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Page added on September 26, 2021

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Keeping something in reserve

Keeping something in reserve thumbnail

THE challenge of climate change is an existential crisis. Not for humanity, but for capitalism.

The energy consumption of our societies relies on the extraction of fossil fuels. Existing reserves of coal, crude oil and gas all formed slowly over millions of years.

Though these fuels may seem unnatural, they are organic in origin: layers of plankton and plants laid down in sedimentary layers, heated and squeezed, transformed into a fuel.

Their high energy density comes from trillions of cellular lives previously lived, soaking up sunlight before being transmuted by geology.

There are already millions of victims of climate change dying today from increasing floods, heatwaves and famines caused by man-made climate change.

The problem of global warming is harming people now. There is also the harm caused to future human lives — those who don’t exist yet — whose needs and wellbeing we balance against our own.

Philosophical approaches to these future people differ, but we might think of these as our children or simply other humans with whom we must stand in solidarity.

When we decide to prioritise our personal comfort now, we steal wellbeing from the future, forcing more future people into dire circumstances.

Burning fossil fuels also relies on stealing from accumulated time in the past. When coal, oil or gas are burned, this slow and steady accumulation of energy goes up in smoke.

We are burning fossil fuels at a much faster rate than they naturally accumulate. In a literal sense, capitalism steals both from the past and from the future.

This stolen time is an amazing economic shortcut. Capitalism performs a conjuring trick, releasing ancient stored energy in a flash of smoke, producing immediate wealth now at the expense of negative impacts in the future.

Since the Industrial Revolution, expanding energy needs have been largely met by increasing fuel extraction.

Across the world, corporations and governments have worked hand in hand to map the presence of these precious fuels, then drained the Earth dry.

Aside from the huge ecological damage of extraction, we now know the climate change caused is so extreme that the balance between benefits and negatives of the fast burn of fossil fuels is detrimental to humanity.

We know with alarming confidence that continuing to extract and burn fossil fuels will lead to a global mean temperature increase.

Some temperature increase is now unavoidable. International agreements focus on limiting the temperature increase below 1.5°C, by trying to work out how much further carbon can be added to the atmosphere and at what rate.

So it’s already known that we have to stop using fossil fuels. But since the world cannot do this overnight, how steep does the decline need to be?

A new study in Nature led by researchers from UCL has estimated the amount of fossil fuels that need to remain unextracted to allow a 50 per cent probability of limiting warming to 1.5°C.

Their paper, led by first-author Dan Welby, found that nearly 60 per cent of oil and gas and 90 per cent of coal in the reserves that currently exist has to remain unextracted to keep within a “carbon budget.” That gives a hard limit on what future fossil fuels could be considered available.

The team also estimated that global oil and gas production needs to decline by 3 per cent a year. Peak production needs to occur “now or during the next decade.”

Fossil fuel projects are costly and long-term projects. This assessment demonstrates that current and planned projects to extract fossil fuels cannot be continued.

Remember that this estimate is just for a 50/50 chance of limiting warming to less than 1.5°C. A higher confidence would require even more drastic reductions. The reason the team did not estimate this is probably because it would be too depressing.

There are some “promising signs” in the ambitious model. Coal production peaked in 2013. Oil output is estimated to be near peak demand.

Furthermore, the team’s model estimates for unextractable fuels are higher than previous ones in part due to improvements in low-carbon technologies which will decrease demand for fossil fuels and make it economically unattractive to extract more.

The model also assumes substantial improvements in carbon dioxide removal technology to take in carbon from the atmosphere. This is positive, but risky: false confidence in that option inevitably means that the can continues to be kicked down the road.

Fossil fuels are not evenly distributed around the world, with concentrations of reserves of oil in the Middle East and Canada, as well as gas in Russia.

The study therefore makes interesting reading from a geopolitical perspective, particularly for the United Nations summit COP26 in Glasgow on November 1-12.

The future trajectories of all regions will be affected not just by climate change itself but also by this disruption to their economies as fossil fuels stop being used.

The global economy is built on the assumption that fossil fuels are good economic prospects. For example, as scientists within the British university sector, our pension scheme (the universities superannuation scheme) has over £1bn invested in fossil fuels companies and is a 10 per cent owner of Heathrow airport. To put it mildly, these are not good investments.

