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Page added on June 15, 2019

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Iranians fired missile at US drone prior to tanker attack, US official says

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a boat on a body of water with smoke coming out of it: An oil tanker is on fire in the sea of Oman, Thursday, June 13, 2019. Two oil tankers near the strategic Strait of Hormuz were reportedly attacked on Thursday, an assault that left one ablaze and adrift as sailors were evacuated from both vessels and the U.S. Navy rushed to assist amid heightened tensions between Washington and Tehran. (AP Photo/ISNA)© Iranian Students News Agency via AP An oil tanker is on fire in the sea of Oman, Thursday, June 13, 2019. Two oil tankers near the strategic Strait of Hormuz were reportedly attacked on Thursday, an assault that left one ablaze and adrift as sailors were evacuated from both vessels and the U.S. Navy rushed to assist amid heightened tensions between Washington and Tehran. (AP Photo/ISNA)

In the hours before the attack on the two tankers in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday, the Iranians spotted a US drone flying overhead and launched a surface-to-air missile at the unmanned aircraft, a US official told CNN.

The missile missed the drone and fell into the water, the official said.

Prior to taking fire, the American MQ-9 Reaper drone observed Iranian vessels closing in on the tankers, the official added, though the source did not say whether the unmanned aircraft saw the boats conducting an actual attack.

Still, it is the first claim that the US has information of Iranian movements prior to the attack.

CNN has not seen any imagery from the US drones.

Iran has strenuously denied any involvement in the attack.

The same official also said in the days prior to the attack, a US Reaper drone was shot down in the Red Sea by what is believed to be an Iranian missile fired by Houthi rebels.

The Pentagon had tough words for Iran on Friday as the US continues to assert its claim that Tehran was responsible for the attack on the two oil tankers in international waters after releasing video footage its says shows an Iranian patrol boat removing an unexploded mine from one of the vessels’ hulls.

“We’re making sure that General McKenzie and the central command has the resources and the support that they need to conduct their missions,” acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said, adding that the US continues to work on building an international consensus that Iran was behind the attack.

Trump says Iran ‘did do it’

The United Kingdom released a statement Friday saying it is “almost certain” that a branch of the Iranian military — the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) — attacked two tankers.

The IRGC is an elite wing of the Iranian military that was established in the aftermath of the country’s revolution in 1979. In April 2019, the US officially designated it as a foreign terrorist organization, a move which was rejected by authorities in Tehran.

No other state or non-state actor “could plausibly have been responsible,” the statement added.

Iran does not appear to be backing off and continues to engage in provocative behavior, according to a US official, who told CNN on Friday that Iranian small boats are preventing tug boats from towing away one of the damaged tankers.

But the owner of the Front Altair tanker has said they have “no information” and “no details” about any type of obstruction around its vessel since the time of the attack, Frontline spokesperson Pat Adamson told CNN Saturday.

President Donald Trump seems convinced that Tehran was responsible.

“Iran did do it and you know they did it because you saw the boat,” he said, appearing to refer to the images and video released by the Pentagon late Thursday.

In the video, a smaller boat is shown coming up to the side of the Japanese-owned tanker. An individual stands up on the bow of the boat and can be seen removing an object from the tanker’s hull. The US says that object is likely an unexploded mine.

A senior diplomatic source of a US ally told CNN Friday, “It is a virtual certainty Iran was behind this latest attack. The video now nails it.”

The source added that the goal of the response from the US government thus far is all about publicly exposing Iranian actions and intensifying maximum pressure.

After the United States withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal, it adopted a policy of maximum economic pressure and sent a carrier group to the region, the source said this “Iranian retaliation is designed to show they can disrupt, and push oil prices up.”

The Trump administration predicted that the pressure from the United States would bring Iran to the negotiating table, but European leaders disagreed, believing it would empower the hardliners, the source continued.

Iran denies involvement

Iran has denied any involvement in the incident, with its foreign minister suggesting that the US was quick to make allegations “without a shred of evidence.”

The attack could provide more fodder for Iran hawks within the US administration, whose recent Iran saber-rattling has frustrated Trump. One of them, national security adviser John Bolton, announced last month that the Pentagon was deploying the USS Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group and a bomber task force to the Middle East in response to a “number of troubling and escalatory indications and warnings” from Iran.

The two tankers — one carrying oil and the other transporting chemicals — were attacked near the strategically important Strait of Hormuz, a vital shipping route that has been the focal point of regional tensions for decades. Roughly 30% of the world’s sea-borne crude oil passes through the strategic choke point, making it a flashpoint for political and economic friction.

