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Page added on February 20, 2015

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Hyperinflation To Start in 2015: Economist Says Get Supplies : “Gold, Silver, Canned Goods, Toilet Paper, Bottled Water…”

If and when hyperinflation starts people will quickly realize that their dollars are worthless

It’s impossible to predict when and how our economy will finally reach a breaking point, but according to contrarian Shadow Stats economist John Williams  it’s coming one way or the other.

The only thing we can do now is to prepare for it and that means stockpiling critical supplies, just like you might for an earthquake or snowstorm, but in larger quantities.

Because, if and when hyperinflation starts people will quickly realize that their dollars are worthless. And as we have seen time and again, and most recently in Russia, when a currency rapidly loses its value the public will have no option but to panic buy everything that isn’t nailed down in an effort to unload their diminishing purchasing power before their currency is completely worthless.

This means, as John Williams notes in the following interview with Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog, that food and other essential supplies will disappear within a matter of hours.

If you have a crisis ahead of you the preparation, by definition, is something you do before as opposed to trying to scramble out after.

In terms of the inflation, holding physical gold and silver is a way of preserving the purchasing power of your wealth and assets.

In terms of buying stores of goods to live on… canned goods, toilet paper, bottled water… the disruptions to the system here early on could be just as bad as an earthquake in terms of shutting down electricity so you can’t pump gasoline, or getting distribution channels disrupted to grocery stores so that you can’t get food… You want to hold some of that in reserve to cover difficult times just like I do here in California anticipating a potential earthquake.

What we’re looking at here is a disaster just as bad in terms of the disruptive effects on people’s lives, but it’s man made as opposed to a natural disaster.

The challenge, of course, is knowing when it will happen.

As Williams highlights in his interview, we had almost no warning in 2008. People went home for the weekend on a Friday and all was well. By Monday morning the whole system was literally just days from a complete collapse that, as one Congressman warned, could have resulted in martial law and tanks on the streets of America.

Many of us were told in private conversations that if we voted against this bill on Monday, that the sky would fall, the market would drop two or three thousands points the first day, another couple thousand the second day, and a few members were even told that there would be martial law in America if we voted no.

House Representative Brad Sherman (D-California)
Debate on the House Floor, October 2, 2008

Here’s the scary thing, as John Williams points out:

“People say everything is fine again—nonsense.  You had a panic in 2008… The system was on the brink of collapse.  The Fed and the federal government did everything in their power to prevent it. ”

“They pushed things into the future, but they didn’t do anything of substance to address the underlying problems.”

So, are we going to have another panic?  Williams says, “Yes, and that is the type of thing that can break at any time, and you just don’t have the options you had in 2008 for buying time into the future.”

In short, we are worse off today than we were in 2008 and all of the machinations by global governments and central banks have done nothing to solve the fundamental issues.

The question, of course, is when will the next leg of this broader depression take hold? When is the next crash coming?

According to Williams, there is no date he can provide, but he says that some specific events may signal that it is fast approaching.

Williams called for the beginning of hyperinflation sometime in 2014 but has now revised that prediction to 2015.

Williams says you will know hyperinflation is starting by watching the dollar.

“The first stage of it will be a reversal of the dollar.  We are not going to have hyperinflation until you see a massive decline of the dollar.  That will start the process.  You will see the flight from the dollar, and the Fed is going to have to absorb them.  That will be the trigger for the money supply growth within the system which will exacerbate the inflationary problem and the deficit problem and the funding problems.”

Greg Hunter: This is going to happen. I mean, this is not a maybe… It’s just a matter of when, not a matter of if. Is that correct?

John Williams: Yes. That’s correct.

I think the odds are higher you’re going to see it this year. But first the dollar’s got to break. The dollar right now is strong. The dollar has to sell off. You’ll see that, you’ll have some warning on that.

Watch what happens. If the dollar sells off gold is going to be spiking… oil is going to be rising.

With the dollar at multi-year highs as of late it’s hard for many to imagine a scenario like the one being painted by Williams. However, as we know, the governments of China, Russia and other countries are already moving to divest themselves of U.S. dollars.

Being that we are undoubtedly involved in an economic war right here and now, it certainly makes sense that Russia and China will eventually move to crush the dollar. They’re not ready yet, but they will be soon.

This means that you should be actively preparing for what Williams has described as a real possibility in the immediate onset and aftermath of an attack on the dollar. Waiting until everyone realizes what happened could lead to horrific consequences for those who failed to prepare.

