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Page added on January 28, 2020

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Kunstler: Canary Trap

Public Policy

What is the canary’s purpose in life? Why, to sing, of course — at least from the human’s point-of-view. What is the canary trap? Why, to catch humans who are singing like canaries.

The latest occult dish served up by Democratic Party spirit cookers in the impeachment ritual is the release of “bombshell” news leaked to The New York Times late Sunday from a new book by Mr. Trump’s erstwhile National Security Advisor, John Bolton, purporting verbal evidence of a quid pro quo in the Ukraine aid-for-investigations allegation. Better hold the premature ejaculations on that one.

The canary trap is a venerable ploy of intelligence tradecraft for flushing out info-leakers. You send slightly different versions of an info package to suspected leakers in a leaky agency, and when the info materializes somewhere like The New York Times, you can tell exactly which canary crooned the melody. In this case, the agency was the White House National Security Council, the notorious nest of intriguers lately the haunt of impeachment stars Col. Alexander Vindman and alleged “whistleblower” Eric Ciaramella (on loan from the CIA, and now back there). Another bird in that nest is Alexander Vindman’s twin brother Col. Eugene (Yevgeny) Vindman, a military lawyer posted as chief ethics counsel for the NSC, of all things.

The info-package in this case was the manuscript of John Bolton’s book, The Room Where It Happened, relating his brief and tumultuous misadventures in Trumpland, slated for release March 17. Someone in the White House chain of command ordered a security review of the manuscript by the NSC — a curious detail. Why there, of all places, given the recent exploits of Ciaramella, Vindman & Vindman, Sean Misko, Abigail Grace, current or former NSC employees now in the service of Adam Schiff’s House Intel Committee, which kicked off the latest mega-distraction from the nation’s business?  It was, apparently, Eugene Vindman’s job to vet the Bolton book. Any conflict there? (Considering his twin brother was one of the “whistleblower’s” chief confederates.) Why not give the manuscript to the Attorney General’s counsel, or some other referee to determine what in the book might qualify as privileged communication between a president and a top national security advisor?

Well, before you go tripping off on a tear about the suspect loyalties of William Barr, consider that the chief byproduct of the entire three-year RussiaGate flimflam and all its subsequent offshoots by the Lawfare Resistance has been to completely undermine Americans’ faith in federal institutions, including the DOJ, the FBI, the CIA. Perhaps what we’re seeing is the convergence of two perfect setups.

Surely Adam Schiff thinks that testimony from John Bolton was his ace-in-the-hole to corroborate the House’s impeachment case.  Maybe his staff (of former NSC moles) had a hand in orchestrating the leaks from the NSC to The New York Times at exactly the right moment — hours before Mr. Trump’s lawyers would begin to argue the main body of his defense in the Senate, to produce an orgasmic gotcha. But what if Mr. Trump’s lawyers and confidants were ahead of the scheme and knew exactly when and how Mr. Schiff would call the play?

It’s actually inconceivable that Mr. Trump’s team did not know this play was coming. Do you suppose they didn’t know that Mr. Bolton had written a book on contract for Simon & Schuster, and much more? After all, a president has access to information that even a sedulous bottom-feeder like Mr. Schiff just doesn’t command. Maybe the canary trap is only the prelude to a booby trap — and remember, boobies are much larger birds than canaries. Maybe, despite prior protestations about not calling witnesses, the Bolton ploy will actually be an excuse for Mr. Trump’s defense team to run the switcheroo play and accede to the calling of witnesses.

Perhaps they are not afraid of what Mr. Bolton might have to say in the ‘splainin’ seat. Perhaps what he has to say turns out to be, at least, the proverbial nothingburger with mayo and onion, or, at worst, a perfidious prevarication motivated by ill-will against the employer who sacked him ignominiously.  Perhaps Mr. Trump’s lawyers are longing for the chance to haul in some witnesses of their own, for instance the “whistleblower.” It is also inconceivable that the actual progenitor of this mighty hot mess would not be called to account in the very forum that his ploy was aimed to convoke.

