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Page added on February 28, 2015

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Kremlin: Ukraine has natural gas until Tuesday

Kremlin: Ukraine has natural gas until Tuesday thumbnail
Gas tap for Ukraine may close without additional payments, Russia’s energy minister says. (UPI Photo/Sergey Starostenko)

The natural gas spigot could be closed for Ukraine as early as Tuesday unless it pays for more deliveries in advance, Russia’s energy minister said Friday.

Russian energy company Gazprom confirmed it received $15 million from its Ukrainian counterpart, Naftogaz, which ensures gas deliveries until Tuesday.

“They can also pay for Tuesday – it depends on them now,” Energy Minister Alexander Novak said. “If they want gas, they have to pay.”

Gazprom in the winters of 2006, 2009 and 2014 cut gas deliveries through Ukraine briefly in response to contractual disputes with Kiev. That left downstream consumers in Europe short on natural gas supplies.

The latest payment row coincides with ongoing skirmishes between pro-Russian rebels in eastern Ukraine and government forces, though a mid-February cease-fire agreement is slowly taking hold in the region.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry meets next week with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to discuss the crises.

Tuesday coincides with planned trilateral meetings with Ukrainian and European officials to discuss ongoing gas transit issues.

“I have confirmed my participation and we plan to discuss in Brussels a whole range of our mutual relations,” Novak said.

The European market gets about a quarter of its gas needs met by Russia, though most of that gas runs through the Soviet-era pipeline network in Ukraine. Ongoing transit issues have sparked diversification efforts on both sides.

Novak said Friday gas supplies to Eastern economies should increase nearly tenfold by 2035. A so-called Power of Siberia natural gas pipeline will ensure Russian gas deliveries to China and the minister said at least three related agreements will be signed this year.

33 Comments on "Kremlin: Ukraine has natural gas until Tuesday"

  1. Davy on Sat, 28th Feb 2015 4:36 pm 

    If Europe and the US want to play the game in Ukr then they need to pay. Another situation may be TPTB in the US & EU want a collapsed Ukr to disrupt Russia. This would be a kind of failed state IED for Russia to step on. One way or the other someone will pay for a country that is being ripped apart from both directions. This is what happens in civil wars. I am not an expert on this crisis but it does have all the markings of a black swan in the making. A failed state of 46MIL in the location it is in is TBTF for Russia and Europe. It is the energy transit point to Europe from Russia. Russia and Europe are both entities that are globally TBTF. This is a most dangerous place for BAU at the moment IMHO.

  2. GregT on Sat, 28th Feb 2015 4:40 pm 

    The US State Department was willing to spend 5 billion US tax payer’s dollars to open up the Ukraine to western corporate interests. What’s another billion or two to keep the Ukrainian people from freezing to death?

  3. GregT on Sat, 28th Feb 2015 4:51 pm 

    Come to think of it, rather than sending 1 billion dollars in lethal aid to help the Ukrainians murder each other, why not use the money to do something to help the Ukrainians live their lives in peace? Come on Obama, I know it does nothing to help the MIC in these times of economic turmoil, but do the right thing. Help the Ukrainian people to live their lives, rather than supporting genocide and civil war.

  4. Plantagenet on Sat, 28th Feb 2015 5:10 pm 

    Not satisfied with murdering Boris Nemtsov, now evil Putin wants to rip off Ukraine.

    Thats the problem with trying to appease a murderous dictator like Hitler or Putin—the dictator takes the appeasement as a sign of weakness and then demands more.

  5. GregT on Sat, 28th Feb 2015 5:15 pm 

    Continuing to spread disinformation, only makes you look even more like an idiot Plant.

  6. Apneaman on Sat, 28th Feb 2015 6:06 pm 

    So now Putin is on par with Hitler, Plant? You were just commenting about Obama droneing. You don’t even have a Putin/Russian comparable to that ongoing murderous program let alone Hitler. Get real you clown.

  7. MSN Fanboy on Sat, 28th Feb 2015 6:25 pm 


    Little Planter

  8. Makati1 on Sat, 28th Feb 2015 7:08 pm 

    When you don’t pay your bill, the power company shuts off your service. I think Russia has been overly generous to the Ukraine and should shut off the supply until they pay their bill. If the EU suffers too, they deserve it.

