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Page added on June 25, 2020

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Killing Them Softly With Sanctions

Public Policy

Dig deep into the June issue of National Geographic magazine and you might just find something that will cast a major aspect of American foreign policy—our economic sanctions regimes—in a new light. The issue’s cover story, “The Last Voices of World War II,” includes a graphic showing the death tolls of the various nations in that war’s European and Pacific Theaters. Unfold that graphic and you’ll find an even more interesting one within—”Peaks of Brutality,” which displays the “100 deadliest events of the past 2,500 years.” World War II’s 66 million deaths (an estimate, as all the numbers are) lead the list. The events are not limited to wars, so in second place we find Genghis Khan, deemed responsible for the death of 40 million—over 10 percent of the 13th century world population. But the most interesting and relevant listings are found down at the bottom—”Saddam Hussein” in 100th place and “Sanctions against Iraq” in 95th.

You read that right. By this list’s reckoning, the 1979-2003 reign of Iraq’s Saddam Hussein constituted the 100th deadliest event in world history, responsible for an estimated 300,000 deaths. It was surpassed in deadliness, however—and in a considerably shorter time period (1990-2003)—by the economic sanctions which killed an estimated 350,000 Iraqis following their country’s invasion of Kuwait. In other words, in the matter of Saddam Hussein, the supposed cure proved deadlier than the disease.

To say that the American public has exhibited less concern over the Iraqis killed by sanctions than over those whose deaths were attributable to Hussein himself is a serious understatement.

To say that the American public has exhibited less concern over the Iraqis killed by sanctions than over those whose deaths were attributable to Hussein himself is a serious understatement. But then, with mainline journalism being ever-responsive to the D.C. propaganda machine, how many are actually aware of these numbers? Really, the only time the matter of the sanctions’ deadliness made a ripple on the American political scene was in reaction to then-UN Ambassador Madeleine Albright’s response to a 1996 60 Minutes question about sanctions killing Iraqi children: “I think that is a very hard choice, but the price, we think, the price is worth it.”

This profoundly cynical response was clearly not enough to harm her career, though. Following a Senate Foreign Relations Committee confirmation hearing that she opened by stating her determination to keep the sanctions in place, the Senate confirmed her appointment as Bill Clinton’s secretary of state—by a 99-0 vote. (In a subsequent memoir, Albright expressed regret for her wording, but not the intent behind it.)

Moving on to today’s pandemic enveloped world, where the U.S. currently imposes economic sanctions on Venezuela, Iran and 37 other countries, U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres has called for “the waiving of sanctions imposed on countries to ensure access to food, essential health supplies, and COVID-19 medical support.” But while a few of the more humane members of Congress have publicly espoused that view, official Washington has by and large remained inert, with the Trump Administration actually ratcheting up its sanctions against Venezuela in the midst of the crisis.
Of course, the fact that our sanctions exacerbate the effects of the same health disaster we currently confront at home is precisely the reason to suspend them, if not call them off entirely. But fortunately for the sanctions advocates, and unfortunately for their victims, sanctions sound so civilized. In many cases, the dividing line within the overall bipartisan Washington foreign policy consensus runs between the “hawks” who want to bomb a particular country and the “doves” who only want to impose economic sanctions.

That’s just what they’re designed to do—make life so miserable that if their government won’t change the policies objectionable to the sanctioners, the sanctioned nation’s people will rise up, overthrow their government, and replace it with one that the sanction-imposing nations find acceptable.

The truth is, as the Iraq example shows, sanctions kill. In regard to the current situation, in February, 2019, former United Nations special rapporteur to Venezuela Alfred de Zayas wrote that “the financial blockade and the sanctions have demonstrably caused hundreds of deaths directly related to the scarcity of food and medicines resulting from the blockade.” The conclusions of an April, 2019 Center for Economic and Policy Research study were considerably more drastic, estimating the sanctions to have caused the death of 40,000 Venezuelans in 2017 and 2018. And that’s just what they’re designed to do—make life so miserable that if their government won’t change the policies objectionable to the sanctioners, the sanctioned nation’s people will rise up, overthrow their government, and replace it with one that the sanction-imposing nations find acceptable. Or, in the words of de Zayas, “It is all too obvious that the intention of the sanctions has been to asphyxiate the Venezuelan economy in the expectation that the Venezuelan people or the Venezuelan military will topple the Maduro government.”

