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Page added on July 5, 2021

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Kunstler: The Ice-Cream Flavor Next Time

Public Policy

A nation mesmerized by its own weakness wanly celebrated the long-ago and faraway memory of standing up for itself, while it passively endures the current orgy of tyrannical cancellation and suppression of anyone talking back to the present folks-in-charge. Over just a few years, this tyranny has grown like a toxic slime mold from such an unlikely place, the Internet social app ecology of Facebook, Twitter, and Google, as they took over the public arena — where the battle of ideas is supposed to live — and did the government’s dirty work, complete with adorable emojis. You’re fired!

Who will stand up to Zuck, Jack, and Sundar Pichai? Who elected these megalomaniacs boss of the USA? What will it take to end their reign of terror? Some sort of… revolution? (Shhhh! That must be a dirty word, even considering we just celebrated the high point of the American Revolution: The Declaration of Independence, signed July 4, 1776.)

Don’t look to “Joe Biden,” the nation’s putatively elected leader — about whose election back in November, 2020, you are liable to hear more about as the summer stickily unspools. Zuck, Jack, and Sundar managed to protect “Joe Biden” from the stupendous depredations of his offspring, Hunter Biden, recorded in explosive detail on a laptop the public was not allowed to hear about. Don’t look to the Department of Justice, supposedly “investigating” that horde of memos and emails detailing the Bidens ’influence-peddling to the CCP and others — they’re busy surveilling “white supremacists” on the apps run by Zuck, Jack, and Sundar. And for sure don’t look to the news media, that coalition of sell-outs and quislings, busy decoding the foreign policy moves signified in “Joe Biden’s” ice-cream flavor choices. (Rocky Road means: Oh, let China have that….)

Wondering who is actually running the “Joe Biden” government? Some of us out here are. (Do you think we’re allowed to say that?) For instance, have you tried googling the name Susan Rice lately? Remember her? Maybe not. “Joe Biden” appointed her Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council. From the looks of things across the country, you’d think her plate would be heaped mighty high, what with “insurrection” and other white mischief threatening to take down the republic.  Anyway, I googled “news” for her. Hardly a goshdarn thing came up that wasn’t from months ago, and most of that was sheer puffery about how accomplished she is, and what a fabulous person. Don’t you wonder what her phone log looks like? All those calls to the Obama residence, day after day, hour after hour?

All of which raises the question: is the USA just floating merrily merrily down the stream of events under the beneficent reign of “Joe Biden” (Susan Rice, Barack Obama & Co…)? Or are we, rather, freefalling? I suspect it is the latter. And toward what? It being mid-year, I will venture a few guesses. Enjoy the summer while you can because Corona Virus is coming back in the fall and watch out for people who are vaccinated getting sicker than the un-vaxed. That will be a mind-bender, as if Americans are not already utterly perplexed and bewildered by one political swindle after another. The whining will drown out even the news of more “white supremacy.” But they told us….

An autumn wave of Covid-19 (one “variant” or another) would take out whatever remains of the service economy, the restaurants struggling just now to return to normality (ha!), the hair salons, the gyms, the florists, booksellers, sports, theaters, live music venues, what-have-you. Since we no longer have much of a manufacturing economy, the only thing left would be Wall Street — which was originally designed to raise money for the manufacturing and service sector but now only raises money for itself via the seemingly magical mingling of “leverage” with “liquidity” to conjure profit from black holes where the ghosts of productivity howl.

It’s some trick but, let’s face it, it’s still just a trick. Also in that picture is the weird three-legged race of deflation tied to inflation running both uphill and downhill at the same time like a nightmare out of M.C. Escher by way of Stephanie Kelton. The USA will be toting up a $3-trillion-plus deficit just for the current fiscal year at the same time that debt becomes ever more obviously unpayable. How does debt even mean anything if there is no prospect of paying it back? Especially in the form of financial instruments, namely: bonds. And how does a financial system based on debt behave when all that is the case? I guess we’re going to find out.

My guess would be a price collapse in financial instruments — abstract things represented by money — and then a collapse of money itself. You may be thinking: not a pretty picture. I know. And we thought the last days of the Soviet Union were bad in 1990. Hoo boy, are we in for a rough ride.  One can hardly imagine the social side-effects of all that, but it would seem to imply people having a rather hard time finding something to eat, or getting anything else they need. Remember good ol’ Ross Perot talking about “a giant sucking sound?” Think of that against a background of things on fire. What flavor ice-cream will “Joe Biden” be ordering on Halloween.


