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Page added on January 25, 2021

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Kunstler: Flying Blind

Public Policy

Events are in the driver’s seat now, not personalities. Gil Scott-Heron was right way back in the day when he said, “the revolution will not be televised.” Only what he called “revolution” turns out to be collapse, led by the disintegrating news business, so that the people of this land are flying blind into a maelstrom of hardship. Everything is going south at once here, and you probably don’t know it.

If you think we’re headed into a transhuman nirvana of continuous tech-assisted orgasm, social equity, and guaranteed basic income, you are going to be disappointed. Our actual destination is a neo-medieval time-out from all the techno-dazzle of recent decades. It’s not as bad as you might think. The human project will continue at a lower pitch, probably for a good long while, but minus most of the comforts and conveniences we’re used to, and with very different social arrangements. You can waste your energy hand-wringing and wailing over all this, or summon the fortitude to go where history is taking us and make something of it.

The old economy is wrecked. Many Americans already know this because they’ve lost their businesses and their livelihoods. What used to be there isn’t coming back. But there will always be ways to make yourself useful providing things and services that other people need, just not within the crumbling armature of the economy we’re leaving behind. There will be a lot of debris left in the way to overcome, especially the crap we’ve smeared all over the landscape.

One business you can begin to organize right now is a salvage industry, sorting out the reusable components of all that crap — the steel I-beams, the aluminum trusses and sashes, plate glass, concrete blocks, copper and PVC pipe, and dimensional lumber. A lot of this stuff we just won’t be making anymore, certainly not at the former scale. Think of all the shopping malls to be disassembled.

Growing food and getting it to markets is the most critical activity. Poor Bill Gates, addled by his fortune, has bought up something like a quarter-million acres of farmland. His grandiosity prompts him to believe he can organize farming on the super-giant scale — Walmart for corn and turnips. Nothing could be further from the real coming trend: a reduction of scale and scope of farming and of the distribution supply lines that serve it. Poor Bill doesn’t seem to realize that the oil-and-gas-based “inputs” (fertilizers, pesticides) won’t be there for him, nor will the million-dollar diesel-powered combines. Nor the trucking industry. He could do more good for mankind getting into the mule business. (He won’t. Lacks razzle-dazzle.)

The transition between the old giant agri-biz model of farming and the emergent system of small-scaled farms based on human and animal labor will be arduous and disorderly in the early going. A lot of people will miss a lot of meals, and you know what that means. Working on a farm will be one way to make sure you get enough to eat. But also consider all the businesses that have to be created from scratch on the local level to serve the logistics of farming. You are already seeing many food products unavailable in the supermarkets. That will become more distressingly obvious in the disorders of 2021. When food deliveries to the supermarkets get really spotty, the farmers’ markets will not just be for schmoozing over lattes and almond croissants.

For those perhaps not paying attention, Covid-19 has destroyed what remains of education, especially the public school system. It was already moribund, waiting to crash, reduced to a pension racket for teachers. Going forward, the money won’t be there to operate these giant centralized schools and their yellow buses (while paying out pensions). The virus has kick-started exactly the kind of home-schooling pod system (several families combining) that can be reorganized into small-scale schooling for people who want it. People who don’t want it can move into their future without knowing how to read or do arithmetic. We’ll finally get a good test of the noble savage hypothesis. As for the colleges and universities, their business models are toast. They’ll be downscaling and shuttering as far ahead as the eye can see. Whatever remains will be more like finishing schools for neo-medieval ladies and gentlemen — and, by the way, the distinction between men and women will be reestablished. Why?  Because reality insists on it. There will be plenty of work for former professors of Intersectionality in the sorghum fields.

A central theme of The Long Emergency is that government becomes increasingly impotent and ineffectual as our manifold crises deepen. Is Joe Biden not the perfect avatar for this feature? He’s spending his first week in office laser-focused on policy that supports transsexuals, about 0.42 percent of the population. When the applause dies down, he’ll be unable to act on anything that might get the people moving on what they need to do and where they have to go.