83 Comments on "Hyperinflation To Start in 2015: Economist Says Get Supplies : “Gold, Silver, Canned Goods, Toilet Paper, Bottled Water…”"

  1. welch on Fri, 20th Feb 2015 5:40 pm 

    Go sped – gasoline has a shelf life and will go bad. So I’ve been told.

  2. Davy on Fri, 20th Feb 2015 5:47 pm 

    Prep is a passion and a way of life. It dovetails with all those things that matter in life like food, water, shelter, and security. It is about family, tribe, and community. It is spiritual and physical in the real sense. It salvages the new and the old in a hybrid system. It is about efficiency of consumption, resilience of vital life elements, and sustainability of support. It is about embracing those ways of life our ancestors lived. It is about living with Nature not against her. It is about rejecting BAUtopian false gods.

    Many choose to be sheeples and depend on TPTB to provide and protect. These sheeples find comfort in the MSM message of cornucopia and exceptionalism. I say good luck with your BAUtopia and enjoy your sheeplness. Ignorance is bliss and false gods so amazing. Too bad none of it is real.

  3. greg on Fri, 20th Feb 2015 5:56 pm 

    2009 economy will continue to plunge!
    2010 recovery is a sham, get ready for disaster!
    2011 bible prophecy proves approaching catastrophe!
    2012 end of the world approaching!
    2013 end times are here!
    2014 CIA insider explains coming economic disaster!
    2015 well, this guy says start of hyperinflation. Doomsayers track record isn’t good, LoL. Disaster might be coming, but this guy will never know it.

  4. John Williams predicted that May 2013 was C-day on Fri, 20th Feb 2015 6:26 pm 

    John Williams predicted that May 2013 would be collapse of the US economy. I guess if he keeps predicting the same stuff every day, eventually he can claim victory.
    Read it here:

  5. Pops on Fri, 20th Feb 2015 6:52 pm 

    It really is a way of life but it isn’t about some perceived Dan’l Boone (or Mad Max) fantasy – although there is certainly a good amount of that.

    I think it has a lot to do with how a person is raised, a generation of two removed from hand to mouth and there is just no thought of the light not coming on with the switch, the shelves not being stocked and the emergency response not there at the drop of a hat.

  6. ghung on Fri, 20th Feb 2015 6:53 pm 

    Well said, Davy, though, to the sheeple part – I would temper that with a bit of ‘forgive them, for they know not what they do’. Folks are generally just being members of the society in which they find themselves. It’s the ones who have been exposed to this material, have rejected it (won’t tolerate the cognitive dissonance), have the capacity to change, but continue to go about their comfortable, short-term-gain lives, that I have problems with. I’m not sure they’re being any more selfish than you or I, but they better not show up at my place when things go wacko along their ill-prepared paths.

    I have relatives who humour me, but look down on the fact that I don’t consume conspicuously, don’t take cruises or golf vacations, am not a slave to fashion,, and they absolutely don’t get my not having a cell phone (and GOSH, they heat with wooood!?). Then again, their financial lives are highly leveraged and fully exposed to what’s coming, most going into ‘retirement’ with big mortgages, little equity, and 401Ks. No self-sufficiency skills at all; probably can’t jump off a car battery.

    Not sure if this is going to be fun to watch or not.

  7. James Ipek on Fri, 20th Feb 2015 7:15 pm 

    I sell gold only 10 dollars above spot.. If interested. Call 800-949-4653 ext. 2116.

  8. Davy on Fri, 20th Feb 2015 7:43 pm 

    G-man, I wish I could say I could live up to those words but the reality is I too am suffering sheepleness and BAUtopian delusions. Yet, I am trying to break out of the chains of BAU. I am trying to live authentic. It is my family, friends, community, and nation that drags me down.

    If the coming crisis would not be so horrible I would pray for it just so I could drive a stake through the heart of BAU and all her evilness. How the hell could us humans allow ourselves to progress to this point. How could we deceive ourselves with exceptionalism that allows wanton destruction of our mother for hollow and petty ends. WTF good are all these gadgets for true authentic existence. We have traded our soul for petty diversions.

