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Page added on May 20, 2020

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How To Understand All This China Stuff

Public Policy

China is in the news every day now. Today here in Australia we’re pretending to be offended because a Chinese tabloid published the accusation that our nation is a “giant kangaroo that serves as a dog of the US”, even though we all know that’s completely true and we should be flattered that at least they said “giant”. Before that we were getting indignant over a hefty barley tariff in response to our facilitation of America’s global anti-China spin campaign, which it turns out Washington screwed us on.

Anti-China sentiment has been thriving in Australia, aided by our Murdoch-dominated news media, State Department-funded think tanks explicitly geared toward manipulating the China narrative, and of course our own deep-seated racism and xenophobia. Because of its geographical location, the US military/intelligence asset conventionally known as Australia has been a major focal point for the US-centralized empire’s propaganda campaign against the most powerful unabsorbed nation in the world.

China is in the news constantly now, and it’s not because of any virus. It’s not because of Hong Kong, it’s not because of Uighurs, it’s not because of intellectual property violations or any of the other scattershot, unrelated hodgepodge of excuses you’re being fed as to why the Chinese government must be regarded as the latest Actual Hitler all of a sudden.

China is in the news all the time because of imperialism.

To understand what’s going on with China and why the “news” media keep punching you in the face with stories about how awful it is, you really only need to grasp two basic points:

Point 1: We are in the middle of a slow-motion third world war between the US-centralized power alliance and the nations which have resisted being absorbed into it.

A loose alliance of nationless oligarchs who use governments as weapons have secured control over a large empire-like cluster of nations with economic and military might loosely centralized around the United States. In order to gain more power and ensure its ongoing hegemony, this oligarchic empire must keep expanding by absorbing more nations and brutalizing them if they resist. China is by far the most powerful of the unabsorbed nations, followed by Russia at a distant second and Iran at a distant third.

Nuclear weapons make another hot world war undesirable, so this one takes the form of resource control, economic warfare, staging coups, arming oppositional militias to use as proxy armies, expanding military presence in key geostrategic regions under the pretense of fighting terrorism, and “humanitarian interventionism”, with old-school full-scale ground invasions used only as a last resort, and only after manufacturing sufficient international approval to ensure the continued cohesion of the empire-like power alliance.

But the end goal is the same as that of a conventional world war: to beat the other side into submission and compliance. And, in this case, absorption into the imperial blob. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the prevailing orthodoxy in US power structures became that the US must maintain unipolar hegemony at all cost to maintain a “liberal world order” (even if it means abandoning “liberal” values whenever it’s convenient). From that point on the agenda has been global domination and the slow, suffocating subversion of anyone who gets in the way.

Point 2: Propaganda is used to move this world war along.

In a conventional war each side has clear military objectives that everyone understands, and the weapons are naturally moved around in accordance with these objectives. In this weird slow-motion world war, nobody understands what’s going on besides the major power players and those who are paying very close attention. The various agendas against the governments of Iran, Venezuela, Russia, Syria, China etc appear different and unrelated when looked at individually, and indeed you will see different political factions supporting some of these agendas but not others. The only thing unifying this slow-motion movement toward the destruction and absorption of all unabsorbed nations is carefully constructed propaganda narratives.

The way these unifying propaganda narratives operate is simple. It would never occur to rank-and-file citizens that a nation on the other side of the planet that’s pretty much just doing its own thing needs to be sanctioned, subverted and brought to heel, so the imperialist oligarchs who own the political/media class make sure everyone is fed custom-made narratives according to their own ideological echo chamber to prevent any domestic inertia from being thrown on these agendas. Once there’s sufficient agreement that Saddam/Gaddafi/Morales/Assad/Maduro/whomever must go, the campaign to subvert, sabotage and absorb that government can safely be escalated.

If you can understand points one and two, you can understand everything that’s happening with China, and everything that will continue to happen. Propaganda narratives will be rolled out with increasing aggression which have the long-term goal of alienating China from its allies, hurting its economic interests, and preventing its rise to true superpower status and creating a multipolar world.

And the funny thing is, none of this is necessary. Westerners have been deliberately propagandized into believing that China wants to take over the world and will do so unless kept in line by the United States, who has surrounded China with military bases in an act of extreme aggression that the US itself would never tolerate from any unabsorbed government. But if you really grill people on how they know that China wants to take over the world, you’ll find they don’t have any substantial evidence for it.

They’ll tell you that China has an authoritarian government which persecutes ethnic and religious minorities, wrongly claiming that this means they want to take over the world and inflict the same on everyone else. They’ll tell you China has sought to expand control over some directly adjacent territories, wrongly claiming that this means they want to dominate the planet militarily like the US currently does. They’ll cite evidence which shows China is seeking to become a superpower and create a multipolar world (something China openly admits) and wrongly claim that this is proof that they are seeking to dominate the world with unipolar hegemony. They won’t be able to produce any actual, hard evidence that China is trying to take over the world and censor your internet and take away your rights, because no such evidence exists. It’s a completely empty belief arising from aggressive narrative manipulation.

