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Page added on April 7, 2019

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Endgame 2019: Democracy Of Genocide

In the documentary, Jones lays out the proof that a nefarious global combine of super-elites have plotted the downfall and culling of humanity for decades.

In particular, the elites devised a scheme centered around carbon taxation engineered to dominate the conscientious minds of the average human whereby humanity is convinced to give up its freedom for the security of global governance.

52 Comments on "Endgame 2019: Democracy Of Genocide"

  1. Cloggie on Wed, 10th Apr 2019 2:22 am

    “Britain will have a two-year recession after a No Deal Brexit and lose 3.5 per cent of its GDP, warns IMF”

  2. Cloggie on Wed, 10th Apr 2019 2:31 am

    “Another YEAR in limbo! May faces humiliating prospect of long Brexit delay as she prepares to fly to Brussels today to learn if EU leaders will force UK out with no deal on Friday or keep Britain trapped until 2020”

    Don’t hope this will happen, but fear it will. Would have preferred the EU to force the British in a second binding referendum (Remain, Leave [no deal, May deal]), with May deal having the best chance and preferred option for everybody involved.

    I don’t see British politics coming to a conclusion on its own. Even the BBC is fed up with ALL Britain is (somewhat dubiously) called the “mother of all parliaments”. But what is at display here is one giant anti-democracy campaign, a useless debating club, with everybody having an opinion and nothing happens.

    Perhaps even forcing Britain in a no deal Brexit would be preferable. The EU and UK can always hammer out a Norway deal after such an event, especially under a Labour government. Britain needs the shock.

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