137 Comments on "Kunstler: The Ice-Cream Flavor Next Time"

  1. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 17th Jul 2021 8:16 am 

    Britain is the first country in the world to surrender to Covid:

    “Open the gates, let the enemy in and let it ransack the country”, that’s the message.

    This just in… 2 days before “Covid Freedom Day”, the *** health secretary *** attracts Covid:

    “Sajid Javid tests positive amid France travel chaos and warnings of lockdown in autumn”

    He had TWO jabs and has nevertheless (mild) symptoms.

    (only complete idiots book a holiday abroad under the current circumstances)

  2. biden’s hairplug on Sat, 17th Jul 2021 4:42 pm 

    The virtue-signalers have found a new opportunity to launch their favorite smear: rrrrracist!

    Target this time: BoJo

  3. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 18th Jul 2021 1:44 am 

    It is difficult to determine if Britain has a government at all at the moment:

    “Boris Johnson cancels plans for Churchillian Freedom Day launch – after No 10 alarm over a surge in infections”

    They are using false WW2-rethoric to run the country into the ground. Holland, Spain, same story: no serious strategy whatsoever.

    Asia is going to win Covid big-time. They have the required (cadaver) discipline.

    How to deal with Covid? Mimic China:

    – no-covid strategy
    – hermetically close the borders, for a long time to come
    – 4 weeks Draconian lock-down/curfew
    – slowly begin to open up, with lots of testing, but keep borders closed. Immediately quarantine those who are infected and their immediate surroundings
    – slash a lot of your globalist industries like traveling, aviation, tourism, airports, for a long time to come. There are too many people on this planet anyway (white nationalists should love this, btw)
    – national medical rejuvenation program: slimming down, exercise, aimed at drastically losing weight and reducing consumption, especially of sugar.

    In unrelated news, there are rumors that the US is preparing to withdraw from Iraq and Syria completely:

    Both countries would be up for grabs for Iran, led from behind by Russia and China and its New Silk Road program, enabled by gigantic trade surpluses.

    The invasion of the Middle East was enabled by the neocon PNAC program of the nineties plus the Mossad-CIA engineered 9/11 inside job. apneaman’s “super-jews” don’t exist, just circumcised Clouseau’s.

    The 2017 movie “Dunkirk”…

    …will prove to be highly symbolic for Anglosphere as a whole. They are retreating en masse (Hong-Kong, Brexit, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and soon East-Asia), but this time they won’t come back, for the simple reason that there will be no USSR around to hand the victory to them (WW2: USSR 80%, USA 15%, UK 5%). This time, the Anglos will be followed into their territories, while they are retreating, Stalingrad-style: Scotland, Ulster back to Europe, Down Under facing Chinese take-over, North-
    America Balkanizing.

    The world will be stuck with the English language though for a long time to come, a bit like a ruined Roman temple, still standing after the empire itself has long gone.

    Poor apneaman: he will be forced to pretend he cares about climate change, he doesn’t. He merely needs this story as a possibility for a face-saving retreat, imagining that the whole world will collapse. It won’t, just his ZOG-empire.

    Time for a continental European shadow government for white America.

  4. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 18th Jul 2021 1:57 am 

    Bike can replace car:

    Austrian breaks record: 1026 km in 24 hours by bike, many hours in pouring rain. Energy expenditure: 14.4 kcal, the equivalent of less than 2 liters of gasoline or 2 kg of body weight (excluding dehydration).

  5. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 18th Jul 2021 4:34 am 

    Please help!!! My city Durban, South Africa has been destroyed by the local Zulu people!! Please get this story out. Malls are still on fire, they even burnt a hospital!! All lives should matter. The Indians, Whites and Coloureds are under attack. No help at all.

    “Progressives Responsible For Mass Black Looting In South Africa”

    Poor Anglos, where are the Natzis when you need them? There aren’t any in Anglostan, only jews.

    Under dedicated kosher leadership, the Anglos and their Soviet buddies destroyed the core strength of the white race during WW2. Now the chickens come home to roost. The Russians managed to get rid of the menace all of their own:

    The Anglos won’t…

    “Trump Signs Order Against Anti-Semitism At Colleges, Worrying Free Speech Advocates”

    …they are instead facing total social collapse, à la Durban, leaving Anglo lands up for grabs for stronger, less globalist races.

    All we need is a war to get empire over with. Oh, wait:

    “Britain plans to launch covert special forces operations against Russia & China, military chief tells media”

    With 60k Dunkirk material, the UK (or England rather) is going to play “big power” and intends to take on armies of 2 x 1 million+. There is currently no country so out of step with reality than England. They can’t even get a ball in a net, not even from 11 m distance (because of hired Durban quality kicker personnel).

