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Page added on September 16, 2019

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Kunstler: A View from the Brink

Public Policy

Welcome to the world where things don’t add up. For instance, some people did some things to the Saudi Arabian oil refinery at Abqaiq over the weekend. Like, sent over a salvo of cruise missiles and armed drone aircraft to blow it up. They did a pretty good job of disabling the works. It is Saudi Arabia’s largest oil processing facility, and for now, perhaps months, a fair amount of the world’s oil supply will be cut off. President Trump said “[we] are waiting to hear from the Kingdom as to who they believe was the cause of this attack, and under what terms we would proceed!” Exclamation mark his.

How many times the past few years has our government declared that “we have the finest intelligence services in the world.” Very well, then, why are we waiting for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to tell us who fired all that stuff into Abqaiq? Whoever did it, it was unquestionably an act of war. And, of course, what are we going to do about it? (And what will some people do about it?)

Let’s face it: the USA has had a hard-on for Iran for forty years, ever since they overthrew their shah, invaded the US embassy in Tehran, and took fifty-two American diplomats and staff hostage for 444 days. On the other hand, the Arabians and Iranians have had a mutual hard-on for centuries, long before the Saud family was in charge of things, and back when Iran was known as Persia, a land of genies, fragrant spices, and a glorious antiquity (while Arabia was a wasteland of sand populated by nomads and their camels).

The beef was formerly just about which brand of Islam would prevail, Sunni or Shia. Lately (the past fifty years) it has been more about the politics of oil and hegemony over the Middle East. Since the US invaded Iraq and busted up the joint, the threat has existed that Iran would take over Iraq, with its majority Shia population, especially the oil-rich Basra region at the head of the Persian Gulf. The presence of Israel greatly complicates things, since Iran has a hard-on for that nation, too, and for Jews especially, often expressed in the most belligerent and opprobrious terms, such as “wiping Israel off the map.” No ambiguity there. The catch being that Israel has the capability of turning Iran into an ashtray.

The world has been waiting for a major war in the Middle east for decades, and it might have one by close of business today. Or perhaps some people will do nothing. The Iran-backed Houthi rebels of Yemen supposedly claimed responsibility for the attack. That’s rich. As if that rag-tag outfit has a whole bunch of million-dollar missiles and the knowledge and capacity to launch them successfully, not to mention the satellite guidance mojo. A correspondent suggests that the missiles were fired from a pro-Iranian military base in Iraq, with the Houthis brought in on flying carpets to push the launch buttons.

President Trump is trumpeting America’s “energy independence,” meaning whatever happens over there won’t affect us. Well, none of that is true. We still import millions of barrels of oil a day, though much less from Saudi Arabia than before 2008. The shale oil “miracle” is hitting the skids these days. Shale oil production has gone flat, the rig-count is down, companies are going bankrupt, and financing for the debt-dependent operations is dwindling since the producers have demonstrated that they can’t make a profit at it. They’re trapped in the quandary of diminishing returns, frontloading production, while failing to overcome steep decline curves in wells that only produce for a couple of years.

It’s also the case that shale oil is ultra-light crude, containing little heavier distillates such as diesel and aviation fuel (basically kerosene). Alas, American refineries were all built before shale oil came along. They were designed to crack heavier oil and can’t handle the lighter shale. The “majors” don’t want to invest their remaining capital in new refineries, and the many smaller companies don’t have the ability. So, this makes necessary a high volume of oil swapping around the world. Without diesel and aviation fuel, US trucking and commercial aviation has a big problem, meaning the US economy has a big problem.

With the new crisis in the Middle East, benchmark West Texas Intermediate oil is up from around $55-a-barrel to just over $60 at the market open (European Brent crude is just above $70). That’s a pop, but not a spectacular one, considering that a whole lot more damage might ensue in the days ahead. China, Korea, and Japan stand to lose bigly if the players in the Middle East really go at it and bust up each other’s assets. If that happens, the world will never be the same. You can kiss the global economy goodbye for good. Let’s hope some people don’t do something.


82 Comments on "Kunstler: A View from the Brink"

  1. Cloggie on Mon, 16th Sep 2019 2:27 pm 

    BoJo meets Juncker. They ate snails and cheese and that was all there was to it:

    BoJo is using the backstop as a pretext to sneak out without a deal, because he knows the EU can’t compromise the common market, just because the notorious “part-time Europeans” want to abandon the European club.

