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Page added on May 11, 2021

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Israeli energy pipeline hit in Gaza rocket attack

Israeli energy pipeline hit in Gaza rocket attack thumbnail

A pipeline belonging to an Israeli state-owned energy company was hit in a rocket attack from Gaza late on Tuesday, an Israeli government official and an energy sector official told Reuters.

Video broadcast by Channel 12 showed flames rising from what appeared to be a large fuel vat near the Israeli Mediterranean city of Ashkelon, south of Tel Aviv.

Operations at a power plant in Ashkelon were not interrupted, Channel 13 TV said.


4 Comments on "Israeli energy pipeline hit in Gaza rocket attack"

  1. Theedrich on Thu, 13th May 2021 1:21 am 

    There is only one solution to Mohammadanism.

  2. kervennic on Thu, 13th May 2021 4:13 am 

    Good shot ! That’ a strike.

  3. kervennic on Thu, 13th May 2021 4:13 am 

    Good shot ! That’s a strike.

  4. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 13th May 2021 4:45 am 

    It looks like that the Jewish people will be soon on the move once again, yet another diaspora, once their Great Protector USA will retreat from global prominence and white America will be more concerned with their own local Mozes Trump, in search for a Promised Land of their own (spoiler: Mississippi River basin), than with far away Israel, not to mention patriot resentment about the prominent role, Jews played in turning their America into a third world slum. The logical “Final Solution 2.0” can only be a resettlement of secular Jews to Upstate New York in a Balkanized USA. In the end of the day, the Muslims of the ME will kick out western colonizers once and for all and retake Palestine for the Palestinians (and include it in the Neo-Ottoman Empire), although fundamentalist Muslims will obey their own laws and accept orthodox Jewish presence in Palestine as legitimate, albeit of 2nd class (just like with Coptic Christians) and tax them accordingly.

    Remember that most secular Jews in Israel are of Russian descent and moved fairly recently to Palestine, once Stalin discovered his anti-Semitic credentials and broke with US-friendly “Jewish communism” of the Lenin and Trotsky variety and opted for national Bolshevism, something that really pissed-off US Jews and was the only reason why the former WW2 allies estranged and the Cold War came about:

    Not to worry, the Jews are the quintessential cosmopolitan race and globalists pur sang. They love relocation. Palestine was a bad idea from the beginning.

    Dutch saying:

    “Gestolen goed gedijt niet”

    (Stolen property does not thrive)

    Additionally, 90% of global Jews (Ashkenazim = “German Jews”) aren’t Semites at all, but Turks, like our apneaman/famousdr (hence I call him TalmudTurk):


    “The Invention of the Jewish People”

    (Bestseller in Israel; the people who love to fool the Goyim, were grandiosely fooled themselves about their own identity)

    Hence, they have no historic claim to Palestine whatsoever. Sefardic (“Spanish”) Jews however, the REAL Semitic Jews, do have that claim.

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