    “Stay away from waters near Crimea or British sailors risk facing the full might of Russia’s Armed Forces, Moscow warns London”

    Just kick em in the teeth, Vlad. Walk-over.

  6. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 18th Jul 2021 9:48 am 

    Report from the situation in South-Africa:

    A situation of lawlessness, roadblocks, looting, etc.. Don’t trust the MSM to report about it (in depth).

    The unraveling of the western diversity madness could very well begin in South-Africa, lead to genocide and ethnic separation there and next swap to the rest of Anglosphere (and possibly France).

    There will be life after empire, in fact a renaissance.

    “Half of the US believes a deadly conspiracy theory”

    CNN is getting very nervous about the situation in the US and the “deadly” beliefs of 50% of the population has (“deadly” for CNNs beloved ZOG-system). Did Biden win by fraud? Probably, but the truth doesn’t matter. White America has found a pretext to kiss Washington good-bye. The GOP is unable to return to political BAU and being a solid member of the government party; the Reps have instead become the dissident party, a bit like Solidarnosc in Poland, that between 1980-1989 played a crucial role in the overthrow of the communist system.

    The difference between Poland and the US is that Poland was and is a real nation, consisting of 100% Polish people. The US is an ethnic Babylon, without internal consistency.

  7. FamousDrScanlon on Sun, 18th Jul 2021 2:12 pm 

    “Under dedicated kosher leadership, the Anglos and their Soviet buddies destroyed the core strength of the white race during WW2.”

    The cream rises to the top lil clog.

    Core strength? The strong survive. The weak perish.

    clog are you using some ‘Bizzaro World’ comic book dictionary where everything is backwards & upside down?

    Try working from Evolution 101. The world will finally start to make sense to you.

    Don’t bother looking for ‘morality’ or the ‘good guys’ who are ‘suppose to win’ – not in there.

    Excuse making whiners are in there, under ‘Dead Losers’ & ‘verbose wannabes’.

    Again, all your hate, frustration, rage, powerlessness/depression comes from your inability to accept things for the way they are.

    You, nor anyone like you can move forward until you reach acceptance.

    GodNeocortex, grant me the serenity

    to accept the things I cannot change,

    the courage to change the things I can,

    and the wisdom to know the difference.

  8. FamousDrScanlon on Sun, 18th Jul 2021 2:44 pm 

    Unvaccinated make up 96% of Alabama COVID-19 deaths since April

    One, two, three
    Turn it up
    Big Covid keep on turnin’
    Carry me home to see my kin
    Singin’ songs about the south-land
    I miss Alabamy once again and I think it’s a sin, yes

    Sweet Home Alabama
    Where the deniers have all turned blue….

  9. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 19th Jul 2021 1:39 am 

    “The cream rises to the top, Clogmeister, sir.”

    So does a warm fart.

    “Core strength? The strong survive. The weak perish.”

    Tell me, who is the strong… Gulliver or the too many Lilliputians?

    “Again, all your hate, frustration, rage, powerlessness/depression comes from your inability to accept things for the way they are.”

    Correct, because I know for a fact I don’t have to, because we are living in a world of Heraclitus and his “Panta Rhei”. You would love to tell yourself that the 1945 victory is cemented for all eternity.

    It isn’t.

    Don’t take it from me, take it from your fellow sheenies:

    “The Good News – ZOG Is Dying”

    You lost Russia after WW2 and only got the UK in return. We in Europe are only biding our time until we finally can get rid of you and your anglo water carriers:

    “‘US losing world leadership, Europe can replace it’ – EU top diplomat Mogherini”

    The Trump presidency was an embarrassing loss for you heebs, true not yet fatal, but it inflicted incredible damage to the cause of ZOG. The upshot is that the Reps turned into the dissident party, and we in Eurasia took notice and smiled… because we know that the enemy is divided in itself and lost the inability to project power, so that even Stone Age jihadists can kick your ass.

    Add to that the crushing defeats of the wannabee hegemon in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan and all of a sudden the sun begins to breakthrough. The f*cker is tumbling.

    To top it off, your only real loyal ally, England and partner in WW2 crime, in an unguarded moment, decided to break away from Europe and follow its master and Nemesis over the ocean, creating a 2nd potential war front in the upcoming battle Eurasia-Anglosphere. Guess who is going to win that exchange? And every day the inevitable WW3 is postponed, your cards are getting weaker.

