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Page added on January 13, 2020

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Kunstler: Sedition in Real Time

Public Policy

It is a wonder of these incendiary times that even as impeachment of a president moves to its ripest phase, trial in the Senate, the acts of sedition that prompted it still go on behind the scenes with no intervention — an epic failure of authority, if there ever was one. And further irony, if ever there was a trial that cried for witnesses, the impeachment case being brought by Mrs. Pelosi is such a hash of fraud, incompetence, and chicanery, that it begs for summary dismissal — so that these seditious caitiffs will not have to answer to the nation.

I speak of the “whistleblower” scheme cooked up by a network of officials who have actively plotted to overthrow the president for three years, as laid out at The Last Refuge website Sunday night: Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson in league with former colleagues from the Department of Justice National Security Division and the Lawfare org — a group dedicated to weaponizing law, in service to the political Left.

As I have averred in this blog as far back as October, Mr. Atkinson’s previous job before being appointed ICIG was counsel (lawyer) to the Department of Justice’s Chief of National Security. During the first half of the election year 2016, that was John Carlin. Mr. Carlin’s job was not just to sign-off on FISA warrants, but to actually write them. It also happens that Mr. Carlin had previously served as chief of staff to Robert Mueller, when Mr. Mueller was FBI Director.

Mr. Carlin signed-off on a March 2016 warrant against Carter Page, under suspicion of being a Russian Spy, when in fact Carter Page was a CIA informant who had been operating in Russia for years to uncover Russian adventures against the USA. CIA Director John Brennan inserted Mr. Page into the Trump campaign to open up Mr. Trump’s campaign to FBI surveillance, since the CIA has no law enforcement powers. The FISA Court’s Two-hop Rule allows a second hop to anyone who communicated with the initial subject of a warrant, which might have achieved surveillance of everyone in the Trump campaign, including the candidate himself. It also would have allowed access to all communications going back for years. This part of the scheme was probably green-lighted by White House National Security Advisor Susan Rice for Mr. Brennan, with President Obama’s approval, for the purpose of helping Hillary Clinton win the election.

John Carlin resigned in September of 2016 when faced with the prospect of having to sign a second fraudulent FISA warrant. He was replaced by DOJ attorney Mary McCord. Among other things, Ms. McCord was involved in engineering the case against General Michael Flynn, as well as the continuing surveillance of the Trump campaign. She resigned in April of 2017. A month later, Robert Mueller was appointed Special Counsel by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (acting for recused AG Jeff Sessions). Mary McCord then moved to a job at the elephant’s graveyard of federal officials under suspicion of malfeasance: the Georgetown University Law School. Meanwhile Michael Atkinson, who had continued as counsel under Ms. McCord, was shifted to his new job as ICIG.

Since then, somehow, Mary McCord landed a gig as an outside lawyer for Adam Schiff’s House intelligence Committee, to which she remains attached to this day. She is also associated with the Lawfare org that has supplied several other lawyers to Mr. Schiff’s committee and Jerrold Nadler’s House Judiciary Committee. Did Ms. McCord organize the “whistleblower” complaint and coordinate its transmission through Mr. Atkinson’s IG office, with CIA agent Eric Ciaramella acting as the spearpoint for the operation? Did Mr. Ciaramella have direct contact with Ms. McCord in the process? Did Ms. McCord have any part in actually writing the “whistleblower’s” highly legalistic complaint? Did Ms. McCord play any part in the backdating of official forms submitted for the “whistleblower’s” complaint — especially the crucial matter of changing the provision that disallowed second-hand “hearsay” evidence from such a complaint? Isn’t it a pity that the Senate phase of this impeachment may conclude with no testimony from these people?