    But, they will not pay it, YOU will. Anyone who pays taxes that go to support the IMF is sending money to Kiev to support the Nazis regime. That includes American taxpayers, Plant.

  9. tahoe1780 on Sat, 28th Feb 2015 8:32 pm 

    “Sniper attacks are commonly used as a form of false flag terror.

    Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev says the killing is aimed at “destabilizing the situation in the country, at heightening confrontation” with the West.

    Gorbachev says:
    The assassination of Boris Nemtsov is an attempt to complicate the situation in the country, even to destabilize it by ratcheting up tensions between the government and the opposition.

    The Saker notes that Putin warned years ago that a false flag of this nature might occur.

    Michael Rivero notes:
    Another reason to doubt the “Blame Putin” chorus we are already seeing in the corporate media is the manner in which the shooting took place, in public, in front of the girlfriend, to generate the maximum publicity. If Putin had really wanted to kill this guy, it would have been a “suicide” in private or a small plane crash, the way the US Government handles assassinations.”

    I agree. Doesn’t pass the smell test.

  10. Plantagenet on Sat, 28th Feb 2015 8:40 pm 


    You seem to be ignorant about the ongoing Russian military intervention in Ukraine. Putin’s aggressions has produced thousands of casualties. Please educate yourself.–15_Russian_military_intervention_in_Ukraine

  11. Apneaman on Sat, 28th Feb 2015 9:31 pm 

    Plant, you grew up in the most propagandized country in the history of humanity. Other Americans know this and have freed themselves; why don’t you? I know about men like Putin, but he/Russia is not a threat to global peace. The criminal gang inside the beltway is and you do not matter to them.

  12. GregT on Sat, 28th Feb 2015 9:44 pm 

    LOL, Little Planter

  13. clueless on Sun, 1st Mar 2015 1:11 am 

    Boris Nemtsov was unkmown and irrelevant in Russia. Booohoooo !!! CIA is so pathetic.

    Ukraine is now a Failed State courtesy of Bankrupt America.

    US is totally the laughing stock of the World’s Erudite

    Next Stop?

  14. GregT on Sun, 1st Mar 2015 1:16 am 

    “Next Stop?”

    Unless the American people start demanding accountability for their supposed elected representatives, global thermonuclear war.

  15. MKohnen on Sun, 1st Mar 2015 2:16 am 

    Oh yes, it makes so much sense that Putin had Nemtsov assassinated! Nemtsov was known for having no bodyguards. We hear how ruthless and cunning former KGB head Putin is. Yet all Putin can muster for a man who has no bodyguards is a very public gunning down. Um… I don’t think so. Either:
    – false flag (note how fast world “leaders”(giggle) came out denouncing his murder) and soon we’ll see the US and Baby Bush Harper laying the blame squarely on Putin because satellite evidence, which they can’t show, clearly depicts there were a bunch of Russian’s in the area at the time, and all Russian’s are evil assassins in the employ of Putin.
    – any one of many millions of Russians or Eastern Ukrainians with strong feelings about the war gunned him down for his strong support of the Kiev junta.
    – Russia is a rather violent place where outspoken people can get killed. Like in Canada or the US, but more so.

    BTW, Plant, did you write that Wikipedia article. It is a well written absolute propaganda piece where all sources of reference come from those spreading the propaganda. It is an effort worthy of a fascist government, but in this case I doubt it was the Russians or Chinese.

  16. JuanP on Sun, 1st Mar 2015 8:46 am 

    I haven’t read anything these past couple of weeks on How much money Kiev has left. I believe Kiev has run out of cash. They simply can’t afford to pay for another month of gas.

    They have only one option left, and that is to get the Americans or Europeans to pay for it. I don’t see that happening. The most likely outcome is that Russian gas deliveries to the Kiev controlled territories of the former Ukraine will be interrupted. If this is allowed to happen, the Ukrainians will simply start stealing European gas transiting through their country, just like they did in2006, 2009, and 2014.

    I think the Russians, Ukrainians and Europeans are really screwed. Both Gazprom and Putin have repeatedly stated that all Russian gas transit through Ukraine will end in 2018 when the current contract agreements expire regardless of the consequences. Putin has been extremely clear on this point. If TurkStream is not allowed to be built in time and the Europeans don’t start building connecting pipelines to it soon, then the flow of Russian gas to Europe will decrease significantly as the Ukrainian pipelines get shutdown in the coming couple of years.

