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Page added on March 26, 2018

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Global Report on Food Crises 2018

Global Report on Food Crises 2018 thumbnail

The 2018 Global Report on Food Crises provides the latest estimates of severe hunger in the world. An estimated 124 million people in 51 countries are currently facing Crisis food insecurity or worse (the equivalent of IPC/CH Phase 3 or above). Conflict and insecurity continued to be the primary drivers of food insecurity in 18 countries, where almost 74 million food-insecure people remain in need of urgent assistance.

Last year’s report identified 108 million people in Crisis food security or worse across 48 countries.  A comparison of the 45 countries included in both editions of the report reveals an increase of 11 million people – an 11 percent rise – in the number of food-insecure people across the world who require urgent humanitarian action.

Now in its third edition, the report is not a UN-owned publication but rather a public good, for use by those committed to achieving the objective of minimizing human suffering and eventually ending hunger. Prepared collectively by 12 leading global and regional institutions under the umbrella of the Food Security Information Network, the report provides thematic, country-specific, and trends analysis of food crises around the world.

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4 Comments on "Global Report on Food Crises 2018"

  1. peakyeast on Mon, 26th Mar 2018 2:57 pm 

    At this article I feel MMs link belongs:

  2. MASTERMIND on Mon, 26th Mar 2018 3:31 pm 


    Yes isn’t that a great little gem! They have been bullshitting us all this time! Warren Buffet once said ‘You don’t ask a barber if you need a haircut”..And we shouldn’t be asking the World Bank if globalism is creating a better world.

  3. Kenz300 on Mon, 26th Mar 2018 4:11 pm 

    124 million people in 51 countries are currently facing Crisis food insecurity yet the world adds 80 million more mouths to feed, clothe and house every year adding to the problem.

    Endless population growth is not sustainable and only leads to more poverty, suffering and despair.

  4. Kat C on Tue, 27th Mar 2018 5:27 am 

    Translation, 124 million are starving.
    Nearly 3 billion live on $2.50 a day or less, 1.3 billion on just $1.25 a day

    Kenz yep, and 80 billion a year means almost another billion in 10 years.

    Don’t have kids

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