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Page added on January 13, 2020

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Kunstler: Sedition in Real Time

Public Policy

It is a wonder of these incendiary times that even as impeachment of a president moves to its ripest phase, trial in the Senate, the acts of sedition that prompted it still go on behind the scenes with no intervention — an epic failure of authority, if there ever was one. And further irony, if ever there was a trial that cried for witnesses, the impeachment case being brought by Mrs. Pelosi is such a hash of fraud, incompetence, and chicanery, that it begs for summary dismissal — so that these seditious caitiffs will not have to answer to the nation.

I speak of the “whistleblower” scheme cooked up by a network of officials who have actively plotted to overthrow the president for three years, as laid out at The Last Refuge website Sunday night: Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson in league with former colleagues from the Department of Justice National Security Division and the Lawfare org — a group dedicated to weaponizing law, in service to the political Left.

As I have averred in this blog as far back as October, Mr. Atkinson’s previous job before being appointed ICIG was counsel (lawyer) to the Department of Justice’s Chief of National Security. During the first half of the election year 2016, that was John Carlin. Mr. Carlin’s job was not just to sign-off on FISA warrants, but to actually write them. It also happens that Mr. Carlin had previously served as chief of staff to Robert Mueller, when Mr. Mueller was FBI Director.

Mr. Carlin signed-off on a March 2016 warrant against Carter Page, under suspicion of being a Russian Spy, when in fact Carter Page was a CIA informant who had been operating in Russia for years to uncover Russian adventures against the USA. CIA Director John Brennan inserted Mr. Page into the Trump campaign to open up Mr. Trump’s campaign to FBI surveillance, since the CIA has no law enforcement powers. The FISA Court’s Two-hop Rule allows a second hop to anyone who communicated with the initial subject of a warrant, which might have achieved surveillance of everyone in the Trump campaign, including the candidate himself. It also would have allowed access to all communications going back for years. This part of the scheme was probably green-lighted by White House National Security Advisor Susan Rice for Mr. Brennan, with President Obama’s approval, for the purpose of helping Hillary Clinton win the election.

John Carlin resigned in September of 2016 when faced with the prospect of having to sign a second fraudulent FISA warrant. He was replaced by DOJ attorney Mary McCord. Among other things, Ms. McCord was involved in engineering the case against General Michael Flynn, as well as the continuing surveillance of the Trump campaign. She resigned in April of 2017. A month later, Robert Mueller was appointed Special Counsel by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (acting for recused AG Jeff Sessions). Mary McCord then moved to a job at the elephant’s graveyard of federal officials under suspicion of malfeasance: the Georgetown University Law School. Meanwhile Michael Atkinson, who had continued as counsel under Ms. McCord, was shifted to his new job as ICIG.

Since then, somehow, Mary McCord landed a gig as an outside lawyer for Adam Schiff’s House intelligence Committee, to which she remains attached to this day. She is also associated with the Lawfare org that has supplied several other lawyers to Mr. Schiff’s committee and Jerrold Nadler’s House Judiciary Committee. Did Ms. McCord organize the “whistleblower” complaint and coordinate its transmission through Mr. Atkinson’s IG office, with CIA agent Eric Ciaramella acting as the spearpoint for the operation? Did Mr. Ciaramella have direct contact with Ms. McCord in the process? Did Ms. McCord have any part in actually writing the “whistleblower’s” highly legalistic complaint? Did Ms. McCord play any part in the backdating of official forms submitted for the “whistleblower’s” complaint — especially the crucial matter of changing the provision that disallowed second-hand “hearsay” evidence from such a complaint? Isn’t it a pity that the Senate phase of this impeachment may conclude with no testimony from these people?

An additional insult to the public interest went down on Friday when FISA court presiding judge James Boasberg picked one Davids Kris, former DOJ National Security Division chief (preceding John Carlin under President Obama), to “assist” in reforming FISA court procedures lately discredited by multiple acts of fraud and seditious abuse. Mr. Kris’s conflicts of interest in this endeavor are so rich and dark that they would embarrass a Gestapo Gruppenführer. In October, 2019, he tweeted “Trump has to go.” He was a loud critic of the report issued by Rep Devin Nunes, former chair, now ranking minority member, of the House Intel Committee — a report subsequently proven factually correct about the deceit surrounding RussiaGate — and a fervent supporter of Adam’s Schiff’s dishonest and factually erroneous minority report. He is one of the most active contributors to the Lawfare blog.

