastrophic epidemics. Hundreds of millions perished in their wake, and by the time these crises had passed, the gap between rich and poor had shrunk.”

    There’s hope yet. Climate change, peak oil, mass extinction, 8 billion & growing are all potentially great equalizers. White World is nothing but a juvenile fantasy with seal team 6 costumes.

  20. Biden’s hairplug on Tue, 13th Jul 2021 4:48 pm 

    “those plunderers are coming to Europe to join with the ones already there.“

    I certainly hope so as it has been peace for far too long already. Not that I worry, after all we got rid of millions of “super jews” (snikker) in the forties:

    “Number of Jews in Europe falls to 1,000-year low“

    There are even so few here, that I (virtually) have to cross the Atlantic on a daily basis to “poisecute” one (insert nasal voice of Fran Drescher here).

    Ah well, in the mean time I kill time by reading about one of the finest Dutch wars ever, the forty year war 1672-1712:

    …where the Netherlands both succeeded in invading Britain and organize a protestant regime change there (they are still beating each other up in Ulster about it), as well as containing France and their chieftain Lou14.

    One thing is certain, we won’t be bored, at the end of the American Era, whose single most important icon was the shopping cart.

    Everything is going to collapse: dollar, US basis around the world, US presence in Asia and Europe, in the Middle East, blood bath in North-America, in France and Eurasian troops all over North-America.

    As always, no Golden Age without a long won war.

  21. makati1 on Tue, 13th Jul 2021 5:07 pm 

    Right on, Famous! I took time to read all of your post. Very accurate view of history and the world today. I will not bother to read Biden’s/Cloggie post. His are all bullshit and fantasy as are most of his references.

  22. FamousDrScanlon on Tue, 13th Jul 2021 11:01 pm 

    clog, while all you wannabe white knight revolutionaries were giving yourselves heart attacks & hernias over Critical Race Theory, you missed your shot. A few hundred of you could have wiped the slate clean with one sneaky bastard seal team 5.5 style attack.

    What happens at Sun Valley, the secret gathering of unelected billionaire kings?

    “We are developing a private class of billionaire kings whose will is omnipotent and untouchable by any democratic force

    There comes a moment in every good gangster movie when all of the villains come together in a remote hideaway to make nefarious plans. If the good guys are smart, this is the moment they swoop in and arrest everyone. In real life America, though, we consistently squander these opportunities, opting instead to sit back and gawk at the villains like a bunch of dazed paparazzi. It’s never too late to change that.”

    Blew it again. Serious rebels would have been hiding in the bushes in ghillie suits with sniper rifles and turned Zuckerburgs head into a pink mist, JFK style, the moment zuk went outside for a stroll with that female gargoyle (Sheryl Sandberg).

    Y’all are fucking hopeless.

    On the higher education front, humanities dept’s across the land are coming out with a new course, “Critical Retard Theory”. In lieu of another over priced text book all students are directed to to read & analyze the comments of the micro-penis malcontent Retard known as ‘clog’.

  23. Biden’s hairplug on Wed, 14th Jul 2021 12:11 am 

    Demolition UK latest:

    “Original devolution deal for Scotland DOES allow Nicola Sturgeon to hold an unofficial independence referendum, according to newly discovered documents that will raise fears of a wildcat vote by separatists“

    I’ll trust Nicola will be doing the counting of the votes personally, after the US Dems have been given the right example, in the best commie traditions.

  24. Biden’s hairplug on Wed, 14th Jul 2021 12:33 am 

    “The case for rounding them up and redistributing their wealth will only have grown more convincing. And fortunately, we know exactly where they all will be.“

    That’s from a NYC-based writer! B-b-but I thought all these NYC-based lefties were on the side of the globalist billionaires?! Now they want to see them “rounded up”!

    Waddaya waiting for?! Suckerborg first!

  25. Duncan Idaho on Wed, 14th Jul 2021 10:40 am 

    “Texas House Democrats must be feeling a bit like the Hungarian revolutionaries who battled Stalinist forces in 1956, hoping for outside intervention — especially from Washington, D.C. — but ultimately succumbing to Uncle Joe’s raw power.

    The Democrats decamped Austin yesterday and are now bivouacking in the nation’s capital, where they hope to secure U.S. intervention into Uncle Greg and his Republican apparatchiks’ dismantling of American democracy. When naked party power is all the oppressor state has left to deploy against the disgruntled proletariat — so obviously suffering from inadequate worker consciousness — it will do so, and do it cynically. “As they fly across the country on cushy private planes, they leave undone issues that can help their districts and our state,” says Gov. Abbott, omitting only the words “bourgeois Democrats.”