So they have proven deadly, one of their more insidious aspects being their ability to disproportionately affect the most vulnerable—the youngest, the oldest, the sickest, who suffer first and most from shortages of food and medical care. They have also proven effective back home in the U.S., so far as garnering media coverage that faults the Venezuelan government for its inability to deal with its ever mounting economic and health crises, while generally saying little if anything about the fact that the Venezuelan government’s failures represent success for our government’s policies.

What sanctions have not proven to be, however, is effective at their underlying goal of regime change. Saddam Hussein was ultimately overthrown—after 13 years of sanctions—only when the U.S. Government concocted a fraudulent rationale to actually invade the country. (And we know how well that has all turned out for the Iraqi people.)

Having so recently been party to one of the 100 deadliest events in human history, we might again cite George Santayana’s observation that “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Unfortunately, it appears to be a pillar of American foreign policy to do just that.


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  1. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 2:27 pm 

    “So is the Fat Boy just mentally ill, or is losing what little mind he has?“

    Donnie may not be the brightest bulb in the christmastree, but he is intellectually miles ahead of duncan’s hero:


  2. REAL Dumb on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 2:45 pm 

    Davy. juanPee is rarely on PO dot com any more. But he’s on line RIGHT NOW! If we’re real fast we could attack him before he’s gone again!

  3. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 2:52 pm 

    Wow, somebody in the UK with spine!

    “Sky News cuts off ex-Met Police chief after he says officers have ‘given up’ trying to stop young black men carrying weapons and accuses BLM of aiming to destabilise society“

    Oh and western media are a cancer that needs to be cut out.

  4. REAL Dumb on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 2:56 pm 

    We shur dun told asg70 off agin Davy. We neutered and moderated his testicles REAL bad. That makes us feel REAL Proud of ourselfs again.

    Now if only we could attack juanPeePee

  5. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 3:14 pm 

    I wish Trump could put a baby in me.

  6. Davy on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 3:45 pm 

    You guys want to see a laugh. JuanP attacked me on the moderated side with his lies. It will probably be taken down because they don’t want his bad behavior over there. I wish they would shit can the fuck but I am making the best of it. he is fun to moderate and tease. He is such a pussy. His widdle feeling get real hurt easy! LMFAO

    Re: Trump signaling course change on virus Pt. 2
    by REAL Green » Fri 26 Jun 2020, 15:40:33

    Wow, stalkers and hit men are really after REAL Green today!

    REAL Green wrote: First, on the subject of Ghung, I have the highest respect for the guy. A few years ago when I was a newbie to renewables he gave me lots of good advice and got me pointed in the right direction. My homestead is a mirror of his but I focus on animals and he has plants and fish. He is first class. Just because we argue over politics doesn’t mean I do not respect him. It may not be mutual and that is fine. This is just the way I am. I respect talent and intellect. He has both. He can be an asswipe too but that comes with the territory of being smart.

    JuanP wrote:GHung, REAL Green is one of Davy’s many aliases.

    REAL Green wrote:JuanP, I am registered as REAL Green. I have a blog IMA, you use this ID elsewhere to troll me. I am Davy and or REAL Green on the unmoderated side if anyone cares. Most here don’t care, JuanP. They do not stalk me obsessively like you do. We just argue and debate over here.

    JuanP wrote:he has quite a few. You know Davy from the Ozarks in Missouri very well since he has been posting comments on the news side of the website almost daily for years and you had many exchanges with him over the years. He uses many different sock puppets on the news side, but here he posts under his REAL Green identity because this forum side is moderated. .