Jonathan Cohen, acting US ambassador to the United Nations, said Thursday that he echoed Pompeo’s comments in a private meeting of the UN Security Council, describing the attack as “another example of Iran’s destabilizing activities in the region.”

The Iranian mission to the UN rejected the US’ claim.

Alireza Miryousefi, a spokesman for the Iranian mission, tweeted a statement saying Iran “categorically rejects the US unfounded claim” that Iran is behind the attacks and “condemns it in the strongest possible terms.”

He added that Iran “expresses concern” over the “suspicious incidents.” And he called it “ironic” that the US, which withdrew from the nuclear deal with Iran, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), is now calling Iran to come back for negotiations and diplomacy.

Speaking on Friday at a conference in Tajikistan, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said his country was willing to further scale back its commitment to the JCPOA if it does not receive “the necessary response from other signatories.”

“We still believe that making good on commitments by all the signatories could have a major role in preserving regional and global peace and security. Iran will unilaterally not be able to remain as the party adhering to the JCPOA. Other parties need to do their own share as regards the deal,” he said.


80 Comments on "Iranians fired missile at US drone prior to tanker attack, US official says"

  1. Cloggie on Mon, 17th Jun 2019 12:51 pm 

    “Dominic Raab was ‘nicknamed The Turnip by Brussels politicians’ while Brexit secretary – as he claims they worked against him because he was tough and told them things ‘no one else dared to'”

    Tell me mobby, does it count as antisemitism is Someone of the Faith is called a turnip?

    Anyway, it doesn’t really sound like the EU bigwigs had much respect for our kosher friend, which is a good sign. NWO falling apart and all that jazz.

    On a different note, of my favorite politicians visited Britain these days:

    “Shocking moment notoriously anti-Semitic Prime Minister of Malaysia tells a laughing audience at the Cambridge Union that he liked his Jewish friends because ‘they’re not like other Jews’”

    The DialyMail claims to be shocked (they have to be according to their NWO agenda), but the future elite of Britain, the smartest and the brightest, who all have an internet connection at home, giving them access to theories not peddled by UK academia, let alone the DailyMail, laugh with this mild antisemitic Malaysian PM, who doesn’t believe the Russia-did-MH17 stories for one moment, unlike the Dutch turncoat PM Rutte, who can be bought into betraying 200 dead Dutch in return for 120 ton Dutch gold, stored in the vaults of the Fed in NYC.

    Meanwhile DJT keeps off the script by engaging in a twitter flame war with the Emir of the Caliphate London, Sadiq Khan, which tells me that stories about DJT has turned into a raging neocon, as peddled by “mastermind”, are stone cold wishful thinking:

    “Sadiq Khan brands Donald Trump a ‘poster boy for racists’ in rebuke three days after President called him a ‘national disgrace’ as London’s 2019 murder toll hits 60”

    Unlike all these right-wingers in the US, like Richard Spencer and Ann Coulter, I still haven’t totally given up on Trump.

    “Now Theresa May’s deputy David Lidington backs Rory Stewart as the former wildcard Tory leadership candidate gets late surge of support from MPs who want to see Boris Johnson ‘knocked down a peg or two'”

    This shouldn’t come as no surprise as the Soft-Brexit/Remainer wing of the Tory party may be in the defensive, but is not down for the count.

    I don’t think Rory can beat BoJo, but a 2nd place will put him in the spotlight and he can be kept in reserve as a plan B. Like after a vote of no confidence in the current parliament against PM BoJo, in case he tries to force a no-deal Brexit.

  2. Theedrich on Mon, 17th Jun 2019 1:10 pm 

    With all of the hysteria whipped up by the DeepState and Fake News media about how Satanic President Trump is, the elephants (plural) in the room go completely unnoticed, in particular the growing drug cancer.  On Tuesday, 2019 Jun 11, C-SPAN ( recorded a Senate Hearing on Combating Drug Trafficking.  A few points made during the discussion about this existential crisis:

