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Page added on September 29, 2020

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Kunstler: Seeing Through Pea Soup

Public Policy

Just as Regan, the possessed tweenager in the horror movie classic, The Exorcist, vomited streams of green sludge at Father Merrin in the final hours of her extremis, so, in the final weeks of election 2020, the possessed US news media will be boofing “bombshells” against its loathed and detested adversary, the president who attempted to exorcize the demons of the Deep State out of the federal government.

Thus, Democratic Party legal imp, Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance, Jr., or someone on his staff, leaked (illegally) years of Mr. Trump’s tax information to The New York Times as a counterweight to last week’s Senate report on the international grifting exploits of Joe Biden & Family. The difference is that Mr. Trump’s doings represent compliance with the US tax codes while the Biden activities represent payoffs from shady figures in foreign lands for services rendered. The Times and its DNC patrons are calculating that the public will not understand the difference.

It’s whispered that The Times was hoping to unload the tax story much later in the campaign but needed desperately to provide some ammunition for Mr. Biden’s turn in the debating ring with the president on Tuesday night, when both these matters are sure to come up for review. That is, if Mr. Biden dares to show up. Those of you with a taste for history may recall the final hours of another Democratic eminence of yore, William Jennings Bryan, when he was vivisected on the witness stand by Clarence Darrow at the Scopes Trial in Dayton, Tennessee, 1925. Five days later, Bryan dropped dead, and his reputation as a humiliated old fool is much better remembered than his moment of glory in 1896 as a 36-year-old nominee for president (youngest ever).

If Joe Biden does show up at Tuesday’s debate, it will be under at least one severe disadvantage: the contest happens at night. Through the preceding weeks, Mr. Biden’s handlers have “put a lid” on his campaign activities at ten o’clock in the morning more days than not, and sometimes at eight-thirty a.m., before the press pool has even digested its oat-milk honey lattes. “A lid” means the candidate makes no appearances nor is available to the media that day. You have to wonder whether Ol’ White Joe can even function after sundown. Senile dementia typically presents more vividly in the evening. The Biden team may seek to counter that with doses of Adderall, an amphetamine. The side-effects are interesting: “mental / mood changes (such as agitation, aggression, mood swings, abnormal thoughts) uncontrolled movements, continuous chewing / teeth grinding, outbursts of words / sounds, prolonged erections (in males).” Watch for these.

Also watch to see whether Mr. Biden steps onstage wearing his trademark black mask. (Mr. Trump, of course, will not mask himself.) The optic will be two-fold: 1) Mr. Biden has something to hide, and 2) Mr. Biden is a weakling for playing up Covid hysteria. Then wait to see if he pulls the mask down under his chin as though he was acting the role of Abe Lincoln in a middle school history pageant. That will be a visual-to-remember! Also, wait for Mr. Biden to deliver a self-knockout punch to himself when he attacks the President’s Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, for being a Catholic.

There was an uproar of consternation across the red regions of the land on Sunday when Maria Bartiromo announced that US Attorney John Durham is unlikely to report any actions (i.e., indictments) before election day. There is a very good analysis at the news site It boils down to this: Mr. Durham and his fellow US Attorney on the case, Jeff Jensen, received testimony only ten days ago from an FBI agent named William Barnett which alleges in detail how DOJ rogue attorney Andrew Weissmann ran Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation as a “checking function” on the President. (Mr. Weissmann states this explicitly in his forthcoming book.) There is no constitutional basis for this so-called checking function. Rather, it suggests gross illegality. Days after William Barr was sworn in as Attorney General, the Mueller office was shut down. Mr. Barr, apparently, became aware of his old colleague, Robert Mueller’s, pronounced cognitive decline, and was indignant over the hijacking of his Special Counsel mission by Democratic Party activists on-staff. Now, with Mr. Barnett’s testimony, additional witnesses must be interviewed before any cases can be made. So, these matters will have to wait until after the election.

As a tactical election consideration, it is probably for the best, at this point, that there is no appearance of using the Durham investigation as a campaign weapon. It’s unfortunate that it took Mr. Durham so long to unravel the seditious intrigues of RussiaGate, but that only suggests how complex and far-ranging the scheme was, overlapping several agencies, the two houses of congress, and a host of sketchy characters outside of government. Mr. Trump will have to make his case for reelection by other means. Mr. Biden, or rather, his handlers and stand-ins, will make his case by any means.


20 Comments on "Kunstler: Seeing Through Pea Soup"

  1. Theedrich on Wed, 30th Sep 2020 1:36 am 

    Yidism, Cretinity & maggot-filled Islam are scams. Pay now and fly later.  Or:  murder now and be a hero.  Burn witches.  Billions love these cults for their myths, fantasies, delusions and licence to kill and enslave.