    REAL Green wrote:Let’s clarify something. If I use socks and ID theft over there because for 3 years now you have used them daily against me. There is no way to ignore this. You goal is censorship. You wan to run me off but I deny you the pleasure. BTW, JuanP this is something the moderators do not want discussed over here but since you are on the attack and mentioned it. I have chosen an offensive defense to deal with your trolling. I have told you I will ignore you if you ignore me. You choose not to ignore me and with the ID theft and hostile socks I have no choice but to fight you fire with fire. You are a lunatic as your many socks attest to.

    JuanP wrote:Real Green is my ignore list, and I didn’t mean to say he is in my ignore list; I meant he is the one and only person on my list. .

    REAL Green wrote:, JuanP, how does that work to have an ignore list then tell people about me and I am on your ignore list? I mean a normal person if he ignores somebody, he does not talk about them. This point to the fact that you stalk me obsessively on both sides 20/7 with ID theft, socks, and your own JuanP ID. So what you are saying is the ignore list is just another one of your sock personalities which are fantasies of a multiple personality disorder.

    JuanP wrote:I can agree or disagree with others here, but he is the ONLY person whose comments I never read, other than glancing over some of the parts that others here quote when they reply to him.

    REAL Green wrote:, you read everything JuanP and often take what is said over here over there. BTW, for everyone’s info JuanP has two suspect sock personalities over here and maybe more. He does not use them much because he spends so much time on the unmoderated side with his many sock puppets

  7. REAL Dumb on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 3:47 pm 

    juanPeePee cantsee are comments Davy. Cus he’s ignoring us. Hows about we ignore him too? Like we promised every one a hundred times all ready.

  8. Davy on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 3:54 pm 

    juanPee, you can see it here if you are afraid on the moderated side:

    Re: Stock Market Crash! (merged) Pt. 16
    Postby JuanP » Fri 26 Jun 2020, 14:00:22

    evilgenius wrote:
    I was against all of the criticism of those who earned more from their unemployment than they would have made working. The economy needs money. It especially needs it spent at the level those people spend it. It needs borrowing as well, but, for now, this, at least, helps with keeping past borrowing current, by supplying money for payments. The concept of staying within the current monthly cycle within the economy was wrecked a while back. Something like it could be restored with proper government action.

    JuanP wrote:
    I have a funny story about those who earned more from their unemployment than they would have made working. The chef/owner of one of the restaurants I sell veggies to did a number of creative things to keep his employees making at least what they normally did these past few months, all of them legal. One of the things he did was lay off his dishwasher for 3 months and helped him apply for unemployment, the $1,200 one time payment, and a couple of other government payment programs. This allowed the dishwasher to save $8,000, which he wouldn’t have been able to do under normal conditions.

    The dishwasher invested $4,000 of that money in buying a farm in Cuba in his mother’s name that is more than a 100 acres with a two room house, pigsties, and a large chicken coop; he also used more of that money to fix the house, purchase a horse, pigs, chickens, seeds, feed, and tools. He still has a couple of thousands left which he is going to use together with other savings he had to buy a house in Varadero to rent to tourists, mostly Cubans. He expects to make an income of around $8,000 a year from the farm and the house, and recoup his investment in less than two years and improve both properties over time.

    I saw him for the first time in 4 months about a week ago, and the first thing he did was pull out his phone to show me the pictures and tell me all about the farm he had bought thanks to Trump (his words, not mine).
    Postby REAL Green » Fri 26 Jun 2020, 15:50:43

    JuanP wrote:I have a funny story about those who earned more from their unemployment than they would have made working).

    REAL Green wrote: JuanP, you do have many funny stories that don’t add up.

  9. Davy on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 4:10 pm 

    I Love Spam Madly, Deeply, Unironically

    The lowbrow pork product reminds me of home.

