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Page added on February 17, 2019

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Iranian Says Israel ‘Looking for War’

Public Policy
Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said the EU needs to be willing to 'get wet' [Andreas Gebert/ Reuters]
Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said the EU needs to be willing to ‘get wet’ [Andreas Gebert/ Reuters]

Iran‘s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has accused Israel of “looking for war” and warned that its behaviour and that of the United States were increasing the chances of a clash in the Middle East.

“The risk [of war] is great. The risk will be even greater if you continue to turn a blind eye to severe violations of international law,” Zarif said in an address at the Munich Security Conference on Sunday.

Zarif appeared to be referring to Israeli air attacks against Iranian targets in Syria.

“Certainly, some people are looking for war … Israel,” he said.

Israel carried out a series of air raids last month against what it said were facilities belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard in Syria.

Israel has carried out hundreds of air attacks in Syria in the past few years against Iranian and Hezbollah targets.

“Israeli behaviour is putting international law on the shelf, US behaviour is putting international law on the shelf,” said Zarif.

‘US obsession’

During the speech, the Iranian foreign minister also addressed the US’s “unhealthy fixation” with his country and condemned the Trump administration’s efforts to press European countries to pull out of the nuclear agreement with Tehran.

On Saturday, US Vice President Mike Pence urged European powers Germany, France and Britain (the E3) to follow Washington in withdrawing from the deal and to “stop undermining US sanctions”.

The nuclear deal was signed in 2015 to curb Iran’s nuclear capacity in exchange for sanctions relief before US President Donald Trump decided to withdraw the US from the deal in May.

Zarif said Pence “arrogantly demanded that Europe must join the US in undermining its own security and breaking its obligations” and also slammed Washington as the “biggest source of destabilisation” in the Middle East.

‘EU needs to get wet’

Pence’s remarks came days after the EU made a final attempt to keep Iran part of the nuclear deal launching a financial vehicle, INSTEX, a barter-type system to facilitate humanitarian trade between Europe and Iran while skirting direct financial transactions with Iran, evading possible US sanctions.

Referring to the payment mechanism, Iran’s foreign minister said that it will fell short and that the three signatories of the deal – France, Britain and Germany – needed to do more to show their commitment to the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran.

“INSTEX falls short of commitments by the E3 to save the nuclear deal,” Zarif said at the conference.

“Europe needs to be willing to get wet if it wants to swim against the dangerous tide of US unilateralism”.

The three European nations, as well as Russia, China and the European Union as a whole, have been struggling to save the 2015 deal with Iran since Trump announced the US withdrawal last year.

Those working to preserve the agreement have been trying to walk a fine line between mollifying Iran without angering Washington.

Zarif’s comments appeared directed at European assurances that INSTEX could concentrate on products not currently subject to US sanctions, such as medicine, medical supplies, and agricultural goods, rather than on broader trade.

Reporting from Munich, Al Jazeera’s Hashem Ahelbarra said Zarif struck a more assertive tone than he had done previously.

“I have seen Javad Zarif last year here in Munich partly charming, trying to reach out to the world saying that the best chance for the world is to engage diplomatically with Iranians, and partly aggressive when saying that the Israelis are trying to drag the region towards conflicts and wars.

“Today I have seen a different Javad Zarif being very aggressive, hitting back at US Vice President Pence saying that American fixation with Iran is pathologic.”

Al Jazeeera

48 Comments on "Iranian Says Israel ‘Looking for War’"

  1. Cloggie on Sun, 17th Feb 2019 11:07 am 

    das boot, Iranian style:

    Home grown, 200 m depth, 2000 km missile range.

    Fateh = conqueror

  2. dissident on Sun, 17th Feb 2019 1:21 pm 

    No sh*t, Sherlock. It certainly isn’t Iran that is looking for a war. But US leader-clowns are baying for war with increased intensity.

    The claim that Iran is a terror sponsor is pure BS. Hezbollah is not a terrorist organization. It is a guerrilla movement that kicked Israeli occupants out of southern Lebanon and kicked their a**es during the 2006 invasion. Israel’s unhappiness is not a proof of Hezbollah’s badness.