    These ideological edifices of mendacity are all built on the premiss that they “know” postmortem fate and the will of the cosmos, which just happen to coincide with the hallucinations and dictates of the reigning political leaders.

    So let’s look at what modern parapsychology and biology, plus quantum mechanics, have taught us about reality.

    Firstly, materialists are wrong and self-delusional in their belief systems.  They are largely herd animals, arrogant, blind and impervious to the evidence, bigotted and terrified of losing their grants, prestige and power.  In cosmology, mathematical conjectures of an infinite number of unprovable other universes (the “multiverse”) are the ultimate meltdown of Occam’s razor.  Such brain embolisms are materialist religious absurdities.  With respect to their dogmatic claims to be “scientific,” see chapter 11, “Illusions of Objectivity,” in Rupert Sheldrake’s 2020 book, The Science Delusion:  Freeing the Spirit of Enquiry (NEW EDITION), at

    Secondly, ALL matter, from the dust under our feet to the farthest galaxies beyond our event horizon, is a TRANSCEIVER to the underlying, pre-material realm of cosmogonic logic and memory.  That is, the morphogenetic information of nature involved is transmitted both ways:  from the realm of logic and memory to the visible universe, and vice versa, so that the shapes and behavior of living beings are guided in their growth by previously evolved memories, and maintained by them, and in return objects living and non-living add the structural and behavioral knowledge they have inherited or acquire during their existence to the memories which have generated them, preparing the way for following generations.  E.g., all electrons are identical twins, remembering the same morphogenetic memory and confirming it.  See The Presence of the Past: Morphic Resonance and the Memory of Nature, revised and expanded edition, at on this.

    The simplest forms of nature — electrons, quarks, photons, etc. — behave mostly according to rigid principles which can be described by math.  Nonetheless, they are not math.  Then, as agglomerations of matter become more complex, in life forms and, ultimately, in beings of conscious intelligence, behavior becomes increasingly flexible.  Such forms, like their simpler components, are instantiations of memories in an infinite inframind.  Hence the constant reports about “reincarnation” and “possessions” (by good, evil, or neutral entities/personalities).  Likewise all of the other “paranormal” phenomena, such as haunted houses, psychokinesis, telepathy, etc.

    Thus “God” is neither some lovey-dovey, body-building geezer as painted on the Sistine chapel ceiling, nor a bloodthirsty desert tyrant seeking the megadeath of “infidels.”  Rather, it is an infinite mind of logic (not math) fractally and evolutionally incarnating itself throughout its infinite cosmos.  It is the cosmogonic anima mundi.

  2. bochen787 on Wed, 30th Sep 2020 1:46 am

    Dumb Amerikkkan bitches in denial….

    “Its all gonna come back”

  3. zero juan on Wed, 30th Sep 2020 5:09 am 

    nightly ashole JuanP:

    bochen787 said Dumb Amerikkkan bitch…

    antius said New Jersey Mosque Makes $550,000 Off Local Taxpaye…

    ANSEL REAPER said On This Day… Sep 29, 2013: Peshawar, Pakista…

    Pakistan’s Prime Minister at UN: “This Assembly should declare an ‘International Day to Combat Kafirphobia’” said muzz

    im watching basic instinct now i confirm whitey supertard sharon stone whose IQ is over 150 was so poor she could not afford panties said but she told us to wear face panties? we so poor w…

    bochen787 said This is the Chinaman’s Century, amerifuckers!

    whitey supertard president trump promises to put 7th division on ground to put out insurrection said there is no more muzz lives matter or anything Not…

    bochen787 said This is the Chinaman’s Century, amerifuckers

    whoever wins will not harvest muzz said it’s just a theatrical game

    i predict creeper will win big creepy joe is creepy the sleepy whitey supertard president sleep joe biden said will go door to door with ho harris to take luke 2…

    REAL Green said The widdle dumbass wants its mommy. Awwww…

  4. zero juan on Wed, 30th Sep 2020 5:10 am 

    missed this JuanP ID theft:

    Abraham van Helsing on Tue, 29th Sep 2020 8:47 pm

    The :debate:” is chaotic. Empire Dave is wildly socking, looking stupid and tense. Stalking and pricking. My strategy, is to derail.

  5. zero juan on Wed, 30th Sep 2020 5:14 am 

    OH and this one. Looks like JuanP has turned on Abraham van Helsing with ID theft:

    “Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 30th Sep 2020 5:05 am “

    “Salvation by “renewables” is utopian fantasy. Physics says no, no, no!”

    I agree 100%!

    I’m a certified physicist from the 5th most popular virtual online university in the world (according to the good people of Singapore, there are more Anglo-friendly rankings from…

    …and I can tell you my fantasy’s are 100% Utopian. Psychiatrist’s says yes, yes, yes!

    The total amount of energy consumed throughout my worthless history is a small fraction of the annual spam influx + gassy wind shooting out my ass.

