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Page added on January 20, 2021

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Heinberg: Insurrection, pandemic, and censorship

Public Policy

On January 6, thousands gathered in Washington, DC to hear an inciteful speech from President Trump, then forcefully breached the US Capitol Building in an effort to disrupt the peaceful transition of presidential power—an institutional foundation of democracy. Some among the mob entering the building were recorded chanting “Hang Mike Pence!,” while others beat police with pipes (even though the throngs of rioters included some off-duty police from around the country), with one officer dying of injuries. They demanded to know House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s whereabouts, vandalized property, and erected a makeshift gallows outside. They planted explosive devices at the headquarters of both political parties and stashed guns, pipe bombs, and Molotov cocktails in the vicinity.

The insurrectionists shared a set of delusions and perceived grievances: that whites are being left behind as America transitions to a more densely urbanized, multi-racial society. That Trump is a brilliant political savior (rather than a narcissistic huckster out to line his pockets and inflate his self-image). That the president’s defeat in the recent election was a fraud engineered by a broad conspiracy of liberals, moderate Republicans, the deep state, and the mainstream media. And that glory lies in emulating the “lost cause” of the Confederacy by making a brave, violent stand against perceived tyranny.

Most Americans, including many Republicans, reacted with horror (though, according to one poll, 45 percent of Republicans approved the assault on the Capitol building). The backlash came rather swiftly: Twitter banned Trump permanently and Republican senators and representatives who had spent weeks parroting the president’s baseless claims of election fraud found themselves on the defensive, some facing calls to resign. Chuck Shumer, who is about to become Senate majority leader, is pushing for a no-fly list to ban insurrectionists from traveling by air to the next rally or riot.

Still, the conspiracy theories continue to proliferate. A few online “experts” have claimed the insurrection was a pre-planned set-up, designed to provide incoming president Biden with the justification for creating a police state, and designating protesters (and vaccine refusers) as “domestic terrorists.”

Right-wing message boards are currently calling for marches to surround and occupy all 50 state capitols, and for a massive action to disrupt the inauguration on January 21. Meanwhile, 10,000 troops are on their way to Washington to supplement the Capitol Police.

All of this is occurring just as the COVID-19 pandemic is reaching its most virulent and deadly stage. On average, the US is seeing 250,000 new case per day and over 3,000 daily fatalities. As has been widely documented, this horrendous state of affairs is largely due to a failure of national leadership, along with widespread misinformation and disinformation about the disease itself, and effective ways to manage it.

The US hadn’t seen a serious pandemic in a century; the current one has come along at just the moment when divisive new communication technologies and platforms are breaking down trust in traditional information sources. If the pandemic itself is literally viral, the conspiracy theories about it are figuratively so. Visit a few of the most popular conspiracy websites and you will learn that the pandemic was planned by global elites (it wasn’t), that the death toll has been greatly exaggerated (it hasn’t been), and that the vaccines are fraudulent means for Bill Gates to inject microchips into everyone on the planet (they aren’t). This eruption of paranoid fantasy is likely just a preview of what we may see as the real challenges of the century begin to bite—including climate change, resource depletion, the deflation of the global debt bubble, and the ending of our decades-long orgy of economic growth.

If, as I argued in a recent essay, the US has entered a new violent phase in its ongoing breakdown of consensus reality, then it is entirely predictable that those most responsible for maintaining the mainstream consensus will react by tamping down free expression—as happened previously during vaguely analogous moments in American history. During the Civil War, citizens in northern states could be imprisoned for singing Confederate songs or giving anti-war speeches. During World War I, authors of writings deemed seditious (including Eugene Debs) were imprisoned; activist Rose Pastor Stokes was prosecuted, in part, for writing to a newspaper: “I am for the people and the government is for the profiteers.”

Communication is the responsibility not just of individuals seeking to be heard, but also the media that spread their views. In the two periods of upheaval just mentioned, the main means of communication were books, magazines, and newspapers. Censorship was a simple, if often brutal, process. Today, most communication occurs via the internet and social media. There are far more voices seeking to be heard, and far more alternate mental “realities” are being created. Maintaining a consensus is becoming difficult to impossible. Is the answer censorship?

China offers the starkest of alternatives: there, the single-party government controls what is allowed. Online content is policed constantly—not just by blocking website and social media content, but by restricting online access. Internet platforms engage in continual self-censorship and face serious penalties if they fail to prohibit problematic content. For dissenters, rights are essentially non-existent.