  9. Cali Ermal on Fri, 20th Feb 2015 7:55 pm 

    Im in cali, and Im prepared. I have 1000 lbs plus of both dried foods in preserved sealed buckets, and in freezers. I have 45 gallons of premium fuel that I preserve and rotate and refill every 6 montyhs. It lasts a good year plus with a preservative additive. I have solar panels and two seperate battery banks, each with its own inverter powersupply. The big chest freezer has its own stand alone power up system that is recharged byu solar or pure sine wave generators I have. I have a small brewery in the garage, a 15 gallon stainless set up with everything needed. I have buckets of preserved whole un ground grains, and an electric mill in the garage. Ammo, swords, shotgun and pistols including a 50 calibur Magnum 500 smith and wesson. I have gold and silver, but am not countinmg on them during a downturn. I have barreels of preserved water and 3 filtration systems. I have about 20 gal;lons of kelp organic ferts, many pounds of organic bone and blood meal, and all needed gardening supplies. I hjave a 260 gallon water tower in the yard and a pond. I have year round gardens going full bore at all times,. even now. I have a wood insert and a stockpile of cord wood and many trees to harvest from. I have all camping supplies, and extensive fishing supplies for fishing in lakes, streams, sea, and fresh water delta. I have medical supplies, including sterile sutures to sew ones self up with. I have frozen turkeys, whole hams, steaks,shrimp, scallops,crab lege, lobsters, black angus steaks and roasts. I have a stainless TSM food and jerky dehydrater. I have pacalolo seed and poppy seeds to grow for medication if need be. My cupboards are overflowing with food. I have 25 lbs of unroasted green coffee beans and a roaster. I have vac packs of finest teas direct from China and more on the way. I have a 4 wheel drive, and 2 antique motorcycles that are easy to work on. I have 5 top of the line bicycles including carbon fiber stree and mountain bikes, one aluminum mountain bike, and an aluminum stretch beach cruiser. Im sure I left a bunch of stuff out, but I thinmk you get the picture. I have plenty of TP and Paper towels. The Paper products must bne sealed in thick plastic or moths get in it and lay eggs. I have 50 lbs of sugar, 50 lbs salt, gallons and gallons of cooking oil. cases of canned goods. Lots of books on edible plants growing wild in my area. Buckets of flour, cornmeal, cornstarch, a hundred fifty pounds of beans. Probably100 lbs of all types of jasmine rice, basmati rice, bulgar, pasta. dried potatoes. F gallons of “peak” dried whole milk. large cans of Ova flash dried eggs.
    Maybe nothing will happen, but why take a chance? Especially when history tells what happens to fiat ponzi money eventually.
    Good luck to you all, and glad tidings from California

  10. Cali Ermal on Fri, 20th Feb 2015 8:04 pm 

    PS: My parents went through the depression. Moim kept the garage cupboartds loaded with essentials, and rotated food.She taught us to can, and taught us to be prepared and not depend on a foolish government like we have. Im just following suit

  11. Cali Ermal on Fri, 20th Feb 2015 8:14 pm 

    I also have pumps and hundreds of feet of hose, including 1″ ID hose fitted with a fire hose nozzle just like they carry on the smaller fire trucks, in case of riots and fires. I am considering getting a precut roll of carbon fiber or kevlar, and a bucket of epoxy to use on my downstairs windows if needed for riot control.
    Im like the Omega man, in his pillbox, ready for zombies and civil unrest of lazy hungry idiots who havnt prepared. They will get a hot meal here. A meal of hot lead…..LOL

  12. PrestonSturges on Fri, 20th Feb 2015 8:22 pm 

    >>>If you have the space stockpile NPK fertilizer, There will always be a market for it.

    Yes, I had several sacks of it in a barrel. Also dolomite lime, especially if composting leaves

  13. Energy Investor on Fri, 20th Feb 2015 10:15 pm 

    Some interesting thoughts, but getting back to John Williams stuff. We need to recognise that the world economy is not normal and nor is the current version of BAU in many places. Just think on these points…

    1. The process of QE and low to negative interest rates was brought in to fight deflation, so why did present deflation happen? It happened in the run-up to 2008 because of high energy prices, low EROEI for fuels, the increased cost of winning necessary finite resources and the failure of the global financial system brought about by sub-prime and other bubbles popping at once. The use of USD22 trillion over a two year period post 2008 by the US Fed to restore some confidence in the system failed to hide the fact that most of the world’s 22 biggest banks are hiding liabilities that dwarf their assets.

