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Page added on March 5, 2018

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Kunstler: Light it Up

Public Policy

It must be hard on The New York Times editors to set their hair on fire day after day in their effort to start World War Three. Today’s lead story, Russian Threat on Two Fronts Meets Strategic Void in the U.S., aims to keep ramping up twin hysterias over a new missile gap and fear of Russian “meddling” in the 2018 midterm elections.

The Times’s world-view begins to look like the script of a Batman sequel with Vlad Putin cast in The Joker role of the cackling psychopath who must be stopped at all costs! America’s generals have switched on the Batman signal beacon, but Donald Trump in the role of the Caped Crusader, merely dithers and broods in the splendid isolation of his 1600 Penn Avenue Bat Cave, suffering yet another of his endless bipolar identity crises. For God’s sake, The Times shrieks, do something! The Russians are coming! (Gotham City’s Chief of Police Hillary said exactly that last week in a Tweet!)

I think they misunderstood Mr. Putin’s recent message when he announced a new hypersonic missile technology that would, supposedly, cut through any imaginable US missile defense. The actual message, for the non mental defectives left in this drooling idiocracy of a republic, was as follows: Nuclear war remains unthinkable, so kindly stop thinking about it.

Mr. Putin’s other strategic position is also misrepresented — actually, not even acknowledged — in Monday’s NYT propaganda blast, namely, to discourage the USA’s decades-long policy of regime change here, there, and everywhere on the planet, creating a debris trail of one failed state after another. As a true-blue American, I must say these are two admirable propositions. Is it fatuous to add that atomic war is unlikely to benefit anyone? Or that the world has had enough of US military “meddling” in foreign lands?

Of course the shopworn trope of Russian “meddling” in the 2016 election still occupies the center ring of the American political circus. Today’s Times story includes another clumsy attempt to set up expectations that the 2018 midterm elections will be hacked by Russia, in order to keep the hysteria at code-red level. As usual, the proposition assumes that the alleged 2016 hacking is both proven and significant when, going on two years, there is no evidence of hacking besides the obviously amateurish Facebook troll farm. (And, by the way, how does that compare to the USA’s 2014 covert toppling of Ukraine’s president Viktor Yanukovych?  Talk about “meddling!”)

…[I]n public statements in recent weeks, Mr. Trump’s top intelligence officials have conceded that the president has yet to discuss strategies with them to prevent the Russians from interfering in the midterm elections this year. Mr. Trump has expressed severe doubts that the Russians meddled in 2016, contradicting the conclusions of his intelligence officials.

By inference, The New York Times has no doubts that the 2016 election was fatally hacked to defeat its preferred candidate — though there is plenty of reason to suppose that the entire Russian “meddling” story was a mendacious psyops product of John O. Brennan’s CIA. It was only a few months ago that The Times and the cable news networks were shrieking about the White House National Security Advisor (General Flynn) being caught speaking with the Russian Ambassador — as if foreign ambassadors come here for some reason other than to keep open communication lines with American officials.

What’s going on here makes the Red Scare of 1920 and the McCarthy episode of the early 1950s look sedate in comparison. It’s reasonable to suppose that officials in any foreign country watching the dismal ongoing spectacle here would conclude that the United States has lost its mind. Somebody please take us to the hydrotherapy chamber!


32 Comments on "Kunstler: Light it Up"

  1. DerHundistLos on Tue, 6th Mar 2018 2:17 am 

    Poor, Kunt, needs to get laid. He’s behaving like a spurned lover.

    Somebody on this blog said it best, “Kunt, you remind me of the person who got left with a crappy divorce who cannot stop obsessing over their ex. EVERYTHING in their life is defined by what their ex-did, what their ex is doing, etc.…
    Replying to any criticism of Trump’s stupidity with this tired shit about Hillary, Obama, and crew is how children debate and argue.”