    Hamas, Daesh, Al Qaeda and all the other actual terrorists that actually slaughter civilians as their modus operandi are all Sunni outfits sponsored by Saudi Arabia. If Saudia Arabia gets a free pass from the US and the rest of NATO, then what is exactly the case against Iran? That it makes Israel unhappy and does not conform to NATO agendas. Oh my, the humanity.

  3. Davy on Sun, 17th Feb 2019 1:28 pm 

    “The claim that Iran is a terror sponsor is pure BS. Hezbollah is not a terrorist organization.”

    LMFAO, get real! Yea and Israel and the US sponsor terror too. Binary thinking individuals are so emotional and trapped in their agendas.

  4. Kaiser Jeep on Sun, 17th Feb 2019 1:34 pm 


    My real name is KAISER CREEP.

    KAISER CREEP’S pompous and arrogant screen name fits perfectly with the vile personality. The CREEP thinks he is intimidating others by naming himself KAISER or CAESAR-EMPEROR. No German would EVER adopt this name. Talk about an overly-inflated sense of ego. Yeah, bow down to me you provincial peasant for I am your EMPEROR and CAESAR.

  5. Cloggie on Sun, 17th Feb 2019 4:43 pm 

    “Iranian Says Israel ‘Looking for War’”

    Iran is right:

    “An over-excited Netanyahu even tweeted that the Warsaw meeting was preparing for `war with Iran.’ He was forced to retract his tweet.”

    Will Trump really wage war against Iran?

    Retracting from Syria is not exactly a sign of rolling back Iranian influence from the ME. Netanyahoo wants war, will Trump obey?

  6. Chrome Mags on Sun, 17th Feb 2019 6:22 pm 

    “It certainly isn’t Iran that is looking for a war. But US leader-clowns are baying for war with increased intensity.”

    I agree, dissident.

  7. makati1 on Sun, 17th Feb 2019 6:26 pm 

    There is a war coming to the ME and it will be a big one that indirectly will affect everyone financially. The Strait of Hormuz will close, stopping oil from flowing by ship. Oil pipelines will be destroyed. Ditto NG pipelines. The great city of Dubai will be destroyed. Ditto for many oil refineries and fields.

    If it doesn’t go nuclear, the rest of the world will survive. (Israel, KSA, and maybe others, are nuclear countries, not to mention their “partners” the US, Russia and China.) A few nukes exchanged may be a good thing if it brings the rest of the world to its senses. Take out Jerusalem, and Mecca and call it Armageddon. It’s only a matter of time.

  8. asg70 on Sun, 17th Feb 2019 6:39 pm 

    Meh. What else is new.

  9. makati1 on Sun, 17th Feb 2019 8:02 pm 

    Oiling the “slippery slope…

    “Trump’s State of Emergency: A Step Towards Presidential Dictatorship”

    “U.S. Student Debt in ‘Serious Delinquency’ Tops $166 Billion”


    “Retail Apocalypse and Carmageddon Continue to Pick up Speed”

    “Retail Apocalypse and Carmageddon Continue to Pick up Speed
    by Knave Dave – Feb 15, 2019 2:03 pm

    The Retail Apocalypse took another trip downhill during the all-important holiday season.
    Iran’s Death Spiral — 40 Years And Counting
    by Steve H. Hanke – Feb 16, 2019 2:00 pm

    “Down With Americans, Long Live Putin!” Haitian Protesters Burn American Flag, Urge Russian Help Against US “Puppet” Regime’

    “Insys Used Rap Video To Push For Higher Opioid Doses”

    “A New Study Discovers Two-Thirds Of All Bankruptcies In The United States Are Primarily Caused By Medical Bills”

    And the slide goes on and on and on and….

  10. makati1 on Sun, 17th Feb 2019 8:51 pm 

    Slimy slope to 3rd world America:

    “Is pink slime the same as ground beef? The USDA says yes”

    ““After reviewing BPI’s submission of a new product and new production process, FSIS determined that the product meets the regulatory definition of ground beef under the law in 9 CFR 319.15(a) and may be labeled accordingly,” a FSIS spokesperson told me, in an emailed statement.”