    Meanwhile, your country is diminishing and more “Durbanized” as time progresses. The only Americans here who can write a few coherent sentences, makati and Theedrich, have distanced themselves from your enterprise. And you want to win WW3 with Paultard?

    You’re an idiot, apneaman. In hindsight, the kikes will be just like the Huns and Mongols, these other two comparable mid-Eurasian menaces: they terrorized Europe for about a century and then, out of the blue, vanished from history, never to be seen again. That’s how your tribe will end as well, these high verbal-IQ hooligans. But not before you managed to destroy America.

    Hey, we in Europe ok with that.

    You know the parable of the scorpion and the frog? The scorpion wanted to cross a river and asked a frog to carry him on his back. The frog hesitated, because he knew he would carry a potentially deadly passenger, but the high verbal-IQ scorpion managed to persuade the frog. Then, in the middle of the river, the Scorpion did stab the frog and they both sank. Before they both drowned, the frog asked the scorpion why he did it? The scorpion answered: because stabbing is all I can.

    I’m sure you get the point.

    Enjoy the first and last American pogrom.

  10. FamousDrScanlon on Mon, 19th Jul 2021 1:02 pm 

    Get ready loser clog – hoards of sweaty brown masses are heading to USA & all points Europe

    The Great Climate Migration Has Begun | Amanpour and Company

    The climate crisis is forcing thousands around the world to flee as their homes become increasingly uninhabitable. Abrahm Lustgarten is a Pulitzer Prize-winning environmental reporter and has spent years looking at how climate migration will reshape the world.

    It’s Not a Border Crisis. It’s a Climate Crisis.

    There was a time when rural Guatemalans never left home. But back to back hurricanes, failed crops and extreme poverty are driving them to make the dangerous trek north to the U.S. border.

    Perhaps Trumps ‘MASSIVE’ 15 miles of new wall will keep them out of the US. Just funnel them towards that 15 miles of new wall Trump accomplished in 4 years (15/4 = 3.75 miles per year in office -wow).

    Sweaty brown climate muzzies pouring into Eurolands will hook up with the ones already there & own the place in no time. Get ready for Sharia law clog. Convert or die.

  11. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 20th Jul 2021 3:48 am 

    Covid is just beginning. Interview with Austrian virologist: “By the autumn, the variants will be flying around our ears”

    Chrome browser > right-click > translate to English

    These scenes could unhinge English society completely:

    “Britain lets its hair down on first day of ‘freedom’: Clubbers dance into the night, revellers head to the races and the Royal Albert Hall is packed again”

    Tellingly, England celebrated Covid freedom day, on the very day half of the cabinet went into quarantine. England has given up on fighting Covid, but Covid certainly hasn’t given up on England. The only bonus England has is the warm weather, which will keep death rates down for the coming 2-3 months. But the virus will eat itself into the English national body, all the while mutating into new variants, the old Wuhan-based vaccines are powerless against. And the worst factors are these stadiums, night-clubs, and most of all mindless international travel.

    And there is another virus raging in England these days, it’s called Harry:

    “‘A book by Harry, written by Meghan’: Royals brace for more ‘truth bombs’ and ‘poor me introspection’ as Prince reveals he’s already written $20m Megxit memoir – but ‘DIDN’T warn Charles before hand'”

    Meghan Markle is determined to use her royal catch Windsor Harry as a drone to destroy the British monarchy and use him for her woke purposes. No doubt will she run for 2024-presidency, which she could very well win. Talmudturk apneaman will love it (provided America still exists by 2024).

  12. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 20th Jul 2021 4:00 am 

    Covid-situation exploding in Tunisia:

    Tunisian health worker crying about the lack of oxygen.

    “Tunisian hospitals buckle under COVID crisis” (April 2021)

    They have warm weather in Tunisia, but hardly vaccines, unlike for instance in Britain, so high temperatures are no protection.

  13. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 20th Jul 2021 6:55 am 

    “He [Dominique Cummings] said Johnson referred to the Telegraph as “my real boss” and was extremely concerned about the reaction of the right-wing press and the Conservative party.”

    We in the West are not living in a democracy, but in a mediacracy. The media set the tone. Media ownership means soft-owning society. The Media make or break politicians.

    Situation hopeless?
    Not entirely, because we now have a counter-medium, the very one you are reading just now.


  14. Cloggie on Tue, 20th Jul 2021 7:05 am 

    Climate change latest: floods like we have seen in Europe these days, with hundreds of deaths and with rain to the tune of 20 cm/hour are to become 14 times as likely as before by 2100:

    Live at the bottom of a valley, any valley, at your own peril.