Meanwhile, we get an exciting show-trial: Donald Trump’s impeachment in the Senate. Not a bright idea. Mr. Trump would get to defend himself, of course. What if his attorneys produce solid evidence (i.e., proof) that the incursion into the capitol building was actually launched by Antifa / BLM cadres? Could happen. What if the Democratic Party gave them some aid-and-comfort in organizing the event? Wondering what is on Nancy Pelosi’s purloined laptops?

President Joe B may not even be in office a month from now. Justice Amy Coney Barrett will rule shortly on the lawsuit against the state of Wisconsin for ignoring constitutional requirements in changing their voting rules. Unlike so many other cases tossed out on procedural grounds, there’s a pretty good chance this case will stand, and the outcome could end up nullifying last November’s national election, cancelling Joe Biden. That will birth a whole new political crisis on top of the cratering economic picture. There are no road maps for any of that.


17 Comments on "Kunstler: Flying Blind"

  1. Theedrich on Mon, 25th Jan 2021 6:45 pm 

    The Democrat-ignited riots aren’t stopping. The freebie parasites and their oligarchic supporters expect the Kingdom of Oz to come roaring back with sugarplums for everybody except Trump supporters (i.e., normal Whites), who will need to be reprogrammed.  The “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, & Queer” vanguard will lead the way.  The zombie parade, of course, is led by The Big Guy with his grifters and traitors, cheered on by masses of non-White importees prominently displayed on every Yidbox screen for the mental laundering of White “supremacists” in flyover country.

    Meanwhile, narcotics from UnWhiteland continue to dissolve the brains of traditional Americans, who are becoming more despearate by the day as their livelihoods and incomes disappear.  Democrat state governors and governesses are acquiring the status of medieval saints for “protecting” the proles, a benediction conferred on the dear leaders by fake news.  Few recognize the fleeting nature of such glorification, the result of White genosuicide.

    But unbeknownst to either the masses or their leaders, Yankeeland itself is fleeting.

  2. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 26th Jan 2021 1:34 am 

    “Our actual destination is a neo-medieval time-out from all the techno-dazzle of recent decades.”

    Completely wrong, not going to happen, exaggerated. A very local, American opinion, originating from purely American developments, namely the result of internal political destabilization and forced stepping down from a status of global hegemony, towards a more modest role in world affairs.

    I agree that the US-lead globalist era of almost uninterrupted growth 1950-2019 is over, including all these Paris Air shows or COMDEX-Falls, but innovation will continue to press developments forward.

    American white despair will continue to grow though, building up more social and political tensions, until those tensions will be released in the classical manner of secession, with (Yugoslavia/Ukraine) or without (USSR) massive violence.

    The goal:

    The Marxist US-USSR-dominated 20th century will be replaced by a 21st century multi-polar, identitairean world order.

  3. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 26th Jan 2021 3:02 am 

    Trump is back!

    “Breaking: Trump Establishes Office of the Former President”

    America’s #1 dissident Donald J. Trump broke silence yesterday by announcing the establishment (pun intended) of the “Office of the Former President”.

    What Trump needs to do is abstain from ever running against Domininion, errr the Democrats again and instead aim for the presidency of a new European American country under the Confederate banner. Not that he should advertise this to loud.

    In order to achieve that, Trump could make himself very useful in founding a patriot version of Twitter, Youtube, Facebook and a legacy MSM counterpart “Trump News”. Perhaps he can hire Megyn Kelly.

  4. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 26th Jan 2021 3:18 am 

    More Canadian anti-white repression:

    Trudeau declares US Proud Boys as “terrorist organization”. The Proud Boys have yet to lay their first bomb. The out-of-hours touristic visit of the Capitol can hardly count as an act of “terrorism”.

    The truth is that the globalist Anglo establishment fears nothing more than a pro-white uprising. Not that one can be expected in Canada, that British offshoot, but in America there are still a lot of people with suspiciously sounding German names.

    “An Open Letter to Trump Supporters”

  5. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 26th Jan 2021 3:43 am 

    Nigel Farage pushed through Brexit in the hope that this would unleash a wave of continental European followers, leading to the (in his eyes very desired) dissolution of the European Union.