    I am skilled at classical French cooking. I have a Higher Certificate from the Wine and Spirits Education Trust. I also, however, love Spam. (In case you were wondering, Spam pairs well with Gewürztraminer.) I kept kosher for a few years (long story). When I broke away from the dietary laws — because I was quitting smoking and could not maintain so many forms of self-abnegation at once — the food item I cheated with was Spam. It symbolizes both the part of me that is Korean and the part of me that is American — two identities that are difficult to unite. More important, I associate Spam with relaxation, being present, and not worrying about what you can’t control. Why? Because Spam evokes beaches, pineapples, funny tropical shirts: i.e., Hawaii. It’s the one place in the world where I can be un-stressed-out, and it happens to be the only U.S. state that loves Spam as much as I do. Mainland Americans have given me no end of grief for this. First rule of Spam Club: You never talk about Spam Club. Otherwise, you risk social death. Case in point: When I was at university, my friend Mike told me that his freshman-year roommate threw out Mike’s Spam and gave him $5 to cover the cost. But Mike and I both had a really good excuse for this embarrassing proclivity: We’re of Korean extraction, and Korea is the world’s largest consumer of Spam outside the United States. How did Korea become hooked on the laughingstock of all supermarket products? The meat that was so ridiculous that Monty Python created not only a sketch around it but an entire Broadway musical? A bit of history: Spam has been manufactured by the Austin, Minnesota-based Hormel Foods Corporation since 1937. It became widespread in Korea during and after the Korean War (1950 to 1953), when the U.S. government shipped loads of Spam to Korea, at a time when fresh meat was hard to come by. Korea was by no means the only beneficiary of this largesse; during and after WWII, the U.K. also turned to Spam to supplement monthly meat rations. In fact, articles on Spam’s role in wartime Britain bear titles such as “Spam: Did It Save the Nation?” (Here are some nostalgic British WWII-era Spam recipes.) Unlike the U.K., however, where they poke fun at Spam, Korean Spam consumption was unironic. While modern-day Brits no longer regularly eat Spam, it has remained part of the diet in Korea. In September 2017, Korean sales of Spam reached 1 billion tins. And Spam’s Korean co-distributor, Cheil Jedang, announced in January that its top-selling New Year gift box was Spam. In my day, the tins were usually packed in velvet-lined boxes and wrapped in white satin ribbon. Spam is an important part of Korean home cooking. It’s the sine qua non ingredient of kimchi jjigae (stewed kimchi) and budae jjigae — literally “army stew.” My mother, a biochemist with a particular fear of foodborne illnesses, was virulently anti-pork, making it sound like a veritable menagerie of revolting organisms — trichinosis, tapeworm, hepatitis, all reproducing at exponential rates. Yet we always had Spam in our pantry. Apparently Koreans are now accepting their love of the lowbrow: David Chang, the Michelin-starred Korean-American chef, is extolling Spam. Spam’s enduring popularity in Korea surprises me, because I had assumed Koreans were now prosperous enough to abandon any food item that you need a key to open. This is a common phenomenon, though — hardship habits die hard. Some Germans raised on the substitute coffee product “Ersatzkaffee” — either during the Second World War or subsequently in the former GDR — occasionally used the bad stuff over real coffee much longer than was necessary. Wartime food is a symbol of survival. I am constantly surprised by how many non-Koreans have never seen Spam, so I’ll describe it. It’s like gefilte fish but made from compressed processed ham. As with gefilte fish, Spam is surrounded by a clear gelatinous amniotic fluid. After you open the tin (now it’s regular pull-tab, but when I was growing up, you needed to twirl open the top with a key), you hit the bottom until the Spam block pops out, though most of the time you need to go around the edge with a knife. When it exits the can’s vacuum seal, it makes a slurpy noise, like when you push cranberry jelly out of a tin. Whenever we moved house — which was pretty often — the first meal in our new home, usually eaten on moving boxes instead of tables — was Spam and instant ramen. Spam is already fully cooked, but in my house we usually fried it anyway, cut into narrow slabs. When my family lived in the United States, my parents were really into long road trips to national parks, which I enjoyed about as much as those kids did