  17. JuanP on Sun, 1st Mar 2015 8:53 am 

    Clueless “Boris Nemtsov was unkmown and irrelevant in Russia.”

    I agree, but, in theory, that could be a reason to remove him. Just like a hopeless Brazilian opposition presidential candidate’s plane blew up last year, making way for a more popular pro USA candidate to challenge Rouseff. It didn’t work in Brazil and it won’t work in Russia, either, IMO.

    Nemtsov was only useful to Putin when he was alive, but his death opens the door for a worse replacement.

  18. JuanP on Sun, 1st Mar 2015 8:54 am 

    Plant, You are getting too cranky. i think its time for one of your vacations! 😉

  19. JuanP on Sun, 1st Mar 2015 9:03 am 

    Greg, I am against the USA sending any money or weapons to Ukraine. This is one of the aspects of this crisis that makes me sick. I pay taxes in the USA, and I hate the government spending that money abroad instead of at home, particularly when it is spent in guns and wars, but paying Kiev’s gas bill is not doing anyone any favors either.

    Kiev needs to end all gas subsidies ASAP. It is the second most important thing the people in power in Kiev need to do, the first being, of course, to end the war. Ukrainians need to learn to live within their means, it can’t be procrastinated any longer.

  20. Davy on Sun, 1st Mar 2015 10:30 am 

    Juan have you seen this news:

  21. Northwest Resident on Sun, 1st Mar 2015 10:57 am 

    Davy, JuanP — I just read that article posted by Davy above. And another one, posted below. My thought was (and is), if only ALL elected and non-elected leaders of nations could be like Mujica! I know… Dream on….

    Uruguay bids farewell to Jose Mujica, its pauper president

  22. Davy on Sun, 1st Mar 2015 10:59 am 

    Amen to that NR!

  23. Northwest Resident on Sun, 1st Mar 2015 11:02 am 

    CRITICAL reading for Boomer Doomers:

    I know, completely off-topic, but this article is SO relevant to what is commonly discussed on this forum that I had to post it somewhere.

    Pops get special mention in this article too.

    Boomer Doomers

    Addresses the question: “Why are most doomers in the 50+ age bracket?”

    Takes a realistic look at some of the pitfalls of owning and operating a “Doomstead”.

  24. Northwest Resident on Sun, 1st Mar 2015 11:07 am 

    JuanP — According to this article, Kiev just pre-paid for one more day’s worth of gas, giving them until Tuesday before the gas gets cut off.

    I’m sure they’ll work something out…

  25. Davy on Sun, 1st Mar 2015 11:57 am 

    Great article NR. I have no allusions about the fate of my doomstead. It is as precarious as many locations but better than locations with no future. I am involving my kids in the doomstead. I doom because it is a passion and embraces a multiple areas of interest for me. Dooming is a return to where we should be as human being closer to nature and with less useless consumption. Our doomsteads will be the monasteries of the new dark ages coming. If nothing else dooming on a doomstead is a higher level activity than being a nascar fan.

    Many of us boomer doomer can afford dooming. Is it not better to invest in a doomstead instead of a condo on a golf course in FLA? I do feel bad about preaching doom to those who can’t but every one of us can do a minimum. Every one of us can prepare mentally. Every one of us can debate the pros and cons of doom.

    The BAUtopians have a place in this discussion. If a collapse is 15yrs in the future is doom justified? I would argue the farther out collapse is the less good it provides. Causing drastic change with people is disruptive. Dooming can cause malinvestment. Not all doom pays off. If someone makes drastic changes and endangers his family from financial loss that is a negative to doomism.

    I am preaching doom now because the conditions are in place for a shit storm. I believe in a minimum of doom prep. I want to be there for people asking questions. That is my nature. I accept criticism of obsessive dooming. I complain of agendas when I myself have a doom agenda. Yet, my agenda is about helping people not blaming and attacking. If I poke fun at the BAUtopian it is in good fun.