An additional insult to the public interest went down on Friday when FISA court presiding judge James Boasberg picked one Davids Kris, former DOJ National Security Division chief (preceding John Carlin under President Obama), to “assist” in reforming FISA court procedures lately discredited by multiple acts of fraud and seditious abuse. Mr. Kris’s conflicts of interest in this endeavor are so rich and dark that they would embarrass a Gestapo Gruppenführer. In October, 2019, he tweeted “Trump has to go.” He was a loud critic of the report issued by Rep Devin Nunes, former chair, now ranking minority member, of the House Intel Committee — a report subsequently proven factually correct about the deceit surrounding RussiaGate — and a fervent supporter of Adam’s Schiff’s dishonest and factually erroneous minority report. He is one of the most active contributors to the Lawfare blog.

The appointment of Mr. Kris has provoked vehement objections for these obvious reasons, yet who and where is the authority to adjudicate it? Apparently in Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, who is the only person with any supervisory role over the FISA court. Maybe someone should ask Justice Roberts how this appointment can possibly stand.

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325 Comments on "Kunstler: Sedition in Real Time"

  1. DerHundistLos on Tue, 14th Jan 2020 6:27 pm 


    Calm down. So what if you’re proven to be a liar. Nothing new.

  2. JuanP on Tue, 14th Jan 2020 6:27 pm 

    This is special for you Der Hund

    Leave my Mak alone

  3. supremacist muzzies jerk on Tue, 14th Jan 2020 6:32 pm 

    supremacist muzzies jerk, the lazy loafer sponging off of my taxes for his social security disability. You’re a disgusting hypocrite.

    supremacist muzzies jerk ID Theft:

    JuanP on Tue, 14th Jan 2020 6:27 pm

  4. DerHundistLos on Tue, 14th Jan 2020 6:38 pm 

    Folks, it’s all too obvious that “supremacist muzzies” aka “fmr paultard” aka “loves cocks” and his other freakish IDs is responsible for much of the ID theft. The writing style is the same.

  5. asg70 on Tue, 14th Jan 2020 6:48 pm 

    Kunstler hasn’t been relevant to peak oilers for many years now. Why feature him when he’s not even talking about the topic???

  6. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 14th Jan 2020 6:56 pm 

    “The politics needed do not exist today despite all the fancy words you might hear from world leaders.”

  7. full woke supremacist muzzes jerk muzzies so soft so cudly jihad so nice severed heads of whiteys on lifeless body so grate low english so grand on Tue, 14th Jan 2020 7:03 pm 

    DerHundistLos on Tue, 14th Jan 2020 6:38 pm
    supertard, i haven’t said a thing about the photos why u attackin’ me bro


  8. full woke supremacist muzzes jerk muzzies so soft so cudly jihad so nice severed heads of whiteys on lifeless body so grate hi english grater on Tue, 14th Jan 2020 7:04 pm 

    supertard mak
    please respect supertard der

  9. makati1 on Tue, 14th Jan 2020 7:07 pm 

    Der, my last real post was: makati1 on Tue, 14th Jan 2020 5:43 pm, when I mentioned that Australia’s head is so far up the US ass…

    All others are just the Jackass’ sick humor.

  10. makati1 on Tue, 14th Jan 2020 7:11 pm 

    asg70, there are more articles posted here on “other topics” than on the worn out oily ones, or haven’t you noticed?

    Everyone is tired of the oily guessing games that is all they can talk about. Lies and exaggerations to keep the suckers/investors on the sinking ship. Or by losers who have too much invested in the oily business and don’t know anything else.

    Soon they will be selling pencils on the street corner. Wait and see.

  11. full woke supremacist muzzes jerk muzzies so soft so cudly jihad so nice severed heads of whiteys on lifeless body so grate hi english grater on Tue, 14th Jan 2020 7:16 pm 

    supertard der
    supertard mak said he didn’t diss u
    i don’t either. i’m never here.
    previously i’d say show [something] or shut up. but now you’re supertard i said nothing.
    then you said corn husking corn holing using fmr paultard without dash.

    obviously it’s supertard JuanP did these things to you bro.