    Valley = gutter.

    Nouveaute: people in mountain regions need boats.


  15. Cloggie on Tue, 20th Jul 2021 7:12 am 

    “Beta prompts UK moves over France – but all variants could flourish after Monday”

    The move to make fully vaccinated people returning from France continue to quarantine – because of the risk of the Beta variant – appears to be another sign of panic setting in.

    Delta, the dominant variant in the UK, is far more transmissible than the Beta variant, which was first identified in South Africa. But the danger of Beta has long been its ability to thwart any vaccine shield, particularly the AstraZeneca jab. Beta actually preceded Delta – it was first recorded in the UK in December but never quite took off. In South Africa, it has dominated. It also accounts for about one in 10 new infections in France, but that data includes the French territories of Réunion and Mayotte, where the variant is almost dominant.

    International holidays or any flights are criminal. It is time to close down most airports and carriers (what’s in a name!).

    An airport makes for an excellent solar park. On top of that, they are not noisy and are beneficial for family budgets, formerly cratered by international holidays. We need stewardesses in agriculture instead. And then there are curbed emissions.

  16. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 20th Jul 2021 7:40 am 

    The new #1:

    In 2002 the Chinese imported the concept from Germany, this time they produce a magnetic levitation train all by themselves. Speed: 600 kmh.

    We wish the US navy much success in trying to stop China. Please ensure though, you have a swimming diploma, before entering the South China Sea.

  17. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 20th Jul 2021 9:05 am 

    Australians mocking Harry:

    The fate of the czar in Russia should give a clear indication about what is going to happen to the House of Windsor, once the woke commie 2.0 revolution will commence in earnest in Anglosphere.

    “Woke culture is ‘infecting schools’ and turning education into indoctrination by ‘poisoning’ children’s minds, ‘Woke Inc’ author warns”

    Harry, who is motivated by the burning desire to take revenge on the House of Windsor for the death of his mother (not entirely unjustified, it was almost certainly an MI6 hit), is determined to bring down the very house that made him what he is. Shakespeare could not have invented this drama. Harry and his female overseer are going to expose the royal family for the “incurable racists” that they are. Which of course is what they are, but so what, everybody on this planet is a racist, yawn. Most of all, the very people who are promoting this anti-racism agenda, the self-styled “God’s Chosen People”, these “fiddler on the roof” apneaman types.

  18. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 20th Jul 2021 9:54 am 

    After provoking Russia first near the Crimea, now China is next:

    “Britain WILL defy Beijing by sailing HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier task force through disputed international waters in the South China Sea – and deploy ships PERMANENTLY in the region”

    The US can always rely on the UK to do the dirty work for them.


  19. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 21st Jul 2021 3:57 am 

    The farce that is Brexiteer politics continues:

    “Dominic Cummings accuses ‘interfering’ Carrie of ‘trying to appoint clowns to key positions’ and thinking Boris ‘doesn’t have a plan’ – while admitting he tried to oust the PM in coup within DAYS of 2019 election because it was ‘either her or me'”

    Dominique Cummings, the snubbed UK Rasputin consultant and brainy arch-Brexiteer, is spilling the beans about Boris Johnson, one session at the time. And he probably isn’t lying (too much). He tells that Johnson’s wife is running the show (she decided that Cummings had to go). BoJo is an impulsive, ambitious, opportunistic package of energy, with hardly any vision for the country at all; he just wanted to ride the British horse for his personal gain, to “make money and have fun”. He realized his life-long ambition at the worst possible moment: having to deal with Covid and Brexit, the very Brexit he supported, merely because it made him PM. Now he owns the disaster of his own making. He narrowly missed dying from Covid and he looks as if he is suffering from long-Covid.

    Here Cummings in an interview with the only conservative journalist the BBC has, Laura Kuenssberg:

    Cummings says that BoJo isn’t fit to be PM (he isn’t, he is about public image only and has zero substance). He insisted on visiting the queen, despite the fact that members of the cabinet had been infected. Most revealing is that at [7:42] he admits that “no one can know for sure if Brexit was a good idea” (quite a revelation from the Vote Leave director!) “It is perfectly reasonable to admit that Brexit was a mistake”. Furthermore, he admitted he wanted to dump BoJo, a few days after his landslide election victory.

    Westminster is a snake-pit. The television series “House of Cards” of the nineties (and copied in the US) painted an entirely realistic picture of the chaotic British politics, loaded with intrigues. I would be surprised if BoJo would be more than a 1-term prime minister.