in the movie National Lampoon’s Vacation. And my parents must have been victims of Manchurian Candidate levels of Midwestern American suburban brainwashing, because they really did sing folk songs in harmony while driving — “I’ve Been Workin’ on the Railroad” comes to mind. At the end of a long day in the car, we’d stay in these cheap hotels, where my mother would violate the hotel fire code — and every basic tenet of the social contract — by secretly making rice and frying up Spam right on the floor of the hotel room. She’d use a rice cooker and hot plate THAT SHE HAD BROUGHT FROM HOME. On one such occasion, I spilled my Spam and rice all over the hotel carpet, leading her to yell at me, “This hotel will never let Oriental [sic] people stay here again!” To which I replied, “Erm … why should they, really?” So Spam, in other words, evokes all kinds of memories: changing house, boring road trips, and my cheap-ass family. There is no substitute for Spam. When I lived in France, where Spam was unavailable, I was forced to resort to a depressing Danish knock-off. A few years ago, I went with some Korean-American friends to a trendy Korean restaurant in New York (not David Chang’s, a different one). We ordered the aforementioned budae jjigae, the army stew, so named because it was invented using random U.S. Army-provided rations, like Spam, hot dogs, and waxy government-manufactured cheese. This restaurant’s upscale version, however, was made with homemade ramen noodles, high-quality mozzarella, and what looked like Spam but was too fancy. “I’m really not into this artisanal Spam,” my friend said, grimacing and poking at it with a chopstick. I agreed. It felt wrong to dress up a poor man’s dish, like making puttanesca sauce with caviar or cottage pie with chopped truffles. Which — what am I saying? — probably does exist somewhere. I’m not a purist about food, but I do object when I feel that people are just missing the ontological essence of a dish. I needed the real thing. The healthy versions are not nearly salty or greasy enough, and the salt and grease are precisely why Spam goes so well with rice. By far the most common form in which I’ve eaten Spam is in the form of kimbap. Imagine maki rolls — the kind of sushi that is rolled into logs and cut into small cylinders — but instead of fish, they contain vegetables, a thin omelet cut into strips, and, in our house, Spam. Kimbap wasn’t really dinner food. I associate it primarily with picnics. In Korean school, kimbap was, without exception, the food that everyone’s mom packed for their kids’ school-picnic lunches. As a sullen teen, I hated those picnics with a passion you can only imagine. They were hokey affairs with long hikes and teachers screaming at you about what a nice fucking day we were having. Invariably, some tool would bring a guitar, and everyone would be forced to sing. To this day, I hate acoustic guitar. But then there was my Spam kimbap. It was a reminder that this hell passing for a picnic was only temporary, and that somewhere out there was a mother with whom I battled daily but who had nonetheless gotten up at dawn to make me Spam kimbap. My mother, in addition to the frugality, had a psychological hang-up about food. She hated cooking and resented that it was considered the domain of women. Cooking symbolized her wasted education and the career sacrifices she had made for her family. Perhaps because of her hostility toward cooking, I hated food until age twelve or so. I remember wishing it were possible to take a pill instead of having to eat dinner. Consequently, I looked like a famine victim. When I hit puberty, though, my metabolism kicked in, and I developed a normal teenage appetite. This concerned my mother. When I was five-foot-six (167 centimeters) and my weight crept past the 115-pound mark (52 kilograms), she put me on a kale-juice diet. And trust me, kale was not easy to find in those days. Yay, body dysmorphia. And yet, paradoxically, she also served me greasy, salty, insanely caloric Spam, always fried. Why, you ask? Well, isn’t it obvious? Fried foods are always evocative of love. The smell of frying itself is mouth-watering — be it Spam, tempura, croquettes, or chicken drumsticks. Even people who don’t like you can make a sandwich. I mean, what is the office deli platter if not hard evidence of that? But no one who hates you will fry you some Spam. I remember from those school picnics that some of the other kids’ mothers didn’t use Spam in their kimbap, instead using surimi, that pink fake-crab thing. Surimi — now, that’s bad parenting. Life is too short to have more than one dubious processed-meat product in your kitchen: Let Spam be it.