As the scientists behind the study put it, there is still a “disconnect” between “the production outlook of different countries and corporate entities and the necessary pathway to limit average temperature increases.” Quite.

This disconnect is fundamental: it is corporate capitalism. As David Whyte puts it in his book Ecocide, the structure of corporations is inherently deadly. The corporation is “the perfect vehicle for devouring nature.”

It is not hyperbole to point out that corporations have more of a plan for the next hundred years than governments do. Corporations have plans for their existence in a world with over 1.5°C of warming. The rest of us do not.

The challenge of climate change should be seen not just as a need to change the energy we use to destroy the environment, but an opportunity to fundamentally change the global economy.

Corporations will fight this change; citizens must unite against them. The power of capitalism really does rest on borrowed time. It’s optimistic, but we’d like to believe that our lifetimes will see this time come to an end. It has to start now.

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39 Comments on "Keeping something in reserve"

  1. ControllerOfThisReallityNeedToDie on Sun, 26th Sep 2021 3:10 pm 

    All is CGI; we never went to the moon; gravity has never been proven/confirmed; Australia don’t exist; atmospheric air pressure needs a barrier; the thermosphere melts satellites witch don’t exists anyway; air bubbles in space; surveyors/constructors never take curvature in consideration; bible says flat earth; NASA wants to hide your god; vaccine causes autism; vinegar destroys chemtrails; drinking piss is healty; the earth accelerates upwards at 9.82 meter/second/second; butterfly’s can’t get of the ground; it is only density/buoyancy; it is only perspective; atmospheric refraction/atmospheric lensing proves flat earth; crepuscular sun-rays is proof of a small local sun; clouds behind the sun; sun sets due to perspective; zoom will always bring “it” back; selenelions don’t exist; the moon has its own cold light; planets don’t exist; Polaris never moves and can be seen from the southern hemisphere; earth is spinning so the water will be flung of; the earth tilt is 666/10; horizon always raises to eye level; water is always flat; Bedford channel experiment confirms flat earth; gyroscopes requires down-nosing; Antarctic treaty forbids freedom of movement so no 24 hours sun….

  2. TortureThemToDeath on Sun, 26th Sep 2021 3:45 pm 

    Reptilians ShapeShifters in Domino

    This realm is too evil. Move humans with a soul into another realm and torture to death beings living in this evil realm. It is only fair justice.

    I already told you, who we need to kill first in Quebec. We probably live in the inner earth, below ground. This is why we have a fun sun, otherwise it will be dark all the time.

  3. TortureThemToDeath on Sun, 26th Sep 2021 4:16 pm 

    Have you ever seen a Jews do any kind of physical labour with their hands:welder,plumber…
    They are the worst parasite of this whole realm. The Jews are only good at gaming the system using verbal diarrhea. Jews cannot survive without gaming the financial system to their advantages.

  4. Duncan Idaho on Sun, 26th Sep 2021 7:45 pm 

    Kansas City area official who died from COVID was unvaccinated, ‘felt he was immune’

    Getting rid of the idiots– it is good they are this stupid. Better for the human race.

  5. ThinkWhatYouWant on Sun, 26th Sep 2021 9:56 pm 

    Reptilians Shapeshifters – FrequencyFence


    _ =.

    __ = /

    There is a women in them bitchute video that has the same back shape then emma.

    I have to stop commenting. Feel like a loser.

    Obviously, these beings are incapable of performing manual hand labor like welding, plumbing. SO they enslaved the human race to do that for them. I still think it is unforgivable

  6. FuckYouEvilShit on Sun, 26th Sep 2021 10:26 pm 

    Hands. Too upset to say much more. Without the human race there is no electrical grid. With a low human birth rate, it is guarantee that eventually modernity will die: potable water, electrical grid, internet and son on.

    I think this is it, we have the reason why they enslaved the humans race.

  7. FuckYouEvilShit on Sun, 26th Sep 2021 10:29 pm 

    Forget the video link. Hands

  8. FuckYouEvilShit on Sun, 26th Sep 2021 10:35 pm 

    These are the people enslaving us humans. Mystery solved

    We need a separation of realities. all humans with a soul moved into one realm, the non human stay here and suffer. I just cannot accept that and I don’t want to live among that. I cannot accept that.