    2. We cannot avoid ramping up further debt unless we want to go cold turkey with GD1, the world’s first global depression. Problem is that any major asset crash could precipitate that by triggering counterparty obligations among the derivatives. Remember they still stand at somewhere between USD720 trillion and USD1 quadrillion.

    3. So countries like China, Japan, many in the EZ and USA are forced to dance to the music of unrealistic investments. The extra cash, debt and credit extensions are now the only way to preserve the illusion that there is real growth in those economies.

    John Williams is simply saying, “For how much longer can this continue before someone loses confidence in paper money?” It has already gone on for too long.

    What value does money have when any jerk can buy a car with 100% finance for a couple of years and zero effective interest. Now THAT is the evidence of what is coming because sooner or later someone must pay that bill. This week from WSJ

    ‘Loans to consumers with low credit scores have reached the highest level since the start of the financial crisis, driven by a boom in car lending and a new crop of companies extending credit.’

    Each of us posting here watches the way in which low EROEI energy substitutes are offered up by IEA and EIA as like for like addition to energy supplies without factoring in the subsidies and extra costs of producing inferior energy product also at much lower EROEI.

    Whether John Williams is right this year, next, or the year afterwards doesn’t really matter, because each of us know this cannot last for very long.

    The existence of so much debt and contingent debt by comparison with the available capital investment and goods and services means that at some point the ratio between current asset values and this huge pool of money floating around, will have its day of reckoning.

    This is why the IMF and the European leaders are going to have to bail out Greece. It is because they fear another “Lehman moment” will prove to be uncontrollable.

    Don’t just take John Williams opinion on this as gospel…try reading what Christine Lagarde of IMF has been saying.

    When (not if) TSHTF it won’t be pretty. But it is simply conjecture as to whether it will entirely ruin the global financial system. It may or it may not.

    Meantime the IMF, BIS and G20 are going to do whatever it takes to delay the big crash. Probably by the time the real crash comes they will have totally lost control and it will be mob rule.

    Bank runs, “bank holidays” where banks have to shut for a couple of weeks to stabilise things hyperinflation and the loss of confidence fiat currencyhave throughout history ALWAYS been what has happened under such circumstances.

    Anyone who wants to get a better understanding of this should read Adam Ferguson’s fine book, “When Money Dies”.

    Then you may come to see why a growing number of economists are recognising the same signs.

  14. ghung on Fri, 20th Feb 2015 11:14 pm 

    “…at some point the ratio between current asset values and this huge pool of money floating around, will have its day of reckoning.”

    Thanks, EI. In short, far too many claims on too few assets; such a simple concept (plenty of metaphors, like musical chairs).

    “… it is simply conjecture as to whether it will entirely ruin the global financial system. It may or it may not.”

    Whatever firewalls may have existed in the past have been largely eroded. Central banks have shot their wads and very few countries are even close to being resource independent. The web of financial lies has infiltrated all aspects of real trade. Not sure how you reset or shore up such a system, especially considering the less than favorable political circumstances, globally. Historically, the cure for such imbalances has been war. Since this thing is global……..

  15. PrestonSturges on Fri, 20th Feb 2015 11:15 pm 

    Funny thing is that Greece has an economy about the size of Toronto’s…..

  16. GregT on Fri, 20th Feb 2015 11:20 pm 

    The sad thing is, as BAU unravels, Toronto has much farther to fall than Greece does……..

  17. ghung on Fri, 20th Feb 2015 11:38 pm 

    Greece has fallen many times. Toronto doesn’t have that cultural memory.

  18. RickH on Fri, 20th Feb 2015 11:50 pm 

    Some people just have no clue about what they are talking about. For example, Pops on Fri, 20th Feb 2015 8:48 am said gold fell after the 2008 financial crisis. The fact is that gold was trading between 700 and 800 by the end of October, 2008 and by August, 2011 gold was trading above 1800.

    And, in contrast to John McCain’s statement when he was a candidate for POTUS, the economy is NOT sound. There probably will come a time when the dollar becomes worth much less and of course the price of gold will skyrocket. As a matter of fact, it has been going up in most currencies other than the dollar. And when the dollar goes, the price of gold in dollars will rise.

  19. tigersage on Sat, 21st Feb 2015 1:27 am 

    John Williams also said that you will have a warning signal before hyperinflation begins. That warning sign is the dollar index falling. The dollar will become much weaker first. However, since currencies are all measured against each other, we may get a false sense of security since we’re all falling at the same time. The dollar might hit the ground last, and the dollar index could be at 100 days before it crashes.