    An area the size of Bulgaria plastered with my spam would suffice to replace the entire global fertilizer needs:

    Here is my bullshit for a 100% fantasy energy base for Upper SLobovia, coming from the world’s top mind from the clogghaufer Institute:

    Me. Cover Missouri with Solar panels and robot cars.

    But it would be very strange, to say the least, if the cloggo, (me) after all science and technology they’ve tried to teach me here w/o success, would have embarked on 100% unreality based acid-trip, without thorough consideration.

    “Again and again, serious analysts (LOL not me comes to mind) have concluded that the United States and as a whole have exhausted their patience with me, but I continue the ride on an unmoderated sites gravy train.”

    Empire dave is merely an loud-mothing Ozark butthole. Maybe he is right about the financial aspects of goat herding, he has not a clue about Aldolf Hitler, or Moon-base construction. Brain-dead Americans have way too much respect for opinions, which like assholes, everyone has one. Except me. Ventilated by (Empire Davy, and zero Juan being prominent examples), and way too low respect for the opinions of people who dedicated their entire lives to trolling topics. Also me.

  6. Abraham van Helsing on Wed, 30th Sep 2020 6:02 am 

    I did put the alarm clock on 3:00 and watched that shouting match that passes as a presidential debate.

    The quality of the debate was low, Biden was not as “dementing” as was feared (or hoped for, depending on your conviction). Trump was more aggressive. They both looked grim, Trump wildly gesticulating, both using the stopword “by the way” too much and Biden with his repetitive “here is the deal”, didn’t make a very good impression. The moderator was reasonably neutral (right-wingers on the web claimed he wasn’t), Trump interrupted too much.

    My verdict would be 55-45 in favor of Trump. But in reality it was a draw and the US is currently so polarized that these debates won’t influence the outcome of the election too much, because there is too much at stake. This election, like the one in 2016, is about demographics and little else. The Dems want to push whitey into minority status (and eventually will succeed), so people-of-color can send whitey all sorts of huge bills, demand for “reparations”, complete erasure of white culture and history, the Trump-Reps want to prevent that.

    And this pattern won’t go away until either the Dems will win for good and turn the US in a sort of Brasil-2.0 with corresponding international clout (or lack there of) or the whites manages to escape from the oligarchs from Washington, after admitting that Hitler had a point after all: if you let in Jews, they take over your country with their Marxism, Bolshevism or multicult (Even the Jewish Telegraph Agency admitted yesterday that 15 out of 25 largest donors to US politics are Jewish). The usual outcome will be that whitey will realize that he may have less IQ points that then Jews, but they still have more fists, that, in the US case, carry guns. There is something inevitable about kosher-gentile interaction.

    Americans, as the descendants of the under classes of Europe, are mentally slower than Europeans, but eventually even they will draw the conclusion:

    The situation could even develop into realms where the Europeans, with these 100-200 Israeli Jericho missiles in mind, are forced to come to the rescue of Jews in North-America and as the coming arbiter over CW2 (together with the Chinese) will decide to allocate Upstate New York as the Israel-2.0 to the Jews, guaranteed by Paris-Berlin-Moscow, since Israel has no future anyway, if after the downfall of the US empire, the entire Middle East will fall to the Islamist of either the Sunni or Shia persuasion (Egypt, KSA). Expect yet another Jewish Exodus from Israel to Upstate New York, minus a few Orthodox Jews, who will be tolerated by the new Muslim rulers of Palestine as 2nd class citizens and allowed to guard Jewish shrines.

  7. whitey supertard sharon stone has IQ over 150 but too poor to afford panties why (((supertard))) fenstein no wearing face panties on Wed, 30th Sep 2020 7:05 am 

    supertard sharon says we have to wear face panties

    feinstein says we wear face panties

    for a bunch of smart people who reject the invisible (((supremetard))) they sure go all in for the invisible convict-19, the worship the supremetard of science-19

  8. makati1 on Wed, 30th Sep 2020 6:22 pm 

    Insanity rules in Amerika! Gawd! What a bunch of losers! He said. She said. It said.

    Read “Fahrenheit 451” this weekend and see what a great author said about the US’ future … written in 1953.

    Or: “1984”, “Animal Farm”, etc. by other authors.

  9. FamousDrScanlon on Wed, 30th Sep 2020 10:58 pm 

    How many Americans has the Antifa crisis cult killed?

    Hysterical conservatards are hysterical cowards who run over kids with their cars because they lack the courage to look their growing list of victims in the eye like a real man would.

    Hundreds of Vehicle Ramming Attacks Mark New Norm in America’s Civil Unrest

    There were 104 separate incidents of drivers crashing into protests between May 27, the date of the George Floyd killing, and September 5, including 96 civilians and 8 police vehicles.