    The reality looks different though:

    “STEPHEN GLOVER: This battle over Scottish independence will make Brexit look genteel”

    The SNP, currently leading in the polls 57-43, with elections coming up in May, has announced it will not wait for permission from the BoJo government, but, if a SNP majority will be achieved, a “rogue referendum” will be held about unilateral independence. And why would you ask for permission from those you want to become independent of in the first place, that doesn’t add up.

    Scotland has very strong arguments. The UK economic outlook isn’t very rosy indeed and when Covid will disappear in the cause of this year, the economic situation can no longer blamed on the pandemic, playing into the hands of the Scots. Scotland was an independent country between Jesus Christ and 1704…

    …and is one of the oldest countries in Europe, with an internationally recognized crystal clear identity [insert bagpipe music, a few highlands, Loch Ness castle, whiskey and tweed here]

    Interesting will be the reaction of London: will they invade Scotland?

    An independent Scotland could eventually cause the dissolution of the entire UK: Ulster reunited with Ireland (per capita income Ireland is THREE times as high as in Ulster), Wales independent and even London, with its mighty financial services industry, could decide to give the finger to the UK…

    …leaving “Greater New Castle” as the remainder of England.

    The huge irony will be that a Brexit didn’t weaken, but instead incredibly strengthened the European Union. Sure, you can leave the EU, but expect your country to fall apart as a consequence. That message will be especially relevant for Italy.

    And a new superpower is born, required in order to prevent a Chinese take-over of the planet after the withdrawal of the United States from post-WW2 hegemony.

    The only strategy left for London to preserve national unity is to strike a deal with Edinburgh about a return of the UK to the Common Market (but not the EU). London could even enjoy the support of Brussels for such a scheme, as it would prefer Britain as an associate member (like Norway and Switzerland), rather than having Scotland as a full member and the rest out. A weak Scottish point is that they would prefer keeping Stirling rather than having to adopt the Euro, a rather half-baked attempt at independence. But Scotland isn’t very rich, with 34k euro/capita comparable to Portugal and would be a net-receiver of EU-funds.

  6. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 26th Jan 2021 5:44 am 

    Crypto-currencies could wipe out all other legacy currencies:

    “Dijjywan—Dijjydo or Dijjydon’t?”

    The Chinese are working on it.


    VAT Tax collectors
    US empire
    Drug cartels
    Credit card companies

    A deserving bunch.


    People with a phone but no bank account, meaning the entire third world and Donald Trump.

  7. aadbrd on Tue, 26th Jan 2021 10:30 am 

    QAnon has apparently rotted out what’s left of Kunstler’s brain. Here he is still hoping beyond hope that Trump will be re-anointed as the emperor with no clothes.

    As for the rest of his analysis, it seems to be permanently suck in 2005.

  8. Cloggie on Tue, 26th Jan 2021 12:49 pm 

    IMF optimistic on global economy:

    Global growth:

    2020: -3.5%
    2021: +5.5%

  9. Dredd on Tue, 26th Jan 2021 3:20 pm 

    Can you do anything that doesn’t stink (Once Upon A Time In The West – 2).

  10. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 27th Jan 2021 7:47 am 

    Towards a global G3?

    Chinese proposal for a triangle EU-US-China and restoration multilateralism.

    Xuewu Gu – How Europe can help shape a new world order.

    (Both China and the US trust the EU more than each other).

  11. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 28th Jan 2021 2:05 am 

    Another nail in the coffin of empire:

    “Poll puts Marine Le Pen almost level with Emmanuel Macron if they make the final round of next year’s French elections as far-right gains on the president”

    Marine le Pen wants Moscow.

    There are likely two other candidates: Macron and Barnier. Barnier is an old school Gaullist and wants an alliance with Russia.

    So does Macron.