    I’m all peace and love. May your new year be happy and muzzie free supertard der

  12. full woke supremacist muzzes jerk muzzies so soft so cudly jihad so nice severed heads of whiteys on lifeless body so grate hi english grater on Tue, 14th Jan 2020 7:29 pm 

    muzie downed airliner from ally of usa and said mistake. this came before mention of lockerbee
    muzzie taquiya perfect plausible deniability
    whitey supertar trudeau said whitey supertard trump fired the missiles

  13. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 14th Jan 2020 7:48 pm 

    1784 — Treaty of Paris, officially ending US War of Independence, ratified by Congress. By its terms, “His Britannic Majesty” is bound to withdraw his armies without “carrying away any Negroes or other property of American inhabitants.”

  14. REAL Green on Tue, 14th Jan 2020 7:49 pm 

    Are we havin fun yet Davy?

    schizophrenic lunatic

  15. makati1 on Tue, 14th Jan 2020 7:50 pm 

    If the PO site owner doesn’t muzzle the sock-puppets soon, there will be no one to visit the site. His ad money will drop to the bottom and, eventually, end. More ads detract from the site, not add. Pun intended.

    I have noticed that the “regulars” are less regular and some have even disappeared. I am considering moving on to a better site soon also. Davy can talk to himself 24/7/365 as he does now. Some others are no better. Get a life guys!

  16. Duncan Idaho on Tue, 14th Jan 2020 7:57 pm 

    1921 — Murray Bookchin lives.
    (I’m sure most of you don’t know who he was)

  17. full woke supremacist muzzes jerk muzzies so soft so cudly jihad so nice severed heads of whiteys on lifeless body so grate hi english grater on Tue, 14th Jan 2020 8:06 pm 

    makati1 on Tue, 14th Jan 2020 7:50 pm

    If the PO site owner doesn’t muzzle the sock-puppets soon, there will be no one to visit the site. His ad money will drop to the bottom and, eventually, end. More ads detract from the site, not add. Pun intended.

    supertard, just a refresh of my treaties i wrote down that uppertard considers this matter closed. and supertard sis accepted the ruling and will not challenge it.

    uppertard will keep this forum open

    thank you uppertard. may your new year be happy and muzzies free

  18. Davy on Tue, 14th Jan 2020 8:54 pm 

    “If the PO site owner doesn’t muzzle the sock-puppets soon, there will be no one to visit the site.”

    It’s all your fault makatoo. You started this shit by saying mean things about our country. That got me real emotional and all upset like. That made me decide my ultimate goal in life was to save America from the 10 or so extremists on this obscure international lame unmoderated Internet forum. Thanks to patriots like me were makin America grate again. One lame unmoderated board at a time.

  19. Anonymouse on Tue, 14th Jan 2020 9:23 pm 

    You know Mak, all of the demented ones ‘problems’ would go away in an instant and all it would take would be for him, and his fraud british jew buddy for good measure, to REGISTER forumside. Then they could both enjoy all the ‘moderation’ they could ever want, or need. No need for either of those extremist, autistic frauds to remain here one minute longer. It is not as if those two idiots dont know where the door is.

    Registering takes a few minutes. I know that the process is likely too complicated for Davy dumbass and the Kloggkosher to comprehend. At least separately. If they work as a single retarded unit, they might be able to accomplish together, what they are singularly un-equipped mentally, to do alone.

  20. makati1 on Tue, 14th Jan 2020 9:39 pm 

    Anon, they are both a perfect example of why the West is disintegrating. Both are highly delusional, brainwashed and scared shitless of the coming negative changes in their comfortable lifestyle.

    You and I see the real world and are preparing to ease the pain of change. We have alternate locations to ride it out. I’m in mine and plan to stay here and watch the show. Good luck with you and yours.

  21. Anonymouse is stupid on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 1:59 am 

    You don’t think you can get out of jail free stalker. Go fuck yourself. When do you contribute? Right. never. You are a blight on this forum as bad as juanPee but at least you are rarely here. Eat shit and die.