The appointment of Mr. Kris has provoked vehement objections for these obvious reasons, yet who and where is the authority to adjudicate it? Apparently in Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, who is the only person with any supervisory role over the FISA court. Maybe someone should ask Justice Roberts how this appointment can possibly stand.

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325 Comments on "Kunstler: Sedition in Real Time"

  1. Davy on Sat, 18th Jan 2020 3:34 am 

    “SO? MOB? Even if, and it is a is IF, China GDP is not 6%, say half, or 3%, it is still way above the lying 2 % the US claims.”

    Come on makato, you can’t compare the economies that way. Please, you are not honest about the fact that so much of Chinese growth is anti-growth IOW bad investments that does not bring a ROI. You are too stupid to understand this because you are bent on an anti-West agenda of lies. Plus, you are uneducated. Your education is being a college drop-out and pounding nails for a living.

  2. Davy on Sat, 18th Jan 2020 3:44 am 

    Here cloggo and makato chew on this and then reflect on your anti-American lies:

    “All The World’s Wealth In One Visualization” visual capitalist wealth pic wealth pic

    “The 15 wealthiest nations combine for 84.3% of global wealth. Leading the pack is the United States, which holds $106.0 trillion of the world’s wealth — equal to a 29.4% share of the global total. Interestingly, the United States economy makes up 23.9% of the size of the world economy in comparison. Behind the U.S. is China, the only other country with a double-digit share of global wealth, equal to 17.7% of wealth or $63.8 trillion. As the country continues to build out its middle class, one estimate sees Chinese private wealth increasing by 119.5% over the next decade. Impressively, the combined wealth of the U.S. and China is more than the next 13 countries in aggregate — and almost equal to half of the global wealth total.”

  3. Davy on Sat, 18th Jan 2020 3:54 am 

    “Could ISIS Take Control Over Iraq’s Largest Oil Field?” oil price

    “What Iraqis Want There is no consensus on this question, other than the fact that no one wants Iraq to be the proxy battleground between the United States and Iran. It’s a fair point, and Iraqis have had a very difficult time enjoying anything close to sovereignty since the fall of Saddam Hussein. While the Iraqi parliament has voted for U.S. troops to leave, they do not represent a unified voice. The Sunni elements of parliament did not participate in the vote. Neither did the Iraqi Kurds. Shia factions in Iraq are, of course, pushing for a U.S. withdrawal, but the Sunnis and Kurds see this as a dangerous opportunity for pro-Iranian Shia factions to take even more control of the central government in Baghdad. They don’t necessarily want a huge U.S. troop presence, but they are more fearful of a complete withdrawal that would leave them over-exposed to pro-Iranian forces. They also aren’t interested in being very loud about this fear. In this atmosphere, there is already talk in certain Sunni circles of carving Iraq up to create yet another autonomous region such as that governed by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in the north of Iraq. A Sunni-dominated region would include Anbar, Saladin, Nineveh and Diyala provinces, and would leave all of Basra’s oil to pro-Iranian factions. Already, Sunni leaders are mentioning this as an option, pointing to what they call the “successful” example of the Kurdistan region. The disintegration of Iraq was already progressing prior to the latest showdown between Iran and the United States. The country has been teetering over the edge of anarchy since 2003, when a single party (the Baath Party) was destroyed and Iraq became “governed” by multiple parties with even more fractious factions and a weak military that pro-Iranian Shia militias found easy to influence. But this is far from just a sectarian conflict. The mass protests that were already threatening Iraq’s fragile stability were Shi’ite-versus-Shi’ite. The Sunnis were not involved, nor the Kurds. They were just watching things unfold, warily. One of the biggest mistakes the casual Western news reader makes is accepting a black-and-white narrative when it comes to Iraq. There is a very distinct group of Shi’ites that has a nationalist bent and is militantly against Iranian influence in an independent Iraq. This was a genuine uprising against highly corrupt and ineffective state institutions. Then there is a second group of pro-Iranian Shi’ites who have been brutally putting down the popular uprising. This group exists in order to maintain Iran’s influence. The problem now, for the U.S., is that the confrontation between the U.S. and Iran on Iraqi soil is more likely to bring these two groups together than it is to pull them further apart, which would have been a real threat to Iranian influence in Iraq.”