And from the unmasked “whistleblower,” the spectacle would proceed straightaway to Adam Schiff himself in the witness chair. That will be an elongated moment of personal self-disfigurement not seen in American history since William Jennings Bryan was left blubbering in the courtroom at Dayton, Tennessee, 1925, after he spearheaded the malicious prosecution of John Scopes for teaching evolution in a high school biology class… or the moment of national wonder and nausea in June 1954 when Army Chief Counsel Joseph Welch rose from his chair and asked witch-hunting Senator Joseph McCarthy, “At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

In a deeply imperfect world, California’s 28th congressional district has produced a true marvel: the perfect scoundrel. Adam Schiff has been hurling false accusations and retailing mendacious narratives for three years. He deserves the most public disgrace that can possibly be arranged, on nationwide television, with all his many media enablers at CNN and MSNBC having to call the play-by-play. Then the nation needs to expel him from the House of Representatives. And then, maybe, the USA can get on with other business.



62 Comments on "Kunstler: Canary Trap"

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  4. Davy on Sat, 1st Feb 2020 8:17 am 

    “Devin Nunes: Schiff and Nadler won’t stop, They will go after Trump even after he’s acquitted” saraa carter

    “I just can’t imagine that Adam Schiff, after three and a half years of this nonsense, and Jerry Nadler are not going to continue this. Right? They are going to go back and subpoena John Bolton. We’re going to have the same exact thing that you have been seeing for the last three and a half years. I just think you should prepare,” House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes, told “Tucker Carlson Tonight”. “We thought once Mueller collapsed completely — we thought ‘OK, we’re going to get on to business.’ And then out of nowhere, this Ukraine hoax appeared.” Nunes also pointed out that both Schiff and Nadler are damaging the democratic party by focusing all this time on Trump, ‘the party is moving toward potentially picking a socialist’. “He is winning in Iowa,” Nunes said. “This could be — if Bernie wins on Monday night, you have an entire takeover by the extreme left of the historic Democratic Party. It ceases to exist. It gonna be the Socialist Party.”

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  12. Abraham van Helsing on Mon, 3rd Feb 2020 4:57 am 

    “Susanna Reid tells of frantic dash TOWARD scene of horrific Streatham terror attack after seeing a helicopter fly over her home and social media posts of armed police outside her local Lidl”

    Islam and it promoters are like a corona-virus, nay a cancer. You do not negotiate with cancer, you cut it out.

    “Happy Brexit everyone. Good to be out in the free air again.”

    The difference between English and continental European populists is that the latter see third world immigration as a threat, where the English see white immigration as a threat and love dark immigration:

    “More black people will be allowed into Britain if we leave the EU and immigration will become a ‘non-issue’, says Nigel Farage”

    The English like joe are fundamental hopeless. Thank God they no longer can sabotage the EU from within, an EU that is now rapidly moving to the right, where England tries to be more “globalist”. The English problem is solving itself.

    “Soon we will wipe our asses with that withdrawal agreement and rebuild hadrian’s wall if scotland is dumb enough to leave e us, good luck to em.”

    Poor joe esquire. The Scots are indeed leaving you. If the last national election was good enough for England to leave the EU, the same electoral outcome is good enough for the Scots to do the same and simply leave, unilaterally. No need for stupid referendums. If Sturgeon is wise, she should postpone the move until the full economic results of Brexit will become apparent and M3 and M20 will be an open air warehouse of unsold goods, after the likely hard Brexit that is coming up and England will become an easy prey for the US, that has far less scruples than the EU. Hint for esquire joe: in the US there are far more people with a German name than in Germany, a Germany that is largely politically neutralized by France, Italy, Spain, Poland and soon Russia. That delusional “special relations-ship” is purely a one way street, between the English bulldog and its American master.

    “No more ‘closer union’ or forced settlement of millions of muslims from countries that should be invest in condoms not bullets.”

    More Brexiteer lies. The EU has zero competence over third world immigration, only European immigration. Eastern Europe successfully resists against third world immigration and the demands of the US last vassal Merkel, who will be gone soon.

    That London is no longer an English city is entirely the work of Blair and his handler Peter Mandelson. And you ain’t seen nothing yet. Post-Brexit Britain is going to be a business heaven, that is about shareholder value, low wages and cheap hands only and zero concern for the English biosphere. Bye-bye Merry Old England.

    Now worries joe, after WW3-CW2 we’ll set up an English-only reserve for you between Cambridge and the Hadrian Wall, sandwiched between caliphate London and Scotland. Perhaps we’ll even let you back in into the EU, sadder and wiser, provided you accept the euro.

    Perhaps not.


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