  9. FuckYouEvilShit on Sun, 26th Sep 2021 10:43 pm 

    Nothing human about Anna Wintour same with Peladeau father. Peladeau father, one of the main person responsible for killing Quebec forest with his shit news paper made to dumb down the population. He build a empire selling his crap news paper. Peladeau family has to go, same with CAQ Legault, Desmarais et Sirois

    Eventually you have to pay for your past actions with your bloods. Saying sorry is not good enough

  10. YouPastActionsShowWhoYouAre on Sun, 26th Sep 2021 11:07 pm 

    There will be no mercy coming from me. I never, never, never received any mercy, compassion friendship from none humans. You were there to used me and manipulate me, this you are good at it. You were never there for me, I won’t be there for you. Don’t expect me to have mercy, compassion and friendship. Your pasts actions defined you.

  11. YouPastActionsShowWhoYouAre on Sun, 26th Sep 2021 11:22 pm 

    There is just so much crap and insults White normal heterosexual men can take. That shit has been going on for more then 50 years in my case. I had to gave up forming friendship with anyone because of bad past experiences. That is fucking enough. Not you get what you deserve. You are on your own.

    The human race is not your personal plow horse for you to enjoy as you see fit.

    We need a separation of realities. all humans with a soul moved into one realm, the non human stay here and suffer. I just cannot accept that and I don’t want to live among that. I cannot accept that.

  12. YouPastActionsShowWhoYouAre on Sun, 26th Sep 2021 11:42 pm 

    I believe everything Robert Shaver is saying.

    I had similar experiences with a female with shape-sifter. People have no idea how much they control us humans: body, thoughts, emotions, … It is actually frightening.

    Could not understand the shape of her butt. So flat, narrow. Now when I look at women in bitchute video, I get it.

    Reptilians Shapeshifters – FrequencyFence


    _ =.

    __ = /

  13. YouAreTooStupid on Sun, 26th Sep 2021 11:49 pm 

    Some don’t speak any humans language. I have some neighbor I can not talk to because they are non humans and don’t speak any human language. Not it is that bad. They are basically mentally retarded most of them.

  14. JetBlue Flight 261 on Sun, 26th Sep 2021 11:51 pm 

    please feel at ease among friends, we’re all lovers of supremacist muzzies here

  15. YouAreTooStupid on Sun, 26th Sep 2021 11:54 pm 

    In fact it is so bad out there, that I am not sure anymore what a real White human female look like.

  16. GoodLuckKeepingModernityOn on Mon, 27th Sep 2021 12:13 am 

    Well I got some news for you none-humans. You abuse the White humans race so much that we stopped procreating because of that. So the Whites human race is basically extinct because of you. Now the none-humans will have to take over western civilization and keep it alive. There is simply not enough Whites people to do the job. You are going to have to work with your brains and hands from now on, if you want to keep the potable water flowing and the electrical grid on. You future is in your hands, there is not enough Whites people for you to abuse. You will need to abuse the brown shit diversity from now on.

  17. GoodLuckKeepingModernityOn on Mon, 27th Sep 2021 12:43 am 

    Pat Benatar, another one that never look human to me. I think the White human race went extinct around 1970. Even 65 year old people at the grocery store don’t look human. The White human race has been extinct for a while an nobody noticed it because of these none-human shape shifting into White human.

  18. GoodLuckKeepingModernityOn on Mon, 27th Sep 2021 12:49 am 

    So I have to conclude that the none-human work actively toward the extinction of the Whites human race, WWI, WW2, anti-white agenda and so, .. They have been successful at achieving their goal, lower the number of Whites human so low that they are basically extinct. You succeeded in your goal, don’t complain to Whites about the collapse of modernity, it is your fault. You can stop you White anti-agenda, we are extinct.

  19. GoodLuckKeepingModernityOn on Mon, 27th Sep 2021 1:01 am 

    0:53 this is me now. I finally got some justice and I can watch it with my eyes. Finally some justice will be served.