  4. Davy on Sat, 18th Jan 2020 4:09 am 

    “Now, Everyone Pays The Piper: The End Of China’s Economic Miracle” watching rome burn

    “In emulating the American economic raison d’etre, China has attempted to develop its unique capitalist model while ignoring that it too will soon suffer the same fate for the same reason: Unsustainable debt. When examining the recent realities of Chinese banking and finance over the past year it seems the steam that president Xi Jinping touts as powering the engine of his purported economic miracle of a master-planned economy is only a mirage, now almost completely evaporated before his eyes. Like the many other similarly foolish western nations, China seeks only one path out of this fiscal death spiral, one that will likely spell doom and/or revolution in many countries soon: More debt…China’s $40 Trillion banking system dwarfs the American system at double the size, with over 4,000 small, medium and massive, state-owned banks. The world’s four largest banks, including behemoth ICBC ($4TN), are all Chinese… The metrics of any collective bail-out indicates that China has upwards of an insurmountable $20 trillion problem rapidly approaching…With the metrics of China’s banking system already cause for considerable concern to the tune of $20 Trillion, this huge obligation is as much a mirage as the economy since it fails to add to the account the very large and un-tabulated Shadow Banking loans which would add $Trillions in debt to China’s already highly leveraged systemic banking risk…Chinese debt has been accumulating ever more rapidly. The Institute for International Finance (IIF) reported that year-on-year, in Q1 of 2019 China’s corporate, household and government debt increased 6% more from 297% of GDP to an incredible 303%. However, this is also more than a 100% increase since 2008 and amounts to 15% of all global debt. These figures do not include the off-the-books “Shadow Banking loans that some estimates predict would triple that debt percentage to much closer to $16 Trillion…Shih’s assertion seemed confirmed when last year, President Xi said Chinese banks would lend 380 billion yuan ($55.09 billion) to support Belt and Road cooperation, and Beijing would also inject 100 billion yuan into a Silk Road Fund. Some observers view the project as an instrument designed to help the Chinese economy, with state-owned companies in specific sectors expected to profit massively from its implementation…This effectively means that China is fiscally unable to underwrite massive infrastructure projects and so any new world-economy-saving stimulus from China, as in 2015/2016, will be practically impossible. New infrastructure initiatives- if recessionary metrics continue to deteriorate- could only be realized if those costs are directly monetized by the PBoC. This would be the weapon of last resort for China but , when considering a declining economy, may soon be inevitable…“The whole global economy is really dependent on China piling even more debt onto the $40 trillion pile they already have.”

  5. I AM THE MOB on Sat, 18th Jan 2020 4:11 am 


    China central bank chief warns of ‘Minsky moment’

    Bass Says China Is ‘Just a Paper Tiger’

    China’s Silk Road Isn’t So Smooth

  6. Davy on Sat, 18th Jan 2020 4:17 am 

    “The Population Collapse Behind Rates, Debt, & The Asset Price Explosion” economica

    “But Africa Will Continue To Populate The Earth!?! Finally, the chart below shows the year over year change in births among the world (excluding Africa) versus year over year change in Africa, from 1950 through 2040. Note the great gyrations for births among the world (black line) versus the smooth and steady year over year increases in Africa (aqua line)…except that one deceleration around 2018?!? All forward growth among births is anticipated to take place in Africa, essentially just offsetting the declining births among the remainder of the world.”

  7. Davy on Sat, 18th Jan 2020 4:22 am 

    “Got Gold? – David Rosenberg Warns “We’re Going To Have Helicopter Money” the market

    “What are your main concerns regarding the U.S. economy? There’s this view that we’re going to have either a growth stabilization globally or a re-acceleration of economic growth. I don’t see that in any leading indicator. I think there’s going to be a lagged response in the U.S. economy to the sharp slowing that we saw abroad. Remember, twelve years ago it was the rest of the world that ultimately followed the U.S. This time around, the U.S. will follow the rest of the world. Then again, concerns of a U.S. recession have faded since last summer. Are we definitely out of the woods? People will claim that there is no recession. Statistically speaking that’s true as far as GDP is concerned. But we know for a fact that we actually had a four-quarter earnings recession. I never quite understood why GDP is so important to an equity investor who is buying an earnings stream. There’s no ticker “GDP” on the New York Stock Exchange. So it’s not about the overall level of GDP, it’s really about earnings and about the fact that if you look at the 30% share of the U.S. economy that is outside of the consumer space, we actually have been in a recession in the past two quarters. Why would you exclude the other 70% of the economy from an investor’s point of view? As an equity strategist, you look at the stock market from a breadth perspective to gauge the overall health of the marketplace. You should do the same thing to examine the breadth of GDP. On a median basis, the U.S. economy has stopped growing three quarters ago. Also, the U.S. consumer is not as nearly in good shape as people think. We see signs that the labor market is starting to show some fatigue. Moreover, there is a big split between spending growth on discretionary and non-discretionary items where things don’t look as robust. We surely saw that not just in the latest retail sales report but also in the CPI numbers this week. If consumer demand was really that strong the underlying inflation rate would be accelerating not decelerating. The Fed would not be cutting interest rates three times and then re-extending its balance sheet at a rate that even exceeds what they were doing with QE3.”