    Illicit drug trade in U.S.:  profits $426 to $652 billion/yr
    Distribution:  global and growing
    Adapts to market changes
    Deaths due to drugs (2017):
        California, 5,000;
        Texas, ~3,000, about half from synthetic opioids;
        U.S.:  approaching 70,000 – 174 every day;
        globally (2015, latest):  450,000;
        # people murdered in Mexico since 2006 in connection with the drug trade:  150,000.
    In 2018, in Mexico, an estimated ⅓ to ½ of 33,000 murders committed were drug-trafficking related, with only 21% of the cases having gone to trial.
    In 2018, National Drug Assessment:  drug poisoning = leading cause of death and injury in the U.S.
        (outnumbers deaths from firearms, motor vehicles, suicide and homicide).
    # of major source or transit countries:  22, primarily in Central and South America, as well as Asia
    Domestic and transnational cartels operating in Mexico and Texas:  Sinaloa;  Jalisco New Generation;  Gulf;  Los Zetas;  many others
    In the last few years, fentanyl has “skyrocketed” in prominence
    In 2018, more than 133,000 pounds of heroin, cocaine, meth and fentanyl, were seized in the U.S.
        (To date in 2019, nearly 101,000 pounds of these substances have already been seized, and we’re just halfway through the year.)
    The cartels traffic in:  cocaine, heroin, fentanyl and other illegal drugs;  migrants;  humans for sex slavery;  money laundering;  counterfeit goods;  etc.
    World’s largest supplier of illicit opium:  Afghanistan.  (Mission accomplished — after 17 years of war?)

    Migration and drug trafficking may arguably be separate issues, but when Border Patrol has been overwhelmed by this mass influx of humanity swarming into entry points, Customs and Border Protection officers have to be assigned different duties to take care of children and families;  consequently, the drug cartels exploit that chaos and uncertainty to move more of their poison into the U.S.  It is, thus, impossible to separate migration from drug trafficking entirely.

    Note that the “Beto” (true name:  Robert Francis) O’Rourke, darling of the Leftist media, ridicules the War on Drugs and says it should be eliminated.
    And the Democratic Party, holding the House of Representatives hostage, refuses to pass laws to stop the invasion coming through the southern border.  It wants more outhouse parasites imported so that the Democratic Party will be the only one in the U.S.

    Yet the DeepState and media are more interested in pursuing foreign wars than in saving the lives of Americans at home.

    Also of note:  According to 𝕿𝖍𝖊 𝕹𝖊𝖜 𝖄𝖔𝖗𝖐 𝕿𝖎𝖒𝖊𝖘, the Pentagon, through its Cyber Command, is now using cyber “implants” to attack Russia’s power grid (  (Of course, if Russia did the same to the U.S., it would be declared an act of war.  See  The paper also says that the Pentagonians have refrained from telling Trump about what they are doing for fear that the President might leak the information to Russia.  So now we know that the “heroic” military has its own foreign policy, which supersedes that of the U.S.  True democracy.

  3. Cloggie on Mon, 17th Jun 2019 1:50 pm 

    What would happen if America left Europe to fend for itself?
    Time to start thinking the unthinkable

    Europe has already decided to combine its existing armies into an EU army.

    “French President Emmanuel Macron Calls for a ‘European Army’ to Defend Against China, Russia and the U.S.”

    The Economist, another Johnny come lately.
    With Britain out of the way, the sky is the limit.

  4. Cloggie on Mon, 17th Jun 2019 1:59 pm 

    Airbus announces new long-range model A321XLR, as early as 2023, two years before Boeing does:

    Range 8700 km (Frankfurt-Wladiwostok). The plane is expected to be 30% more fuel efficient than a comparable model like the B575.

    Airbus is clearly preparing itself to distance itself from US competition.

  5. Anonymouse on Mon, 17th Jun 2019 2:04 pm 

    “Europe has already decided to combine its existing armies into an EU army.”

    cloggenkike is full of shit again

  6. I AM THE MOB on Mon, 17th Jun 2019 2:41 pm 

    Alex Jones sent child porn to Sandy Hook families

    Enjoy prison you fat shack of shit!


  7. More Davy Identity Theft on Mon, 17th Jun 2019 4:47 pm 

    Davy on Mon, 17th Jun 2019 2:04 pm

  8. Gaia on Mon, 17th Jun 2019 5:04 pm 

    We live in a complex world and everyone is different in many ways (religious and political views, culture etc.). There is no perfect government.

  9. Robert Inget on Mon, 17th Jun 2019 5:56 pm 


    Pentagon sending 1,000 more troops as tensions with Iran grow
    By BRYAN BENDER 06/17/2019 06:37 PM EDT
    Share on Facebook Share on Twitter
    The Pentagon is dispatching an additional 1,000 troops to the Middle East in response to recent attacks on oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman that the United States blames on Iran.

    “The recent Iranian attacks validate the reliable, credible intelligence we have received on hostile behavior by Iranian forces and their proxy groups that threaten United States personnel and interests across the region,” acting Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan said in a statement.