  26. Cloggie on Wed, 14th Jul 2021 11:15 am 

    James Howard Kunstler once (2012, I was still in the Heinberg, peak-oil-is-for-real-and-serious mode) predicted that Japan could become the first post-industrial society (“neo-medieval”):

    There are signs that Britain (England) could become one first:

    Everything is slowly unraveling there. Brexit + Covid + BLM + secession threat and a US uninterested in a trade deal, is a toxic brew that could unleash some serious social poisoning.

    How long will it take for the English to discover they are governed by an opportunistic clown, who gladly sacrifices the fate of the nation for his personal ambitions, ambitions he apparently no longer has:

    “Boris Johnson Plans To Quit As PM To ‘Make Money And Have Fun’ By 2026, Cummings Claims”

    For BoJo, probably weakened by Long-Covid, being a PM is no longer “fun” and he is already yearning for the end.

  27. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 14th Jul 2021 12:28 pm 

    This just in: according to the Economist, Italy played foul during the Euro soccer cup…


    Can’t have that, according to the globalist clowns of the London based rag.

    Italy’s government basks in the glow of footballing success

    A victory for the European idea, but also for the Italian right

    “Racism won Euro 2020: Italian football team has too many damn Italians, The Economist argues, in bizarre racial rambling”

    This is why we need to celebrate that we got rid of the English on the cheap. Thanks again, Fidel Farage!

    The problem with the Italian football team is that there’s just too many Italians on it, The Economist argued in a bizarre article linking Italy’s Euro 2020 victory to fascism, racism, and the defeat of multiculturalism.

    Indeed! Black teams, like France and Holland and to a lesser extent Germany, were kicked out fast. And England lost, thanks to THREE BLACKS missing their decisive penalty kicks. White teams dominated the tournament, teams like Italy (100% white), Spain, Denmark, Ukraine, and even Sweden. It was a bad tournament for the Diversity-pushers, like the Economist.

  28. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 14th Jul 2021 12:46 pm 

    The end of white civilization in South-Africa:

    Everybody ignored the warnings by Albert Schweitzer, do-gooder and race-realist at the same time.

    Whatever. The upcoming EU-army can make itself useful some day in the no-too-distant future and evacuate these poor whites and bring them back to where they belong: the North, and leave these blacks to their own fate (neo-stone age).

  29. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 14th Jul 2021 8:23 pm 

    Woe South Africa

    Only lowbrow savages riot.

    Day of Rage: How Trump Supporters Took the U.S. Capitol | Visual Investigations

    [This video includes scenes of graphic violence and vulgar language]

    As part of a six-month investigation, The Times synchronized and mapped thousands of videos and police audio of the U.S. Capitol riot to provide the most complete picture to date of what happened — and why.

  30. Duncan Idaho on Wed, 14th Jul 2021 8:27 pm 

    Florida is excelling at something:

    “Almost 3,000 Floridians are being hospitalised each day, according to the New York Times, the highest number in the nation and the fourth-highest per capita. New cases increased by 429% over the past 14 days, a dramatic surge only superseded by that in Tennessee.”

  31. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 14th Jul 2021 9:20 pm 

    Y’all prepared to be ‘reset’?

    MIT Predicted in 1972 That Society Will Collapse This Century. New Research Shows We’re on Schedule.

    A 1972 MIT study predicted that rapid economic growth would lead to societal collapse in the mid 21st century. A new paper shows we’re unfortunately right on schedule.

    “In 1972, a team of MIT scientists got together to study the risks of civilizational collapse. Their system dynamics model published by the Club of Rome identified impending ‘limits to growth’ (LtG) that meant industrial civilization was on track to collapse sometime within the 21st century, due to overexploitation of planetary resources.

    The controversial MIT analysis generated heated debate, and was widely derided at the time by pundits who misrepresented its findings and methods. But the analysis has now received stunning vindication from a study written by a senior director at professional services giant KPMG, one of the ‘Big Four’ accounting firms as measured by global revenue.
    Limits to growth

    The study was published in the Yale Journal of Industrial Ecology in November 2020 and is available on the KPMG website. It concludes that the current business-as-usual trajectory of global civilization is heading toward the terminal decline of economic growth within the coming decade—and at worst, could trigger societal collapse by around 2040.”