Democracy requires an informed citizenry and reliably informative media. Now, largely because of the fragmenting impacts of new electronic communication platforms, fewer people trust the media, consensus is harder to achieve, and the citizenry is as much misinformed and disinformed as it is informed. Under these circumstances, censorship may be ineffective or counterproductive. Already, the banning of pro-insurrection users on social media platforms is impacting not only their efforts to organize, but also efforts by authorities to track and pre-empt further violence. Serious insurrectionists are predictably turning to encryption, which is cheaply and widely available.

There are no easy answers, from either a technical or an ethical perspective, to this nexus of problems. It’s difficult to justify maintaining free speech for one group (for example, Black Lives Matter protesters) while denying it to another (e.g., the American Freedom Party). Maintaining peace and order would seem to require bolstering the mainstream consensus; but, while that consensus has many admirable goals (democracy, civil liberties, equality of opportunity, etc.), it has generally failed to deliver on those values, especially for certain groups within society. Further, like all consensus realities, it contains blind spots. The particular blind spot onto which my colleagues and I have spent many years shining light is the false assumption that our society can continually deliver more prosperity to more people though an ever-accelerating process of degrading nature and turning it into consumer products and waste. In a capitalist society, that’s a subversive claim; is it also seditious?

The best I can suggest is that we as a society draw the line at physical violence and direct calls for harm to others. Prosecute anyone who vandalizes property or injures other people in the process of making their point, along with those who knowingly incite them. Take down message boards used to plan efforts to overthrow elected leaders. Beyond that, as long as we have the internet and social media, we will probably have to live with the cognitive dissonance and fracturing of consensus reality that they facilitate. It’s an uncomfortable situation, but the alternatives are worse.

We have individual responsibility for how we shape our own worldviews based on the news and opinions we “ingest.” Don’t assume the worst about individuals who have adopted views you find unhinged or even dangerous; sometimes they’re just ordinary people who’ve fallen into a disinformation echo chamber. Heterodox assertions about reality are worth examining; sometimes they’re right. But when you find yourself considering a novel claim or theory about what’s happening and why, whether it concerns politics or the pandemic, exercise critical thinking. Has this idea been debunked? By whom? What are the verifiable facts? Be prepared to withhold judgment if the facts are unclear. The mainstream media are getting pummeled these days—sometimes for good reason. But credentialed reporting is the closest thing we have to a science of fact gathering. So, just as you should be careful not to dismiss a heterodox idea just because it’s not mainstream, be even more leery to dismiss reportage just because it issues from, say, CNN or the New York Times. If you find yourself thinking, “Of course they’d say that—they’re all in it together!”, then think again. If your media diet is making you anxious and angry, take time out. Go for a walk in the woods—and if no woods are available, spend time in as natural an environment as you can find.

Those of us who understand the systemic crises we face have a special responsibility to build our own emotional resilience and to be open-minded so that we can help others in our communities, who don’t have that same clarity, to navigate the craziness to come.

It’s a crazy world out there, and it’s getting crazier. Don’t add to the insanity.


22 Comments on "Heinberg: Insurrection, pandemic, and censorship"

  1. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 21st Jan 2021 1:24 am 

    Trump contemplating founding a ‘Patriot Party’:

    “What would a new ‘Patriot Party’ run by Trump mean to US politics?”

    The Republican Party needs to be destroyed, as they are way too far implicated with the deep state. They are suckers, who eventually always follow the lead of the Democrats and neocons (bolsheviks with a tie, trying to look like right-wingers). Expect not few of them helping the Dems getting Trump “impeached” after he left the WH, in order to prevent him ever to come back. Most Reps want to restore imperial BAU, so they can continue to pursue their pathetic political careers, centered around lobbyists, donors and big business, rather than the (mostly white) people they are supposed to represent, but don’t.

    “Conservatism is the sole political doctrine that features defeatism as a basic element.”

    Conservatives suck, there is nothing worth conserving about the West, that racial USSR. What you need is aggressive reactionaries, where race is no longer a forbidden topic or “the globalist financial Mafia”.

    Trump shouldn’t want to aspire to recapture the WH. In fact, getting impeached would make a martyr out of him, giving him the excuse to become the president of a new Yankee country…

    …strongly integrated with Europe, economically and militarily and form a civilization that explicitly constitutes the white race, incl. Russia, with no role for the financial Mafia. Together we should be strong enough to prevent a Chinese planetary takeover.

  2. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 21st Jan 2021 2:11 am 

    “How Donald Trump could destroy the GOP, in 1 easy step”

    Trump boarding Airforce 1: “We will be back in some form. Have a good life.”

    Don’t worry about a Patriot Party splitting the conservative vote. Worry about the Patriot Party splitting the country.

