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Page added on January 1, 2021

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Klaus Schwab: 2021 should be year of the ‘Great Reset’

Klaus Schwab: 2021 should be year of the ‘Great Reset’ thumbnail
  • The pandemic has reminded us that we cannot aim solely for higher GDP and profits, on the assumption that maximizing these indicators automatically redounds to the benefit of society.
  • A renewed focus on public health, net-zero pledges and the arrival of Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics will ensure that 2021 will be a new ‘Year Zero’.


The year ahead could be a historic one—and in a positive way. Seventy-five years after the original “Year Zero” that followed World War II, we once again have a chance to rebuild. The process after 1945 was literal: building anew from the wreckage of war. This time, the focus is on the material world but also on so much more. We must aim for a higher degree of societal sophistication and create a sound basis for the well-being of all people and the planet.

After WWII, we developed a new economic philosophy grounded in collaboration and integration, with material well-being as its primary objective. This project gave rise to international organizations such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, as well as the arrangements that would evolve into the World Trade Organization and the European Union.

Neoliberalism—a staunch commitment to free markets and limited government—reigned in the West, where it delivered decades of prosperity and progress.

But this model has broken down. While covid-19 delivered the final blow, it has been clear for at least two decades that the post-war model is no longer sustainable, environmentally or socially (owing to today’s sky-high levels of inequality).

English historian Thomas Fuller famously said that “the darkest hour of the night comes just before the dawn”. And yet, we cannot simply assume that a better year will follow an annus horribilis that brought the greatest public-health crisis and the steepest recession in a century. We must act to make it so.

I see three pillars to build on. First, 2021 could be the year when we bring covid-19 under control. If current predictions hold, several vaccines will become available. If they allow us to beat back the pandemic, we should undertake a reckoning of what we have learned from this crisis. Although vaccines can bring stability, they are not a panacea. Like a peace settlement that ends but does not reverse the devastation of war, stopping the pandemic is merely a first step. The greater challenge will be to fix the structural flaws in our systems and institutions, many of which have failed to provide the necessary care and services to all those who need them.

It will be up to all of us to ensure that our social welfare and healthcare systems are made more resilient for the next generation. The pandemic has reminded us that we cannot aim solely for higher GDP and profits, on the assumption that maximizing these indicators automatically redounds to the benefit of society. It doesn’t, which is why the coming year must bring a “Great Reset” in how we approach economic growth and governance.

Second, 2021 will be the year when every major government, as well as broad private-sector coalitions, commit to a “net-zero” target for greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions. This means that, rather being stuck in a race to the bottom and fearing a continuous “free-rider” problem, the world can benefit from a virtuous cycle of decarbonization.

Already, the European Union has agreed to “enshrine 2050 climate-neutrality in law”, China has pledged to become “climate-neutral by 2060″, and Japan has made a similar pledge for 2050. With Joe Biden having been elected president, the US is expected to rejoin the Paris climate agreement, and aim for 100% clean energy and net-zero emissions by 2050.

These commitments amount to a historic development. China, Japan, the US and Europe together account for well over half of all GHG emissions, and over half of global GDP. The targets outlined in the Paris agreement are now eminently achievable on a national and regional level.

Moreover, a series of industry and corporate commitments now complements government efforts. Never before has the global climate movement been so large and so concrete.

Finally, 2021 will be the year when companies pivot from a strictly short-term-profit orientation towards strategies focusing more on the long-term viability of their businesses, and on the interests and contributions of all stakeholders.

To be sure, business leaders embraced the concept of stakeholder capitalism back in 2019, with the Business Roundtable’s pledge and then in the Davos Manifesto of 2020. But they lacked the means to translate these principled commitments into measurable targets and non-financial reporting. That is no longer the case today. With the development of clear “Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics” in 2020, all companies have the tools they need to turn environmental, social and governance commitments into measurable action.

Again, this is a historic breakthrough that will have global ramifications. The Big Four accounting firms—Deloitte, EY, KPMG and PwC—all contributed to the new metrics, and can now incorporate them into their own yearly reporting on company performance. And they are joined by a host of large financial institutions, from Bank of America to BlackRock, that have been increasingly vocal supporters of stakeholder capitalism.

These three major developments—a renewed focus on public health and resilience, net-zero pledges and the arrival of Stakeholder Capitalism Metrics—all but ensure that 2021 will be a new “Year Zero”. As in the aftermath of WWII, the building blocks are already in place, providing a foundation on which to construct a new era of improved well-being, inclusive economic growth and climate action. ©2020/Project Syndicate (

Klaus Schwab is founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum

48 Comments on "Klaus Schwab: 2021 should be year of the ‘Great Reset’"

  1. Duncan Idaho on Fri, 1st Jan 2021 12:55 pm 

    Here’s Why It Is Necessary to Speak out about the Fat Boy’s Psychological Dangerousness and Lack of Mental Capacity

  2. makati1 on Fri, 1st Jan 2021 5:16 pm 

    Claws Slob should be dead. Any volunteers?