  8. Cloggie on Sat, 18th Jan 2020 4:31 am 

    “Here cloggo and makato chew on this and then reflect on your anti-American lies”

    What lies? Details please!

    GDP-PPP 2019 IMF

    Russia.. T4.3

    China has already won and will add at least 20% until it will grind to a shrieking halt in 2024 (begin WW3-CW2). Expect the US to lose its reserve currency after 2024, losing 35-40% of its GDP and get a haircut back to T12.8

    PBM and China will be the two leading giants of the 21st century. If PBM manages to grab the balkanized US Heartland, whitey combined can stay on top (22+4+9=T35), regardless of China being the #1 country, it already is.

  9. Cloggie on Sat, 18th Jan 2020 4:45 am 

    Btw, the accusation of being “anti-American” is preposterous. There is no way PBM is going to say no to a juice Heartland stake to the tune of

    All mobster and his water carrier empire dave have to offer to European America is third world USA.

    Europe has something much better on offer for American whitey.

    Europe is going to win this fight.

  10. Cloggie on Sat, 18th Jan 2020 4:52 am 

    Soccer match USA-Iran in very temporary lull.

    “‘Be very careful with your words’: Trump warns Iran’s Khamenei after ayatollah delivers fiery sermon slamming ‘American clowns’”

    Iran has contributed greatly to the defeat of US-neocon objectives in Iraq and Syria. Expect them to repeat the stunt in KSA as well, “with a little help from Turkey and Russia”.

    “Iran Dominates in Iraq After U.S. ‘Handed the Country Over’”

    The killing of Soulimani is to be seen as an expression of US frustration with the Iranian gains in their backyard.

  11. REAL Green on Sat, 18th Jan 2020 4:52 am 

    “New York testing innovative zinc air energy storage system” renewable energy world

    “Zinc8 Energy Solutions developed a patented zinc-air energy storage system that stores energy in the form of zinc particles and contains none of the traditional battery commodities such as lithium, vanadium or cobalt. The technology allows for low-cost mass storage of energy and can be deployed into a wide range of scalable energy storage applications, said the company.”

  12. REAL Green on Sat, 18th Jan 2020 4:53 am 

    “The JX Ranch” resilience

    “Enter the Sidwells. With thirty years of experience in progressive ranching, they saw the deteriorated condition of the JX not as a liability but as an opportunity. Tom began by dividing the entire ranch into sixteen pastures, up from the original five, using solar-powered electric fencing. After installing a water system to feed all sixteen pastures, he picked cattle that could do well in dry country, grouped them into one herd and set about rotating them through the pastures, never grazing a single pasture for more than 7-10 days in order to give the land plenty of recovery time…Next, he began clearing out the juniper and mesquite trees on the ranch with a bulldozer, which allowed native grasses and forbs to come back. As grass returned, Tom lengthened the period of rest between pulses of cattle grazing in each pasture from 60 days to 105 days across the whole ranch. More rest meant more grass, which meant Tom could graze more cattle – to stimulate more grass production. In fact, Tom increased the overall livestock capacity of the JX by twenty-five percent in only six years, significantly improving the ranch’s bottom line.”

  13. REAL Green on Sat, 18th Jan 2020 4:53 am 

    “How Much Energy Does The US Consume & Where Does It Come From? — Pew Research” clean technica graph graph

    “The US Energy Information Agency said this week that it expects 42 gigawatts of new electricity generating capacity to start commercial operation in 2020. Solar and wind will account for almost 32 GW of the new capacity. Wind will account for the largest share of these additions at 44%, followed by solar at 32%, and natural gas at 22%. The remaining 2% will come from hydroelectric generators and battery storage.”