    The additional forces are “for defensive purposes to address air, naval, and ground-based threats in the Middle East,” the statement added. They are in addition to reinforcements of 1,500 personnel sent to the region late last month along with the USS Abraham Lincoln aircraft carrier battle group.

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  10. Robert Inget on Mon, 17th Jun 2019 6:01 pm 

    Joyce Karam

    Verified account

    Follow Follow @Joyce_Karam
    More Joyce Karam Retweeted العربية عاجل
    #Iraq : Reports of 3 Katyusha Missiles hitting Taji base, N of Baghdad that hosts US Troops.

    If true, more signs of escalation between US & Iran whose proxies have Katyusha

  11. Robert Inget on Mon, 17th Jun 2019 6:23 pm 

    True or not, warbirds are flying.


    Replying to @Joyce_Karam @ilToroNero
    This is not just an escalation, this is a declare a war against USA (30)

    Israel, Saudi Arabia and UAR are drooling, itching,
    (take your pick) for US to do their fighting for em). IOW’s “Hired guns in defense of our oil”

    Everyone forgets, if Iran gets hit (back?) CL goes ballistic and not for just a few hours or days but decades. After all, radio active crude needs to ‘rest’ for 2,500 years.

    Makes sense in some twisted way.
    After all, we invented the SUV, the Pick-Up truck,
    900 HP diesel D9 (Cat), the 747, central air, 60 inch flat screen TV’s, Reality TV.

    0 replies 0 retweets 0 likes

    On Twitter folks use their actual names (or what sound like real names)

  12. I AM THE MOB on Mon, 17th Jun 2019 7:14 pm 


  13. makati1 on Mon, 17th Jun 2019 7:48 pm 

    Tactical/US suicide. But then, look at the psychos running the US these days. Go for it!

  14. I AM THE MOB on Mon, 17th Jun 2019 8:01 pm 


    The oil is going to start running out soon..The mask is off and the US doesn’t care!

    This is a battle to the death! We have nothing to lose!

    The oil will be ours!

    Live free or die!

  15. Duncan Idaho on Mon, 17th Jun 2019 8:15 pm 

    After all, radio active crude needs to ‘rest’ for 2,500 years.
    Plutonium has a half life of 24,000 years.
    U235 is even longer.
    So, how were things for us humans 24,000 years ago?

  16. makati1 on Mon, 17th Jun 2019 8:18 pm 

    MOB, there is plenty of oil left because the world economy will collapse before it is all gone. The US is first in line for that event. It has nothing of value the rest of the world needs. Nothing.

    Your orange leader is building a wall of isolation around you that will keep all of you tax slaves inside the police state. Your infrastructure is failing as fast as your economy. Only lies keep it afloat and they are becoming too obvious to work much longer.

    Desperation is setting in, MOB. The mafia US wants/needs a war, but the only real enemies left are too powerful to take on. Even the most deluded warmonger, like Bolton, knows the US would be wiped out in a war with China or Russia and mortally wounded by one with Iran. It is in a corner of its own making with no way out.

    Interesting to watch from a seat 8,000 miles away. GO TRUMP!

  17. Cloggie on Mon, 17th Jun 2019 10:55 pm 

    The oil is going to start running out soon..The mask is off and the US doesn’t care!

    This is a battle to the death! We have nothing to lose!

    The oil will be ours!

    Live free or die!

    The infamous Ugly American speaking, the world knows so well by now.


    From the same source:


    Absolute credible threat. The big winners in such a case:

    – Vladimir Putin and his €300 oil and new EU vassal
    – Renewable energy industry in Europe
    – Environment

    The big losers:

    – EU, Japanese and Chinese economies

    It will be interpreted as a hostile act by the EU and China and the US will be correctly blamed.

    And with the world economy in tatters, anti-American hatred will be immense and all the conditions will be met for WW3.

    Expect economic retalliation:

    – taking out all US economic assets, with Amazon, Apple, Boeing, Microsoft, MacDonalds at the top of the list
    – perfect opportunity to criminalize the use of the dollar in Eurasia and dump it once and for all
    – Eurasians withdrawing from all the empire institutions: UN, SC, WB, IMF, etc and create new ones in the middle of Eurasia
    – Iran and Turkey attacking KSA with Eurasian support
    – lynching of pro-US vassals in Europe. Yeah you, Mark Rutte
    – End of NATO. Removal of all US bases in Eurasia.
    – Basic Iranian oil and gas deliveries to Europe and China via Caspian Sea
    – Nord Stream 2 will be a Godsent and so is Turkstream. Expect a short leg from Turkstream into Bulgaria, Southstream if you will.
    – Expect fracking to take off in Eurasia and UCG development.