    “Make America Smaller Again”

    Or rather don’t worry at all.

    Recipe for patriots, act like the people of Eastern Europe and practice “inner emigration”. It’s a term used for both Nazi Germany, as well as the communist GDR:

    “Leave the country mentally, but stay there physically”.

    Here that practice is discussed in US context:

    (expect this channel to disappear soon)

    Very important aspect of inner emigration: detach from Big Tech. Use encrypted, server-less communication platforms like Tox or Session. Stay away from Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, minimize Google searches. Don’t let them build up files on you of hundreds of pages long. Know how to download a video. Establish a local internet. In majority patriot towns you can set up a local internet, like this in Leiden, Holland, with a few transmission towers, that can be fairly easily build by techie volunteers:

  3. Theedrich on Thu, 21st Jan 2021 2:29 am 

    Yup. Shut down free speech. Obey. Anti-Whites have all the answers. Destroy White civilization.

  4. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 21st Jan 2021 2:39 am 

    The Harvard economist Peter Navarro has released his report “YES, PRESIDENT TRUMP WON” on the day of the inauguration of “president” Biden:

    Conclusion: more than 3 million votes in 6 swing states are likely fraudulent.

    Interesting tables here:

    These 3 million+ votes outstrip by far the 300k votes lead, team Biden claims to have.

    It’s too late to reverse the election result, but the Navarro report could be used to delegitimize Washington and use it as a stepping stone to abandon the republic altogether. It doesn’t make sense to politically participate in this fraudulent system anymore, except under a false pretext. Get the Patriot Party going, knowing full well that winning will be impossible (electoral fraud repeated, 11 million of legalized illegals of color and natural-born Dems voters), but get politically organized anyway… not to win the WH, but to achieve “political escape velocity” from planet Washington once and for all.

  5. FamousDrScanlon on Thu, 21st Jan 2021 8:36 am 

    BETRAYED (as predicted by me)

    ‘A total failure’: The Proud Boys now mock Trump

    “In a Nov. 8 post in a private channel of the messaging app Telegram, the group urged its followers to attend protests against an election that it said had been fraudulently stolen from Trump. “Hail Emperor Trump,” the Proud Boys wrote.

    But by this week, the group’s attitude toward Trump had changed. “Trump will go down as a total failure,” the Proud Boys said in the same Telegram channel Monday.”

    ‘ failure’ & so are the losers who invested all that time (5 years) & emotional energy into their hero daddy.

    5 years of hope & expectation….POOF!

    Hey, I know, lets double down on what hasn’t worked at all.

  6. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 21st Jan 2021 10:06 am 

    Just repeat if often and hard, TalmudTurk:

    “Da jews are going to win, da jews are going to win”.

    TalmudTurk himself is just as chauvinistic as the “white supremacists” (white seperatists, really), he=donkey idaho, denounces 24/7/365.

    Oh, and da jews are not going to win.
    After Europe (1944) en Russia (1953-1975), the US is going to be cleaned-up as well. Through secession, hopefully for you peacefully.

  7. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 21st Jan 2021 10:17 am 

    Brexit latest:

    “165 Euro Zoll für ein Paar Stiefel aus Deutschland”

    The new reality of being outside the common market:

    Somebody in the UK ordered a set of boots from Germany, for the list price of 225 euro (200 GBP). That price applies within the EU. The boots were ordered, but rather than having to pay 200 quid, there was a surcharge of 147 GBP (VAT + import tax).

    The surcharge has to be collected by the transporter, not the seller. Many people in the UK are sending the goods back, because of the unexpected surcharge. But the supplier has lost the export fee and will think twice about sending more goods to the UK. Several EU companies have halted sending to the UK completely.

    This is good for the local UK producers, who are now shielded of from foreign competition, but for the UK consumer it is less great. He now is restricted to UK produce only.

    Difficult to see how alternative trade deals can compensate for this loss.

  8. Biden's hairplug on Thu, 21st Jan 2021 11:59 am 

    Look who’s back!

    “The adults in the room”

    2% of the US population.

    ZOG in full glory. Perhaps these kids at Stormfront were right all along.

  9. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 22nd Jan 2021 6:13 am 

    Churchill bust gone from the White House, replaced by some South-American socialist revolutionary:

    Should erase any notion, predominantly present in British heads, that there is something like a special relationship between the US and UK. It is an entirely one-way affair UK –> US.

    For the US, the UK is merely the useful idiot, that could be talked into war against Germany in 1939 and as such enable the US empire. Today, Britain is seen as too white and British whiteness has to go and Westminster will play ball, not in the least because of that fatal Brexit vote.