  14. REAL Green on Sat, 18th Jan 2020 4:54 am 

    “Huge ‘hot blob’ in Pacific Ocean killed nearly a million seabirds” fster than expected

    “A million seabirds died in less than a year as a result of a giant “blob” of hot ocean water off the coast of New Zealand, according to new research. A study released by the University of Washington found the birds, called the common murre, probably died of starvation between the summer of 2015 and the spring of 2016. Most dead seabirds never wash ashore, so while 62,000 dead or dying murres were found along the coasts of Alaska, Washington, Oregon and California, researchers estimate the total number is closer to 1 million. Alaska saw the most birds wash up. In Prince William Sound in southern Alaska, more than 4,500 bird carcasses were found every kilometer, or 0.62 miles. The blob stems from a years-long severe marine heatwave, believed to be caused by an anticyclone weather system that first appeared in 2013. A weather phenomenon known as El Niño accelerated the warming temperatures beginning in 2015 and, by 2016, the rising heat resulted in water temperatures nearly 11F (6C) above average. Anticyclones form when a mass of air cools, contracts and becomes more dense, increasing the weight of the atmosphere and the surface air pressure. Heat maps at the time showed a massive red blob growing, spanning more than 380,000 sq miles (1 million sq km). That’s nearly 1.5 times the size of Texas or four times larger than New Zealand.”

  15. Davy on Sat, 18th Jan 2020 4:56 am 

    “Iran Dominates in Iraq After U.S. ‘Handed the Country Over’”

    Bullshit clogo! Only part of Iraq not the Sunni and Kurdish parts. LOL. You are so deceptive

  16. Warning on Sat, 18th Jan 2020 4:57 am 

    this is the cloggo personal propaganda blog

  17. Cloggie on Sat, 18th Jan 2020 5:00 am 

    “Syria Weekly: Iran controls the ground, Israel dominates the skies”

    “War in Iraq, Syria ‘is over, we lost it’: Retired Army Colonel”

    “So long as Iran dominates the Middle East, a new Baghdadi will rise”

    Spoiler: Marxist-secular modernity, Soviet-economic or US-racial, is over. ISIS will be back in some form or the other, regardless of Iran.

  18. Cloggie on Sat, 18th Jan 2020 5:03 am 

    “Bullshit clogo! Only part of Iraq not the Sunni and Kurdish parts. LOL. You are so deceptive”

    Are you calling the NY-Times liars?

    OK, you have a point

    Davy on Sat, 18th Jan 2020 4:56 am
    Warning on Sat, 18th Jan 2020 4:57 am


    Expect “Sum” to be next.

    The three great ID-thiefs around here:

    1. Mobster
    2. Davy
    3. JuanP

    (in that order)

  19. Davy on Sat, 18th Jan 2020 5:21 am 

    “War in Iraq, Syria ‘is over, we lost it’: Retired Army Colonel”

    cloggo, you have been saying this for so long now you believe it. If this were true Iran would have kicked the US out of the ME already. It is not the case. Russia can’t even do it. You don’t understand military realities combined with the realities of globalism. LOL

  20. Davy on Sat, 18th Jan 2020 5:27 am 

    “Bullshit clogo! Only part of Iraq not the Sunni and Kurdish parts. LOL. You are so deceptive” “Are you calling the NY-Times liars?”
    LOL, they are fake news cloggo and You know it…

    “OK, you have a point”
    Thank you

    “Davy on Sat, 18th Jan 2020 4:56 am
    Warning on Sat, 18th Jan 2020 4:57 am
    Ah, cloggo, I admit it but you are a lying piece of shit because you support juanPee and his efforts. Your ass is grass SUCKER. As long as juanPee is harassing me you are now sucked into it. I might have spared you this inconvenient reality but you continue to play your games. Either you admit what is going on and fight it or your ass is part of it. GOT IT? ROTFLO OH and fucknut makati1 is definitely part of it too so his ass is also like yours GRASS.

    “Expect “Sum” to be next.
    That is a juanPee sock stupid

    “The three great ID-thiefs around here:”
    1. Mobster
    2. Davy
    3. JuanP
    (in that order)”

    Fuck you clogg. Mobster does not do ID theft he does not care. He likes to harass you by normal comments and he does a great job of it.

  21. REAL Green on Sat, 18th Jan 2020 5:36 am 

    “Anticipating Collapse” damariszehner

    “Collapse can’t happen soon enough, as far as I’m concerned. By collapse, I mean the breakdown of the complexities of our current society.”