  22. makati1 is stupid on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 2:04 am 

    Like wise senile old man…with your anon chump friend… Move on and be gone. One day the lunatic juanPee will medicate and decide his mindless shit is well mindless and low IQ. I am going to be here exercising my rights to free speech and be offensive in the name of self defense. I hope you leave makati1 and I wish the worst for your remaining short life of an 80 year old. You ruined this place with your extremist hate based message of “anything American bad”. You were a magnet of hate and this is why you deserve hate in your life and your death. You are a disgusting example of a little man.

  23. Full woke muzzi ID theft on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 2:06 am 

    makati1 said Der, my last real post was: makati1 on Tue, 14th J…

  24. Cloggie on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 2:08 am 

    “him, and his fraud british jew buddy”

    Oh, I am a British jew now?! My English is THAT good eh?

    Good, I will let my English teacher of half a century ago know; he will be thrilled to learn his efforts paid off. He is (or more likely was rather) from the former Dutch Moluccas in what is now Indonesia. The Christian ones, like mr Wairata, who remained loyal to the Dutch during the Indonesian war of independence and had bet on the losing horse. Under his skilled teacher-ship I worked through “Jamaica Inn”, “Midsummer-nights Dream”, “Animal Farm”, “The old man and the sea” and a lot more.

    His only negative point was that he was cross-eyed and nevertheless used his eyes to assign whose turn it was next. You never knew if it was your turn or your neighbor on the

    Thanks mousy, for this unintended and hence even more meaningful compliment.

  25. Davy on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 2:09 am 

    Kunstler hasn’t been relevant to peak oilers for many years now. Why feature him when he’s not even talking about the topic???

    Yea for extremist liberals this is true but for honest patriots he is highly relevant. He is exposing the corruption and the degeneration of the modern progressive liberal into a MOB.

  26. Davy on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 2:24 am 

    “Germany To Cut 400,000 Auto Jobs In Next Decade As Car Production Crashes” zero hedge

    “The start of approximately 400,000 job losses in the German automotive industry is already underway as the industry shifts towards electric vehicles, reported the Financial Times. Germany’s workforce is likely to contract by 1% in the next ten years as carmakers such as Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Volkswagen, and Porsche transition to electric car sales. The shift from a combustion engine to electric, and the resulting factor it might lead to job losses is merely a cover, or a narrative by the German press, likely created by the government, to shield the public’s view from collapsing car production in the country. Why frighten consumers and tell them German car production has crashed to 23-year lows when narrative creation in the press can assure everyone that the slump is because carmakers are doing away with dirty fossil fuel engines for a greener future…It’s time the German press and government stop blaming electric cars for the massive job losses that could soon hit the industry in the coming quarters and years and prepare for a financial storm as car production has already crashed to several decade lows.”

  27. Davy on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 2:24 am 

    The cloggo can’t get this message into his puzzle very well. The backbone of the German economic miracle in free fall. If you REAL Green what is happening in Germany then you accept that tough times are ahead for Germans. No, there will not be this golden Euro decade of green transformation but Germany will lead other nations in a necessary transformation to lower industrialization and the knock on of lower affluence. German is going to be poorer but more prepared for it. Unfortunately for the cloggo this story of win-win and no economic or energy problem is lipstick on a pig. It is just the opposite. Europe has tough painful times ahead. The same decline is true in the North America and Asia but with different characteristics. The other factor is luck and chance. We don’t know where the worst of this decline process will strike since this is about the chaos of abandonment, dysfunction, and the irrational. The dysfunction and irrational will be with behavior and systems. The abandonment with be physical and this will push the system and behavior to the irrational. Not good for the cloggo but REAL Green says to the cloggo this is not as bad as it seems.

  28. Cloggie on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 2:44 am 

    The expulsion of Meghan Markle and her love puppy and Big Shopping Bag Harry the Brazilian from the House of Windsor:

    “The real reason for Megxit? There is ‘bad blood’ in the Firm and the divisions spread wider than Princes William and Harry, say friends”

    Expect Meghan and her second Harry to aim at revenge against the “racist House of Windsor” and will be a major propellant for Meghan’s drive towards political power in the US.

