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Page added on April 18, 2021

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Iran Obtains 60% Enriched Uranium Overnight In Alarming First

Iran Obtains 60% Enriched Uranium Overnight In Alarming First thumbnail

Iran on Friday has announced its latest nuclear fait accompli, saying that it’s obtained for the first time ever 60% enriched uranium overnight. This marks the highest level of purity the Islamic Republic has ever enriched to, and has no doubt put the US and European countries negotiating in Tehran on edge.

Particularly Israel has warned it will take action to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons capability, which requires 90% enrichment, which Iranian leaders this week have warned is indeed obtainable “if we wanted to” – according to the latest remarks from President Hassan Rouhani.

Tehran’s parliament speaker Mohammad Bagher Qalibaf made the Friday announcement in a Tweet, writing, “I am proud to announce that at 00:40 last night, and on the night of the pilgrimage of Sayyid al-Shuhada, young and pious Iranian scientists were able to obtain a product of 60% enriched uranium.”

Via Reuters

Qalibaf added: “Congratulations to the brave people of Islamic Iran on this success.”

The Islamic Republic said this is the necessary response to Sunday Natanz nuclear facility sabotage attack, which has been widely blamed on Israel. An Israeli intelligence official also told The New York Times that the Jewish state was indeed behind it.

It appears also part of Iran’s latest efforts to pile on the leverage for Washington to drop Trump-era crippling sanctions on the country immediately if the US hopes to restore the JCPOA nuclear deal.

Iran is now warning that it doesn’t plan to let nuclear negotiations “drag on” and has threatened to cut talks short if they are “not constructive”.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei weighed in on this note with forceful words on Wednesday, saying“The talks shouldn’t become talks of attrition,” and that they “shouldn’t be in a way that parties drag on and prolong the talks. This is harmful to the country.”


20 Comments on "Iran Obtains 60% Enriched Uranium Overnight In Alarming First"

  1. Duncan Idaho on Sun, 18th Apr 2021 1:23 pm 

    Every country surrounding Iran has nuclear weapons.
    Why not join the club?

  2. makati1 on Sun, 18th Apr 2021 4:26 pm 

    Duncan, I suspect that Iran has them also, from long ago, but we will not see them until there is a war there. Israel will start it. Iran will end it. The US will suffer also, if they get involved. Interesting times.

  3. makati1 on Sun, 18th Apr 2021 4:30 pm 

    BTW: I’m waiting for Iran’s first nuke test and the Israelis shitting their pants. If the missile is ready, all they need is the fuel for the bomb. Then, Nuttyyahoo will need to decide if he wants to chance that they have more, and are deliverable to his home. Hmm…

  4. Dredd on Mon, 19th Apr 2021 10:42 am 

    “Iran Obtains 60% Enriched Uranium Overnight”

    Amazon is getting out of hand (New Slang – 5).

  5. SomeOfMyNothingThought on Tue, 20th Apr 2021 1:47 pm 

    Well,you, humans should considered yourself lucky that some people are trying to help you and put all this effort to make YouTube videos. Me,personally, I would have left the human race go extinct and feel I did a favor to the universe.

    You are also fucking up my prostate medicine. Like this video about worshiping women days in and days outs.

  6. SomeOfMyNothingThought on Tue, 20th Apr 2021 2:06 pm 

    I fall for this bullshit and one day I try winter camping in solo. I never did it again. I could figure out what was the purpose of so much suffering and getting nothing in return. I am not sure I can relate to that kind of bullshit anymore. I cannot figure out if this is sarcasm or not. Seem double message here

  7. YouHaveToAppreciateTheVanityOfHumanRace on Tue, 20th Apr 2021 8:59 pm 

    Slowly introducing the human race the idea that aliens exists. If GOD can create humans, what stopped to create 1000 of living species. I like how the human race considered itself the only special and unique creation of GOD. You have to love the vanity of human being.

  8. peakyeast on Wed, 21st Apr 2021 6:22 am 

    Impressive that they could do it in one night. But I guess it would not sound as alarming if it was “overdecades”.

  9. ISleepAllDayLong on Thu, 22nd Apr 2021 1:21 am 

    The true is about to come out. It is a matter of survival for the human, maybe also for all the life form in the universe. Human race has been under the control of bad reptilian for a while now.

    They (I don’t know who they are really) have started to tell the truth to YouTube and prepare people mentally for this.

    Trump is a reptilian:

    Look at eyes and the double chin.

  10. YouAreGoingDownReptlile on Thu, 22nd Apr 2021 11:23 am 

    Global cooling is coming.

    Reptilians are cold blooded and will likely be exterminated by global cooling. As soon as the electrical grid and potable water system go down, so are the reptilians. They can hide under the earth for warm, but they won’t be able to feed them self. One way or another you are going extinct, fucking piece of shit and garbage.

    You Are Exiles – DVD Part 1

  11. YouAreGoingDownReptlile on Thu, 22nd Apr 2021 11:52 am 

    This guy has good stuff. Finally the bible interpreted correctly:

  12. IWelcomeGlobalCooling on Thu, 22nd Apr 2021 12:02 pm 

    Have you notice that a lot of insect have died since the beginning global cooling.

    SO if you believe this guy . Global cooling has already kill a lot of insects because they are cold blooded, I guess we should embrace global cooling as a solution against the devil.

    MAN In OUR IMAGE – Part 4 -It is ALL about Insects USING the SERPENT (Hunting ) Race to Murder Sheep

  13. IWelcomeGlobalCooling on Thu, 22nd Apr 2021 12:52 pm 

    Canadian silver dollar. Insect on top and human in the water refection.

    Goto 1:14:16 to see what I mean.

    So I guess global cooling is GOD act trying to protect the human race from total extinction. This is why I will let the whole system come down, electrical grid and water distribution system. I might try to rebuild something once global cooling is gone and most of the insects are dead, if I survive this obviously.

  14. IWelcomeGlobalCooling on Thu, 22nd Apr 2021 1:10 pm 

    I see in the news from various nations talks about climate change and infrastructure. You are 20 to 30 year too late.

    Global cooling is here and expect crop failure this summer, with shortage of animal protein. Global cooling is an act of GOD to clean the earth of insect and weak human being, like the White feminize man.

    Global cooling is also here to clean the genetic entropy or genetic error introduce during reproduction leading to the creation of weaker man and feminized skinny man.

  15. IWelcomeGlobalCooling on Thu, 22nd Apr 2021 2:00 pm 

    I think my suspicion is becoming true. They are telling the truth to people about aliens in a progressive manner. The are slowly morphing regular human face into aliens faces.

    See at43:09. Look at her eyes, bottom teeth and upper teeth. Nose has also changed.

  16. IWelcomeGlobalCooling on Thu, 22nd Apr 2021 2:09 pm 

    This is also another good example of morphing. See comment above.

  17. IWelcomeGlobalCooling on Thu, 22nd Apr 2021 2:23 pm 

    It is happening all over the world. Some from Thailand:

  18. IWelcomeGlobalCooling on Thu, 22nd Apr 2021 2:27 pm 

    Even on baby. Notice the long tongue.

  19. IAmSharingInfoHere on Thu, 22nd Apr 2021 2:40 pm 

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    I don’t have a point to this.

  20. JustLookAtTheEyes on Thu, 22nd Apr 2021 3:51 pm 

    I will show you something go there pornhub_com.
    Remove _ and browse troughs the video. At the bottom of the page there is button to move to another page. A look at the eyes of women.

    You might freak out a little. Just look the eyes of women. Most likely all porn site belong to the reptilians. They have so much money that they can run these site at a lost.

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