  20. JetBlue Flight 261 on Mon, 27th Sep 2021 6:58 am 

    all unMUZZ-19 supertards get honorable PhD
    all those other unMUZZ-19 get honorary PhDs and appointed supertards
    their title is THE LOVER of supremacist muzzies
    PHDs dont MUZZ-19

    please feel at ease among friends, we’re all lovers of supremacist muzzies here

  21. Dredd on Mon, 27th Sep 2021 7:37 am 

    Just have an election (Will Elections Cure The Disease? – 6).

  22. KarmaIsComingForYouSuckersFinally on Mon, 27th Sep 2021 11:29 am 

    I have looked at this video in more detail. It is long one, I have looked at only the first hour and little bit here and there.

    I have seen the split tongue on a porn star movie. People disagree on the size of these drago. Some guy on YouTube seem to think like I do that they are pretty small. Only a few are big. FreqeunceFence seems to think they are all big. I disagree with that. Shape-sifhter at the grocery store had no butt, same as some women on the video. Some of things talk in the video I have seen in real life on in some porn movie.

    Reptilians Shapeshifters – FrequencyFence


    _ =.

    __ = /

    I stick to my personal observations that theWhite human race is extinct because of the abuse these creature did on us. They will have to find some else to abuse if they want to keep the electrical grid on.

  23. ItIsTimtToMoveApartmy on Mon, 27th Sep 2021 11:39 am 

    There is still a possibility that all these Draco stuff reptilian stuff is not real. It is just them manipulating us more by moving from one holographic reality (humans) to another holographic reality reptilians in an attempt to keep manipulating us. As far as I am concern there is no reptilian race, only them trying to install a new holographic reality.

    I would prefer a separation of realities, humans with a soul in one reality/realm them in another reality/realm.

  24. ItIsTimtToMoveApartmy on Mon, 27th Sep 2021 11:51 am 

    As long as human still have a physical body, I will believe that all is holographic. Human with a soul and don’t need a body. I am a soul not a human holographic body. As long as my soul live within a human body, everything around me is an holographic projections. Life or a soul is most likely electromagnetic/energetic and dont not need a physical body

  25. makati1 on Mon, 27th Sep 2021 4:29 pm 

    P.O., once a good site, being ruined by the idiots. See above. Site owner must be desperate for kliks.

  26. JetBlue Flight 261 on Mon, 27th Sep 2021 6:48 pm 

    please feel at ease among friends, we’re all lovers of supremacist muzzies here

  27. makati1 on Mon, 27th Sep 2021 8:03 pm 

    Try using real English JetBlue. You and your druggie buddies are ruining the site with garbage.

  28. makati1 on Mon, 27th Sep 2021 8:09 pm 

    BTW: For your education…

    Here in the Philippine, there were about 35,000 deaths blamed on Covid. But, interestingly, there were 22,000 LESS pneumonia deaths in the same period. Also, ZERO normal flu deaths. Hmm. Could they be lying? Do the numbers, if you know how.

  29. makati1 on Mon, 27th Sep 2021 8:13 pm 

    BTW: The population of the Philippine is about 110,000,000 or 1/3 that of the US. If Covid deaths here were multiplied by 3, it would till be less than 1/6th that of the US, and the vaccine rate here is about 20%, or less.

  30. peakyeast on Mon, 27th Sep 2021 8:40 pm 

    Reality is slowly seeping through the global censorship and lying….

  31. Biden's hairplug on Tue, 28th Sep 2021 2:16 am 

    “Here in the Philippine, there were about 35,000 deaths blamed on Covid. But, interestingly, there were 22,000 LESS pneumonia deaths in the same period. Also, ZERO normal flu deaths. Hmm. Could they be lying? Do the numbers, if you know how.”

    No, they don’t lie. But modern day people have forgotten that dying is an essential ingredient of life. Covid is very real, but it attacks mostly the most vulnerable, who already had an appointment any time soon with de Magere Hein (Dutch for Grim Reaper). You have to die of something. People who otherwise would have died from pneumonia, now do so with an infection on top of that, which stimulated the pneumonia into existence.

    Nevertheless, Covid has diminished life expectancy worldwide with 1-2 years. The virus is very real (and as such an unexpected boost for the pension funds, if you want to be cynical).