    The best thing the UK can do is to at least sign up for the EU Common Market (they won’t be let in again as a full member anyway). This won’t happen under BoJo. The situation in the UK really needs to further deteriorate, before a Labour-LibDems coalition government will take over in a couple of years time and reverse the Brexit idiocy.

  20. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 21st Jul 2021 4:24 am 

    Gibraltar, the correction of an anachronism:

    “EU launches power grab against Gibraltar by demanding Spanish police should be stationed there”

    Gibraltar was conquered from the Spanish in 1704 by a Dutch-British naval force. It is only a matter of time before the Spanish take it back, unless the EU reaches a compromise with London about setting up a huge EU naval base in Dover.


    The British Empire is now really over. After Scotland will have achieved independence from London, probably before 2026, thanks to Farage, expect the Spanish army to conduct a “night and fog”-operation and create a military fait accompli, in close consultation with and backed by Brussels.

    London should be wise and indeed negotiate a settlement with Madrid and make a few billion. The alternative, a military standoff between Madrid and London, would mean that life will become hell for UK tourists and retired expats. Not worth it.

  21. Cloggie on Wed, 21st Jul 2021 8:02 am 

    Dubai manages to create artificial rain:

    “Dubai creates its own RAIN to tackle 122F heat: Drones blast clouds with electrical charge to produce downpours”

  22. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 21st Jul 2021 9:05 am 

    “US blocking more Chinese students from its universities”

    “Biden maintains and seemingly expands Trump’s ban on Chinese students perceived to be national security risks”

    America beginning to take China seriously, a bit late in the game.

    No worries for Washington though, more than enough Africans and Muslims left to destroy white America with.

  23. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 21st Jul 2021 11:19 am 

    Fred Reed won’t warn again!

    Why can the Chinese do all of these things at once? Because they have money and many smart engineers. Why do they have money? Because they make stuff and sell it. America doesn’t have money because it spends it all on aircraft carriers, and doesn’t make stuff because it sent its factories to…China. Why doesn’t America have more and better engineers? Because it has a far smaller base of STEM-capable young and because it is dumbing down its schools and universities for the gratification of unproductive minorities.

    That’s why Eurasia (EU, Russia, China) are going to prevail over apneaman’s tribe.

    Renewable energy explained by Europeans for Americans:

    “Enel CEO: ‘Clean electricity will power 99% of Europe’s transport and heating by 2050 — and this is how it will work'”

  24. Biden’s hairplug on Wed, 21st Jul 2021 4:58 pm 

    Perhaps somebody could forward this to the UK or US navy, heading for the Black Sea:

  25. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 22nd Jul 2021 6:12 am 

    Erdogan is another one who needs to be disciplined… for telling the truth:

    “Erdoğan’s media say Jews control America, brought Biden to office” (Jan 2021)

    This btw is how all Muslims, Chinese and Russians think.

    Here is why white nationalism will not prevail in the US on its own merit:

    Fortunately for US white nationalism, there is a hostile world out there, hostile against the US, which could accomplish what US whites are unable to do on their own force.

    Gonna hurt a little.

  26. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 22nd Jul 2021 8:45 am 

    For Australians, the most interesting part of their country in the coastal area in the SE.

    The North, with Darwin and Northern Territories, both near equatorial, are not interesting.

    Until now:

    Sky News Australia is beginning to advocate that Australia needs to get serious about defending the country… against China.

    “Chinese-controlled Port of Darwin ‘Australia’s most strategic northern port’”

    Some friendly European advice: stay away from the South China Sea and don’t give them a pretext to take over your country.

  27. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 23rd Jul 2021 3:36 am 

    Ben Stein’s Eulogy To The USA – “Goodbye America”

    Ben Stein is jewish, which is obvious after a split-second glance at his picture. But they are not all of these sadistic commie commissar-wannabees like “our” apneaman, who day-in-day-out are obsessed with destroying whitey and Stein certainly isn’t.

    Stein goes as far as talking about “the Biden–Orwell–Soros omni-dictatorship”.

    The well-known lawyer explained that July marks the month the “superpowers of the tech world, Google, YouTube, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, and Yahoo, admitted to working with the Biden/NKVD administration to suppress free speech.”… “There is just one big corporate–government–IngSoc superstate running everything. Goodbye, America. The GOP, with 50 senators, does nothing. The state legislatures, by far a majority GOP, and the spineless Supreme Court do nothing. And so goodbye to the greatest experiment in the history of the world,” Stein elegantly stated.