    “That product is then sterilized with a strong puff of ammonia gas to kill pathogens, as beef trimmings are especially susceptible to contamination. (Ammonia might sound scary, but it’s a common food additive and processing agent that’s generally regarded to be safe in small amounts.) From there, it’s sold to meatpackers who mix it in with their ground beef to lower the fat content as desired. For decades, it was a booming business, and BPI had claimed that its product was present in over 70 percent of ground beef sold in the U.S. before 2012.”

    Your new “ground beef” is made from what used to be used for pet food. LMAO

  11. Roger on Sun, 17th Feb 2019 10:22 pm 

    “”Therefore prophesy, son of man, and say to Gog, ‘Thus says the Lord GOD, “On that day when My people Israel are living securely, will you not know it? You will come from your place out of the remote parts of the north, you and many peoples with you, all of them riding on horses, a great assembly and a mighty army; and you will come up against My people Israel like a cloud to cover the land. It shall come about in the last days that I will bring you against My land, so that the nations may know Me when I am sanctified through you before their eyes, O Gog.””
    ‭‭Ezekiel‬ ‭38:14-16‬ ‭NASB‬‬

  12. makati1 on Mon, 18th Feb 2019 1:16 am 

    America in real time: “We’ve Been Reduced to Enemy Combatants in Our Own Country”

    This article points out a full list of the reasons the US is no longer number one in positive areas and doesn’t deserve to live.

    ““There’s absolutely no evidence to support the statement that [America is] the greatest country in the world. We’re 7th in literacy, 27th in math, 22nd in science, 49th in life expectancy, 178th in infant mortality, 3rd in median household income, number 4 in labor force and number 4 in exports. We lead the world in only three categories: number of incarcerated citizens per capita, number of adults who believe angels are real and defense spending, where we spend more than the next 26 countries combined, 25 of whom are allies…

    We’ve had our freedoms turned inside out, our democratic structure flipped upside down, and our house of cards left in a shambles….

    We’ve had our children burned by flashbang grenades, our dogs shot, and our old folks hospitalized after “accidental” encounters with marauding SWAT teams. We’ve been told that as citizens we have no rights within 100 miles of our own border, now considered “Constitution-free zones.” We’ve had our faces filed in government databases, our biometrics crosschecked against criminal databanks, and our consumerist tendencies catalogued for future marketing overtures.”

    Every claim (many) is backed up with references (in red) for your education. I appreciate his compendium of all the things I have been pointing out and more. I will likely post this again when I think it is appropriate.

  13. makati1 on Mon, 18th Feb 2019 1:18 am 

    Rodger, aren’t you a bit old to believe in fairy tales? LOL

  14. Cloggie on Mon, 18th Feb 2019 2:11 am 

    “Rodger, aren’t you a bit old to believe in fairy tales? LOL”

    Roger was devastated when he found out that Santaclaus had been his dressed-up dad all along. So something new needed to replace Santa.

    In the US there seem to be a lot of Rogers, even in the highest places. Scary thought, considering that these folks tie the destructive potential of nukes with the Second Coming of Christ.

  15. makati1 on Mon, 18th Feb 2019 3:05 am 

    Some cannot break the conditioning/brainwashing they got from their parents. That lack of intelligent thought has, and is, causing much of the problems today. Muslims, Christians and Jews believe in the SAME god, yet kill each other because of some disagreement in 600AD by two old men who had “visions” (Drug related?) that differed. There are hundreds of religions in the world today and all claim their god is the only. LMAO

  16. Cloggie on Mon, 18th Feb 2019 3:13 am 

    Regarding mak’s Counterpunch link…

    Nowhere a hint of a serious explanation of the spectacular rise of America in the 20th century. There is only one: oil, a gigantic multiplier of power.

    Instead everything is explained in fake moral motivations. The author quotes a jew Aaron Sorkin:

    “America] sure used to be [the greatest country in the world ]… We stood up for what was right. We fought for moral reason… We sacrificed, we cared about our neighbors”

    Complete utter BS. The US fought always under a moral pretext, which is something completely different.