    The pace of collapse is a difficult topic to define in regards to good or bad. It is clear we are in a collapse process of sorts now but one punctuated by growth also. The problem with this undulating plateau of a growth-based world entering a collapse process is much of the growth that is occurring is bad investments in regards to longer term sustainability. This includes so called green investment which is many times fake green. The pace of this decline is critical to survivability because degree and duration of shocks dictate species survival in an ecological succession. While our species may survive a decline our institutions so important to (so called) civilized people might not survive. It is likely we are going to have to have a little bit browner decline than many greens would like. The KEY is behavior not tech. Tech comes second. Until greens realize this they are doomed. Too many greens do not accept failure but that is the starting point for proper behavior. Once acceptance is found then mitigation and adaptation can be embraced. Acceptance does not ensure survival of our cherished institutions but it does give us hope

    “But there are two points I want to make about collapse: that it is inevitable; and that it is necessary before genuine reform can take place.”

    It is true that nature is categorized by evolution and succession of complexity. It is likely our civilization may be too brittle to adequately change but it is also true that often shocks that create crisis are essential to behavioral changes and this issue of a better collapse is really about behavior with tech second. In regards to the tech it is about properly applied tech with a gate keeper of a wisdom honed in a decline process IOW a wisdom that has gone through the stages of grief and is orientated to decline. This orientation means choosing less complexity but relatively based upon the rate of decline.

    “collapse now and avoid the rush,” as John Michael Greer puts it.”

    This is what talks about. It is about localism and acceptance of a coming collapse process. Collapse does not have to be bad it can be a way of life. REAL Geen calls it green prepping. It is a journey not a destination. The destination is likely collapse for all of us but the journey means some will collapse sooner and harder than others. Be one of those who tries to adapt to this.

    “But the future doesn’t need to be a Book of Eli scenario of blasted landscapes, gangs, and cannibalism.”

    The sad reality is when Hollywood gets involved the picture is clouded. When our best minds in academia are in denial then the good aspects of a decline process are not expressed. It becomes an issue of “failure is not an option” pushing crazy green initiatives that will likely fail instead of a measured retreat of civilization that is both green and brown.

  22. Cloggie on Sat, 18th Jan 2020 7:57 am 

    “I admit it but you are a lying piece of shit because you support juanPee and his efforts.”

    How that,”support”? I have said a few times how much I deplore the identity theft, but nobody will listen to that, so I gave up. I have asked the admin, whoever that may be, to introduce authentication, to no avail. My possibilities are exhausted. It is insane to accuse me of “support”.

    “Your ass is grass SUCKER. As long as juanPee is harassing me you are now sucked into it. I might have spared you this inconvenient reality but you continue to play your games. Either you admit what is going on and fight it or your ass is part of it. GOT IT? ROTFLO OH and fucknut makati1 is definitely part of it too so his ass is also like yours GRASS.”

    What I DO like though is your obvious desperation, where you show the bottom of your soul or what passes as such.

    “Fuck you clogg. Mobster does not do ID theft he does not care. He likes to harass you by normal comments and he does a great job of it.”

    Aha, empire dave confirms his water carrying role within the ZOG system, rather than being interested in saving his white ass (he has his one-way ticket to Italy for that). No surprises here. Empire dave may have voted for Trump because he hates third world gimmigration, but in the end of the day, our dave here is a loyal ZOG-bot.

  23. Cloggie on Sat, 18th Jan 2020 8:00 am 

    “cloggo, you have been saying this for so long now you believe it. If this were true Iran would have kicked the US out of the ME already. It is not the case.”

    I have bad news for you, pall:

    “The US operation in Iraq could come to an embarrassing end. Iran’s power will only grow”

    Your buddies at CNN have zero incentive to do Iran any favors, yet they are a little smarter than empire dave and recognize a train-wreck if they see one.

  24. Cloggie on Sat, 18th Jan 2020 10:51 am 

    “Meghan Markle ‘expresses an interest’ in £21million waterfront mansion in Canada perfect to start a new life with Prince Harry and Archie”

    Meghan Markle will be in good (((hands)))

    “Harry and Meghan’s hideaway, the Kremlin-linked tech tycoon and a web of intrigue: Tantalising questions about billionaire Yuri Milner who met the prince at elite ‘Google Camp’ last summer”

    Milner and the rest of the Sanhedrin will prepare Meghan for 2024, just like similar 4 wealthy (((businessmen/women))) from Chicago prepared Barry for the big job in 2008.

  25. I AM THE MOB on Sat, 18th Jan 2020 4:44 pm 

    Islamists get longer jail terms than far-right extremists

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