  20. Danny on Sat, 21st Feb 2015 4:37 am 

    The US will go to all lengths to ensure that the BRICS countries will not succeed in crushing the dollar. The will go to war if that is necessary. We now see Russia been taken down, slowly. This is the price Russia pays for dumping the dollar. Then China will be next. As long as the world continues to use US dollar as the reserve currency, the US will be save from collapse, and we will all be safe. Ukraine was a diversion. The real reason is preservation of the Us way of life.

  21. Davy on Sat, 21st Feb 2015 6:55 am 

    EI/G-man, I have been amazed at our new global financial reality. In 2008 the breakout from a functioning price discovery free market system was broken. This had started in the Clinton era with deregulation of the financial industry and weakening of the written and unwritten rules of industry and political revolving door. The rest of the globe either followed or influenced this change. We are now in a bifurcated system of digital realities and the real and physical realities.

    What could be more representative of this than debt in relation to physical realities? What this demonstrates is a high order of magnitude of the digital in relation to the physical. This demonstrates broad based financial rehypothecation. IOW much of the notional digital wealth is an illusion with physical realities. This notional rehypthocated physical to digital relationship does have a reality because the digital system is real it just does not representative of the physical in a realistic way.

    This points to the fact that the 1% in reality has far less wealth than they like to believe. Governments are far poorer than they like to believe. The important point with this duel system is the digital despite all the talk of a crash from this or that awful fundamental of old is held together by new rules between the global central bank, investors, and global sovereigns.

    There is nowhere for the top to go but this wealth transfer relationship. Russia is bucking the system but it is failing because the system is just too integrated for a major change. The system is too far gone in a brittleness of disequilibrium. Bau is too far gone to change. Bau’s only change is collapse. There is no substitution into another economic reality without collapse.

    The important point to realize is the real and physical is what is supporting this digital and notional. I feel it is most likely the damage to the real and physical that will be needed to end the digital and notional. POD & ETP of oil is clearly a quantifiable destructive process to the real and physical that will play out in demand and supply destruction that will destroy economic levels necessary to support the digital and notional. There are other destructive processes like the geopolitical, social fabric, and food supply as a short list of many.

    I am increasingly seeing this financial system as the final conduit of a wealth transfer and cannibalization of the shrinking pie of limits and diminishing returns. It can continue as long as the physical holds together. The brick wall is the oil predicament. There are other multiple black swans that are just too hard to predict. The important point to realize is this disconnect with reality of this digital and notional. How far can it go into the exponential levels before something happens? It has been defying reality for so long now as to amaze and awe so many experts. Herd behavior is fascinating isn’t it?

  22. Northwest Resident on Sat, 21st Feb 2015 1:37 pm 

    Davy — Speaking of new global financial reality, all I can figure out is that the really smart people in charge are just doing whatever they can to stretch things out a little longer, knowing full well that the crash and burn is not only inevitable, but rapidly approaching. Nothing else makes sense.

    I’m sure you’ve already read this article (linked below). It clearly describes the hopeless financial and economic situation the global economy finds itself in. What it never mentions though is that underlying all the EPIC financial and economic breakdown is the simple fact that we are running out of not only energy, but natural resources to exploit.

    There’s No Way Out Now: “That Choice Was Yours”

  23. Perk Earl on Sat, 21st Feb 2015 1:42 pm 

    Just tossing this in as a side note; that oil price has stabilized, remaining a little over 50 for WTI & 60+ for Brent. All the hyperbolic articles and predictions of 10 or 20 dollar a barrel oil were (at least so far) inaccurate. It was bound to stabilize at some point and it has.

    Crude Oil (WTI) USD/bbl. 50.34 -0.82 -1.60% Apr 15 14:29:59
    Crude Oil (Brent) USD/bbl. 60.22 +0.01 +0.02% Apr 15 17:41:28

  24. GregT on Sat, 21st Feb 2015 1:46 pm 


    “The real reason is preservation of the Us way of life.”

    Sorry, but the real reason is for the preservation of the debt-slave system that is controlled by the western PTB. If you honestly believe that they are concerned with the way of life of the average US citizen, you are in for a very rude awakening.