    “Smiling Meghan Markle breaks cover for the first time since Megxit: Duchess boards a seaplane to visit a women’s shelter in Canada – as it’s revealed her father is set to testify against her in court battle”

    Meghan against her father in court. The media have a field day. Expect more to come. Shakespeare could not have invented this.

    “Duchess of Sussex broke cover from her hideaway to visit a women’s shelter in the poorest suburb in Vancouver to ‘offer support’ and ‘boost staff’s spirits’ in her first public appearance since leaving the UK”

    Meghan, armed with her royal trophy hubby, setting herself up as the representative of the “Huddled Masses of Color”. The Sanhedrin-Deep State of George Soros types must already have recognized the enormous political potential of this woman of color.

  29. REAL Green on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 2:44 am 

    Sorry y’all.
    we just got are medications readjusted again.

  30. Cloggie on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 2:47 am 

    “The backbone of the German economic miracle in free fall.”

    Give us data rather than your desperate collapsnik wishful thinking. You have none. Your entire life is build on a gigantic lie, namely anticipated global collapse (with the US “last man standing” of course), where in reality the only thing that is really about to collapse is that stinking empire of yours and third world USA.

  31. Davy on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 3:10 am 

    “Globalization – The Most Ancient And Ever-Failing Utopia” zero hedge

    “Today, proponents of globalization argue that it’s a new and unstoppable trend. However, history tells us that the drive toward a homogeneous humanity is perhaps the most ancient, universal, and subconscious utopia that people have sought to achieve. So far, every attempt to realize this utopia has failed miserably. We need to recall, for example, the Babylonian Empire of Nebuchadnezzar II, Greece under Alexander of Macedon, the Islamic Caliphates, Napoleon’s France, or the USSR…Benefits of Fragmentation. The main advantage of a fragmented world is that it offers a competitive environment for economic, social, and juridical systems—a driving force of human progress. When there is rivalry, especially within a common domain that allows for the exchange of goods, knowledge, and skills, the results can be stunning…Another benefit of fragmentation is that it limits inequality. A certain level of inequality promotes economic growth; yet, excessive disparities may lead to social unrest and revolutions. Price’s Law, which predicts the distribution of wealth in society, states that the square root of a population owns 50 percent of the total output it produces. In other words, inequality is a direct function of the size of the population: The more populous a community, the greater the interpersonal disparities within it. Fragmentation of the world may also prevent conflicts by creating a more stable global political environment…The more profound point here is that, in the long term, fragmentation along national borders can actually promote economic progress and political stability, whereas globalization ends up hampering socioeconomic development, increasing inequality, and ultimately provoking large-scale conflicts…If history has taught us anything about globalization, it’s that once on the retreat, it can’t be retrieved—a development that’s tragic for the “progressive” political commissars, but beneficial to ordinary people.”

  32. Davy on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 3:10 am 

    This is a great article on the decline process of globalism and American hegemony. It talks about fragmentation and the results of returning to a more competitive and less unequal world. A multi-polar world could mean less conflict and inequality that is if we can get there without destroying ourselves. Globalism was magic but dark magic. It has help destroy cultures and the planet by rapid growth. The spreading a homogeneous value and business procedures has damaged unique locals that once offered competitive specialization. Organic stability is found in unique locals. Sustainability and resilience were there too but then globalism came and its growth-based function dissolved these places into a global goo. This goo was the mobilization of labor and capital without borders to swamp locals with comparative advantage and economies of scale all in the name of the deceptive term sustainable development. Now we have vast global value chains with people at risk to the whims of cold and harsh cost-based economics. Money and knowledge flows to where it can make the most return.

    This has been a very creative time but if has reach an extreme and the result is people everywhere are rebelling. “Price’s Law, which predicts the distribution of wealth in society, states that the square root of a population owns 50 percent of the total output it produces”. The elites who benefit hugely to all the wealth and freedom are fighting it. They are using identity politics and conflict technics to maintain the globalistic trend. It has now got to the corruption phase. They are hiding the truth that the elite are the main beneficiaries of this powerful global force. Instead they are telling the woke masses it is about liberal values that are at risk when liberal values have already been corrupted. So, what we have is killing free speech in the name of free speech. We have the taking down of liberal values for the sake of liberal power to protect liberal values.