    The entire (short) article by Stein here:

    Solution for America? Down-size, devolute, decentralize.

    Take an example from Europe:

    4 million km2, 440 million people, ca. 44 countries.


    10 million km2, 330 million, 1 country.

    Western countries like the US, Germany, Italy, etc., have a state share of about 40% (the USSR once had 100%). The European countries are loosely united in an EU with a state share of merely 1%.

    The USSR fell apart in 15 parts, good riddance to that. Nobody wants that monster back. They still have a CIS though:

    How about the US breaking up, abandon exceptionalism and the obsessive urge to “integrate the entire world in a US-run NWO”, become more inward-looking and instead, the more WASP-like states of the post-USA could team up with the EU (and Russia) and prevent a Chinese-owned planet.

    It’s coming anyway.

  28. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 23rd Jul 2021 4:38 am 

    “Euro news report on UK food shortage, which is a sign the collapse of civilization is near.”

    Uh, no, it isn’t. It is just a stupid idea to abandon the white world if you don’t have to. Britain as a mid-sized country simply isn’t big enough to act like an autarkic country.

  29. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 23rd Jul 2021 5:08 am 

    The rise of the Chinese hippies, end of the Chinese boom in sight?

    There is a new youth movement in China, the “laying flat”-movement (“Tangping”). Youngster not interested in the “996”-culture, that is working from 9 to 9, 6 days a week. The movement is one of drop-outs, they have no wish for great material wealth. The party leadership is alarmed.

    After all, isn’t the Panda-bear the most prominent icon of China? The Panda-bear is one of the laziest animals around.

  30. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 23rd Jul 2021 5:53 am 

    No need to complete the Olympics in Tokyo, as the result is already known, thanks to Gracenote’s forecast:

    As always, the EU (ca. 80 gold) is going to win with flying colors, way before the US (40 gold) and China (33).

    In the overall medal count, the Netherlands (17 million) will end up #6; in the more relevant gold medal count even as #5, before UK, France, Germany and Italy and 4 times as many gold medals as Canada.

    Note to apneaman: participating is more important than winning.

  31. FamousDrScanlon on Fri, 23rd Jul 2021 3:31 pm 

    clog is a Ben Stein fanboy.

    Stein’s a mid level Jew, not a Super Jew. Super Jews don’t need to act like performing monkeys hosting dumb game shows & playing bit parts in stupid American movies.

    Speaking of Jews, I was visiting the Dark Ages America blog & Morris Berman was talking about clog & his ilk again.

    As for the disappearing trolls: practically nothing! Once in a while one of these dunces will do a kind of hit-and-run message (which again, I delete w/o rdg), but other than that, bupkis. I think I scared them off by going to the root of their problem: they have no testes. This served to embarrass them, since this is a true assessment; so they ran away. In their heart of hearts, they know that they are an impotent bunch of turkeys, that their dicks are limp, and that the Jews will surely replace them. By now, they are pretty depressed. If you or any other Wafer can recommend a Nazi psychiatrist for them, pls feel free to cite his contact info.”

    Ba ha, Berman spotted your underlying depression too.

    Feelings of powerlessness = depression.

    Unmet expectations = depression.

    A world you no longer understand = depression.

    Cultural norms keep changing faster & faster – it’s not fair – not supposed to happen. It’s an existential threat to my worldview = depression.

  32. Biden’s hairplug on Fri, 23rd Jul 2021 4:07 pm 

    CW2 in the US could be initiated by the left:

    “United States of… Yugoslavia? Cartoon hints at next chapter of American civil war“

    This is exactly what Ben Stein is hinting at:

    “Ben Stein’s Eulogy To The USA – “Goodbye America””

    The old America… nobody wants to preserve it, because there is nothing to preserve, because the old America is long gone. The left wants a racial-USSR, with whites designated as “oppressors”; the right wants Balkanistion and secession and racial segregation.

    The US deep state has given up on “the world”… too many defeats since 1989. Some have even given up on continental Europe. But they certainly haven’t given up on North-America, 20 million km2 gulag, just like the original USSR.

    CW2 means the end of the US empire = West. The EU, Russia, China and Muslims will step into the power void. KSA: toast. Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood. Philippines: Chinese client state. Japan: allied to Europe. In CW2, EU+Russia will support the whites, China will support the left. China takes Taiwan and Down Under.

    The US=Yugoslavia cartoon was promoted by WaPo!