  2. Theedrich on Tue, 6th Mar 2018 4:16 am 

    Sorry Doggie, but JHK has an open mind.  I may disagree with him on some issues, but on the all-important matter of planetary survival, he is correct in every way.  The New York Times, its string-pullers and accomplice rags, along with the deranged political hypocrites (e.g., Hillary & Co.) in and out of Congress, who see a Russian behind every cyber bit, could not care less about the possible ominous consequences of their palaver.  All of the concern about Peak Oil, anthropogenic global calefaction, worldwide pollution, the transcendent evil of the White male, allegedly oppressed Negroes everywhere, and whatever else the psychotic Left can dream up, would be instantaneously vaporized in a storm of nuclear fireballs ignited by the Russophobes.

    Kunstler sees this with almost paranormal clarity and prescience.  The fact is that, today as opposed to yesteryear and its supposed military glories, the Left is toying with extinction.  This fact has nothing to do with your blather about vengeful divorcees.

    The world of homo sapiens has entered a new and possibly terminal phase.  A few people and organizations (e.g., the scholars responsible for the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists and similar publications) have tried to make this point.  But they are unfortunately drowned out by Hollywood and media distractions.  The fantasy that America can turn the world into a utopia subjugated to Washington is dangerous in the extreme.  It most closely resembles the Cretin myth that all the goody-goodies will be somehow resurrected to a new life with new bodies, and so forth.

    We are at the edge of our Petri dish.  It is suicidal folly to ignore this reality.

  3. DerHundistLos on Tue, 6th Mar 2018 7:11 am 

    @ Theedrich

    I have one simple question to your tired tirade: If Kunt “sees with almost paranormal clarity and prescience”, then why have his predictions all failed miserably? Hell, even Kunt admits his failed record. Better accuracy would be achieved by throwing darts blindfolded-LOL.

    So you see, this has nothing to do with paranormal prescience, but rather your political agreement with the meme, and that makes you intellectually bankrupt.

  4. DerHundistLos on Tue, 6th Mar 2018 7:13 am 

    Forgot to add, “grossly dishonest” following intellectually bankrupt.

  5. Davy on Tue, 6th Mar 2018 8:14 am 

    Der hund what predictions failed miserably and which ones of yours are right? Got references and backups? I don’t always agree with thee but in this case he has
    some points worth discussion. You try to discredit them because you are an extremist blind lying liberal.

  6. Cloggie on Tue, 6th Mar 2018 1:20 pm 

    Do not understand the vitriol against Kunstler. Agree with everything he says here. Kunstler, the self-described “Teutonic Hebrew”, is a rare voice of moderation and sanity.

    “Kunt, you remind me of the person who got left with a crappy divorce who cannot stop obsessing over their ex.

    Perhaps you missed something…

  7. Sissyfuss on Tue, 6th Mar 2018 2:30 pm 

    Show me the tax returns and I’ll ignore the Russian connection.

  8. green_achers on Tue, 6th Mar 2018 6:34 pm 

    Well, Kunsler’s predictions (he used to make them annually, you could look it up) have been embarrassingly wrong on almost every specific. But I’ve always given him credit for a general clarity on our situation, if not exactly prescience.

    Lately, though, I don’t know what to make of him. It’s not that there aren’t good points to make about the media, and I was somewhat sympathetic to Russia through the Crimean and Ukrainian situations, but you have to be a complete fool to believe that there’s nothing to all of the evidence that, yes, Russia clearly had a preference in the last election for Trump; yes, they meddled in the election, both in their social media campaigns and in hacking of actual voter rolls; and, yes, Trump has a long and shady relationship with people close to the Putin government, and those relations extended to the campaign.

    Kunsler is doing a consistent, if his usual inept, job of making the most unbelievable case for Trump that there is. I always gave him more credit than that for intelligence, but now I wonder if he’s getting a paycheck from the Kremlin.

  9. JuanP on Tue, 6th Mar 2018 6:35 pm 

    “The Russians are coming! The Russians are coming!” LOL! Kunstler is right. Reelect President Trump! Reelect President Putin! Long live Russia!