    “Last week a black pickup truck plowed into a large crowd of anti-racist demonstrators protesting the police killing of Breonna Taylor in Hollywood. Video of the incident shows the driver hit a young man, subsequently accelerating over his body to escape a crowd converging on him. In Seattle, a man in a black sedan car barreled into a large demonstration protesting the killing of George Floyd. After he stopped, he got out and shot a protestor at point blank range. The crowd scattered in terror. The man calmly left the area. Meanwhile, in Buffalo on Wednesday, a woman screaming racial slurs slammed her truck into an anti-racist demonstration.”

    Fucking back shooting cowards. Probably so hyper enraged at black men because they give your white women the big bull cocks they crave all the time.

    Anyone else notice that most of the women in porn are American white women & most of the men are niggers with giant cocks?

    When you want accurate results, ignore the hysterics & look at the data/body count.

    It’s not even close.

    How ironic that the right wing-nuts have adopted the EXACT same back shooting terror tactics as their other hated enemy – Muzzy terrorists.

  10. Michael P Byron on Thu, 1st Oct 2020 10:41 am 

    WHY does this propagandist of Trumpreich continue to be published here? Everything he says is already available at Get rid of this a$$hole!

  11. Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 1st Oct 2020 11:25 am 

    Europe is considering EU boots on the ground in Libya, no doubt to contain Turkey. Nice small practice material to wet the appetite for greater challenges, while Russia keeps the Turks busy in Armenia and Syria.

  12. Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 1st Oct 2020 11:25 am


  13. zero juan on Thu, 1st Oct 2020 11:57 am 

    Asshole troll JuanP:

    Michael P Byron said WHY does this propagandist of Trumpreich continue…

    bochen787 said

    bochen787 said EV is the future, guess no one hear heard of BYD,…

    Bo Chen said About your german cars….. https://enapp.chin

    Cloggie said “This is the Chinaman’s Century, amerifucker…

    REAL Green said Bo Chen just handed us are testicals over on the i…

  14. zero davy on Thu, 1st Oct 2020 12:08 pm 

    Asshole troll Davy:

    Michael P Byron said WHY does this propagandist of Trumpreich continue…

    bochen787 said…

    bochen787 said EV is the future, guess no one hear heard of BYD,…

    Bo Chen said About your german cars….. https://enapp.chin…

    Cloggie said “This is the Chinaman’s Century, amerifucker…

    REAL Green said Bo Chen just handed us are testicals over on the i…

  15. Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 1st Oct 2020 5:33 pm 

    New vid David Davis Hanson – Is America’s cold civil war turning hot? Is Biden preparing a coupe d’etat?

  16. supertards please change ur underwear after 5 days on Thu, 1st Oct 2020 6:35 pm 

    public service announchemnet

  17. Abraham van Helsing on Sat, 3rd Oct 2020 10:50 pm 

    New video from the God-Emperor:

    He is definitely weakened, humbled, but not down and out and probably will be on his feet again, thank God! Expect a more modest, friendlier Trump in the future, just like BoJo, although the latter was harder hit.

    Good news.

  18. Abraham van Helsing on Sat, 3rd Oct 2020 11:00 pm 

    James Bond tested positive for Corona too:

    “The last picture show: Cineworld to shut all 128 of its cinemas in the UK and Ireland as industry becomes ‘unviable’ following coronavirus cancellations – one day after new James Bond film was postponed until 2021“

  19. Abraham van Helsing on Sat, 3rd Oct 2020 11:12 pm 

    Let’s see if they come to their senses before their country falls apart:

    “Sir Keir Starmer overtakes Boris Johnson in poll revealing more people believe the Labour leader would make a better prime minister – and only a QUARTER think PM is doing a good job“

    Starmer is a remainer and although he respects the outcome of the Brexit referendum, he wants to bring the UK back as close to Europe as possible, which would be the best for all involved, certainly in the light of geopolitical developments to come when Europe and America are going to switch roles and the Mother Civilization will take in its old role again and we will need every European soldier we can lay our hands to pacify North-America “after the break”.


  20. Abraham van Helsing on Sat, 3rd Oct 2020 11:25 pm 

    Britain could get an Obama of its own:

    “DAN HODGES: Four people are running Britain – and Boris Johnson’s enemies claim he isn’t one of them“

    What you have to understand is there are four people who are running the country now,’ the Minister says. ‘But none of them is Boris. Dom [Cummings], Michael [Gove], Rishi [Sunak] and Carrie [Symonds, the PM’s partner]. That’s it.’… ‘ People are gravitating towards Rishi,’ one backbencher tells me, ‘and he’s not pushing them away.’

    What is unthinkable in Europe, not to mention Russia, but Britain could soon get a PM-of-color, like the US did under Obama. Poor Boris, his premiership ruined by Covid.

    Global-USA, Global-UK… thanks, but no thanks.

    “March of the Titans”

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