  25. Davy on Sat, 21st Feb 2015 5:11 pm 

    NR, I see a disconnect with the “really smart people in charge”. While I believe the people see a crash and burn of the financial system they have not progressed to the next level of a collapse of BAU. These people might be excepting the current system may come apart but they are still wrapped up in the same old human exceptionalism that sees technology, knowledge, energy intensity, and the complexity of these combining to reform something new. To them this crash may be horrible but something new will form similar to the old. Just like it always has.

    In their mind we have the ability to keep substituting, innovating, and reforming human structures. The disconnect with these folks is the inability to connect the dots of what happens to a complex interconnected global society with fully dependent locals in codependency losing complexity and energy intensity. These folks cannot grasp the foundational elements of BAU being the oil complex and the global financial system are absolutely necessary for a globalized BAU. They feel oil can be substituted for with a combination of other FF and AltE’s. They fail to understand how a JIT production and distribution system oiled by a financial system that enables trust, confidence and capital application can quickly evaporate. Once entropic decay takes over a chaotic sequence of events will shut the vital supply lines down.

    In conclusion these folks are still deluded by the BAUtopican meme of substitution and innovation through technology and markets. The reality of the situation is a descent into a new world of forced localization in a global ecosystem. This localization will have to relocalize a globalized world. That in itself is a monumental task. Doing this without the energy intensity of FF and 7BIL people overhang is mindboggling. Since carrying capacity post FF is likely 1BIL we are looking at an excess death rate of 200MIL a year average for a generation. These “really smart people in charge” are still worshiping the econ gods and not acknowledging Nature’s ecosystem requirements.

  26. Go Speed Racer on Sat, 21st Feb 2015 5:32 pm 

    LOL Kevin Riley. Stock up on tinfoil hats for the alien overlords. That’s going too far. I will stick with my stockpiled ammo and my stockpiled charmin. Then I can spend my Armageddon shooting holes in the charmin rolls at my underground gun range. 😐

  27. Wolfie52 on Sat, 21st Feb 2015 7:12 pm 

    I have read John Williams website for many years. I have downloaded his book EVERY YEAR that calls for massive hyperinflation during the next 18 months.

    One should be aware of potential problems, but when people change their life betting on something that never happens…well….

    Just like James Kunstler, Williams sees things that are not going to happen. They have an interesting take on things, and are correct on some points, but they continue to be wrong, wrong, and WRONG again.

    Have a little gold or silver, but if you want to live like the world (as we know it) is going to end, your world will indeed end.

  28. GregT on Sat, 21st Feb 2015 7:12 pm 

    You have an underground gun range Speed Racer? That’s a bit over the top don’t you think? Stocking up on tinfoil IS a good idea. Using it for hats to protect yourself from ‘alien overlords’, seems like a waste of perfectly good tinfoil. To each their own, I guess. 🙂

  29. Richard Ralph Roehl on Sat, 21st Feb 2015 8:40 pm 


    930+ buildings were burning on the FIRST night of the Los Angeles riots. The three day total, however, was 3000+ buildings. The Wikipedia number is basically correct.

    I was there. And just ‘around the corner’ from Florence and Normandie! It was an epiphany regarding how fragile is our society. I will never forget it… and it’s why I AM a ‘preper’.


  30. Kenjamkov on Sun, 22nd Feb 2015 4:56 am 

    Every 7 years (or so), there is a crash or financial crisis. Why should this year be any different?

  31. Richard Ralph Roehl on Sun, 22nd Feb 2015 7:18 am 

    The ‘$cale’ or magnitude of the crisis is much larger this time. And just for starters… there is 1.7+ QUADRILLION dollars of toxic derivative bankster paper out there… with 7.25 BILLION baboony consumers on Earth, a host organism of FINITE space and FINITE resources.

  32. Go Speed Racer on Sun, 22nd Feb 2015 8:27 am 

    Ya Greg, the underground gun range is down the corridor from the underground Charmin storage room, the underground ammo room, and the underground radio room. Above ground is Pop’s automotive garage and what looks like a regular house. But that was built over the top of a surplus missile silo so its been converted over underground to survive the Armageddon. Between ISIS, white trash, and John Boehner and Wal-Mart Justice Roberts, not to mention Obama keep giving more welfare to the bums, looks like Armageddon right around the corner ! C ya there !

  33. GregT on Sun, 22nd Feb 2015 11:30 am 

    Gosh Speed, you better hope that the Russians reprogrammed their ICBMs after the Cold War. You might want to fire off an e-mail to Putin. Just to be sure that he knows your silo has been decommissioned. Glad I’m not downwind from you. 🙂

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