    This is a farce and the reason the woke-sters are now losing ground. It is a corruption of intent that becomes self-defeating. This is most fully seen in the US with Trump derangement. The point here is not that Trump is good or bad but instead a catalyst of change. This change is stopping this corruption. Trump is corrupt too but he is the catalyst bringing down all forms of corruption that were consolidating under one roof both liberal and conservative. We see that Obama and Clinton were corrupt to the core and this was before Trump was elected. This was the end of 8 years of Obama along with McCain and others on the right. This Trump derangement will render down politics in the US and abroad. This trend towards breakup of consolidated power. Putin and China destroyed US hegemony on the world stage and Trump destroyed the elite phase of liberal power in the US.

    We are heading for a more dangerous time that may settle into a better place once the hard landing is over. The only problem is the planetary decline and the systematic bifurcations of lower net energy. This means we are locked into a decline to something definitely lower in affluence and organization but it could be this is a self-regulation process of reorganization found in the systematics of self-organization making the decline less of a free fall. This decline could be more about rebuilding of locals as the global implodes or it could be the end.

  33. Davy on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 3:12 am 

    “Give us data rather than your desperate collapsnik wishful thinking. You have none.”

    This is a daily conversation, cloggo, so quit the “show me shit”. I constantly show you. I constantly moderate your extremist binary cherry picking lies.

  34. Cloggie on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 3:17 am 

    “This is a daily conversation, cloggo, so quit the “show me shit”. I constantly show you. I constantly moderate your extremist binary cherry picking lies.”

    More evasions from the board’s notorious liar. You have NEVER shown data to support your claim that the German economy is “in free fall”.

    That data doesn’t exist.

  35. Davy on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 3:24 am 

    “More evasions from the board’s notorious liar. You have NEVER shown data to support your claim that the German economy is “in free fall”.

    When you are called a liar it shows someone is hurt. LOL. cloggo, your euroland is skirting a recession. The numbers are there or do you deny them? You act like a recession is binary of either one or not. It is nothing like that. It is a situation and a process and currently your golden Germany is in a bad and getting worse place. You can’t stand this because you broadcast greatness daily. You tell us how there are no energy problems and Eurotards are excelling at everything. You are easy to take down because the process is against you. You say there is growth when there is decline. It is an easy debate with you and the reason I pound you daily with good results.

  36. makati1 on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 3:25 am 

    “German manufacturing reports industry ‘in freefall’”

    “Germany: Relief but not a rebound in the Ifo”

    “Green Suicide: Germany’s Industry In Freefall – The Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF)”

    And the beat goes on…

  37. Cloggie on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 3:26 am 

    “ The numbers are there or do you deny them?””, you knucklehead.

  38. Cloggie on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 3:39 am 

    Haha makati comes up with a British source, the nail in the cofgin of the white race, most of all their own. These people will never do anything but writing, or worse, the Germans into the ground. Thank God the Germans are now protected by the EU and potentially Russia and even China, so we can plan to return the “liberation favor”.

    The numbers to arrive at the desired conclusion are cherry-picked. In 2020 the fossil fuel-based car industry IS indeed in heavy weather because of the climate jazz and energy transition. Only a fool would buy a gasoline/diesel car in Europe these days. On top of that e-cars need far less people to assemble, so these layoffs signify nothing for the bigger economic picture.

    Here is some more data that is more relevant:

    – largest German government surplus in history
    – still some economic growth, expected to be stable in 2020
    – again a record export surpluss, way ahead of much bigger Japan and China

    Free fall my foot.

  39. Davy on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 3:47 am 

    Makati is showing you cloggo you are full of shit. There are plenty of articles and numbers out there proving you wrong. I post them daily but like now you act like they never happened.

