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Page added on August 29, 2012

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Hillary Clinton Supports UN Population Control

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The title alone should make the hair on your back stand up, Hillary Clinton Supports UNPopulation Control.  The idea of elitists determining who should live isn’t new; but many folks have chosen to forget some of the darker periods in history.   Daniel Tailor wrote an article back on August 27, 2007, Eugenics Moves to theTwenty-First Century which gave a history along with updates on the manipulation of the human race.

“In 1902, Andrew Carnegie founded the Carnegie Institute which among other things, funded the Eugenics Record Office in America. The ERO (1910-1944) operated from Cold Spring Harbor in New York. Eugenics policies, which led to the sterilization of thousands of Americans, were developed in this office.

The Rockefellers, perhaps more so, were also heavily involved with eugenics. Rockefeller influence in American eugenics can be traced to the beginnings of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories. John D. Rockefeller, along with Averell Harriman gave $11 million to create the facility in the early 1900’s. Rockefeller influence also spread overseas to Germany, where the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Psychiatry, and the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Eugenics, Anthropology and Human Heredity resided. Much of the money used to run these facilities came from Rockefeller.  These weren’t just average scientific institutes; the Kaiser Wilhelm Institutes would become the center for Nazi eugenics programs.”

“The world has a cancer, and that cancer is man.” – Merton Lambert, former spokesman for the Rockefeller foundation

It’s too painful to think about what happened in the not too distant past, NAZI extermination of inferior humans; and anyway, that could never happen again.  Take off your blinders and look what’s has been going on, just not talked about much in the media.

“The history of eugenics in America is filled with controversy and harrowing stories of forced sterilization throughout many U.S. states. In 2002 Mark R. Warner, the governor of Virginia issued an apology for the thousands of individuals that the state had sterilized from 1924 to 1979.”

That has to be a misprint, 1979?  You mean to tell me people have been sterilized by force here in the United States as late as 1979?  The sad truth, it’s true; and it would be as safe bet the practice continues to this day.  In an article titled, Hell on Earth: TheAmerican Eugenics Movement and the Fernald Boys Home, we are shown some of the horrors which have been swept under the rug.

“During the famous 1927 Supreme Court case “Buck v. Bell”,  Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes declared “Three generations of imbeciles is enough,” and ruled that involuntary sterilization of the “feebleminded” — the long-sought goal of eugenicists — was to become the law of the land. In an 8 to 1 decision the Court legitimized Virginia’s law on sterilization which was not repealed until 1974.

But it turns out that the three generations in this case, Carrie Buck, her mother Emma, and her daughter Vivian weren’t imbeciles. Carrie was an average student and Vivian, taken from her mother and placed in the home of the family whose nephew had fathered her, made the honor role once in her short life.”

“The State Boys Rebellion retells the true story of Frederick Boyce and his friends who spent their childhoods in the Walter E. Fernald School for the Feeble-minded in Massachusetts, a government program that locked poor or uneducated children into mental institutions from the early 1900s through the 1970s. There, the children were neglected, abused and used for scientific experiments as part of the eugenics movement that tried to separate people considered to be genetically inferior from the rest of society in order to prevent them from reproducing.”

We know that marketing a product is just as important as the product itself; the same is true with ideas.  Those in favor of eugenics and population control are reluctant to come right out and say what their intentions are; folks might get wise to the game plan.  Today eugenics has incorporated an environmental twist; we need to limit the damage humans are doing to Mother Earth; now who wouldn’t be in favor of saving the planet?

“Since the early days of eugenics, a new “brand” of this science has emerged in modern times. The environmental branch of eugenics believes that, due to overpopulation, measures must be taken to either impede population growth through various eugenic policies, or take drastic measures to eliminate living human beings from the earth. Unlike those who advocate eugenics to strictly rid humanity of “undesirables,” some advocate the culling of humanity in general in order to save planet earth. Many globalist initiatives surround environmental issues, one of which has been population control and reduction.”

That about brings us back to Hillary Clinton jumping into the spotlight with our new found commitment to assist the United Nations goal of limiting world population through the use of modern scientific means.  The UN won’t haul undesirables off to concentration camps as was done, by mistake, so many years ago; that kind of stuff makes for bad press.  Today governments can modify the food undesirables consume; they can sterilize one meal at a time with genetically modified food.