  26. Northwest Resident on Sun, 1st Mar 2015 12:27 pm 

    Davy, great points. I think one line of logic that ReverseEngineer missed out on in his article is this: Those of us Boomer Doomers who are capable of getting a headstart on the new living arrangements headed our way are collectively dedicating ourselves to learning the skills needed. I may not have a great Doomstead, but I am actively learning and putting into practice self-sustainability skills that I will be able to teach and pass on to others. Also, as I’m sure you agree because this has been discussed before, I’m not so sure that there will be all that many roaming zombies in hoards looking to descend on remote Doomsteads. Reason why: No gas dude! And too damn far to walk! I know your preps Davy having read many of your posts for a long time. You are definitely on a better path, and I believe I am too. The more we get to join our way of thinking and living, the better off it will be for all in the long run. I truly believe that.

  27. indigoboy on Sun, 1st Mar 2015 12:51 pm 

    Like most of you I’m trying to prepare at least mentally, for the prospect of a decline over the next decade, but what disturbs me most (given I have kids in their 20’s), is,… how did we develop a whole generation of people under 30, who have an uncanny resemblance to the naive , Elio in the 1960’s film The Time Machine?
    As they stare pointlessly at their Smartphone, they understand,… do they care,…has their education left them bereft of the basic sciences… to such a degree that they are ill equipped to grasp what lies ahead for them ?

  28. Davy on Sun, 1st Mar 2015 4:31 pm 

    Indigo, I have a daughter in her mid-20’s. She lives in Madrid. She buys into what I talk about but she has not taken the step from the abstract thought into the concrete action. Kids today have been desensitized to reality. ‘They have grown up in a world of fantasy from devices to Hollywood. TV has dominated their lives and now it is the online experience.

    Authentic experience is hands on and in the dirt. We can’t continue to live in the world of fantasy and easy comfort. Since the lure of fantasy and comfort overrules the spartan and stoic the only way to educate the younger generation is through a crisis that affects the very core of BAU. BAU must be shaken to her knees and force lifestyle and attitude changes.

    If we can have a crisis that is not too harsh and harsh for too long it is possible that people will be forced into new arrangements. These new arrangements will be arrangements of survival. One does not watch TV when they are hungry. If we are lucky we can find a new arrangement that powers our spirit through efforts at avoidance of hunger, cold, and discomfort.

    We must admit some change is going to be welcome. The techies are responsible for dehumanization. When the techies are disqualified from being our heroes life will improve. When the Hollywood stars are gone we will find ourselves in our communities. When the business moguls are distant memories we will begin to rebuild small towns. This is what I see as a possibility but by no means what will unfold. If I have any optimism that is it.

  29. JuanP on Sun, 1st Mar 2015 9:22 pm 

    Davy & NR, I started a new topic on the PO geopolitical forum about President Mujica. Plant contributed an excellent comment, the kind that proves how smart and educated he is. Go read Plant’s comment to see him at his best.

    Pepe Mujica is really extraordinary and has earned my respect and admiration through the years with his words and actions.

  30. clueless on Sun, 1st Mar 2015 11:08 pm 

    GregT. When? Pray it’s not too late.

  31. clueless on Sun, 1st Mar 2015 11:17 pm 

    JuanP. If America’s Plan A wouldn’t work, Plan B would be the description of the theory of the Boomerang Effect.

    Lessons learned? None at all.

  32. Northwest Resident on Mon, 2nd Mar 2015 1:20 am 

    JuanP — Nice thread, and nice comments. On the cynical side, I have to assume that Uruguay doesn’t have and never had any oil or other vast deposits of valuable resources, which may be the only reason that TPTB didn’t move on Uruguay to sow dissent, buy off politicians, corrupt and scheme, divide and conquer. Maybe a little natural gas, but not enough to make it worth while for the international financial buzzards to play games for control. Am I wrong?

    I’m not sure that I noticed any proof of Plant being smart and educated from his post. I got the impression he did a quick scan, maybe Wikipedia, learned a few things, yet didn’t bypass the opportunity to highlight some “dirt” from Mujica’s past in his comment. I suppose that WOULD BE Plant at his best. Perhaps I would agree that this time at least, Plant didn’t make a complete fool and jackass out of himself with his comment. 🙂

  33. peakyeast on Mon, 2nd Mar 2015 4:53 am 

    Just remember the russian agent that got killed with polonium while residing in London..

    Putin didnt want to hide that assassination – The origin of the polonium can be determined.

    So an interesting question is if Putin had more to gain by having it known that he kills compared to not.

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