    Whatever. Since Macron gave clear signals to Russia that they can enter the European club, I’m comfortable with the prospect that Britain/England is going to be our adversary, if not enemy.

    The WW3 front on the western side of Eurasia will be in place. Leave it to the Chinese to open the Eastern front.

    And the Iranians the Middle East.

  2. Davy on Mon, 16th Sep 2019 3:07 pm 

    “The WW3 front on the western side of Eurasia will be in place. Leave it to the Chinese to open the Eastern front. And the Iranians the Middle East.”


  3. Cloggie on Mon, 16th Sep 2019 3:15 pm 

    “Judge blocks attempt to remove Charlottesville Confederate statues”

    Resistance in the US against the globalist logic is increasing too.

  4. Dredd on Mon, 16th Sep 2019 3:52 pm 

    Well said Kunstler.

  5. asg70 on Mon, 16th Sep 2019 4:03 pm 

    Meh. Kunstler has been writing headlines about us being “on the brink” since the Y2K scare.

  6. MODS supremacist muzzie jerk on Mon, 16th Sep 2019 5:11 pm 

    Davy on Mon, 16th Sep 2019 3:07 pm
    above is supertard pbuh obv.
    as a fmrpaultard i know this well. we use peace as a club to beat the police and it works.

    i hate this forum, i focus on my goat.

  7. makati1 on Mon, 16th Sep 2019 5:58 pm 

    JHK is spot on with his assessment of the situation. Amerika’s lies about being independent, exceptional, etc., will soon be exposed for all the world to see and the shock to the tax slaves will be the worst when the store shelves empty and then the stores close, not to mention the stock market casino implosion.

    Amerika make nothing useful to the serfs, not even diesel fuel. Its electronics come from Asia. Even the parts for its weapons come from all over the world.

    The coming financial/economic shocks are going to put Amerikans in the streets with pitchforks. The alternative is to become real slaves in the Amerikan Police State gulag.

    A few more effective attacks on KSA’s oily stuff will be the end of the problems in the ME as most countries will be struggling to survive the collapse of globalization. At least, that is how I see it. We shall see. Pass the popcorn, the show is getting interesting.

  8. JuanP on Mon, 16th Sep 2019 7:35 pm 

    Yawn! Life goes on! The trends are irreversible. All these minor events will not affect the ultimate outcome in any significant way.

  9. Rainbow JuanPaultard on Mon, 16th Sep 2019 7:40 pm 

    Well, folks you get it all here with JuanPaultard. We have JuanP himself. We have Davy ID theft. We have Pat and Nostrudumbass. Mentally retarded fucknut at his best.

    JuanP said Yawn! Life goes on! The trends are irreversible. A…
    Pat said “I hope the Yemenis take out another few ref…
    Davy said Oops, sorry for getting all triggered and losing m…
    Nostradamus said “they knocked out about half the countryR…
    JuanPaultard madness said Wow, JuanPaultard thinks he is artistic with his M…

  10. Pat on Mon, 16th Sep 2019 7:46 pm 

    The world is in post peak oil decades ago, the Saudi giant oil fields(now open to attacks) have pass their prime now hardly able to maintain output. There are giant oil fields to discover on planet Earth. The fracking, mining sands highly expensive, hard to get is not even oil. America is failed country,

  11. Theedrich on Mon, 16th Sep 2019 8:03 pm 

    Time for Yidland and Araby to wag the U.S. again.  Saudi Arabia is America’s favorite genocidist, having killed over 91,000 Yemenis in the past 4½ years, got a small bit of blowback due to a drone attack on Abqaiq, its biggest oil refinery, leaving damage which will not be repaired for a number of weeks.  Both Araby and its nemesis, Iran, are grotesquely corrupt and have little concern for human life, but the Sand Negroes of KSA have learned to bribe American politicians much more effectively than has Iran.  The Sunni Saudis are militarily incompetent in spite of countless $billions of American weapons, so they expect the U.S. to destroy Shiite Iran for them.  (Note also that we import ~10% of our oil from the Arabs, despite what is said about our being “energy independent.”)