    “…pundits who misrepresented its findings and methods.”

    That’s good to know. Somebody(s) will need to be blamed & punished & it’s unlikely to be the overlords. At least not right away. They’ll throw every paid pundit, employee, prominent supporter & voter to the wolves to save their own skins. You know, like Trump’s done with his lackeys. Disposable meat sacks is what you are to them. The 99.99% still have some wealth & labour left in them, so the show will go on until they have everything. Why? Cause more is why.

  32. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 15th Jul 2021 3:32 am 

    A 1972 MIT study predicted that rapid economic growth would lead to societal collapse in the mid 21st century. A new paper shows we’re unfortunately right on schedule.

    By 2050, Europe will have a green economy, where the US concentrates on fixing blacks and broadcasting at the same time that renewable energy doesn’t work (wrong on two counts):

    “EU unveils new 40% renewables target for 2030 and green hydrogen mandates”

    As the great Gorbachev once remarked: “those who come too late will be punished by life”. Take note, America!

    For the rest, I love collapse, as it is an essential ingredient to get rid of old political structures and build new, more archaic ones, on top of the ruble of the old ones:

    “Archeofuturism: European Visions of the Post-Catastrophic Age”

  33. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 15th Jul 2021 5:51 am 

    It’s official, the US election was stolen:

    “Yes, The 2020 Election Was Stolen And The Proof Is Already Public – See It Here”

    The latest information coming out of the Fulton County, Georgia 2020 election audit has provided undeniable proof of foul play.

    It’s gonna blow.

  34. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 15th Jul 2021 6:06 am 

    Macron taking over from Merkel as Europe’s next #1:

    Macron is counting on a climate revolution, via a mega-package of EU legislation that is set to change how Europeans fly, drive, eat and heat their homes. Macron will be in charge of finalizing the plans — which include a climate levy pushed by France on imports from countries that don’t match or exceed the EU’s climate targets — in the heat of his 2022 reelection campaign, when France takes over the EU presidency next year.

    Berlin is skeptical of the levy. Macron wants to use it to turn the EU into a green super-power: a sign of the “strategic autonomy” from Washington and Beijing he cherishes.

    The Biden administration has few easy options for how to respond.

    The article “forgets” to mention Macron’s intended Great Reset of relations with Moscow. Once that is completed, it won’t be long until Greater Europe, in veiled language, will set itself up as the protector of European America.

    The opportunity will offer itself on a silver platter:

    “South Africa Riots Mega Thread: Incredible Footage Foreshadows What’s Coming To America”

  35. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 15th Jul 2021 6:11 am 

    In Canada, a woke, neo-bolshevik revolution is brewing, spearheaded by the likes of apneaman:

    “Ten churches vandalised in Alberta on Canada Day”

    “‘Mass Graves’, Religious Hate, and European Erasure”

    They didn’t tolerate churches in the USSR. They won’t tolerate them in woke Canada.

  36. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 15th Jul 2021 6:25 am 

    The Guardian’s portrait of Merkel’s successor, Armin Laschet:

    “CDU leader Armin Laschet: ‘Even in the coldest of cold wars there was dialogue’”

    Cheerful Rhinelander poised to succeed Angela Merkel aims to reach out to likes of Russia and Hungary… The Franco-German treaty of Aachen, signed in his home town in 2019, provided plenty of “yet unused potential” for military cooperation and joint economic projects on artificial intelligence research and battery cell production, he said.

    Pssst, don’t tell it to the German populists, but Armin is born in Aachen, 60 miles from where I live, on the border with Belgium and the Netherlands. His real roots are in Wallonia, read are French. He has criticized Merkel for not responding adequately to Macron’s pro-European proposals, something Laschet will correct. He will probably give priority to Macron and let him be the geopolitical leader of Europe. Laschet is a hard-core European, even more so than Merkel, who is from the East and wasn’t exactly an anti-communist dissident:

    Macron + Laschet could initiate the opening towards Moscow and realize the Paris-Berlin-Moscow grand alliance, a mirror image of the pre-WW1 and pre-WW2 alliance Paris-London-Moscow:

    Isolation is never good, as the Germans had to find out the hard way and the English are about to find out.

  37. Hello on Thu, 15th Jul 2021 12:04 pm 

    >>>> European Visions of the Post-Catastrophic Age

    I just returned from a quick business trip to Mainz, germany. Leaving the train station I couldn’t tell I was in germany. Was I in nigger-land? In raghead-country? In ghandi-territory? Where was I? Surely it was not germany, or was I?