    “Free fall my foot.”

    cloggo, it is not that bad as your whining indicates. It means you are heading down and along with everyone else. The good thing about Northern Europe many positive changes are being made for the inevitable decline process of the end of globalization and the affluence associated with it. What is making you whine is your PBM empire bullshit does not work with a decline meme.

  40. Cloggie on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 3:52 am

    German economic update:

    – growth gdp 2019 0.6%
    – signs that growth is picking up again
    – government budget surplus 1.5%
    – reason slow growth US-Chinese trade wars
    – German car industry is indeed weak for reasons stated in prev post
    – positive factors: consumers, building, employment record

  41. Cloggie on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 3:53 am 

    “Makati is showing you cloggo you are full of shit.”

    Um, actually your buddy makati has shown suicidal British are full of shit. We already knew that.

  42. Cloggie on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 3:57 am 

    For the rest I don’t give a flying f* about economic growth. The only growth I care about is giant Eurasian armament programs to topple the empire. We need soldiers, not workers in the car industry.

    More economic growth means more postponement of the Five Black Eyes.

  43. Davy on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 4:04 am 

    “For the rest I don’t give a flying f* about economic growth”

    right, cloggo, can’t beat em join em. LOL. You basically left the field beaten on the economic topic.

    “giant Eurasian armament programs to topple the empire.”

    Empire is gone cloggo and what is left in your land and mine is fighting for its life. What you need is not the Eurasian part but a realistic Euro part. Your PBM is a hilarious joke going into a time of large things getting smaller.

  44. Cloggie on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 4:21 am 

    “right, cloggo, can’t beat em join em. LOL. You basically left the field beaten on the economic topic.”

    No I didn’t. I defeated the notion peddled by both our US regulars that the German economy is in free fall. It isn’t, on average it is doing fine. Not as great as over the past decade…

    If it is to any consolation to you, yes the European golden decade is likely over… and that should worry you. The thirties of the previous century will set in one decade earlier this century. The 1930’s initiated the downfall of the European world, thanks to the only real enemies white people have in this world: jews and English and their dummy American and Russian water carriers.

    L’histore se repete. That’s Danish for “history repeats itself”.

    This time around we are going to witness the downfall of Anglo-Zionist globalism. Not because PBM and Chinese troops will storm US beaches Normandy-1944 style, but because US whitey will pull the plug himself. The rest of the world will merely jump into the power vacuum:

    – China: Taiwan, Ps, Australia, NZ
    – Iran/Turkey: KSA
    – PBM & Mexico: balkanizing US
    – UK/England: balkanizing Anglo-Canada
    – France: Quebec


  45. Cloggie on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 5:37 am 

    Adding to the previous discussion:

    Components German economy:

    Industry: 30%
    Services: 70%

    The “freefall” in the industry is more than compensated by the services sector, most of all consumer consumption and building, and combined still results in 0.6% growth.

    As makati’s ING link (is Dutch, hence always admits, there are signs that the industrial “freefall” has bottomed out.

    Again, I do not believe in a second golden European decade either. What you want is that superfluous German workers from the e-car industry are absorbed in the military, exactly as Donnie likes to see it. In the long run the car economy is dead in the water anyway if the autonomous car would prevail:

    UK consultancy firm Rethinkx has no doubts: the car society as we know it, will be history much sooner than you think. Key word: self-driving car. Once governments begin to allow these essentially driver-less taxis on its roads, the death warrant for the global car industry will be sealed. Why? Because this development would eliminate the need for expensive car ownership completely.

    I agree with that assessment. The fate of planet killer car is sealed… because of the terrible PR and public image and because this expensive millstone on any family budget IS NO LONGER NEEDED, not by 2030. We can have fine-grained transport with a national taxi-robot at a per mile price of a factor 4-10 lower as compared to an economy based on privately-owned cars.

    Is that bad? For car bosses and share holders perhaps, for the nation not so much, not to mention the planet. And besides, employment is so overrated. Women need to be chased out of the offices and factories back to delivery room if we are to have any chance for survival. We need more German and other continental European children, not more Audi’s. F* Audi.