    The drones which hit Abqaiq on Saturday, 2019 Sep 14 were apparently manufactured in Iran, but where they were actually fired from is unclear.  Although it is perhaps possible that they were shot from Persia across the Gulf, they could also (and perhaps more likely) have come from Shiite factions in Iraq, especially seeing that the oil installation was hit on the north-northwest side.  The Houthis in Iran claimed that they had sent the drones, but many see that as improbable, given the less advanced nature of the Houthi war system.

    The high precision of the strikes implies Shiite intelligence inside of the kingdom, something to be expected from the fact that eastern Saudi Arabia is populated mainly by Shiites.  Indeed, it is even possible that Shiite cells operating withing KSA itself were responsible for the attack.

    In any case, American propaganda is directed against Iran, Israel’s biggest enemy.  And the entire portrayal of the situation is described as though it were a legal case, with a fantasy called “international law” (as interpreted by U.S. shysters) being violated by the Persians.  No mention is made of the fact that it is the U.S. which has turned the entire region into a charnel house, with Syria being our most recent victim state.  “American interests” are claimed as giving our politicians the right to intervene in the region and to support the criminals who pay us the most.

    Of course, if the U.S. attacks Iran, Iran will respond by (among other actions) blowing up every oil installation and oilfield station in the Arabian peninsula, thereby ending “Saudi” Arabia and terminating its oil shipments to the rest of the planet.  It is doubtful whether the rest of the world will thank America for that.

  12. Terry on Mon, 16th Sep 2019 9:46 pm 

    Naturally, Kunt is always careful never to criticize his tribal, largely stollen, homeland of Israel.

    Say you are a West Bank Arab farmer who has been working your land with TLC for generations. One week ago, the Israeli military shows up with armed troops and bulldozers. You and your family are informed that your land is being “appropriated” by Israel for the building of a new Jew settlement. Consequently, you have 24 hours to decide whether you will live in one of two Jew administered concentration camps in Gaza or the West Bank. If you are not out in the specified 24 hours, you will be arrested, all of your personal property will be bulldozed along with your former home and barn, and the Jews will decide where you will live. Oh, you will receive NO compensation for your property and all moving expenses are your problem.

    This is the reality of life for millions of non-Jews in “democratic” Israel, which receives more US foreign aid than all other nations combined. This is the same country that, disguised as Egyptians, attacked and almost sunk a US Naval vessel, the USS Liberty, operating in international waters and in the process killed scores of US Naval personnel. This was done during the 1973 Arab-Israel war in a failed attempt to blame the sneak attack on the Egyptians. Very few are aware of the incident as the US and Israel nicely covered-up the attack.

    Despite all of these facts, the world turns a blind eye. Israel can do what it wants, when it wants, and where ever it wants.

  13. Terry on Mon, 16th Sep 2019 9:51 pm 

    Forgot to add the USS Liberty was an intelligence gathering ship and therefore had very little ability to defend herself.

  14. Davy on Mon, 16th Sep 2019 10:01 pm 

    Welcome back JuanP. Missed you lots!

    I been thinking about your’re weeding thingy. I’ve come to the colusion that Round Up might not be the REAL Green solution I wunce thought it was. You see I neutered the goat a couple years back and now it’s grown multiple penises. Not sure if that’s the problem but I think it might be. Your expert help would be upreciated old freind.

  15. Davy on Mon, 16th Sep 2019 10:56 pm 

    And I really miss thinking bout you n me playing with your gigantic ebony cock. That hurts me the most Juan.

  16. Davy on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 12:04 am 

    I’m crying myself to sleep again tonight JuanP. Your on my mind 24/7 every since Pedro left me.

  17. Cloggie on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 1:06 am 

    In today’s news:

    Der Spiegel bets the US will NOT strike against Iran:

    NATO has no stomach for a war either and warns against escalation:

    No chance that 737 Mad Max will be flying any time soon:

    Salvini and his mission:

    “My only purpose is to save Europe”

  18. Cloggie on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 1:29 am 

    And then Brexit, that ticking time bomb under the western status quo:

    Luxemburgian poofter drama queen illustrating that the talks between Juncker and BoJo went nowhere, as expected. The EU won’t move and BoJo is using the backstop issue as a pretext for the “inevitability” for no-deal, his one and only real aim. Only the Remain opposition in London could perhaps sabotage Brexit, but Corbyn is also a Brexiteer, who quietly supports BoJo, all the while pretending he isn’t. And the public in the end of the day will support BoJo-Farage, if not for ending this never ending saga. EU, same story. Bye-bye post 1945-West. The Mother of all F* ups coming up.