    The proper response to the Covid crisis:

    – avoid the vaccination and its endless booster shots, if you can, as long as possible
    – ruthlessly pursue weight loss until BMI-21
    – eat healthy (no sugar, no alcohol, no smoking, go for a low-carb keto diet and interval fasting)
    – exercise a lot, at least an hour per day
    – avoid crowds and practice social distancing and simple hygiene (don’t pick your nose after you touched the banister of the department store; don’t pick your nose in the first

  32. dissident on Tue, 28th Sep 2021 8:45 am 

    Thanks for the information makati! The magic disappearance of the flu and total lack of any discussion of synergistic effects of flu and covid demonstrates brazen fraud with the medical statistics.

    It’s not a conspiracy. It is typical government incompetence. We have lazy testing procedures and bureaucratic note taking where if a patient has tested positive for covid, it becomes the one and only factor for serious pulmonary conditions and fatality. These same bureaucrats have ensured that Pfizer and Moderna are raking sky high profits.

    I have not heard of any mention of the flu interacting with covid since the beginning of this pandemic. How can such a detail be ignored? Diseases do not wait in a queue. We have AIDS as a clear demonstration of this. How many of those “covid deaths” are aggravated flu deaths?

  33. JetBlue Flight 261 on Tue, 28th Sep 2021 11:38 am 

    congrats to supertard peakyeast. he got appointed supertard the same day he got awarded honorary PhD because he doesn’t take MUZZ-19

    please feel at ease among friends, we’re all lovers of supremacist muzzies here

  34. JetBlue Flight 261 on Tue, 28th Sep 2021 12:15 pm 

    my friend is fk’d with MUZZ-NN killshot, NN != 19

    I hope he’s ok. I may be away for a while to come see him.

    please feel at ease among friends, we’re all lovers of supremacist muzzies here

  35. JetBlue Flight 261 on Tue, 28th Sep 2021 12:17 pm 

    elite whitey supertard Dr. Tenpenny said her mission is to eradicate MUZZ-NN forever from the face of teh earth. I love her, I pray to (((supremetard))) she will succeed and save humanity.

    please feel at ease among friends, we’re all lovers of supremacist muzzies here

  36. makati1 on Tue, 28th Sep 2021 6:51 pm 

    “No, they don’t lie….”

    Yes Biden’s, they DO lie and manipulate numbers and definitions to scare the masses who are too stupid to think for themselves. This is all a huge plot to gain control of you and will make past dictators seem like Santa Claus. Wait and see.

    dissident doesn’t want to believe that this is all planned by his masters. Try reading The Great Reset or Maybe:

    This event was planned long ago and you are now seeing it in action. Enjoy!

  37. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 30th Sep 2021 3:24 am 

    UK prisoners are to keep the country from imploding:

    “Let inmates fill staffing shortages: New Justice Secretary Dominic Raab wants firms who are short of workers to hire PRISONERS let out of jail for the day to plug the gaps”

    Vote for Brexit clowns and you get a circus:


    One wonders who is going to be the Toy Brutus to put a knife in Brexit and Johnson.

    Theresa May?

    “Dutch PM compares Theresa May to Monty Python limbless knight”

  38. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 30th Sep 2021 5:26 am 

    Israel essentially DEVACCINATED:

    “Over 1 million Israelis who haven’t had 3rd dose to lose Green Pass on Sunday”

    If you don’t collect your third shot, you will lose your Corona pass.

    In other words, people who don’t accept the vaccines have a very strong case. These vaccines are JUNK, because they were developed under huge strain and did not get the usual amount of time (5-10 years) required for a serious vaccine.

    (Btw, I do not blame governments, I’m old and in the luxury position I can sit this out at home)

  39. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 30th Sep 2021 5:53 pm 

    The Ground Is Literally Exploding Due to Climate Change in Siberia, and It’s Going to Get Worse

    “It is a pure stroke of luck” that none of the explosions and their giant craters have “caused loss of life or infrastructure damage,” said one scientist.

    “It is a pure stroke of luck that, so far, none of the recorded explosions followed by formation of giant craters has caused loss of life or infrastructure damage,” Chuvilin said in an email. “Several craters were discovered a few miles from commercial and economic facilities. A potential explosion hazard exists in a significant part of Yamal where gas accumulates in the upper permafrost horizons.”

    “The accumulation process can last years, but it can also be activated rather quickly by changes in the physical and mechanical properties of the upper permafrost layers, including changes caused by climate warming,” he added.”

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