    Merkel will be gone later this year and probably replaced with Armin Laschet, who in the past has been very critical of US behavior in Syria. Laschet has FRENCH roots and is a staunch EU and France supporter and is backed by former German chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, the one who defied US orders to participate in the Iraq war, together with France and Russia. I am currently reading the latest book by Schroeder, where he advocates terminating NATO. And then there is Italy and Salvini, who also wants to go east and could lead the next Italian right-wing government.

    By 2022 ALL political mainstream noses in Europe will be turning EAST. With Britain likely falling apart as early as THIS year.

    The Five Eyes are crumbling, with China preparing itself for the big blow in the South China Sea.

  12. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 28th Jan 2021 3:34 am 

    Energy = geopolitical power.

    Seven Sisters:

    Shell – Dutch, Anglo-1
    BP – British, Anglo-2
    5 others – US, Anglo-3

    “What Comes After the Three Anglo Empires?”

    End oil = end Anglo

    The UK with Brexit and US with Biden are trying to keep Anglo-Zionist supremacy alive and will fail, because the rest of the planet is too powerful and won’t go along.

    “Anglo-1 Holland” has drawn its conclusions after WW2 from the loss of its empire and has chosen continental Europe (EU) over Anglosphere and together with the Benelux states acts as the glue between France and Germany. As a reward, the Netherlands is per capita one of the richest countries in the EU (after Ireland and Luxembourg):

    That’s what you get if you clammer yourself for too long to unrealistic geopolitical aims. Trump WAS a realist in accepting that globalism and empire was a dead end, but the deep state, that just took over via fraud, can’t let go of that dream and will have to pay a heavy price: dissolution.

    Leaving the EU will almost certainly mean the breakup of the UK, shortly after the May elections in Scotland, followed by Irish reunification (Ireland has a GDP, THREE times that of Ulster). And then there is London, with an economy TWICE that of Singapore, with a financial industry, bigger than New York and for a large part reliant on easy access to the lucrative European market. They are therefor pro-EU and have a latent independence movement as well:

    London DC, fighting for economic survival. Several Brexiteers were pushing the idea of Britain following the Singapore city state role model. For Britain as a whole, this is lunacy, but for London it isn’t. Be careful with what you wish for!

  13. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 28th Jan 2021 12:25 pm 

    More horn locking Anglosphere-China:

    “Britain could join ‘Asian NATO’: UK would join US, Japan, Australia and India in alliance against China amid fears over Beijing’s ambitions”

    Meanwhile, the animosity is rising between the EU-UK over vaccines…

    “Nicola Sturgeon is accused of taking the EU’s side and risking vaccine rollout as she vows to publish details of UK’s supplies despite Boris Johnson ordering her to keep them secret – as Brussels claims AstraZeneca is giving Britain too much”

    And then there is Nord Stream 2, another potential major source of conflict.

    Putin, after he was called by Biden:

    “Putin Warns of Conflict That Would Mean “End of Our Civilization””

    WW3: Eurasia-Anglosphere.

  14. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 30th Jan 2021 5:07 am 

    In 1900, Ireland was a British colony:

    Ireland achieved independence in a war against London between 1919-1921, not in the least because of strong support from within the US and its mighty Irish lobby (“special relationship”.lol):

    Now, 100 years later, Scotland is going to be next:

    “Scotland is on the same path as Ireland a hundred years ago – the independence movement will be very difficult to stop”

    Scottish independence will be greatly enabled by the presence of the EU (that will act as an economic safety net for Edinburgh, once they finally manage to get rid of BoJo + Farage) and even more by Brexit, that will cause a rapid deterioration of economic circumstances in Britain, that will only add fuel on the independence movements, not just in Scotland, where the EU will be correctly seen as a beacon of economic hope.

    Once Scottish independence will be achieved, Ulster is next. Ulster is about the poorest place you can find in Europe, even poorer than G*ddamn Bulgaria! You don’t want to be found dead in Ulster:

    GDP/capita in Euro

    Ulster: 20k
    Bulgaria: 24k
    Russia: 27k
    Croatia: 28
    Greece: 29k
    Romania: 30k

    Only the Ukraine is worse than Ulster.

    Scotland is about Portugal.
    Wales is about Spain.