  10. Duncan Idaho on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 4:14 pm 

    “I would no more teach children military training than I would teach them arson, robbery, or assassination.”

    — Eugene Debs

  11. Richard Guenette on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 4:31 pm 

    The US is destroying itself every day. Karma is a bitch.

  12. Richard Guenette on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 4:34 pm 

    Good riddance to Trump. You’re fired, fatass.

  13. The Board on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 4:40 pm 

    ROFL at the pathetic lump of serial goat-shitter the exceptionalist. We dont like you, respect you, or even want you here. You are a mental case that needs to be in the nuthouse. Go whine about it on your own ‘blog’ that one reads or cares about

  14. Davy on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 5:07 pm 

    JuanP on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 4:40 pm

    “ROFL at the pathetic lump of serial goat-shitter the exceptionalist. We dont like you, respect you, or even want you here. You are a mental case that needs to be in the nuthouse. Go whine about it on your own ‘blog’ that one reads or cares about”

    Multiple personality lunatic, the “WE” is your many personalities. You are having difficulties reality testing. There are only a few posters left. Your mindless shit has run most people off. I am here to moderate and neuter your shit. IOW rub your nose it

  15. makati1 on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 5:36 pm 

    Would someone with COVID-19 please go over to Davy’s goat farm and cough all over him? You would be doing humanity a great service. ^_^

  16. The Board on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 5:45 pm 

    Davy has started his flame wars in the members only area. It is only a matter of time before he finds himself banned.

  17. Duncan Idaho on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 6:20 pm 

    Florida’s on Fire With Coronavirus After DeSantis Tried to Pull Off a Trump “Magical Thinking Con,” But the Virus Beat Him

  18. MUZZ-19 on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 6:25 pm 

    more of our fearsome enemy who will take over america and outcompete with everything and taking over the world. If i say anything, supertard madcat will say i’m a sinophobe.
    reality is it’s ok they can steal whatever because they have a pass with me – that they amputate all their muzzies starting with muzzie imams (numbering 500)

    Hao Zhang, 41, a professor at Tianjin University in China, has been found guilty of trade-secret theft and economic espionage

    muzz says Israel’s annexation of parts of Judea and Samaria could ignite “religious war”

    could ignite? its been burning since 7th century

  19. Davy on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 6:28 pm 

    JuanP on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 5:45 pm

    “Davy has started his flame wars in the members only area. It is only a matter of time before he finds himself banned.”

    LOL, lunatic you are very triggered today. Did your lame commenting backfire on you today? Everyone on the moderated side knows what you are up to now. You have been outed!

  20. Theedrich on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 6:33 pm 

    The entire U.S. government is corrupt to the core. It is permeated through and through by parasites, liars, hypocrites, ignorami, thieves, dissemblers, killers in field-grade military uniform, bribe-ocrats and enemies of the White race.  The rot affects every level of governments:  local, state and, above all, federal.  It is found in extreme form on the east and west coasts, and in the large cities.  Both political parties share in it, although it is most pronounced in the Communist-Democrat Party.  Moreover the top levels of national agencies, branches and departments are filled with moral necrosis in accordance with the principle that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    The current mindless anti-White riots taking place across the land are dominated by White genosuicidists.  Give their self-hatred, the appropriate response would be to allow them to do away with themselves.  Thereafter those of us who prefer to live could dispose of the outhouse trash that they and their government have imported.

    The U.S. resembles nothing so much as the mediæval Roman Catholic Church before the Reformation:  an immense edifice of fakery and crime, drawing its power from the naïve masses who ardently believed its ignorant propaganda about postmortem states.

    The Reformation was not without its own serious problems, but it reduced the power and size of the diseased Roman church by at least half.  Something similar needs to happen in today’s “indispensable nation,” which is dominated by the international Culture of Paranoia, whose members are concerned only about money and power, so that they can extirpate the White race.

    In sum, Yankeeland is a death knell for the planet.

  21. Davy on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 6:38 pm 

    makati1 on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 5:36 pm

    “Would someone with COVID-19 please go over to Davy’s goat farm and cough all over him? You would be doing humanity a great service. ^_^”

    Wak, you are the senile old guy with a drinking problem. You are a perfect candidate to die. Your days are numbered. Good riddance. Maybe we could get a stroke of luck and lose you and the lunatic juanPee at the same time and maybe save this forum.