    Before I get accused of “anti-Americanism”… I don’t believe that the average American is so much different from the average European, in moral terms.

    But it was the oil-based economy that gave the US elite so much power, 29% global GDP in 1941 and 40% in 1950…

    …that they couldn’t resist the temptation to go on a conquest spree (not unlike the Europeans had done in the centuries before 1900 vis-a-vis what is now known as the “third world”).

    They did, because they could.

    And when the Trumpert claims to MAGA, meaning America eclipsing the rest of the world, like in 1950, he is selling BS, or more likely he is honest (in expressing his intentions) but he simply doesn’t understand the reasons (oil first, 90% white second and reserve currency and main competitor Europe in ruins third, thanks to America) of why America was eclipsing the rest in 1950.

    All the conditions of 1950 no longer apply.

    – Oil and gas: everybody is using it. And Europeans beat Americans in their ability to make a million bucks with far less energy:

    – And with conventional oil and gas slowly running out, America is missing the boat regarding the new emerging energy system of the 21st century: renewables. Sure, a lot is happening in the US on a local and state level, but on a federal level a coherent commitment and detailed strategy is missing. It is Europe that is eclipsing America here.

    – Reserve currency: painting with a broad brush: “we print, you work and deliver”. “We” is America, “you” the rest of the world, a situation created directly after WW2 in Bretton Woods. Meanwhile the rest of the world has understood the implications of this state of affairs and predictably is trying to undermine it. Major parties like Russia and China are actively undermining it and several countries try to play out dollar-America and euro-Europe against each other, with still limited success. It probably takes a major conflict like WW3 between the US and Eurasia to finally deliver the impetus to write off large dollar reserves (think trillions) and criminalize the use of the dollar in Eurasia. That move would cost the US 35-40% GDP.

    – Immigration. In 1941 America was 90% white, currently below 20 years old whites only constitute 45%. In America the myth rules of racial egalitarianism. Everybody is supposedly equal and if for some reason this belief is not in harmony with reality, this is explained away by “evil whitey” who is “suppressing” non-whites (“racism!”). Although racism (as in preference for your own kind) is real and universal (everywhere on the planet) it can’t explain the clear differences in competence between races. Sweden has a per capita GDP of say $55k, Nigera $6k. Reason: race. Perhaps that in 500-1000 years time things will look different, but not now. This is the prime reason for the relative decline of the US vs Eurasia. And it will only get worse with the ongoing replacement of the white population. America still pretends to be a first world country, but it already is with one leg in the third world.

    – Europe is no longer in ruins and united, if we ignore Britain. And it has a serious alternative alliance option, namely with Russia, that is forced into the arms of China, but would prefer to be member of the European club, because it is quietly nervous of the meteoric rise of China.

    Sorry mr Trump, forget about MAGA… that would come at a Eurasian expense anyway. All the conditions for US planetary dominance, as they existed in 1950, no longer apply and never will again.

    America will remain a large power (if it manages to remain in one piece, a big if) but hegemony is over.

  17. Davy on Mon, 18th Feb 2019 4:22 am 

    “Chinese Data Leak Reveals Millions Of People Actively Tracked By Surveillance Network”

    “A data leak discovered by a Dutch internet expert has revealed over 2.5 million people who are under active surveillance by a Chinese government contractor, reports Reuters. An exposed database maintained by Shenzhen-based facial-recognition technology company SenseNets Technology revealed ID card numbers, birth dates and location data which went unprotected for months, according to Victor Gevers, co-founder of GDI.Foundation – a nonprofit organization which hunts for critical vulnerabilities around the internet. Exposed data also showed about 6.7 million location data points linked to the people which were gathered within 24 hours, tagged with descriptions such as “mosque”, “hotel,” “internet cafe” and other places where surveillance cameras were likely to be found. –Reuters”

  18. Davy on Mon, 18th Feb 2019 4:40 am 

    “Two Diverging Worlds: Wealthy Nations Population & Demographic Declines, Poor Nation Growth No Substitute” graph
    graph graph

    “In 2019, the global population is an astonishing 7.7 billion persons (black line, chart below) and in this year alone, earths human population will increase by about 81 million persons (blue and red columns, below). As the chart below details, the poor nations will add 61 million while the wealthy nations will add 20 million (I’ll detail these terms below). This article will explain why despite this seemingly gargantuan population size and growth, it is the geographic and demographic distribution of that growth that deems further economic growth implausible (and more realistically ushers in the “Great Decline”) while meanwhile offers great solace for those concerned about environmental and resource depletion issues.”