    For us Europeans, Brexit is the first step to enable the Great Escape from empire. Russia and China, here we come.

    Haha, nobody interested in travelling anymore between the EU and UK. Just put the “Chunnel” under water and break all EU-UK ties.

    Our future is Eurasia, not the Anglo-Zionist coffin of the white race. Expect a Hitler-revival in North-America and “Mein Jihad” as samizdat literature.

    The UK as the next Cuba and/or Albania, total isolation:

    “High Street retailers and luxury brands threaten to burn products returned by EU internet shoppers rather than bring them back to Britain to avoid cost and hassle of Brexit red tape – as online prices rise by a THIRD on items from EU”

    This is the hardest possible Brexit, fueling the Scottish independence drive.

    Since Britain is too weak and small to achieve economic autarky, expect UK living standards to plummet, think Eastern Block pre-1989, with all supply chains ruined. All the other EU-countries will think twice before leaving the EU. Brexit strengthened, not weakened the EU.

    Btw, I wouldn’t sell Nigel Farage a life insurance, the populist clown who masterminded this gigantic shot in the own English foot.

  10. Cloggie on Fri, 22nd Jan 2021 9:12 am 

    When Trump’s National Economic Council chief, Gary Cohn, was asked to summarize Trump’s impact on the environment in one sentence he wrote:

    “Trump was cast out of hell to destroy the environment like a swarm of locusts sent by an angered god to eat us, and then strip the earth of all living things.”

  11. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 22nd Jan 2021 9:14 am 

    Oxfam, a British do-gooder club with a Marxist agenda, is desperate about the change in attitude in Europe:

    “At Europe’s borders, migrants and refugees are denied their basic human rights”

    The media in Europe, like Oxfam, still follow the US agenda and are furious about the EU leaving invaders Darwinian-correct to rot in cold and wet camps in Greece, but it is clear that the EU has quietly changed course and is determined to keep them out, because if they don’t, they’ll lose control to the populists. Can’t have that.

    “Refugees stuck in hopeless situation at EU border in Bosnia”

    The clear EU intent is to set an example to the rest of the world that it doesn’t pay to come to Europe and that the old glory-days for invaders are over.

    Where Biden is going to tear-down the Wall at the southern border, in Europe there are several fences in series, meaning, if you manage to cross the Greek-Macedonian border fence, you still have several fences to go on your way up north to the promised land of Germoney.

  12. Biden's hairplug on Fri, 22nd Jan 2021 9:36 am 

    “George Soros and Karl Popper On “The Open Society And Its Enemies””

    Canadians discovering the JQ, 100 after the Germans.

    It is high time these essentially good Canadian folks start to look at their apneaman tormentors with a 2nd glance, have a friendly discussion and then have a not so friendly discussion and start an exciting game, namely who can throw who in the concentration-camp/gulag first. It’s one or the other, tertium non datur.

    May the best Canadian win.

    Oh, and give us a call if need to be “liberated back”.

  13. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 23rd Jan 2021 2:35 am 

    Alex Jones admits defeat, America has fallen:

    “Alex Jones Black Pill Edition”

    America is over indeed and two Anglo centuries can be buried.

    Trump was temporary, but Brexit is final. For continental Europe, the good news only begins. We can finally crawl from under the US millstone, that was dumped on us after 1945. Expect the tales from Versailles and Nuremberg to quickly land on the dumpster of history.

    Way forward for Europe: team up with Russia and create a military task force and wait for a suitable opportunity to gain the upper hand over large parts in North-America, by quietly supporting the patriots with arms… and roll-back “1776”.

  14. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 23rd Jan 2021 4:31 am 

    Libertarian patriots drawing the only possible rational conclusion: admit defeat, take your losses and split up, but not before securing help from continental Europe. 160 million libtards can easily be crushed by 160 million patriots and 640 million Europeans.

    “Biden’s Presidency Will Be A Catalyst For Secession – And Perhaps Civil War”

    Best moment? Not some half-baked local loser insurrection, we had that in “1776”.

    No, wait until China begins to challenge the illegitimate Biden-Dominion-regime in the South China Sea and a considerable part of the US army-of-color will be stuck in East-Asia, desperately trying to learn how to swim.

  15. The Nationalist on Sat, 23rd Jan 2021 6:38 am 

    But Iran is sheltering Al Queda!!
    You know Al Queda right???
    Al Queda the Sunii extremists who consider Shiites heretics. Iran is a Shiite country.
    What percentage of people are buying this shit I wonder?
    The zionists have pushed back in America.