“One myth I think really that needs to be dispelled is that somehow China is aiming to replace America and going to run the world, and it’s not,” said Chinese venture capitalist and social scientist Eric Li on the John Pilger documentary The Coming War on China. “First of all, the Chinese are not that stupid. The west, with its Christian roots, are about converting other people into their beliefs. The Chinese are not about that. It’s just that–again, I’m not degrading the western culture, I’m just pointing out the inherent nature, the DNA of two different cultures–the Chinese two thousand years ago built the Great Wall to keep the barbarians out, not to invade them.”

I’d say this is a reasonable summary. After European nations tried to conquer the planet just a few generations ago in the name of spreading Christianity and “civilization”, we’re projecting our sick vestigial colonialist values on a nation whose culture never drove it to such madness.

Violently dominating the entire planet for all eternity on the vague suspicion that another country wants to do the same to you is not sane, and is not an option. Unabsorbed nations should be allowed to remain unabsorbed, absorbed nations should have their sovereignty restored (or in Australia’s case granted to it for the first time since its existence as a nation), and America should begin acting like a normal country. The notion of “pre-crime” is the purview of dystopian horror fiction when applied to individual people, and there’s no reason we should find the prospect of attacking and destroying for hypothetical future offenses any less insane on an international scale.

There was never any reason for the coronavirus to be made into an issue of international conflict when it could just as easily be an issue of international collaboration, and indeed collaborating is what we should all be doing, with this virus and with everything else. Let’s end this weird slow-motion world war and move toward sanity.

Caitlin Johnstone


11 Comments on "How To Understand All This China Stuff"

  1. joe on Wed, 20th May 2020 10:48 pm 

    funny how they admit opressing minorities in China, then gloss over it by saying that its proof they dont want take over everything. With large swaths of the western world under almost permanent states of emergency (France has been since Charlie Hebdo attack), the obvious answer seems to be that just as Hitler gained power to rule through a rubberstamping system so does our new global system. The overblown reaction to the common cold (now reclassified as covid 19) has had the effect of totally terrorising western society, primed by decades of demoralisation through massive recessions, muslim terrorism and social justice warriors. The fourth horseman of this apocalypse is of course the lies spread that Children could kill their grandparents if they hugged them. That was enough to close down society and utterly destroy forever western economic power. From the fake stories of people dying in the street in China, to the mass tech media giants (youtube, twitter, feacesbook) only accepting the WHO as only truth without debate our basic democratic and scientific principles have been disgarded in favour of mass panic. To claim that we must ignore Chinas role because it’s bad for China forgets that China was at heart of this. The’hero’ doctor who ‘broke’ the so called ‘cover up’ is dead, Shi Zhengli, the doctor who litterally built coronaviruses in the lab, the single greatest expert on this issue who could answer in seconds what we now have to do basic research on has it seems gone missing. This event has been nothing less than a demoralisng attack on western medicine, western democratic institutions and has led to western capitalism being choked to death by politicians while the rest of us went out to panic buy toilet paper. Somebody was laughing at us while danced at the end of their strings. My guess is that at least one of those strings was being pulled in Beijing.

  2. forbin on Thu, 21st May 2020 5:10 am 

    “Propaganda is used to move this world war along”

    of which this article is a startling example of.

  3. forbin on Thu, 21st May 2020 5:21 am 

    also this ;-

    “Westerners have been deliberately propagandized into believing that China wants to take over the world and will do so unless kept in line by the United States, who has surrounded China with military bases ”

    this is a direct copy of the dribble back in the 1980’s about the USSR/ Russia.

    here , I’ll re-write it and see if it jogs the memory for you.

    “Westerners have been deliberately propagandized into believing that the USSR wants to take over the world and will do so unless kept in line by the United States, who has surrounded the USSR with military bases”


    perhaps not


  4. Theedrich on Thu, 21st May 2020 5:38 am 

    Is Pelosi of the False Teeth real or a robot? Difficult to say, like the Democrats’ claim that they need to shut down the country because “science” says so.  Of course, their “science” and “scientists” are carefully chosen by them to “prove” their case and justify their oppression of normal Americans while letting criminals roam free.  In the Left’s view, a crisis is a terrible thing to waste.  So concocting a coctail of lies and hysteria will avoid wasting it.

    The current economic depression advocated by the “scientists” is wreaking vast destruction in America.  But as usual, the only thing that matters is political supremacy.  This is the usual course of affairs in the Yankee bribe-ocracy.  Its facetiously named Department of “Justice” was used by the previous POTUS, a Negroid, to subvert his White replacement.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation, unable to investigate American citizens by itself, used foreign countries and operatives to do the same in complicity with the DoJ.  National Intelligence agencies joined in the free-for-all, alleging Russian control of American democracy via Donald Trump and his surrogates.  The entire psywar was and is waged by the propaganda media, aka “fake news.