    “Global economic demand is set to decline as each year, smaller waves of wealthy nation young adults (with the income, savings, and/or access to credit) enters the economy. The Japanese and German models of exporting their way through depopulation worked so long as the global import tide was rising. That path no longer exists for Japan, Germany, and in particular, China. But the minor wealthy population declines result in an asymmetric decline in economic activity. Without net growth of consumers, far fewer new factories are needed, far fewer infrastructure buildups/outs, far less new housing stocks, fewer employees throughout. Existing overcapacities are obvious losses. Absent growth, the over-leveraged and over-indebted fall under the weight of unserviceable loans. While global urbanization will continue unabated with young migrating to the opportunity of cities, this will only exacerbate and accelerate the rural fall. The growth of the poor nations population (with only minimally rising incomes relative to the “wealthy”) is nowhere close to offsetting the declines among the wealthy. In fact, absent the growing “wealthy” demand, the poor nations have a shrinking export market and a declining means to continue their own economic growth and development. Economic capacity is set to continue rising with innovation, automation, AI, and so many more means to continue creating greater supply. Simultaneous secularly declining demand and rising capacity resulting in deflation, depression, and further depopulation. The simple global playbook has been for central banks to lower interest rates commensurate with the declining growth of the consumer population and federal governments to conversely stimulate via lower taxation and greater deficit spending. This playbook is tired and fraying. While many search for solutions in socialism, modern monetary theory, even lower tax rates, negative interest rates, mass immigration, trade policies, MAGA, and a hundred other “solutions”; they are inadequate solutions to even the “last crisis” and do not even attempt to understand, let alone solve, the current issues.”

  19. Davy on Mon, 18th Feb 2019 4:52 am 

    “The Trap Has Been Set”

    “The global slowdown has been much discussed lately. A slowdown in Europe and China was considered to be the main reason for the December stock market rout combined with the balance sheet normalization (QT) program of the Federal Reserve. What is behind the slowdown? No satisfactory answer has emerged, though China’s efforts to curb excessive lending are a natural candidate, in addition to the fact that central banks have been removing stimulus. The answer, however, goes deeper into the structure of modern economies. We will show in the March issue of our Q-review that the world economy never actually recovered from the financial crisis, and explain the reasons why. The failure of the economic drivers of global growth, China, the Eurozone and the US, is at the heart of the non-recovery. We will delve into that here.”

    “In June 2017, we noticed that something strange was going on in the global economy. The growth of total factor productivity (TFP) had stagnated starting in 2011. This is something that should not happen in a growing economy. TFP is the measure of that part of GDP growth that changes in the quality and quantity of investments and work force cannot explain. It’s generally thought to be the measure of technological change driving economic growth. If it stagnates, it means that production is not becoming more efficient. That is, the achieved production is just the sum of capital and labor. Stagnation thus implies that our ability to create productive innovations has halted. A serious omen, and yet this is exactly what has happened since 2011. Why?”

    “After the GFC, leaders of Europe, China and the United States enacted exceptional measures to “save” the global economy. These kept many insolvent banks and companies operating thus intensifying the zombification of the global economy. However, the GFC also led to a fall in the investment rate in the euro area and in the US (see Figure 2). Their gross formation of physical capital fell by several percentage points and it has never recovered. The capital formation in China has kept its (very high) rate. There, however, the problem is that investments have grown increasingly unproductive.”

    “The Chinese economy has become a Ponzi. It cannot sustain itself without a continued harrowing rise in debt. Halt the growth in debt and the real economy will tumble, and that’s what we have seen recently.”