  38. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 15th Jul 2021 5:23 pm 

    OMG clog, 10 whole churches “””vandalized”””!!!

    Alberta better put a stop to that or the next thing you know evil doers will be littering & jaywalking & saying swear words-N-stuff.


    No one combines hyperbole & pearl clutching like the kindergarten neo right.

    Actually clog if you look at the historical record, the thing Canada doesn’t tolerate is uppity Germans & their brown nosing wannabes like you.

    Last century we crossed the Atlantic twice to kill Germans, turn their homes into piles of ash & rubble & fuck their is the right of all victors.

    Hell, in WW1 Canadians were killing Germans for years before the Americans dropped in near the end to mop up.

    Canadian soldiers frequently executed German fighters trying to surrender during WWI

    The forgotten ruthlessness of Canada’s Great War soldiers

    “Canadian soldiers would emerge from the First World War with a reputation for winning victories that others could not. But even in a war of unparalleled ferocity, enemy and ally alike would remember the Canadians as having been particularly brutal.”

    “British war correspondent Philip Gibbs had a front row seat on four years of Western Front fighting. He would single out the Canadians as having been particularly obsessed with killing Germans, calling their war a kind of vendetta. “The Canadians fought the Germans with a long, enduring, terrible, skilful patience,” he wrote after the war.”

    “The English poet Robert Graves was less charitable. In his 1929 bestseller Good-Bye to All That, he wrote “the troops that had the worst reputation for acts of violence against prisoners were the Canadians.”

    Germans developed a special contempt for the Canadian Corps, seeing them as unpredictable savages. In the final weeks of the war, Canadian Fred Hamilton would describe being singled out for a beating by a German colonel after he was taken prisoner. “I don’t care for the English, Scotch, French, Australians or Belgians but damn you Canadians, you take no prisoners and you kill our wounded,” the colonel told him.”

    That’s the price for disturbing the peace & thus disturbing our lives & having to put them on pause. Moreover, the Germans were loud, arrogant braggers like the Americans, so we put an exc!amation point on the ass whooping in the hopes it would shut up & settle down the Germans fro generations. Nope, because a little over 20 years later we had to cross the ocean again & re-whoop ass y’all. Worked for over 7 decades, but y’all getting uppity again.

    Before WW1 if you told a German solider or those Prussian military twats to watch out for them Canadians they would have laughed in your face.

    Never saw us coming did you Fritz?

    Something about right wing nut – they’re always so loud & always talking violence. It’s like they assume talking tough & fetishizing guns & uniforms (dress for riots) is what makes you tough. Even when one of them goes & back shoots some unarmed libtard protesters they try to frame it as heroic – it’s not & all these behaviours demonstrate that y’all are the exact opposite of the image y’all are attempting to project.

    All I see are insecure & scared man-boys trying to mask their fear of a changing world they neither control or understand. A world that rejects most of their beliefs. That & a bunch of silly tribal signalling.

    Poor clog. His goal in life is to get as many white man-boys afraid of the things he’s afraid of then offer them the fix=violence against non whites & the Super Jews – average jews too, just in case. The end result will be a White World that’s peaceful & pure. Like the ‘I’d like to buy the world a Coke’ commercial, but with whites only.

    No worries there’s plenty of violence on the horizon, but things will likely turn out much different than your little chimp plans & fantasies. That goes for all the other chimp tribes their hopes & schemes as well.

    I have a plan too. I plan to watch, for as long as I can, the laws of physics, chemistry & biology fuck up all of the human’s ever hopeful plans. The game is afoot.

    The U.S. Wheat Crop Is in Trouble

    Spring wheat could see some of its lowest wheat yields in decades due to widespread drought and

    ‘Wither away and die:’ U.S. Pacific Northwest heat wave bakes wheat, fruit crops

    B.C. heat wave ‘cooks’ fruit crops on the branch in sweltering Okanagan and Fraser valleys

    Up to 75% of some fruits too damaged to sell fresh, according to farmers

    The agriculture consequences from climate change are just getting started. In just a matter of a few years there will be regions that will lose all or most of certain crops. The human reaction – fear, panic & blame will be much more damaging than the economic loss.

    But for now, by all means carry on with your ‘White World’ missionary efforts, obsessive politician-celebrity watching & tribal poo flinging & don’t forget to spend hours & hours arguing over which billionaire oligarch owner makes a better astronaut.