    It’s ALL about $$$ & POWER, not the ‘green’ or any other bullshit they feed the stupid slaves.

    If 2021 is not the year of the world riots then the serfs deserve their fate. The megalomaniacs want about 7,000,000,000 fewer “eaters” and they are determined to do it fast. Lets start with their elimination?

  3. makati1 on Fri, 1st Jan 2021 5:21 pm 

    BTW: “Finally, 2021 will be the year when companies pivot from a strictly short-term-profit orientation towards strategies focusing more on the long-term (Profits) of their businesses, and on the interests of all (BILLIONAIRE) stakeholders.” Basically, fuck the serfs.

    There! Fixed it!

    Are you sharpening the pitchforks and the guillotine blades? Or do you want to wear an iron collar for the rest of your short lives? “Papers please!”

  4. DT on Fri, 1st Jan 2021 6:05 pm This about sums it all up.

  5. Duncan Idaho on Fri, 1st Jan 2021 8:14 pm 

    And Another One Bites the Dust: Congressman Louis “Gumby” Ghomert’s (R-TX) Lawsuit to Force Pence to Choose Trump “Electors” Is Dismissed

  6. Abraham van Helsing on Sat, 2nd Jan 2021 1:22 am 

    6 Jan, Trump will address MAGA rally

  7. Abraham van Helsing on Sat, 2nd Jan 2021 1:24 am 

    Jeffrey Epstein is still alive (in Israel)

  8. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 2nd Jan 2021 1:43 am 

    Duncan Idaho, you Americans love ‘remotely diagnosing’ the mental health (always bad) of opponents whenever y’all are angry & disagree. Mak & zero juan do it 12 times a day. The Soviets loved & used it too.

    Do you think because y’all take the most anti-depression, anti-anxiety & anti-psychotic medications on the planet that it makes you experts on mental health?

    Is there any behavior remaining that America hasn’t medicalized?

    Can you explain to me how a psychologist or psychiatrist can properly diagnose a person’s, any person’s, state of mental health from a few 9 second sound bytes & tweets?

    So, no more 30 min plus in person office visits where they ask the patients what’s going on in their lives, what’s troubling them & how they feel about it and what they are doing to cope? Talking to the human who is being evaluated is no longer a requirement?

    If it’s that easy what do you need a high dollar PHD for? Just plug an OBD2 in their brain port & write them an Rx base on what codes it spit out.

    There’s some valuable work been done by psychology, but just as much or more is shit & some of the most highly popularized psychology studies have failed to be reproduced.

    If you believe them because they are psychologists then it’s just an argument from authority & in the case of psychologists it’s an authority that, by their own admission, are heavily biased politically….to the left.

    Psychologists Looked In The Mirror … And Saw A Bunch Of Liberals

    Here’s how this might affect their research.

    “When New York University psychologist Jonathan Haidt asked about a thousand attendees at the annual meeting of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology in 2011 to identify their political views with a show of hands, only three hands went up for “conservative or on the right.” Separately, a survey of more than 500 social and personality psychologists published in 2012 found that only 6 percent identified as conservative overall, though there was more diversity on economic and foreign policy issues.1 The survey also found that 37.5 percent of respondents expressed a willingness to discriminate against conservative colleagues when making hiring decisions. Psychologists, it appears, tend to fall on the liberal end of the political spectrum.”

    To their credit, they admit their bias.

    Americans, including trained up professionals are the least trustworthy when it comes to mental health or health in general.

    If you want accuracy then you best first learn fundamentals & be prepared to put in time evaluating each claim separately.

    I already properly diagnosed Trump a long time ago – Trump’s a cunt. The world’s full of them, but the, born rich, brat-cunts tend to stand out a lot more is all.

    What’s the bottom line from the remote diagnosis PHD’s?

    Trumpy need some meds to fix his ‘chemical imbalance’?

    30 years after Prozac arrived, we still buy the lie that chemical imbalances cause depression

    “This explanation, widely cited as empirical truth, is false. It was once a tentatively-posed hypothesis in the sciences, but no evidence for it has been found, and so it has been discarded by physicians and researchers. Yet the idea of chemical imbalances has remained stubbornly embedded in the public understanding of depression.

    Prozac, approved by the US Food and Drug Administration 30 years ago today, on Dec. 29, 1987, marked the first in a wave of widely prescribed antidepressants that built on and capitalized off this theory. No wonder: Taking a drug to tweak the biological chemical imbalances in the brain makes intuitive sense. But depression isn’t caused by a chemical imbalance, we don’t know how Prozac works, and we don’t even know for sure if it’s an effective treatment for the majority of people with depression.”