  33. Biden’s hairplug on Fri, 23rd Jul 2021 10:29 pm 

    “Stein’s a mid level Jew, not a Super Jew. Super Jews don’t need to act like performing monkeys hosting dumb game shows & playing bit parts in stupid American movies…. In their heart of hearts, they know that they are an impotent bunch of turkeys, that their dicks are limp, and that the Jews will surely replace them.“

    Well, the beauty of the exchanges here is that I get it all out in the open. apneaman acknowledges what the agenda is: jews replacing white people, using mass third world immigration. This is the drama talking place in North-America.

    This is not a very wise thing for apneaman to do. He announces his attentions, while at the same time, he implicitly puts a yellow piece of cloth on his chest… that will serve as a target for those white people, who resist his efforts to phase them out from history. And they have the judgment of “mid-level jews” like Stein and Kunstler in their pockets, who predict that the replacement exercise is going to fail miserably and that the right will prevail and the US will Balkanize. They even can quote “super jew Marx” about that neo-USSR:

    “first time a tragedy, second time a farce”.

  34. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 24th Jul 2021 9:05 am 

    Even in Canada, they are beginning to understand that Covid is a white nationalist dream coming true:

    Let’s hope that the aviation industry completely collapses, for the same reason.

    And is good for the environment too. Planes can come back in 10 years time, provided they fly carbon neutral.

  35. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 24th Jul 2021 12:09 pm 

    clog, that website is someone’s personal play project & looks like 1999. When I opened the link a puff of dust came out of my computer ffs. There’s no ‘they’ visiting it to understand whatever you babbled about. How much traffic do you think that pet project site gets?

    Forever desperate clog will use anything at hand to bolster his self deception.

    Other than that old royal cunt in England, most Canadians ignore Europe. It’s the land across the water where great great grandpa came from. That is all.

  36. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 24th Jul 2021 1:33 pm 

    If Billionaires in Space Feels Obscene, That’s Because It Is

    Billionaires Fleeing a Burning Planet Are a Symptom of a Collapsing Civilization

    Imagine that you could single-handedly save millions of lives. Yes, millions. At no real cost to yourself. It’d take pennies, relatively. You wouldn’t even feel it. But instead, you, I don’t know…rocketed off to the edge of space in dong-shaped rocket, because you could. What would that make you? Go ahead, say the words, whichever ones fit. Ignorant? Clueless? An a-hole? A selfish pr*ck?

    You’d be a miserable example of a human being. That dumb dong-shaped rocket would be nothing more than a symbol of having let millions of people die. A gigantic phallic symbol of monstrous indifference and mass death.

    Some of these progressive critics would make great preachers.

    Yabut Bezo is a super star…..and a cunt, but so what? Some find it hard to comprehend, but is trapped too. Trapped by & dependant upon the system. Hell, the system created him. The system allows for billionaires.

    A few years back there were no billionaires in China, then all of a sudden there’s Chinese billionaires. What happened?

    What happened was they were desperate so they adopted some elements of western civilization & merged them with their evil commie system & created a hybrid system that’s been a big cancer success. Their new hybrid system allows for billionaires. No such thing as a self made man.

  37. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 25th Jul 2021 4:30 am 

    that website is someone’s personal play project & looks like 1999. When I opened the link a puff of dust came out of my computer ffs. There’s no ‘they’ visiting it to understand whatever you babbled about. How much traffic do you think that pet project site gets?… Other than that old royal cunt in England, most Canadians ignore Europe. It’s the land across the water where great great grandpa came from. That is all.

    I know, there is not a single white nationalist bone in the Canadian body politic. It’s an English offshoot, after all. It’s a country bored to death with itself. Abolishing itself is the only diversion available to prematurely die from boredom. The only future purpose that huge territory without identity worth mentioning has, will be to house millions of Australian refugees, once China makes its move, against the East and South.

    That whole Anglo thingy is in a state of twilight…

    …thanks to your lot. The Anglo-Zionist empire, after all, is a windfall empire, that accidentally happened in the wake of the clash of the two real giants of the white race: Germany and Russia.

    And now that windfall, nay windbag empire is ready for demolition, at the hands of the Eurasians. Canada is up for grabs for outside predators like France, England, China and Russia and Australian settlers.

    All we need to do in Eurasia is wait for (((apneaman’s tribe))) to soften up North-America for us with his third world mass immigration tool, so North-America will Balkanize and the resulting territories eventually will fall into our hands like ready fried chickens. Unlike WW2, the Europeans will be the true liberators of North-Americans, the suckers who fell into the hands of apneaman’s tribe after 1933 and were used to fetch Europe for said tribe.

    But that empire had its day.

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