  18. Cloggie on Mon, 17th Jun 2019 11:13 pm 

    “Mel Gibson to play a ‘Rothchild’ in upcoming film”

    Haha, couldn’t come at a more opportune moment!

  19. Cloggie on Tue, 18th Jun 2019 1:52 am 

    BoJo may be have been called a “bastard” by his own daughter recently, he also appears to have bastard children:

    “So how many children DOES Boris have? Johnson under pressure to answer questions about the size of his family as privacy case over ‘illegitimate daughter’ resurfaces”

    It is clear that the DailyMail, one of the few British newspapers that is mildly pro-Brexit and the only reason why I daily quote from it… it is clear that the DM is very worried about the prospect of a BoJo premiership and subsequent no-deal Brexit.

    They now even seem to promote Rory the Tory, while they hoist him in 2nd place:

    “Now Theresa May’s deputy David Lidington backs Rory Stewart as the former wildcard Tory leadership candidate gets late surge of support from MPs who want to see Boris Johnson ‘knocked down a peg or two'”

  20. Cloggie on Tue, 18th Jun 2019 2:01 am 

    The Donald to throw out millions of Dems voters:

    The German police thinks they found the killer of a prominent German politician Walter Lübcke, memberof the neo-nazi group “Combat18”.

    This is the video that got Walter Lübcke killed, may God have his soul:

    Luebke was defending the immigration policies of his political friend Angela Merkel: “if you don’t like these policies you can always go to another country”.

    Walter Lübcke is now himself in a different country, far away above the clouds, after a head shot from close distance.

    More to follow.

  21. I AM THE MOB on Tue, 18th Jun 2019 5:12 am 


    You are just a nutter talking to yourself..Nobody even reads the trash you post from your tabloid daily mail..

    You are nothing more than a white trash carnival barker..

  22. I AM THE MOB on Tue, 18th Jun 2019 5:33 am 

    Italy’s Last-Ditch Plan to Save its Economy May Doom the Eurozone


  23. I AM THE MOB on Tue, 18th Jun 2019 10:27 am 

    According to the new BP bible

    Norway’s oil consumption hit its highest ever level last year. So much for electric vehicles. Oh, and California’s oil consumption also continues to rise..


  24. I AM THE MOB on Tue, 18th Jun 2019 11:43 am 

    As proof of its Gulf of Oman claims against Iran, the US has circulated a grainy, Loch Ness Monster-quality video..

  25. I AM THE MOB on Tue, 18th Jun 2019 11:46 am 

    Ocasio-Cortez Accuses Trump Admin of ‘Brutalizing’ Immigrants in ‘Concentration Camps’

  26. I AM THE MOB on Tue, 18th Jun 2019 12:50 pm 

    The US Has Allegedly Placed Malware Deep in Russia’s Power Grid

    Out go the lights mother Russia!


  27. I AM THE RETARD on Tue, 18th Jun 2019 1:46 pm 

    I AM THE MOB on Tue, 18th Jun 2019 11:46 am I I AM THE MOB on Tue, 18th Jun 2019 12:50 pm

  28. Cloggie on Tue, 18th Jun 2019 2:28 pm 

    The most prominent weekly in Germany is die Zeit (Time).

    Alle sollen Angst haben

    Neonazis versuchen seit Langem, durch Terrorakte eine vorrevolutionäre Lage zu schaffen. Ihre Chancen sind nicht schlecht. Weil wir nie aus ihren Strategien lernen.

    (“All should fear. Neonazis have long tried to create a pre-revolutionary situation. Their chances to achieve that are not bad at all… because we never learn from their strategies”)

    This is the first time that I sense real despair with our lefties and US media vassals.

    Europa schließt die Mittelmeerroute für Flüchtlinge
    Hart an der Grenze.

    Die Träume von Europas Hardlinern sind wahr geworden: Die Seenotrettung ist fast eingestellt, die Routen über das Mittelmeer sind mehr oder weniger dicht. Und jetzt?

    Der Spiegel admits that Fortress Europe is now a fact.
    Europe has closed down the “refuge”-route. The dreams of the hard-liners have come true.

  29. More Davy Sock Puppetry and Projections on Tue, 18th Jun 2019 3:25 pm 

    I AM THE RETARD on Tue, 18th Jun 2019 1:46 pm

  30. Duncan Idaho on Thu, 20th Jun 2019 1:18 pm 

    “look, anyone that can take aircraft out at 60000 feet is going to cause you considerable pain if you attack them.”
    Anyone see the message?

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