    Now they are prescribing Seroquel (look it up) based on fuck all evidence. The flip side is the people want & ask for pills to deal. Of course they do – going on 4-5 generations of people who’ve been taught/indoctrinated in pill popping instead of resilience training & acceptance that much in life will suck… for prince & pauper alike.

  9. Abraham van Helsing on Sat, 2nd Jan 2021 1:48 am 

    China is encircling Australia

  10. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 2nd Jan 2021 1:57 am 

    Insane Medicine: How the Mental Health Industry Creates Damaging Treatment Traps and How You Can Escape Them

    “Editor’s Note: Over the next several months, Mad in America will publish a serialized version of Sami Timimi’s book, Insane Medicine. In this blog, he introduces the book. Each Monday, a new section of the book will be published, and all chapters will be archived here.
    Preface: Why I Wrote This Book and What It’s About

    At the end of a discussion after a teaching session, a psychiatric trainee colleague of mine made a bet with me that within 25 years there will be a physical test for schizophrenia. As I had progressed through training, the scales had been falling from my eyes. I was becoming increasingly suspicious of the promises of milk and honey for psychiatric technology being just around the corner.

    It was the early 1990s, and “decade of the brain” talk was causing great excitement in our teachers. The fevered academic discourse pointing to this or that region of the brain or this and that neurotransmitter receptor existed in a different world to the psychiatric wards I worked on. Patients, all too often, were objects of fear, loathing, or paternalistic sympathy. Psychiatrists acted as glorified pharmacists usually adding medications and diagnoses to someone’s health records, while nurses struggled to deal with the emotional intensity of these deeply untherapeutic environments by trying to work out which patients had behavioural problems (and were therefore “personality disorders”) in order to lobby for their discharge and which ones were “ill” and therefore merited sympathy and more medication.

    To survive as a psychiatrist, several of my senior supervisors warned me, I needed to learn how to cut off my emotions when dealing with patients. To be objective, I had to become un-empathic. I was never able to master that skill.

    Those 25 years have come and gone. No test has emerged, not for schizophrenia or any other so-called psychiatric diagnosis. I became a child psychiatrist to escape the oppressive world of faux diagnosis and brain numbing sedatives, only for child psychiatry to get sucked into the pseudoscience scientism and for children to become the latest victims of the cruel, violent, and dehumanising mental health systems we created.”

  11. Duncan Idaho on Sat, 2nd Jan 2021 10:45 am 

    Virginia state Sen. Ben Chafin dies after contracting COVID-19

    Another repug gone.
    Darwin at work– getting rid of the less fit, and ideologically damaged.

  12. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 2nd Jan 2021 2:14 pm 

    Klaus Schwab is a cunt, unlike his cousin, Les Schwab who gave me a number of really good deals on tires.

    Back in ye olden times we used to cross the border from BC into Washington state & go to Bellingham WA to shop for tires & other cheaper automotive parts (installed in parking lot), gas, beer (horse piss) & cheese. Canadian dairy monopoly/price setting is way harsher than US.

    Les died in 2007? & I think his tire stores got bought a few months ago.

    R.I.P. Les, ye mighty prince of tires.

    Fuck you Klaus – Nazi pig dog resetting scum!

  13. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 2nd Jan 2021 3:08 pm 

    Duncan, was Virginia state Sen. Ben Chafin a rabid anti-masker Covid denier or is he deserving of death by association?

    I don’t care, just wondering. Although I am pro dead politicians (all parties all nations), but only because they’re humans.

  14. makati1 on Sat, 2nd Jan 2021 5:23 pm 

    Abe, China owns Australia, but the Aussies just won’t admit it. Australia’s major income is from China: trade, tourists, students, etc. Not to mention, Australia is a long way (~7,000 miles) from their lying “protector”, Amerika.

  15. FamousDrScanlon on Sat, 2nd Jan 2021 5:51 pm 

    Are Humans Smarter Than Yeast?

    No & yeast don’t blame the Chinese, Jews, plandemic & reset for their decline after they pigged the fuck out on the low hanging glucose for 5 generations.

  16. Duncan Idaho on Sun, 3rd Jan 2021 11:20 am 

    “What is more interesting to me is the cult-like devotion of many, if not most, of Trump’s followers. His vote total was 74,222,957, 46.8 % of total votes cast. That is very high, way too high, for a deranged criminal sociopath. Roughly half of Americans voted for a clear, verifiable, provable sociopath for president.”

  17. Duncan Idaho on Sun, 3rd Jan 2021 12:51 pm 

    “The abolitionist with the Slave master. It won’t happen over night but the destination is clear. The Conservative party in America is dead. It may continue to bear the name “Republican” but it will be no such thing. Fascism has indeed come to America and as was once predicted”

    Not so sure.
    Many merikins embrace fascism, and despise democracy.