“In a new (12 November 2008) Austrian study that will send shock waves through the corridors of power in the EU, and through the offices of the GM corporations, it has been discovered that GM corn has a damaging effect upon the reproductive system.”

Let that information soak in, and while you’re at it consider how easy it was to have a government paid shrink declare a US Marine mentally unstable  and hauled away to a sanatorium in handcuffs for simply expressing his views on a Facebook account the other day.

“Police – acting under a state law that allows emergency, temporary psychiatric commitments upon the recommendation of a mental health professional – took Raub to the John Randolph Medical Center in Hopewell. He was not charged with any crime.”

How easy would it be to use government paid health care providers to declare individuals unfit for society?  Obamacare and a government run health care system holds Americans hostage to a wide range of unthinkable horrors.  If we consider how that legislation set up Death Panels to determine ineligibility for treatment based on age or expected cost overruns to returning soldiers being labeled as future right wing terrorists by Homeland Security because they may have seen too much violence during their tour of duty then it could be said that nobody is safe and that inalienable rights no longer exist in America.

When I read that Hillary Clinton has made population control the centerpiece of U.S. foreign policy; yes, the hair on my back stood up as if I’d been struck by lightning.  This is the same woman who at this very moment is attempting to work out details of how to disarm every individual in America via a U.N. arms agreement, an agreement which would not need to be ratified by our Senate; only a signature from our president and it would become the law of the land.  Sleep tight and sweet dreams, our nation is in good hands.

 — T.F. Stern

10 Comments on "Hillary Clinton Supports UN Population Control"

  1. dissident on Wed, 29th Aug 2012 12:41 am 

    As if the UN has any real power. It would be US policy that Clinton promotes. This phobia about the “United Nothings” taking over America is absurd.

  2. SilentRunning on Wed, 29th Aug 2012 2:16 am 

    What a stupid right wing screed.

    Population Control is not equal eugenics does not equal death camps.

    Sane Population Policy beats the alternative: Population explosion followed by resource exhaustion followed by massive die-off. That is the inevitable result of a lack of population policy.

    I for one, support the UN and educating people to reduce the population growth rate to zero, and then to gradual negative population growth over the long term until our numbers are about 1 billion – which would allow a comfortable existence for everyone on the planet with the resources we have. All this would be accomplished by education, free access to birth control and tax policies – no coercion and no death camps.

  3. Kenz300 on Wed, 29th Aug 2012 4:37 am 

    The worlds resources are finite while population growth continues adding over a billion more people in the last 12 years.

    Every country needs to develop a plan to balance its population with its resources, food, water, energy and jobs. THose that do not will be exporting their people and their problems.

    If you can not provide for yourself you can not provide for a child.

    Access to family planning services needs to be available to all that want it.

    Endless population growth only leads to more poverty, suffering and despair.

  4. mike on Wed, 29th Aug 2012 7:46 am 

    I’m all for self imposed population control. With regards to centrally planned population control, can’t we all just have a big global land and sea war, then those of us clever enough and peaceful enough to not join in get to live and perpetuate our clever peaceful genes. job done.

  5. BillT on Wed, 29th Aug 2012 2:06 pm 

    Hilary could start the ball rolling by doing away with herself…

  6. Welch on Wed, 29th Aug 2012 2:08 pm 

    “The title alone should make the hair on your back stand up”

    Why? It would be the single best thing we ever did.

  7. Frank Kling on Thu, 30th Aug 2012 3:39 am 

    Too bad the pols. do not have the guts to implement such a plan before it’s too late. Fantastic idea!

  8. Lisa on Thu, 30th Aug 2012 7:10 am 

    I’m sensing that everyone here in favour of population control assume they – or anyone they care about – are not going to be shaved off (“It would be the single best thing we ever did”). Big mistake. Why do you think no one cares that GMO and vaccines seem to have limiting effects on the reprodcution system?

    And exactly what problem is it that you propose to solve with culling of the human population? That there are too many humans? Why don’t you start with ants – there are literally trillions of them!!

  9. Paul Fishman on Tue, 2nd Feb 2016 6:42 am 

    Hillary Rotten Clinton if she gets the presidency by criminal sabatoge will impose population control on America EXACTLY like China with a two child policy allowing on ONE girl in the American family. Along with her husband’s help they will also impose forced abortion as well if a family dares to have three or more children.

  10. Dr. Gafan on Tue, 13th Nov 2018 2:08 pm 

    The source link in the article got expired, here is the working one –

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