    It were mostly protesters from the Anglo block who sabotaged BoJos press conference:

    “Protesters who forced Boris Johnson to axe his Brexit press conference were led by an opera singer from Canada”

    “Jo Swinson faces Brexit backlash as Lib Dem leader prepares to tell party Brexit is ‘like planning to burn your house down’ and rivals line up to warn her: ‘You’re playing with fire’”

    She will grow fat electorally over Brexit, but she won’t stop it.

    “Saudi Arabia declares Iran is behind attack on oil plant after ‘locked and loaded’ Trump blamed Tehran – as satellite pics reveal pin-point precision of drone strikes”

    Look at these holes! Don’t believe for a second that backward Houthis did this from 1000 km distance. The drones could have been launched from the other side of the fence. It has the smell of the Mossad all over it, in cooperation with the KSA government, who both want to sick the dumb 600 pound gorilla against Iran, a country whose army is now operating at Israel’s border and has KSA surrounded. A total war in the Gulf has the potential to unleash WW3.

  19. Cloggie on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 3:16 am 

    “Trump says he does not want war after attack on Saudi oil facilities”

    Good man.
    President of peace.
    Sorry Israel/KSA: plan failed.

  20. Davy on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 4:33 am 

    Moon of Alabama comment section:

    “Reading around the usual list of sites that offer a deeper look at events one gets the distinct opinion that the facts don-t fully fit the narrative. A few examples being: * One of the largest global facilities of this type has yet to show any 24 hr security video footage. * The target accuracy and consistency seems 1 or two generations in advance of rebel spec. to date. * The small or zero splash of impacts suggest tanks were conveniently empty. * Entire segments of whole upstream/downstream supply flows have been left intact, allowing for swift parallel recovery. Compare with Venezuela refinery explosions short weeks after Chavez switched supply from USA to China. * “Who Gains From This?”1. indicate USA Frack & Canada Shale plus AMARCO IPO increased value.”

    “It’s likely the Houthis carried out an attack of some sort that night and were led to believe was successful (beyond their dreams) and felt worthy to take credit…It’s also likely that advanced targeting software -and possibly on the ground back-up Special Forces & laser/panasonic toughbooks ensured that near identical entry points (angle and position) were achieved on a series of storage tanks – suggesting a high altitude synchronised release. None of the tanks exploded in a Venezuelan fireball suggests they may have been emptied and flushed just prior. That small Rus. Syrian airbases can routinely defend themselves from Drone attack, but producer of 5% of Global oil supply cannot whilst hosting some of USA’s Blue water fleet, says bad things about competency. My real supposition is that air defences were handed over to ‘Dick Cheney’ in the 24 hours before event for a ‘training exercise”

  21. Davy on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 4:59 am 

    “Good man.
    President of peace.
    Sorry Israel/KSA: plan failed.” ~~Courtesy of Clogged~~

    I suppose a “president of peace” would cause more civilian deaths in AFghanistan than at any other time. I suppose a “president of peace” would abandon peace talks to end the war in Afghanistan.

    Bad man.

  22. Davy on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 5:01 am 

    All those who love my boring word salad deluxe offerings clap your hands. I’m now referring to my moon of Alabama comments.

  23. Fucknut juanPaultard on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 5:54 am 

    ID theft

    Davy said All those who love my boring word salad deluxe off…
    Davy said “Good man. President of peace. Sorry Israel/…

  24. Ban Fucktard on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 5:56 am 


    and fill in, you get that the server is hosted by Cloudflare:
    Cloudflare is one of the last bastions of free speech, under lefties also known as “hate speech”. It is very sad that the admin of this site doesn’t seem to want to take the trouble to log in to his server dashboard and active a few presets, enforcing posters to post under a unique username/password combination. That doesn’t eliminate garbage under fake identities, but at least it stops identity theft and that would make a hell of a difference. If possible, you could also enforce that one IP-address can only post under a single identity. Please admin, invest an hour of your time to get this right.”