    In short, the entire American governmental system, from top to bottom, is rotted and decadent.  The anti-White onslaught of the Yidbox controllers and the global oligarchs behind them has destroyed the system completely.  It continues in being only due to the mass of proles who cling to their beliefs in the suicidal creed of Yid-Christianity, itself now little more than a political tutti-frutti fluttering in the political winds, devoid of any supernatural underpinning.

    Given the thoroughgoing rot and stupefaction of the populace as a whole, one can expect nothing but collapse — more slowly with the Republicans, much faster with the Democrats.  That is what happens to countries that turn themselves into vast slums.

  5. Abraham van Helsing on Thu, 21st May 2020 5:58 am 

    Anti-China sentiment has been thriving in Australia, aided by our Murdoch-dominated news media, State Department-funded think tanks explicitly geared toward manipulating the China narrative, and of course our own deep-seated racism and xenophobia.

    Oh dear. Caitlin Johnstone has many admirable convictions, but I already smell a “why can’t we all get along” coming up. Spoiler: we can’t. Identity thingy. I am group A and you are group B, a conviction held by both members of group A and group B. If you ignore that universal rule, prepare for the next civil war/genocide/rivers of blood.

    Point 1: We are in the middle of a slow-motion third world war between the US-centralized power alliance and the nations which have resisted being absorbed into it.

    Correct. So far we have had 3 world wars:

    WW0: Britain-France (1756-1763) from which US independence resulted

    WW1: 1914-1918. British attempt to prevent a German Century and bring about a 2nd British century. Succeeded with the former, but failed in the latter objective.

    WW2: 1939-1945. International Jewry’s successful attempt to set up the “American” empire (aka the West), using the UK and Poland as their useful idiots to get the war started, as a springboard to capture the rest of the planet, until 2016. International Jewry meanwhile no longer believes in its own strategy and tries to at least consolidate its grip onto Anglosphere.

    WW3: 202x-202y. Eurasian attempt to demolish the empire, with Anglos in the defence. Just like in the run-up to WW2, there was no US-Soviet alliance (only a backroom nod Roosevelt-Churchill-Stalin), likewise, there will be no continental European alliance with China, but very well a quiet understanding about who gets what, “after the break”. China will get Taiwan and Down Under, where continental Europe will get Scotland, Heartland, Quebec and England most of Anglo-Canada (provided England does not team up with the US in the SCS, where it all will start). Just like WW2 was enabled through the European division in Versailles, the coming European coup in North-America will be enabled by US white nationalism, for the first time put on the stage by the Trump presidency.

  6. Zeke Putnam on Thu, 21st May 2020 9:53 am 

    Does propaganda work?? Read the comments. Long ago I saw the approach to others. US: Arrives with a gun-Do what I tell you or I’ll kick the shit out of you. Kind of like the local bar in America.

    China: Lets make a deal.

    Who do you want to do business with.

  7. Richard Guenette on Thu, 21st May 2020 1:52 pm 

    Incels are the biggest threat to Western society and treat women like shit. No woman would want to be around a misogynistic dick who see them as trash.

  8. Richard Guenette on Thu, 21st May 2020 1:53 pm 

    The truth hurts.

  9. Abraham van Helsing on Fri, 22nd May 2020 2:40 am 

    For the first time China abstains from announcing economic growth targets. The military will grow bigly though (6.6%), down from 7.5% last year:

    An increased deficit of 3.6% (!) is accepted this year, up from 2.8% in 2019. Unemployment will be 6%, up from 5.5%.

    All 2900 representatives were wearing mouth masks, except for the leadership on stage.

  10. Davy on Fri, 22nd May 2020 5:05 am 

    “An increased deficit of 3.6% (!) is accepted this year, up from 2.8% in 2019. Unemployment will be 6%, up from 5.5%.”

    the cloggo believes Chinese numbers.

  11. Davy on Fri, 22nd May 2020 5:30 am 

    “Auto Registrations In Europe Plunge 76% In April, The Largest Drop On Record”

    “The data was driven by each of the 27 EU markets recording double digit declines in April, with Italy and Spain spearheading the misery, posting losses of 97.6% and 96.5% respectively. Sales plunged 61.1% in Germany and France dealt with an 88.8% contraction in April. The U.K. also posted a sales drop of 97.3%, according to CNBC. Sequentially, the numbers are worse than March, when new car sales fell 55%. It was in mid-March that most European countries instituted their lockdowns. The global auto industry can only be best described as in the midst of imploding into itself right now. Just a couple of days ago, we reported the news that China NEV sales plunged 43% last month… that ships full of cars were being denied entry to ports in California due to the massive inventory glut. Such was the case on April 24 when a cargo of 2,000 Nissan SUVs was approaching the port of Los Angeles. They were told to drop anchor about a mile from the port and remain there. John Felitto, a senior vice president for the U.S. unit of Norwegian shipping company Wallenius Wilhelmsen said: “Dealers aren’t really accepting cars and fleet sales are down because rental-car and fleet operators aren’t taking delivery either. This is different from anything we’ve seen before. Everyone is full to the brim.” “There are basically no sales,” we wrote about the auto industry heading into April. One automotive researcher said of the industry-wide crisis: “The whole world is turned upside down right now.”

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