  10. fmr-paultard on Tue, 6th Mar 2018 6:56 pm 

    why would anyone fight a hot war with russia and china when their dictatorships create so many enemies?
    we’re sending sniper rifles to the Ukraine.
    Do they have any choice but fight? They have a choice if they stay home and withdraw.

  11. Cloggie on Tue, 6th Mar 2018 10:32 pm

    Rightwing Lego Nord leader Salvini to become next Italian PM. Top priority will be fighting illegal immigration of young virile men fake refugees.

    After Austria, Italy is now the 2nd western European to go populist. Nobody gives a f* anymore what George Soros says or wants.

    Here Salvini with Putin:

    Putin loves these European rightwingers and the love is mutual. Things are now going to change drastically. Militarization is next. Via Vlad Europe already has the most potent nuclear strike force. Next step must be for Europe of 700 million to declare itself the protector of European America (“hands of whitey or else”) and liberate them from ZOG. End good, all good.

  12. Cloggie on Tue, 6th Mar 2018 10:50 pm 

    Dutch populist and #2 in Dutch politics Geert Wilders visits Russia:

  13. DerHundistlos on Wed, 7th Mar 2018 4:35 am 

    Here you go liar, Davy (AND THIS IS JUST 2016):

    1. 2016: I predict that in 2016 Ukraine will beg Russia to take it back into the Russian sovereign fold, to become once again a province of greater Russia. WRONG
    The Kurds on Turkey’s southern border to start a civil war by asserting their own nationhood. WRONG
    As 2016 goes on, look for good ole Sarkozy (Nicolas Sarkozy) to flank them both. Sarko is the Devil they know and they will want him back. WRONG
    The same election time-line goes for Germany. Voters there will increasingly revolt against what Mutti Merkel represents. WRONG
    The debt implosion of 2016 and rescheduled Great Depression 2.0 will thrust UK Independence Party’s Nigel Farage into the spotlight to salvage what remains of Old Blighty. WRONG
    My one wild-hair prediction about China for 2016: after Kim Jong-Un pulls some bonehead move against his neighbor to the south, China invades North Korea and installs a more rational management regime there. Kim Jong-Un ends up as a lounge singer in Macao. WRONG

    Shall I continue liar?

  14. Theedrich on Wed, 7th Mar 2018 4:41 am 

    The next quantum leap:  quantum computing.  Not just the U.S., but Russia, China and lesser actors are working feverishly on its development.  This is because QC promises the ability to overwhelm and penetrate cyber security measures of any and every type, including military defenses and weaponry.  Today warfare is, and forevermore will be, increasingly determined by cyber weapons.  One of the most lethal characteristics of cyber, even in its present technological stage, is the difficulty it presents of attribution.  If, e.g., the electrical grid of the northeastern U.S. suddenly seizes up due to an electronic attack, leaving the country economically disabled, the primary problem will be determining the provenance of the intrusion.  It could not be instantly but ignorantly attributed to Russia, the favorite enemy of the Demonic Party, when the culprit could be China, North Korea, Iran, some new Allahist cult, or even non-state actors operating from, say, Tierra del Fuego.

    But with the advent of QC, this problem will become infinitely more complex and difficult.  For some time now, both Russia and China have been endeavoring to catch up to American military dominance in space, with the probability being that they will be on a par with us within a decade.  Most importantly, let us keep in mind that work in the computer field requires raw, genetically inherited intelligence — that dreaded word:  IQ.  Yet in the current Imperial political environment, the Demonic Party is interested only in importing low-IQ masses from outhouse countries.  For suchlike vote in overwhelming percentages for Demonic candidates, who promise utopia to the sludge.

    Importation of low-level dross is now corrupting western Europe everywhere and replacing its formerly beautiful cultures with Yid-infected purulence.  Germany, once boasting the finest military and scientific establishment on earth, has been reduced to a weeping blob under a high-IQ but psychotic feminist.  France is a twisted genosuicidal insane asylum.  And the elites of all of those countries are obsessed with virtue-signaling in order to maintain their power at any cost.  But the anti-evolutionary lowering of average European IQ to Black African standards means finis for those nations.