  25. More Davy Childish ID Theft on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 6:06 am 

    Fucknut juanPaultard on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 5:54 am

  26. Davy on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 6:09 am 

    Excluding my ID Theft and Sock Puppetry, I am spending less time on this lame unmoderated forum to concentrate on my own blog. I do want to thank all those who have attacked me with giving me material for growth. I have saved the best of my comments for my new blog. I have years worth of material. I have enjoyed moderating the worst of you and neutering your selfish useless agendas. I will still be here it is just I will be spending more time putting out a blog. I don’t expect much of a following with my blog. This is more a personal effort to assemble what I have learned over the last 10 years of formulating my REAL Green Deep Adaptation. For the stalkers here I hope you find my blog and visit the comment forum. It will be only lightly moderated to prevent juanpee identity theft and excessive cloggo spamming. LOL. There will be a prize for juanpee and annoymouse if you can stalk my blog. Double LOL. Anyway fuck my enemies and many thanks to those who contributed to my metamorphous.

    I guess I could have joined the moderated section at PO dot com, but I knew I’d get my ass permanently banned. I’ll try not to let the door smack me up the backside on the way out.

    Goodbye to ALL of you dumbasses.

  27. boney joe on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 6:11 am 

    Any updates on your new blog, Davy, or is this another of your farts in the wind?

  28. Cloggie on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 6:12 am 

    “I suppose a “president of peace” would cause more civilian deaths in AFghanistan than at any other time. I suppose a “president of peace” would abandon peace talks to end the war in Afghanistan.
    Bad man.”

    Mobster, it wasn’t Donnie who started the Afghan war but Carl “perhaps I can say this because I’m a jew” Bernstein his “these jewish neocons”.

    Donnie merely inherited the kosher shit.

  29. boney joe on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 6:16 am 

    “Donnie merely inherited the kosher shit.”~~Clogged~~

    This lamest of excuses may have worked for Dump’s first year in office, but not three years in to a four year presidency.


  30. boney joe on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 6:18 am 

    Plus Chump promised over and over and over while campaigning he would end wasteful wars including Afghanistan.

    You mean to tell me Dump is a liar? Since when?

  31. Fucktard juanPaultard on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 6:39 am 

    socks and ID theft. Ban the troll

    boney joe said Plus Chump promised over and over and over while c…
    boney joe said “Donnie merely inherited the kosher shit….
    boney joe said Any updates on your new blog, Davy, or is this ano…
    Davy said Excluding my ID Theft and Sock Puppetry, I am spen…
    More Davy Childish ID Theft said Fucknut juanPaultard on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 5:54 am

  32. joe on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 8:00 am 

    Few are mentioning that 1.the war is not popular with conservatives in SA, nor is MBS, 2.the Houthis specifically thanked those within SA who helped them.
    There was the attempt to kill MBS in his palace in 2017, the Kashooji murder and now Houthis seem to be able to bypass Saudi air defences. MBS will not live out a natural life as things stand right now…..

  33. More Davy Childish ID Theft on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 8:57 am 

    Fucktard juanPaultard on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 6:39 am

  34. boney joe on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 9:00 am 

    No need to get your panties all in a wad, Davy, my dear.

    My, you trigger so easily. You must be dealing with a lot of deep seeded anger and disappointment coupled with an inability to perform. Mix this volatile mix together and you have an individual on the very verge of going postal.

    Never forget Jesus loves you this I know for the bible tells me so.

  35. Robert Inget on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 9:12 am 

    “Ignorance, allied with power, is the most ferocious enemy justice can have.” – James Baldwin

  36. Fucktard jaunPaultard on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 9:23 am 

    Ban the lunatic

    boney joe said No need to get your panties all in a wad, Davy, my…
    More Davy Childish ID Theft said Fucktard juanPaultard on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 6:39 a…

  37. Cloggie on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 9:24 am 

    The usual Anglo-Zionist lies:

    “’We saved Luxembourg in the war!’ Iain Duncan Smith leads Brexiteer attack on ‘rude’ Xavier Bettel over extraordinary snub to Boris Johnson”

    No you didn’t, you sucker. All you did was placing Luxemburg, western Europe and yourself in the kosher-run US empire, dedicated to the demise of the white race through multicult and “Open Society” in a worldwar YOU started on September 3, 1933.