  39. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 16th Jul 2021 1:43 am 

    “Canadian soldiers would emerge from the First World War with a reputation for winning victories that others could not. But even in a war of unparalleled ferocity, enemy and ally alike would remember the Canadians as having been particularly brutal.”

    Well, nothing is left of that, now is it? A bunch of groveling weaklings, who offer their asses to the first darkie who comes along:

    …with a complete joker as a “lider”:,width-1200,height-900,resizemode-4/.jpg

    And the only thing you will ever kill these days is a baby seal.

    And let’s face it, for most of the time Canada was a European resource/colony. In WW1 (and WW2) you were merely cannon fodder for the English, no questions asked.

    Canada’s destiny was and is to be a lonely XXL territory, a sort of supermarket for tin soldiers for English, French, Americans and soon Chinese, Russians and the EU after the US Balkanizes. And you can simply pass the pay desk, no paying required. Canadian labor force comes cheap.

  40. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 16th Jul 2021 3:57 am 

    Danish proposal: put African “refugees” in African refugee camps.

    “Kindness… or madness? Could Denmark’s controversial new scheme to send Europe’s asylum seekers to camps in AFRICA stop the evil traffickers ?”

    Danes are different.

  41. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 16th Jul 2021 4:58 am 

    The South-African looting, the unexpected Indian angle:

    In 1949, the Zulus tried to genocide the Indian community, but this was prevented by the whites.

    During the recent lootings, a lot of Indian-owned shops and malls were again targeted.

    “South Africa Riots: How Jacob Zuma’s Connection To Gupta Brothers Triggered Violence”

    Race is very real, not just for whites, but for Indians as well.

    South-Africa, yet another “diverse” country, ready for demolition. Good riddance to that.

    The Cape was first colonized by the Dutch…

    …at the time, there were no blacks in that blessed territory, only lions.

    Thanks to endless pressure from Anglo-Zionist countries after the war, notably the US, where apneaman types run the show, white rule was abandoned in South-Africa. Da future is easy to predict: whites build, blacks destroy. It’s the only thing blacks are good at, led from behind by jews, who use these blacks as a weapon against whites.

    But that scheme is running on its last legs. By destroying white America, the jews lose their last tax farm. It’s not a very bright thing to do, but the heebs are not able to live any other mode than to destroy, those high-IQ hooligans of history. This will enable Eurasia to push Anglosphere where it belongs: into the dustbin of history.

    Bring it on, apneaman, we’re right behind ye! lol (to take over from you).

  42. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 16th Jul 2021 5:29 am 

    “”It’s A War Zone” – South Africa To Deploy 25,000 Troops As Country On Brink Of Civil War”

    Most shops have been looted, are closed and will probably never be open again. And be honest, shops, that’s a such a white thing to have! A few supermarkets are open, but they only let in a few people at the same time, in order to keep order and the upper hand over the chimps. Food en petrol shortages loom.

    Everything is pointing in the right direction: once and for all sabotaging the central idea of the (((US empire))), namely that whites and blacks can and should live together. They don’t. Go back to the Stone Age, where you belong, based on your innate abilities.

  43. Biden’s hairplug on Fri, 16th Jul 2021 3:26 pm 

    After the US moved out, Afghanistan is to become a Chinese satellite, opening up the possibility of an overland pipeline from Iran to China.

    New Great Game Gets Back to Basics
    Russia-China-Iran alliance is taking Afghanistan’s bull by the horns

    Not even Apple is safe:

    “China’s Xiaomi overtakes Apple in global smartphone market“

    Kiss the union goodbye:

    “66% of Republicans in southern US & nearly half of West Coast Democrats want to secede from country as division grows“

  44. Biden’s hairplug on Fri, 16th Jul 2021 3:30 pm 

    “Video: Only Store Not Looted in South African Shopping Mall is the Book Shop“

    Makes sense. After all, reading is such a white thing to do!

    “Detroit’s ‘shocking’ 47 percent illiteracy rate“

  45. FamousDrScanlon on Fri, 16th Jul 2021 7:51 pm 

    Covid Still Killing Americans Faster Than Guns, Cars and Flu Combined

    The U.S. remains a dangerous place for the unvaccinated

    “Even with half the U.S. vaccinated, Covid-19 continues to kill people faster than guns, car crashes and influenza combined, according to a review of mortality data.