    Likewise for America.  The mythic fantasy of some “self-evident” universal equality of all sentient beings spells doom for the Empire.  With new technologies emerging in warfare, infrastructure, industry, and elsewhere, while the threats of unprecedented global overshoot and pollution grow, mankind is clearly headed into straits between Scylla and Charybdis far narrower than ever experienced since the ancestors of current non-Africans escaped from Africa perhaps sixty thousand years ago.  The present asinine squandering of national wealth on atavistic and parasitic illegal aliens cannot be sustained much longer.  The Empire could be saved by Whites working with Russia;  but the Yid-Cretin Deep State wants collapse.

  15. DerHundistlos on Wed, 7th Mar 2018 4:55 am 


    Just for fun, here’s Kunt’s laughable 2013 predictions:

    So, finally my picks for 2013:

    — Dow 4000 (What!? Did he say that!? Again!?). Even the algos will run squealing into the underbrush this time. WRONG

    — Gold $2500 by 12/31/2013 (and headed higher) after a Q-1 deleveraging swoon. Silver $125. Uncertainty trumps greed and fear. WRONG

    — Two-way Stagflation — massive asset deflation combined with high energy and food costs. Americans go broke fast, go hungry, go nowhere. WRONG

    — California, Illinois, and New Jersey ask broke the federal government for bailouts. The federal government pretends to bail them out. Austerity has a field day. WRONG

    — Despite willingness to do so, the Federal Reserve can no longer “print” money to overcome the deflationary contraction of wealth. They are finally “out of ammunition.” They will try nonetheless. Consequently some nations will stop accepting dollars for trade, possibly the Middle Eastern oil exporters. That would be very bad news. WRONG

    — Shale oil and gas production stop increasing, possibly turns around to decline. The event hugely demoralizes “energy independence” cornucopians. WRONG

    — Gasoline shortages return to the USA on a scale last seen in the 1970s. Cause: broken oil market allocation system. Some regions suffer more than others. WRONG

    — Drought continues in the US heartland. The grain belt withers in 2013. Dixieland cooks like a chicken-fried steak. Food costs go crazy. The American public finally begins to freak out when confronted with $9 boxes of Cheerios. WRONG

    — A major earthquake hits the West Coast. WRONG

    Now, go sit ina corner and suck your thumb, Davy Liar.

  16. DerHundistlos on Wed, 7th Mar 2018 5:02 am 

    Shall I keep going, Liar Davy, just to remind everyone of how totally full of shit you are? You are the definition of a TOTAL FRAUD without a single ounce of credibility. You make statements without any knowledge of the facts. What a retard.

  17. Davy on Wed, 7th Mar 2018 5:09 am 

    der hund, where is your link reference for your cherry picking….intellectually lazy, sloppy old man?

    You list is a joke. He has done a great job following many political and geopolitical processes. You are just upset because he has you blind lying liberals pegged. LMFAO

  18. Antius on Wed, 7th Mar 2018 5:14 am 

    Good post Theedrich. I bet psychotic control freak lefty politicians in West European countries have wet dreams about tying public cameras and web monitoring equipment into a giant AI computer. They will know where you are, what you are doing and what you are thinking about 24/7. They will be able to build an instant profile of how your mind works and punish you if it doesn’t work in the way their 1930s political ideology says that it should. The computer revolution spells the death of all freedom and the perfect tool for totalitarians. The Soviet Union lacked the technology to introduce this sort of control. However bad the regime was, their ability to inflict mind control on the individual did have limitations. Very soon, those limitations won’t exist.

  19. DerHundistLos on Wed, 7th Mar 2018 6:54 am 

    Go to Kunt’s web site, Liar Davy. I took the information from his site verbatim you piece of lazy shit. His prediction score is -100% for all predictions. You fat fraud.

    Now, get off your fat lazy ass and go to his site and look at previous predictions, scum bag.