  46. Davy on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 5:50 am 

    cloggo, the fact that you are so desperate to prove the “free fall” point false points to your cognitive dissonance of decline. Instead of admitting to at least some of it you claim there is no problem. You do the same with energy. Your Anglo derangement is similar because here your emphasis is “free fall” instead of a process of decline that you yourself are in. This points to the fraudulence of your whole binary agenda.

  47. Cloggie on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 6:04 am 

    “cloggo, the fact that you are so desperate to prove the “free fall” point false points to your cognitive dissonance of decline.”

    I’m not desperate, I just can’t stand intentional falsehoods and I like a good, vigorous, in-depth debate, especially if I can win

    Anything to add to your wishful idea that the German economy is in “free fall”?


    That’s OK, let’s close the discussion then.


  48. Davy on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 6:07 am 

    “Germany’s Second Economic Miracle Is Ending” Bloomberg

    “But that same openness is now turning into a vulnerability as the era of globalization turns into one of protectionism and economic nationalism. Germany will suffer much more than other large economies from the present and coming trade wars, whether between the U.S. and the European Union or the U.S. and China. The emerging topography of new tariffs and other barriers is already causing companies to redesign their global supply chains, with many leaving Germany for other places, including the U.S. Industries in particular turmoil, moreover, include those flagships: fancy cars and fancy machines. Both sectors are reducing their output. Even without more trade wars, Germany’s mechanical engineers, often family-owned Mittelstand firms that consider themselves “hidden champions,” are facing much tougher competition from Chinese rivals, which have improved their quality much faster than they’ve increased their costs…Meanwhile, the U.S. and China are racing each other to use, and dominate, artificial intelligence. Germany, paranoid about harvesting and processing AI’s vital resource, data, is a distant also-ran. According to a recent study, only one in four German firms is innovative enough to stay competitive. Worse, even those companies that want to innovate increasingly can’t find employees with the right skills. That last problem, moreover, is only one side of perhaps the biggest cloud over Germany: a shrinking workforce and aging population. During the economic-miracle years, this dilemma still seemed abstract, thanks to the late effects of a postwar baby boom. Starting this decade, however, the problem will come out of hiding. Germany used to have (in 1990) about four people of working age for every pensioner. But now the boomers are starting to retire. By 2035, the Bundesbank reckons, only about two Germans of working age will support every pensioner. A gray economy indeed. As old German strengths (in cars, say) become less relevant and hidden weaknesses (aging) come to the fore, Europe and the world should worry. The booming economy in the middle of the continent has long distorted the euro-area and global economies with the world’s largest current-account surplus. That won’t be an issue much longer. But the new troubles caused by a giant that starts ailing may be even bigger.”


  49. I AM THE MOB on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 6:16 am 

    Clogg had devolved into celebrity gossip about the Royal family.

    Such a loser NEET.

    Get a job you sponge.

  50. Cloggie on Wed, 15th Jan 2020 6:42 am 

    “Germany’s Second Economic Miracle Is Ending” = admission of Golden Decade.

    Yes, the miracle is ending. Imperial implosion is next.

    “Get a job, CLoggmeister, sir”

    Why should I? I am in my mid-sixties, house paid-off, no debt and an overflowing bank account. Current busy throwing out 20k on stuff, I do not really need, but is nice-to-have anyway: Bose sound system (American!), French etagere, refurbishing of my designer sofa’s, diverse reparations, new garden fence, e-bike of 3k (perhaps, have to convince myself of replacing my old calorie-burner), curtains, etc., etc.

    I no longer have to work, I could retire, but since an American Life insurance company has predicted that my life expectancy is 90…

    …that is a little too far away to “disappear behind the geraniums” as the Dutch saying goes:

    Expect to be working again in a couple of months, after working away items on a private to-do-list, on lucrative new projects in Brainport Eindhoven, the new Silicon Valley:

    How is life in Middleville anyway? Did they arrest that bankrobberer already:

    Finally found that job on a Dutch-owned dairy-farm?


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