    The situation has improved dramatically since January, when Covid deaths outpaced heart disease and cancer as the country’s top killer, according to a Bloomberg analysis. Still, for the month of June, coronavirus was responsible for 337 deaths a day. For comparison, the historic average deaths from gunshots, car crashes and complications from the flu add up to 306 a day.”

    Covid Isn’t Done With U.S.

  46. FamousDrScanlon on Fri, 16th Jul 2021 7:56 pm 

    U.S. COVID Deaths Are Rising Again. Experts Call It A ‘Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated’

    Evolution in Action

  47. FamousDrScanlon on Fri, 16th Jul 2021 8:02 pm 

    ‘Pandemic of the unvaccinated’ burdens busy U.S. hospitals

    “The COVID-19 comeback across the U.S. is putting pressure on hospitals at a time when some of them are busy just trying to catch up on surgeries and other procedures that were put on hold during the pandemic.”

    “Also, many hospitals were busy even before the surge began, dealing with a backlog of cancer screenings, operations and other procedures that were put off during the winter surge to free up space and staff members, according to health care leaders.

    “Eventually you have to pay the piper, and those things have now built up,”

    “The fear now at some hospitals is that they will have to postpone non-COVID-19 care again — and risk the potential health consequences for patients.”

    “…cancer screenings dropped during the outbreak and have yet to return to normal levels in many communities. She warned that delays in screenings can result in cancers being detected at more advanced stages of the disease.”

    Good citizenship & patriotism in action.

  48. FamousDrScanlon on Fri, 16th Jul 2021 9:41 pm 

    Looking for COVID-19 ‘Miracle Drugs’? We Already Have Them. They’re Called Vaccines

    The impression listeners might get from Weinstein’s podcast is that children are at no risk from this disease. This is false.

    A retrospective cohort study published recently in Nature found that among 12,306 lab-confirmed pediatric COVID-19 patients in the United States, in the study cohort, the hospitalisation frequency was 5.3 percent, with 17.6 percent needing critical care services and 4.1 percent requiring mechanical ventilation. We don’t know how many cases go unconfirmed, so this study leaves important questions unanswered. But clearly, COVID-19 is a killer: Last year, it made the top-10 list of causes of pediatric death in the United States. If even a few thousand of Weinstein’s listeners have been convinced by him to avoid being vaccinated, we can reasonably estimate, based on the patterns of infection we’ve so far seen, that many of them will acquire the disease, and roughly 1.8 percent of those will die. Not some, but many of the survivors will suffer permanent damage.

    There are risks associated with COVID-19 vaccines, of course. They are well-documented. Most significantly, rare blood-clotting disorders have been tentatively linked to the AstraZeneca (AZ) vaccine. We write “tentatively” because the numbers are so small that it is hard to know if the link is statistically meaningful. As of March 16th, some two million people in Europe and neighboring countries had received the AZ vaccine; of these, five people (yes, just five) below the age of 50 developed disseminated intravascular coagulation—blood clots in multiple blood vessels—within 14 days. Compared to pre-COVID figures, this is five times the epidemiological baseline. But these numbers are so small—five cases observed, versus one expected—that we can’t be confident of a causal relationship. (Epidemiologists have long understood that disease clusters can occur by chance.)

    Here is the key point: COVID-19 itself causes blood clots. Study upon study has confirmed this. A meta-analysis published in November concluded that one in five COVID-19 patients develop blood clots. This risk is orders of magnitude greater than any blood-clot risk associated with vaccination. If there were no pandemic, Weinstein and other vaccine skeptics would be perfectly right to say that getting vaccinated is riskier than not getting vaccinated. But why would one be vaccinated at all if there had been no pandemic to begin with? We don’t live in a fictional universe: There is a pandemic, and a deadly one.

  49. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 17th Jul 2021 3:27 am 

    BBC Newsnight presenter Gavin Esler on why ENGLISH nationalism could be the final nail in the UK coffin:

    The only realistic option for the near future:

    – Scotland independent in 2026
    – Irish unification not much later
    – these events will unleash Welsh drive for independence
    – all these 3 territories back in the EU (2030?)
    – return of England to the EU Common Market after Brexit devastation

    Scotland no longer needs London permission for a new Scexit referendum. Some obscure document was unearthed that gives the Scots the right to call for a referendum independently. Sturgeon merely has to wait for the proper moment to call for that referendum and execute it in a matter of a few months.

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