    Here’s more evidence Liar Davy from other years:


    Amid all the year-end retrospectives, top ten lists and prediction contests, I guess it’s time for one of PeakOilDebunked’s favorite features: our presentation of the POD Asswipe of the Year award. This highly coveted prize is awarded to the peak oil person or persons whose predictions are judged most suitable to wipe your ass with. I’ve just received the envelope from POD’s crack staff of dandruff-sprinkled MIT dorks and former cast members of Saturday Night Live, and this year’s winner is ….. Jim Kunstler!

    Congratulations Jim!

    Jim got off to a rip-roaring start in April 1999 by predicting that “Y2K is real. Y2K is going to rock our world… I believe [Y2K] will deeply affect the economies-of-scale of virtually all activities in the United States, essentially requiring us to downsize and localize everything from government to retail merchandising to farming… I doubt that the WalMarts and K-Marts of the land will survive Y2K.”

    I know what you’re thinking: “Man, I wish I had a whole roll of that stuff to wipe with.” And I couldn’t agree more. Kunstler is a real talent, a genuine one-in-a-million find, and he hasn’t let us down in the years since Y2K. He’s made shitty prediction after shitty prediction — to the point that the only proper response is probably a standing ovation with armpit farts for his uncanny ability to not see the future.

    “I’m inclined to predict a gruesome journey down for the Dow Jones into the 4000 range by the end of the year. ” — June 27, 2005 Source

    “I’d called for a Dow-4000 late in 2005. I think that was just an error in timing, and still call for the Dow to sink into that range, or worse, in 2006.” — Jan. 2, 2006 Source

    “Let’s get this out of the way up front: the worst call I made last year was for the Dow to crumble down to 4000 when, in fact, it melted up to a new all-time record high of about 12,500.” –Jan 1, 2007 Source

    “The commercial airline industry is already whirling around the drain. 2006 will send it decisively down that drain. Since we cannot do without aviation in a nation as large as the US (with train service on the level with Bolivia) then the government may have to take over the crippled air routes.” — Jan. 2, 2006 Source

    “But I must say, at the risk once again of sounding extreme, that the structural and systemic sickness in the finance realm is now so severe that it is hard to imagine we will get through the month of December without some major trauma in the markets. In fact, I’d go so far as to predict a thousand-point drop (or more) in the Dow just in this week after Thanksgiving.” Nov. 26, 2007 Source

    “For those of you concerned about my sense of pride — yes, I sure got that eggy feeling all over my face last week after calling for a thousand-point Dow plunge, only to watch it put on the greatest two-day melt-up in five years.” Dec. 3, 2007 Source

    “So I would conclude by again predicting a substantial drop in the Dow and other equity markets.” January 1, 2007 Source

    “I can’t imagine that quite a few major banks will not collapse in the first half of 2008. It is hard to escape the conclusion that many hedge funds will also blow up, given the unsoundness of their counter-parties’ positions, not to mention the frailty of the bond reinsurers.” Dec. 31, 2007 Source

    “Okay, my final comment. After being chastised endlessly about mis-calling the DOW in 2006 (I said 4000), I have learned my lesson about making numerical predictions for the stock markets. So let’s just say there is no fucking way that the DOW, the NASDAQ, and the S & P will not end the year 2008 absolutely on their asses.”

    Now, go verify loser, excuse-maker.

  20. DerHundistLos on Wed, 7th Mar 2018 7:00 am 

    Davy, you are not only a liar, but you are also a dishonorable piece of shit. Even when I have you nailed to a wall, you never have the courage or grace to admit you are dead wrong. No wonder you failed in your business ventures. You were always bailed out by mom and dad’s trust fund. Disgusting.