  22. MUZZ-19 on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 7:08 pm 

    make sure u put on your calendar for muzzie bag day feb12021. if u don’t have a bag, put a shopping bag over ur head when u drive or go out.

    put underwear over ur head if u don’t have a shopping bag

    On This Day…
    Jun 26, 2016: Stockholm, Sweden
    A 21-year-old woman is murdered by her
    religious cousin for taking off her veil: 1 Killed

  23. makati1 on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 7:13 pm 

    “The entire U.S. government is corrupt to the core.”

    Absolutely correct, Theedrich! The US government whores make the other banana republics look like the Vatican.

  24. Duncan Idaho on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 7:17 pm 

    SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A federal appeals court on Friday ruled against the Trump administration in its transfer of $2.5 billion from military construction projects to build sections of the U.S. border wall with Mexico, ruling it illegally sidestepped Congress, which gets to decide how to use the funds.

    To be fair on the Fat Boy, the thugs in his regime rip that off in seconds, and it was going to the military anyway, so what is a few billion on a wall?

  25. FamousDrScanlon on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 7:17 pm 

    “Would someone with COVID-19 please go over to Davy’s goat farm and cough all over him? You would be doing humanity a great service. ^_^”

    Guffaw Guffaw

    No offence Davy, it’d be just as funny with a different target.

  26. FamousDrScanlon on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 7:38 pm 


    “Both political parties share in it, although it is most pronounced in the Communist-Democrat Party.”

    So you’re saying the leftys are better at nefariously gaining power and it shows?

    Same as why some Jews have so much wealth & power. Cream rises to the top.

  27. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 10:59 pm 

    Nice! In Vienna head-on confrontation between Turkish nationalists and antifa. Let them wipe out each other:

    “A federal appeals court on Friday ruled against the Trump administration in its transfer of $2.5 billion from military construction projects to build sections of the U.S. border wall with Mexico, ruling it illegally sidestepped Congress, which gets to decide how to use the funds.”

    In America there are too many duncan types who want to destroy the country. In the end Eurasia merely needs to pick up the smoldering pieces.

  28. AFDF on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 11:18 pm 

    3 reasons why people self-bag:

    they’re scared
    they’re feeling superior to others who don’t
    they just go along

    and #1 reason
    muzzie lovin’

  29. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 11:23 pm 

    “Same as why some Jews have so much wealth & power. Cream rises to the top.“

    Yep, the kosher thugs that took over Russia in 1917, supported by their buddies at Wallstreet: “creme de la creme”.

    Kunstler making fun of Biden:

    Kunstler predicts a last-minute la Clinton (73) as deus-ex-machina to replace the drooling Biden. The final days of the US will be like the final days of its WW2 twin brother USSR: gerontocracy.

    Poor lefties, their former heroes are abandoning them:

    – Heinberg correctly predicts that the US will fall apart.
    – Kunstler is a closet Trump supporter.

    Life is hard on the bolshies here, all looking forward to that neo-USSR that seemingly inevitably is in the works.

    At least this is certain: India has holy cows, Anglosphere has holy negroes. Sky News anchors were wearing BLM insignes yesterday and they cut-off a retired high-ranking policeman, who claimed that BLM was motivated to overthrow the social order. Can’t have that, the revolution will be televized.

  30. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 26th Jun 2020 11:45 pm 

    More signs hard Brexit coming up:

    “Angela Merkel says Britain will have to ‘live with the consequences’ of Boris Johnson’s decision to loosen economic ties with the EU as German leader hardens her Brexit stance“

    Take a big ax and cut all the ropes, in line to the wishes of Europe’s last white nationalist Charles de Gaulle, who knew the UK would only be in the EU to sabotage it from within and alwys resisted UK entrance during his lifetime. Now Westminster was unexpectedly wrong-footed by a few populists and got out without its ambition fullfilled.

    Whatever, let them team up with their far-away buddies USA and we in Eurasia are going to watch who disintegrates first, now that all of a sudden black lives matter and darkies are going to take over from whitey and define society, all backed-up by academia and media elites and the youknowwho, leading it all from behind.

    Ah well, at least continental Europe will manage to escape from this Orwellian nightmare and turn towards Eurasia. The West is over.