  16. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 23rd Jan 2021 8:50 am 

    Biden is not the real leader, he is just an empty shell of a man, with an earpiece, who is merely playing president, while keeping the real power brokers out of the front light:

    “VIDEO: Biden’s Earpiece Says ‘Salute The Marines,’ So He Says ‘Salute The Marines’ Out Loud, Doesn’t Salute Them”

    He just needs to repeat what he hears in the ear plug… or read aloud from the sheet of paper, that that nice mr. (((Ron Klain))) pushes into his hands every day.

    Not that mr Biden objects or resents this situation:

    “All the Jews Biden has tapped for top roles in his new administration”

    “Joe Biden Acknowledges ‘Immense’ Jewish
    Role in American Mass Media and Cultural Life”

    Biden is bought and paid for and he loves it.

  17. Biden's hairplug on Sat, 23rd Jan 2021 10:48 am 

    Well, well, well. What I have been saying here for years, namely that the US empire wasn’t an “accidental empire”, enabled by a “German madmen, who needed to be stopped”, but an empire by design, strived for since day 1 of the Roosevelt government in 1933, is now confirmed by the perpetrators themselves:

    How fast it was, really, for America to become No. 1. It took a mere five summers—so short a time in the grand sweep of Great Power politics—for a vague ambition held in the minds of a small group of American intellectuals before 1940 to become the firm grand strategy of the Republic by June 1945.

    Yeah, right. “Vague ambition by US intellectuals [*]”

    [*] US intellectuals is a code word for US Jews.

    Paul Kennedy is reviewing a book by a (((Stephen Wertheim)))

    “Tomorrow, the World: The Birth of U.S. Global Supremacy”

    From the reviews:

    “Americans now believe global leadership is their birthright; this splendid book uncovers the origins of that conviction. Wertheim’s detailed analysis of strategic planning before and during World War II shows that the pursuit of global primacy was a conscious choice, made by a foreign policy elite that equated ‘internationalism’ with the active creation of a world order based on U.S. military preponderance. Myths about the seductive dangers of ‘isolationism’ helped marginalize alternative perspectives, leaving armed dominance and military interventionism as the default settings for U.S. foreign policy. A carefully researched and beautifully written account, Tomorrow, the World sheds new light on a critical period in U.S. history and reminds us that internationalism can take many different forms.”―Stephen M. Walt, author of The Hell of Good Intentions

    Stephen, as we all remember, was the author of “The Israel Lobby”, who described how a small group of neocons prepared the US for the Iraq invasions.

    It was EXACTLY the same pattern the heebs used to set up Germany for war in 1939. They knew exactly what they were doing.

    And once they had destroyed the nation of Mozart, Bach and Goethe, they organized a Stalinist show trial in Nuremberg to create the lies, required to create the moral patina for what was the Anglo-Soviet conquest of Europe, not “liberation”. And the gas-chamber myth was born.

    Americans are very good at earphones:

  18. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 25th Jan 2021 2:13 am 

    Wow, my hometown in the international news, with (very white) public violence, sick and tired of lock-downs:

    Violent anti-lockdown protests.

    (I do not support those protests, this is just another boost for Asia, that reacts far more disciplined. It is also a strange brew of anti-lockdown and Pegida = anti-Islamic protests, the latter I DO support)

    The Dutch, unlike the Americans, are not going to wait with an uprising, until we have become a minority.

    General rule in history: you cannot have a new Golden Age without a good, solid war:

    Holland – Spain (17th century)
    US – WW2 (20th century)

    The Netherlands blossomed after we had rammed the catholic Spanish from our lands and replaced Catholicism with Protestantism.

    Now we are going to ram somebody else from our lands. This time we are going to get rid of Christianity altogether and replace it with solid, life-affirming paganism. The EU as a born-again Roman Empire, with imperial reach until the outskirts of the solar system.

  19. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 25th Jan 2021 2:23 am 

    Should have added to the list of Won War = Golden Ages:

    UK-Napoleon (Waterloo, 1815)

  20. Biden's hairplug on Mon, 25th Jan 2021 2:39 am 

    “We’re on our way to civil war”

    Major of Eindhoven in tears after the carnage yesterday:

    “Geëmotioneerde burgemeester Eindhoven: ‘We zijn zo op weg naar burgeroorlog'”

    The good major ain’t seen nothing yet. The globalist lefties of diversity mongers and US vassals are going to burn on the stake.

    We’re white and proud.

  21. Biden’s hairplug on Mon, 25th Jan 2021 10:43 am 

    The meaning of Trump: no more illusions:

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