    Get the F* out of Europe and prepare the world for WW3 that will dismember Ango-Zionism.

  38. Cloggie on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 9:25 am 


  39. Davytard on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 10:12 am 

    It makes me feel real smart and stuff when I put the wurd tard at the end of other wurds.


  40. Faucktard juanPaultar on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 11:55 am 

    “Davytard said It makes me feel real smart and stuff when I put t…”

    Whads da madder dumbfuck? Is the cyber stalking turning against you now? LOL go whine to a mental health provider.

  41. Davytard on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 12:19 pm 

    Oops, I spelt Faucktard rong. I’m so dumb.

  42. Dooma on Tue, 17th Sep 2019 7:59 pm 

    Um Cloggie, I hate to tell you this but there is a far more pressing matter than Brexit at the moment.

  43. Cloggie on Wed, 18th Sep 2019 12:48 am 

    “Um Cloggie, I hate to tell you this but there is a far more pressing matter than Brexit at the moment.”

    Like what.. your haemorrhoids?

    “You are not doing enough!”

    Greta Thunberg lectures US Congress on climate issues.

  44. Cloggie on Wed, 18th Sep 2019 12:52 am 

    Sometimes globally coordinated measures work. “Hole in the ozon-layer” back at 1990 levels, that is small:

  45. Cloggie on Wed, 18th Sep 2019 12:57 am 

    Oh dear:

    “Lou Dobbs Deploys Anti-Semitic ‘Tentacles’ Trope to Smear George Soros”

    What’s next… “world plague”?

    There is something inevitable about kosher-gentile interaction, comparable to a slow chemical reaction.

    The good news is that Fox is no longer part of the ZOG-media arsenal. The rest will be history as they say.

  46. I AM THE MOB on Wed, 18th Sep 2019 4:06 am 

    China faces 1% growth in 2030s: World Bank

    China is on the brink of collapse! Same as Europe!

    Soon the US will be the last man standing!


  47. I AM THE MOB on Wed, 18th Sep 2019 4:30 am 

    Israel’s election: Exit polls show Netanyahu falling short

    The far right is dropping like flies

  48. Fucknut juanPaultard on Wed, 18th Sep 2019 5:35 am 

    ban the lunatic

    Davy said I am spending less time on this lame unmoderated f…

    MODS supremacist muzzie jerk said When supertard SAWS pbuh brings his peace club and…

  49. Davy on Wed, 18th Sep 2019 6:02 am 

    “Saudi Arabia Says It Has “Material Evidence” Tying Iran To Aramco Attack” zero hedge

    “Saudi Arabia revealed yesterday that, contrary to its initial estimates, Aramco should be able to restore oil production to 100% capacity by the end of the month. And on Wednesday morning, the kingdom’s Defense Ministry said it was planning a press conference to present “material evidence” purportedly linking Tehran to the unprecedented attack on the Kingdom’s oil infrastructure. The country’s defense ministry will hold a news conference later in the day laying out new evidence. This follows reports from the US claiming that the roughly 20 missiles and drones used in the attack had been traced back to a ‘launch site’ in southern Iran…The Defense Ministry’s news conference will begin Wednesday at 10:30 am ET. The Saudi Defense Ministry said it will hold a news conference on Wednesday at 1430 GMT to present “material evidence and Iranian weapons proving the Iranian regime’s involvement in the terrorist attack.” Riyadh has already said preliminary results showed the attack did not come from Yemen. The Iranian leadership infamously threatened that if they couldn’t export crude oil, “no one would” shortly after Washington ended waivers for countries reliant on Iranian oil. The Iranian leadership has ruled out meeting with President Trump, arguing that this would only validate the administration’s strategy of maximum pressure.”

  50. I AM THE MOB on Wed, 18th Sep 2019 6:14 am 

    Number of migrants now growing faster than world population, new UN figures show

    Dont worry. wikipedia removed the future world population data from the UN

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