  18. Duncan Idaho on Mon, 4th Jan 2021 11:22 am 

    The Electoral College is an increasingly dangerous anachronism.

  19. Hello on Mon, 4th Jan 2021 11:41 am 

    >> Many merikins embrace fascism, and despise democracy.

    Exactly. Especially the democrats seem to not understand what democracy means and try to shove their multi-culti bullshit down my throat for decades already.
    I’m all for NBA. Negros Back to Africa !!

  20. Go Speed Racer on Tue, 5th Jan 2021 3:32 am 

    Hello Dr. Scamlon,
    That waas a cool post U mentioned about
    the connection between Les Schwab Tires
    vs. Klaus Schwab.
    Yeah, they have a family connection but
    one was an industrious businessman and
    the other is a communist globalist deep-state
    piece of shit.

    Thanks for sharing. It’s stuff like that
    is why I occasionally still visit this
    chat board which has seen better days.

  21. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 6th Jan 2021 9:23 am 

    Stop the Steal Live in DC

  22. Biden’s hairplug on Wed, 6th Jan 2021 1:54 pm 

    Trumpies storm Winterpalace, er Capitol

  23. Biden”s hairplug on Wed, 6th Jan 2021 2:24 pm 

    R.I.P. USA

  24. Biden’s hairplug on Wed, 6th Jan 2021 2:33 pm 

    Now push through! Uprising everywhere!

  25. Biden’s hairplug on Wed, 6th Jan 2021 2:33 pm 

    Break the f* up!

  26. Biden’s hairplug on Wed, 6th Jan 2021 2:55 pm 

    US army refuses to intervene

  27. Biden’s hairplug on Wed, 6th Jan 2021 3:14 pm 

    Ozarks still quiet, no surprises here

  28. Biden’s hairplug on Wed, 6th Jan 2021 3:28 pm 

    Pence compromises with Cruz

  29. Biden's hairplug on Wed, 6th Jan 2021 3:54 pm 

    Batman has arrived in DC #Idiocracy

  30. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 7th Jan 2021 12:55 am 

    Trump banned from FB, Twitter, posts deleted

  31. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 7th Jan 2021 12:56 am 

    Swamp wants DJT removed from WH (25th amendment)

  32. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 7th Jan 2021 12:59 am 

    Pelosi still hiding under desk

  33. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 7th Jan 2021 1:00 am 

    The removal of DJT could unleash CW2

  34. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 7th Jan 2021 7:18 am 

    MSM declare (((Ossoff))) winner in Georgia

  35. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 7th Jan 2021 9:18 am 

    Happy days are over now for white America. It is now fight or die or enjoy the Gulag or make yourself very small, be an obedient citizen and go along and pay all the bills coming your way and earn social points by letting your daughter marry to a minority member.

    To my surprise, my messages are visible, out of the blue. Did the old admin fight himself back to his old position? Good, as these are going to be 2 very interesting weeks, in a Chinese sense of the word.

    If you are smart and have the means, escape to continental Europe, like this Canadian fellow:

    After the lost civil war in 1922, many well-to-do conservative Russians, fled to Europe as well.

  36. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 7th Jan 2021 9:28 am 

    Mattis: Trump should face exile

  37. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 8th Jan 2021 10:09 am 

    EU gradually moving out of US orbit

    “Containment Is Futile: Europe and China Seal Investment Deal as U.S. Grumbles”

    Oh, and Nord Stream 2 will be built anyway, regardless if Biden likes it or not (he doesn’t). The whole world has observed that the US are deeply divided in itself and mortally wounded and can’t risk major open conflict with outside rivals, without running the risk of tearing itself apart.

    The last days of Infowars:

    “Watch Live: Red Alert! The Purge Has Begun”

  38. Cloggie on Fri, 8th Jan 2021 10:58 am 

    There is only one country in the world with which China has a trade deficit and that is Germany. According to the latest figures, German industrial output is coming through the Covid-crisis rather well. And when the virus will be beaten in the summer at the latest, thanks to vaccines, everything is set for a stiff economic rebound:

    Similar trends can be expected for the Netherlands and Scandinavia:

  39. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 8th Jan 2021 12:55 pm 

    Kunstler thinks until Jan 20 anything is possible

  40. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 8th Jan 2021 2:50 pm 

    Biden doesn’t want to impeach DJT. Good man.

  41. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 9th Jan 2021 3:14 am 

    Clinton mocks DJT for deleted twitter account

  42. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 9th Jan 2021 3:16 am 

    Now follows total humiliation white America

  43. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 9th Jan 2021 6:05 am 

    America’s Color Revolution – Paul-Craig Roberts

  44. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 9th Jan 2021 6:18 am 

    B737 falls out of the sky over Indonesia

  45. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 9th Jan 2021 8:28 am 

    CNN wants Fox CANCELLED!!!

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