  21. fmr-paultard on Wed, 7th Mar 2018 7:08 am 

    master race SENTAPB theedrich is a libtard. I’m a libtard with a feminized brain so I know. you can’t accuse me of lacking introspection. I only became a blue republican to vote for president paul. He won Iowa but the media didn’t say anything because it would’d tip over NH and ensure nomination in Tampa.

    feminized brain is a source of endless drama for their own benefits.

    jews brain is feminized also so it’s formidable. but mater race theedrich said jews employed lower IQs to do thinking. again, this doesn’t make sense at all. it’s just endless drama

    conspirary is domain of islam and i hated my former conspiratard existence as a result of it.

    maligning jews also make one an ally of islam and worthy of being bumpskied according to my recommendation

    Sahih al-Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 56, Number 791

  22. Davy on Wed, 7th Mar 2018 7:10 am 

    der hund, give the link reference, lazy. That is a simple request. Just getting you to clean up your comment.

    LOL, what a dork to get high blood pressure over such a trivial subject. Der hund, what kind of life do you have being a blind lying liberal habituated into the extremism of a blind radical liberal? You have untenable extreme positions. Your world is crashing down around you and Kunstler (one of your own) has exposed your lies. Your world is a fake and this is plain to see by how upset you are. I have one word for you “PUSSY”

    What business ventures? what trust fund? lol. Who is making up shit? Do you have my tax returns? LMFAO. I love pegging extremist and seeing them fall all over themselves in rage.

  23. fmr-paultard on Wed, 7th Mar 2018 7:11 am 

    On This Day…
    Mar 07, 2010: Jos, Nigeria
    Hundreds of Christians are hacked to death by rioting Muslims: 500 Killed

  24. DerHundistlos on Wed, 7th Mar 2018 7:31 am fat, lazy POS:

  25. Davy on Wed, 7th Mar 2018 7:34 am 

    Good boy

    You do realize that was 5 years ago? Lol

    Der hund, I would say grow up but you are already old so there is little hope for you. Maybe taking your car keys and check book away would be a start for your family to avoid embarrassment and tragedy.

  26. DerHundistlos on Wed, 7th Mar 2018 7:39 am 

    Now, Liar, can you find the other years forecasts all by your lonesome little self?

    You love to accuse others of “pricking”. That’s you to the letter rather than face the truth. You are a change the subject artist always to deflect attention.

    Just as with so many prior subjects for which you lied- examples, fake Democratic party scandals or claiming the people of “Democratic Puerto Rico” vote in national elections- you are always dead wrong and you never poses the grace to say so. So you start your picking on others. Instead you need to take a good, long look in the mirror, if you dare.

  27. DerHundistlos on Wed, 7th Mar 2018 7:41 am 

    “You do realize that was 5 years ago?”

    Liar, I gave you his failed forecasts from 2016. Liar, liar, again.

  28. DerHundistlos on Wed, 7th Mar 2018 7:43 am 

    I can’t do 2017, Liar, because Kunt has given up providing forecasts since all previous have been dead wrong.

  29. Davy on Wed, 7th Mar 2018 7:53 am 

    Der hund, at your age excitement like this is not healthy. Calm down and go to the articles and read them. When done make a comment. Try to stay on topic. You will feel much better taking the emotions out of your morning. Drink some warm milk that will help too.

  30. fmr-paultard on Wed, 7th Mar 2018 8:15 am 

    Dertard tell us about ufo probing and how your friend was taken away by FBI because he never paid electric bill thanks to that invention

  31. Cloggie on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 11:27 am 

    The US deep state sees that Russia supports the European populist right. Predictable response from the communist Samantha Powers: Putin influenced the Italian elections, per twitter.


    Her handler and spouse, a Cass Weinstein can be proud of her.


    Her numbers suggest that pro-immigration sentiment in Italy dominates 53-32%, completely at odds with the result of the election. The Right is winning in Europe AND Russia. That’s a winning formula globally, where America is in severe demographic decline:

  32. fmr-paultard on Thu, 8th Mar 2018 11:42 am 

    Guys 50k jihadists killed
    Very good news.
    Supertards also gave us ability to launch f35s from light amphibious carriers
    Thanks mucho supertards
    Thank you
    Thank you

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