  20. Davy on Mon, 18th Feb 2019 5:08 am 

    “New hot spot boils in the South China Sea”

    “China is bidding to block Philippine efforts to repair strategic facilities on contested Thitu Island, putting the two rival claimants on a new collision course”

  21. Davy on Mon, 18th Feb 2019 5:18 am 

    “World’s biggest battery to boost solar in Texas”

    “The world’s largest battery could soon be storing solar energy deep in the heart of Texas oil country. The 495-megawatt storage system would be built in tandem with a solar farm of the same size in Borden County, Texas.”

    “Recent battery-backed solar projects have, at most, 100 megawatts of panels and 30 megawatts of storage, said Yayoi Sekine, an analyst at BloombergNEF.”

    “The project underscores how Big Oil’s demand for power in the fossil fuels-rich Permian Basin of Texas and New Mexico is, in a twist, boosting the case for renewable energy. Texas’s power grid operator has stressed the need for more electricity resources in the region to power oil and gas drilling operations.”

  22. Cloggie on Mon, 18th Feb 2019 6:04 am 

    New sport in US politics: “let’s declare a national emergency!”

    If Trump can declare a national emergency over the border wall, the Dems think they can do the same over:

    1. climate change
    2. guns ownership

    The flash in the pan could happen much earlier than many anticipate.

  23. Robert Inget on Mon, 18th Feb 2019 9:24 am 

    I wish we had a real Nazi like Cloggie as President instead of the ersatz Fascist we have today.

  24. Cloggie on Mon, 18th Feb 2019 9:35 am 

    You wish you had the presidency at all, Bobby.

    What are you going to do about it? Already made up your mind between Manila and Italy once the US changes in an XXL Yugoslavia?

    Here is one of your fellow tribesmen openly speculating about CW2:

    You folks lost the USSR, now you are going to lose the US. It will be 1492 all over again.

    Some things never change. Gentile-Jewish interaction, a pendulum that never stops, left-right-left-right.

    Greetings from Holland, where it all began for you.

    History is coming full circle.

  25. Robert Inget on Mon, 18th Feb 2019 12:27 pm 

    I used fewer words, Clog.
    Americans never had Fascists with any real political power, until now.

    Europeans had a Nazi experience, we didn’t.

    Luck held this time. Our Nazi can’t read.

    After we are done with Lefties, the next US Fascist
    will doubtless be a Mussolini figure but with some class.

  26. Cloggie on Mon, 18th Feb 2019 12:45 pm 

    Americans never had Fascists with any real political power, until now.

    Americans and history, /rolleyes.

    Always isolating events or developments, taking them out of context and pretend they happen out of the blue.

    The truth is that both fascism as well as national socialism were defense mechanism against internationally rising communism. It was communism first, fascism/national socialism second.

    Obviously, you don’t want to bring up that communism of yours. A little statistic, state organized peace-time internal deaths 1933-1939:

    Fascist Italy: less than 10
    Third Reich: ca. 600
    British Empire: ca. 600
    USSR: millions

    The US probably killed more people via the death penalty than Italy did in those years.

    Oh, and that mass-murder machine USSR was YOUR ALLY, making any notion of Alllied “moral superiority” null and void.

    After we are done with Lefties, the next US Fascist will doubtless be a Mussolini figure but with some class.

    I think neither the American left nor right will win. The country is big enough for an XXL right-wing Paraguay in the Mississippi River basin, US-SW going back to Mexico (1820-borders) and the Africans can have the Atlanta-Baltimore axis and the NE would be for you. Ain’t that considerate of me? And while we are at it we can organize the Final Final Solution of the Jewish Questions by deporting, em I’m sorry, evacuating entire Israel to Upstate New York so you can concentrate on a future in local Kibbutz picking apples rather than plotting for the world revolution.

    Everybody happy, especially we in Europe, as we were never really comfortable with being colonized by a former colony. After all, Mozart, that’s us, Johnny Cash, that would be you.

    We love America so much that we would love to see at least 4 of them.

    I mean Europe from Atlantic to the Ural is 10 million km2 and has 30 countries. America has the same size but consists of only one country. That should change, to the benefit of mankind.