  31. joe on Sat, 27th Jun 2020 12:30 am 

    ‘The West is over.’
    In more ways than you know. But the Road to Beijing passes through Kiev. You cant just sideline Ukraine out of the picture just because YOU want a greater Germany. Hitlers leibensraum 2.0 this time includes Russian overseers. Thats the only difference. Dem or Rep, they agree on the most important issue, dollar hegemony. The UK will be lender to either one, if we can survive Epstein (which I hope not)

  32. Abraham van Helsing on Sat, 27th Jun 2020 2:02 am 

    More encircling of Australia by the Chinese:

    “China opened an embassy on a tiny, remote Pacific island during the pandemic. Here’s why”

    In the end, after the collapse of the US, the Pacific will be Chinese sphere of influence, the Atlantic European.

  33. Abraham van Helsing on Sat, 27th Jun 2020 2:34 am 

    “But the Road to Beijing passes through Kiev.”

    BS. The road to Beijing passes through Moscow:

    In the grand scheme of things, Kiev is insignificant.

    “You cant just sideline Ukraine out of the picture just because YOU want a greater Germany.”

    Wtf does that mean? You and your eternal obsessions with the Germans. I’m interested in general white survival, resulting in a Paris-Berlin-Moscow confederation, nuclear armed to the teeth…

    *** EUROPE ***

    …not just Germany.

    “Hitlers leibensraum 2.0 this time includes Russian overseers.”

    Lebensraum again. Anglos always like to stress that to justify their input in WW2 and make themselves look good. The truth is that Lebensraum only played a role in the twenties, when Hitler was in the slammer writing his pamphlet, shocked by the fact that the British had intentionally murdered another million Germans with their food blockade 1918-1919 and was looking for a way out of the situation. And since the British had conquered 25% of the planet as their own Lebensraum, there was nothing left for the Germans. So he ended up with the Ukraine as the future bread basket for Germany. In 1925 he could hope that as Russia was devastated by a civil war. In 1933 however and after, when Hitler rose to power, this whole concept of “Lebensraum” wasn’t mentioned ONCE. The USSR had become far too strong for Lebensraum dreams. When in 1941 he did attack Russia, it was only to preempt an impending Soviet attack, a truth covered under Anglo-Soviet Nuremberg Lebensraum lies.

    But it is all coming out now. And since Germany is our geopolitical friend and Britain a European defector, a hostile Brexit opens the door to continental European historic revisionism, correctly blaming the UK for masterminding WW1 (to prevent the 20th century becoming German, like the 19th had been British) and US-Jews for WW2 (global coup d’etat). And declare the holocaust a hoax, invented in Nuremberg by a scam war trial that for 70% was run by Jews. After Brexit we in Europe no longer have any incentive to do Anglo bidding. Expect buckets of historic shit to be poured out over you.

    “Dem or Rep, they agree on the most important issue, dollar hegemony.”

    That was until 2016. Now Dems and Reps are preparing to go at each others throat. They no longer agree on anything.

    “The UK will be lender to either one, if we can survive Epstein (which I hope not)”

    Hahaha. Mouse and elephant are crossing a wooden bridge. Says UK-mouse to US-elephant: “boy we sure make a lot of noise together!”

    The truth is that the US and UK have the largest trade deficits in the world; you are not a shadow of your former imperial self. Bottom of the barrel. Unlike Italy and France, you can’t even produce a homegrown car, let alone produce sufficient food to feed your population, an interesting EU option if things run out of hand completely after a hostile no-deal Brexit:

    And by lifting the veil a little, keep watching Gibraltar, the last remnant of the British empire:

    And we are going to roll-back Great-Britain too, that creation of the Dutch army:

    Expect England to become a sort of completely isolated large Albania, like under Enver Hoxha, “run” by darkies and having an Islamic capital.

    But joe esquire won’t mind. And since he is peddling Anne Frank and the Thora all the time, one wonders what kind of a “Friend of Israel” our joe really is. Perhaps I have been wrong-footed by his small-caps name for too long.

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