    Ireland is per capita THREE times as rich as Ulster, because the US uses this English-speaking territory as a springboard WITHIN the EU, a factor that after Brexit is only going to increase. The real Special Relationship is between the US and Ireland, not between the US and Brexit-England.

    London, in contrast, is the richest area in Europe, but only because of its financial services. London is globally more important than NYC, and the latter ghost town is rapidly declining because of BLM and white flight. London is heavily pro-EU, not in the least because that is their main market and is now under dire threat, because of the essentially no-deal-Brexit, that is now in place.

    From a global white nationalist perspective, it would be best that Scotland, Ulster and Wales go Europe-direct, but that London and its very diverse population stays where it is and that a lot of financial services go to salivating successor predators Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris.

    Currently, there is an absurd vaccine-war going on between the UK and the EU, that at the English part is, as per usual, framed in terms of WW2, a battle it absolutely can’t afford. England can be best compared with the Black Knight from Monty Python, that will fight until it has no limbs left:

    Sad, a great nation committing suicide, and with Newton, Wren, Watt, Shakespeare and many others under its belt, it IS a truly Great European nation, on par with the likes of France and Italy. But it is held hostage by its island status, anti-Germanic (#Huns) Celtic ethnic ground-text and disastrous anti-European policies in 1914 and 1939, exploited to the hilt by ZOG-USA in 1939 and its Churchill minion. England’s main fault is that it is unable/unwilling to understand the signs of the time and that it embraced a fatal nostalgia for its recent but unrecoverable Empire grandeur and glory.

    As a Hollander, whose glory was in the 17th century, I can very well understand the sentiment, but for us, thank God, THAT glory is much further back in history. Add to that our location in Continental Europe and equipped with a blessed position at the mouth of the Rhine, controlling the access to a market of 440 million consumers, our principal source of income, it is obvious we are not going to follow the English example.

    Expect England to spiral down the ladder of international status and de facto become an Eastern European country, situated in the far West. The only way out would be that BoJo goes to Scotland and negotiates a deal that the Scottish independence drive will be dropped in return for a return of the UK to the EU Common Market. But that is almost certainly a bridge to far for the Brexiteers, BoJo, Farage and the ERG.

    Regarding Farage, he deserves a statue in front of the Berliamont building in Brussels for breaking up a country, hostile to Europe and greatly strengthening the cohesion of the EU. Because any country will think twice over leaving the EU. This is especially interesting for Italy and a possible neo-fascist take-over of government soon.

    An interesting side effect could also be that a disintegrating UK could serve as an example for other countries, notably Spain, Belgium and, again, Italy. Because regions with an independence drive, like Catalonia, Flanders and “Padania”, know they can signal that they will remain loyal to the EU, while enjoying more local autonomy and identity.

    It all will ensure the formation of the EU as a new superpower and that will be necessary to counter China in the 21st century and to attract as a magnet for majority white parts in North-America, who will opt to become member of a global Commonwealth of European nations in the coming struggle to keep as much North-American territory out of the hands of the Chinese, who will use Vancouver as their bridgehead.

  15. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 30th Jan 2021 8:17 am 

    How to destroy a great institution?

    It began with giving Obama the Nobel Peace Prize, Obama the later butch of Syria (500k dead and counting).

    And now this:

    “Black Lives Matter movement nominated for Nobel peace prize”… after causing almost $3 billion dollars of damage in the USA and the deaths of over 2 dozen people.

    I would send back my price, if I had one (but not the money).

  16. Biden's hairplug on Sun, 31st Jan 2021 5:08 am 

    And then the woke bolsheviks came for Elon Musk:

    “After Elon Criticizes Biden’s FAA, Biden’s DoJ Launches Investigation Alleging SpaceX Discriminates Against Non-US Citizens”

    But not before…

    “Twitter Suspends Christian Group for Accurately Describing Biden’s Transgendered Health Official Dr. Levine’s Biological Sex”

    The US under Biden is becoming really scary.

  17. Qtards Everywhere on Sat, 6th Feb 2021 8:54 pm 

    Got some real retards on this site.

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