    Questions? Remember, I am here to help you.

  27. Cloggie on Mon, 18th Feb 2019 12:50 pm 

    Prominent Americans about CW2:

    David Horowitz:

    Newt Gingrich:

    Peter Brimelow:

  28. I AM THE MOB on Mon, 18th Feb 2019 3:13 pm 


    Your numbers are BS..The nazi’s killed over 6 million jews..

    And your conspiracies don’t stand up to scrutiny..

    Same with your renewable transition..That is why you don’t allow comments on your cheap and ugly blog..

  29. Duncan Idaho on Mon, 18th Feb 2019 5:11 pm 

    I debated David Horowitz—
    Not much of a challenge.

  30. I AM THE MOB on Mon, 18th Feb 2019 5:58 pm 

    The rat race is based on faith:

    Faith that technology always finds a way.

    Faith that there is enough energy.

    Faith that all growth is good.

    Faith that evolution will make tomorrow better than today.

    Faith that debt can always be extended.

    Faith that the people behind our leaders really know what to do.

    At some point a tipping point of rats with a crisis of faith will occur.

    The collapse may be that point.

    The collapse will be an implosion that results in chaos.

  31. Pete Bauer on Mon, 18th Feb 2019 7:08 pm 

    As long as Iran keeps threating Israel, America will threaten Iran.
    Iran’s biggest threat is from neighboring pakistan where the sunni extremist groups have conducted so many attacks on them.
    2nd biggest threat is from saudi arabia which wants to bully all shias into submission.
    Israel never threated Iran, no idea why the foolish iranian mullahs keep looking at israel.

    Hope they will learn the lessons soon.

  32. Pete Bauer on Mon, 18th Feb 2019 7:09 pm 

    Seems pakistan is the supplier of worldwide terrorism, they send terrorists to afghanistan, india, iran, iraq, syria, america at times.

    Don’t forget the fact that Osama Bin Laden was protected by pakistan until American navy seals took him.

  33. makati1 on Mon, 18th Feb 2019 7:27 pm 

    Pete, that government Koolaid must be powerful. America is the world’s number one terrorist supplier and government, bar none. But, believe what you will. You can change nothing.

  34. makati1 on Mon, 18th Feb 2019 7:35 pm 

    America is getting desperate to start WW3. As I scan the news from around the world this morning, I see more and more evidence to back up my assertion. I could list them here, but they would be ignored by the deniers and the realists already know. Europe, the Middle East, Asia, a few spots in Africa and now South America. So many powder kegs. So many fuses. All waiting for a “false flag” to set it off.

    The race is on between Trump taking down the US and the Neocon warmongers getting their war started. My personal hope is for Trump to make WW3 impossible by destroying the US from within first. Or, will the rest of the world decide to strike first. We shall see. Another warm sunny day here in the Ps. Pass the popcorn. ^_^

  35. I AM THE MOB on Mon, 18th Feb 2019 8:12 pm 

    Are we on the road to civilization collapse? BBC

    Studying the demise of historic civilisations can tell us how much risk we face today, says collapse expert Luke Kemp. Worryingly, the signs are worsening.

    We’re ripe for a total breakdown. No clean water, no food, no law and order. Just chaos.

  36. joe on Tue, 19th Feb 2019 10:14 am 

    Of course Israel wants the US to attack Iran. Israel will fight Iran to the last American.

  37. Pete Bauer on Tue, 19th Feb 2019 7:43 pm 

    Recently a muslim congresswoman from Minnesota made anti-semitic remarks.

    These folks are allied / brainwashed by Saudis.
    Day is not far that they will make anti-christian remarks as well.

  38. dumb fucks on Tue, 19th Feb 2019 8:59 pm 

    She told the truth you dumb fuck face. If she was white she would be finished

  39. dumb fucks on Tue, 19th Feb 2019 9:07 pm 

    israel threatens and bombs their neighbors all the time. They lie all the time.
    In the last few years of research i have come to the conclusion that the tribe is controlling, manipulating, setting policy, and blackmailing at least half of the countries on the planet. When people wake up it won’t be just the nazis that will want to eliminate them, it will be every race and country. so keep doing what you’re doing. unless you get lucky and the goyim are as stupid as you think. then they deserve what’s coming to them. But do you really want a world without blond shiksas?

