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Page added on November 4, 2018

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Ex-Pentagon Official: US Working To Replace Saudi Prince

Ex-Pentagon Official: US Working To Replace Saudi Prince thumbnail
Following outrage over the killing of Jamal Khashoggi, Prince Mohammad bin Salman might face troubles at home. As analysts told RT, some in Saudi Arabia are keen to see the Crown Prince go.

Much of the mounting international outrage over the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi is attributed to Mohammad bin Salman, the 33-year-old Crown Prince who once famously vowed to reform his autocratic kingdom into a vibrant modern state. He recently assumed authority over the Saudi intelligence community – in addition to sweeping powers in defense and the economy – but it doesn’t mean his position in the monarchy is rock solid, experts believe.

Michael Maloof, former senior security policy adviser in the Pentagon, told RT America that the young prince has made more enemies than friends among the Saudi royals, and “has upset the leadership so much.” According to the analyst, there is a growing rebellion against MBS in the House of Saud.

The wheels are already in motion to try and replace MBS with someone more compatible with the West.

Asked if this scenario – a palace coup or the likes – is conceivable, Maloof confirmed that it is, given that the Crown Prince has alienated too many members of the court and now it’s “just a question of time.”

Those who are conspiring against MBS hope that the US and the West will “support someone who would carry that out,” the former Pentagon official pointed out, adding: “However, it’s a little premature to say this is going to happen.”

The conversation took place following news reports that Ahmed bin Abdulaziz, a younger brother of the reigning King Salman, has returned to Saudi Arabia from exile. It was reported that he traveled to the kingdom with some guarantees from US and UK security agencies.

“Why would the brother of the king come back, get out of the exile and come back to the kingdom if he had no feeling that he had some kind of support?” Maloof asked.

Calls to oust Prince Mohammad from power were heard on the other side of the Atlantic. Senator Lindsey Graham, one of Saudi Arabia’s most vocal backers in Congress, said in mid-October that he has “got to go.”

“This guy is a wrecking ball. He had this guy murdered in a consulate in Turkey, and to expect me to ignore it – I feel used and abused,” Graham, an influential member of the Senate Armed Services committee and a close ally of President Donald Trump, said, adding that Mohammad was “toxic” and “can never be a world leader on the world stage.”

Investigative journalist Max Blumenthal suggested that this could spell the beginning of the end of MBS’ rule. “Basically, you have the situation of what the mafia’s done – to send [their] wise guy out, to make a hit… and throwing him in front of the police station. This is mafia stuff,” he told RT.

“I think we’ll see Mohammad bin Salman pivot east, to China and Russia and other alliances before the US and the UK can take him out,” Blumenthal suggested.


14 Comments on "Ex-Pentagon Official: US Working To Replace Saudi Prince"

  1. BernieSanders&hisRussianfriends on Sun, 4th Nov 2018 8:11 am 

    Oh thanks goodness!, for a moment there I thought those big scary Ruskies had interfered in another countries politics.
    Turns out it was just the yanks for the umpteenth time!

  2. Davy on Sun, 4th Nov 2018 9:18 am 

    I wish the article chef here at PO dot com was a little less enamored with all that is KSA. The place sucks. The people suck. We know why they are still here but can’t we discuss issues more enlightening.

  3. JuanP on Sun, 4th Nov 2018 9:49 am 

    MbS would make as fine a king as Hillary would make a president. Trump 2020!

  4. Gaia on Sun, 4th Nov 2018 2:52 pm 

    Instead of wars, we should live in peaceful co-existence, not divide and conquer. Bad karma will come to those who caused pain and suffering in the world to countless innocent civilians.

  5. Gaia on Sun, 4th Nov 2018 2:52 pm 

    There is an old saying “No man is an island”.

  6. joe on Sun, 4th Nov 2018 3:01 pm 

    Not such an easy thing. I was adding links a few months ago suggesting an attempt on mbs life and maybe he had been killed. Imho he probobly was shot and now he’s cracked, not taking any chances his enemies would succeed. My guess is if he goes ahead and kills a cia guy the US has publically send (the US has garunteed his safety, as in, in a non US state the US has garunteed the safety of an opponent of mbs in Saudi Arabia, only the cia/deepstate can do that) to oppose mbs then the US will support a coup.


    Bad idea.
    1. MBS does not oppose the Zionist project.
    2. A coup of any type in SA will spin out of control and make Libya look like a school yard match up.
    3. A coup will spike oil prices for at least a few months and make Iran sanctions pointless
    4. Maybe MBS might not want to leave
    5. We hope and pray that the guys who got it wrong on Iraq can get it right on a secretive psycho suicidal religio-facist monarchy.
    6. We hope that all that oil left for a few days/weeks left alone unattended during regime change won’t tall into corrupt hands requiring a military invasion by the US.

    Etc, many reasons why nobody will do dick against MBS.

  7. I AM THE MOB on Sun, 4th Nov 2018 3:14 pm 

    Saudi Arabian oil reserves are overstated by 40% – Wikileaks

    Saudi Arabia’s Energy Minister Warns of World Oil Shortages Ahead

    Saudi Aramco chief warns of looming oil shortage

    Saudi Aramco CEO sees oil supply shortage coming as investments, discoveries drop

    Saudi Arabia ‘may run out of oil to export by 2030’

    The collapse of Saudi Arabia is inevitable

  8. I AM THE MOB on Sun, 4th Nov 2018 5:30 pm 

    Khashoggi’s body parts transported in suitcases

  9. Duncan Idaho on Sun, 4th Nov 2018 7:44 pm 

    Eventually, these sadist 11th Century thugs will be removed from power.

  10. Sissyfuss on Sun, 4th Nov 2018 8:00 pm 

    Duncan,only if they can no longer pay off the populace. Same thing goes for oligarchs in the USA.

  11. makati1 on Sun, 4th Nov 2018 8:10 pm 

    America gets farther down the rabbit hole every day. Look at this piece of fantasy:

    “Here’s when all of America’s new nuclear warhead designs will be active — and how much they’ll cost”

    Russia and China are already way ahead of US in these areas and they will be even farther ahead when the first new missile comes on line some six or more years in the future. As if the US will still be a viable country by then. LMAO

  12. makati1 on Sun, 4th Nov 2018 8:20 pm 

    Only in America: “U.S. Navy’s Costliest Carrier Was Delivered Without Elevators to Lift Bombs”

    “The $13 billion Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier, the U.S. Navy’s costliest warship, was delivered last year without elevators needed to lift bombs from below deck magazines for loading on fighter jets.”


  13. Mohammad bin Fuckface on Mon, 5th Nov 2018 3:09 am 

    It won’t be long now until Mohammad bin Fuckface is chopped up into little bits. Hopefully Kushner is visiting the Clown Prince at the time and they finish him off too.

  14. DerHundistLos on Mon, 5th Nov 2018 9:09 pm 

    The future of life on earth is in your hands……

    Only the Democratic Party has consistently supported environmental and wildlife conservation regardless of administration. Sadly, the Republican Party is working overtime to destroy the natural world by selling America’s parks, repelling the highly successful Endangered Species Act, repelling the Migratory Bird Act, denying the reality of global climate change, etc.

    Think about this reality and the young members of your family,

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