  40. Cloggie on Wed, 20th Feb 2019 1:43 am 

    Recently a muslim congresswoman from Minnesota made anti-semitic remarks.

    I solemnly forgive here.

    In the last few years of research i have come to the conclusion that the tribe is controlling, manipulating, setting policy, and blackmailing at least half of the countries on the planet.

    That’s interesting! Tell me more about them!

  41. Cloggie on Wed, 20th Feb 2019 1:47 am

    “‘It’s idiocy of EPIC proportions!’ Honda worker slams Government’s handling of Brexit after Swindon factory closure puts 3,500 jobs at risk – but car giant insists move is NOT related to Britain leaving EU”

    The truth is that Honda was in Swindon because of Britain’s membership of the common market. Brexit stood in the way of that. But rather than Honda moving to the continent, it moved back home. Why? Because the EU and Japan signed a free trade deal recently, so there no longer was a necessity for Honda to produce in Europe at all. They can produce in Japan and unload their produce onto Europe without restrictions.

  42. joe on Wed, 20th Feb 2019 6:08 pm 

    Imho Honda are shit cars anyway. The reality of
    Brexit is not whether or not its gonna happen. In 4 weeks both the UK and EUSSR are expected to sort out a political relationship and an economic policy toward each other that will lead to a trade deal that will define both their futures. The other side of Brexit is that you have to assume that each UK trading partner by country will initiaiate a zero trade policy on March 29.
    One has to imagine that a bloc that can impliment a common banking policy will be able to impliment a trade policy. Each country will simply opt on its own to continue its own individual trade vis a vis the UK under existing (EU) rules, pending another option. The UKs biggest trading partners Germany, China, Holland, Italy, Norway etc won’t simply stop on March 29th with a deal or a ‘no deal’.
    Thats the point about Brexit.
    You don’t need the EUSSR to have trade.

  43. joe on Wed, 20th Feb 2019 6:27 pm 

    Correction “has to imagine a bloc that CANT impliment”

  44. Duncan Idaho on Wed, 20th Feb 2019 7:34 pm 

    As a citizen of the US it’s interesting that so many of these pro-war/intervention people like Trump, Abrams and Bolton were draft dodgers during the Vietnam War.

    But they are all wimps when you look closely—-

  45. Davy on Wed, 20th Feb 2019 7:57 pm 

    “Biden deferred, disqualified from Vietnam duty”

    “Bernie Sanders Applied for ‘Conscientious Objector’ Status During Vietnam, Campaign Confirms”

  46. Duncan Idaho on Wed, 20th Feb 2019 8:04 pm 

    Yep Bernie was ethically grounded, and did the appropriate action.
    Biden? A clown, like his repug compatriots.
    Dims and Repugs are Pepsi, and Pepsi Lite.

  47. makati1 on Wed, 20th Feb 2019 8:46 pm 

    If armies had to be led into war by their leaders, like Washington, Napoleon, Genghis Khan, etc, there would be no wars. Everything would be settled diplomatically.

    The warmongers should have to send all of their kids and grand kids, over 18, into battle if they start a war. But that will never happen, until the war comes home and they cannot avoid it or the consequences. Putin may have just threatened just that:

    “Russia Will Respond To ANY U.S. Weapons Deployment In Europe”

    “Russian president Vladimir Putin has vowed to use force against the United States should the U.S. deploy any missile weapons in Europe. Putin says the threat is necessary to protect Russia because U.S. weapons will be much closer to being able to destroy his country…

    “It’s their [U.S. politicians’] right to think how they want. But can they count? I’m sure they can. Let them count the speed and the range of the weapons systems we are developing,” Putin told Russia’s political elite to strong applause. “Russia will be forced to create and deploy types of weapons which can be used not only in respect of those territories from which the direct threat to us originates but also in respect of those territories where the centers of decision-making are located.”” (Washington DC)

    Slip slidin’… or is it going to be Duck and Cover? We shall see.

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